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--serve as superintendent of a school for the Deaf and the Blind, found and edit magazines, become a nun, be thrown in jail for not responding to commands from police, be wrongfully instiutionalized, be sterlized against their will, sue a company for stealing their invention--
--and marry. Not just marry, but marrying each other, two #DeafBlind people vowing to face a distantist world together. Multiple DB-DB couples during the time #HelenKeller tried but failed to elope with a hearing-sighted man. She was brave to do so, but others were still braver.
It's hard to stop listing #DeafBlind doings. Be found guilty of treason by a show trial! Flee the Hapsburgs' secret police! Or humler tasks, such as patiently saving money from making brooms to buy a house. But my point remains: #HelenKeller was not a wonder.
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Another historical misunderstanding surrounding #HelenKeller is that she is this one-of-a-kind wonder, the first or only #DeafBlind person to do or be this and that, someone you cannot compare anyone with. The relentless erasure of other DeafBlind stories creates this illusion.
In the public consciousness, related to #DeafBlind history, #HelenKeller is a statue in the middle of a desert, with Laura Bridgman off to the distance. In reality, she was one of many DeafBlind people crawling all over the place, doing similar things.
A #DeafBlind man graduated from university five years before #HelenKeller famously became the "first" DeafBlind person to do so. She wanted very much to be married but couldn't swing it, while DeafBlind folks had already been marrying and having families for over a century.
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Here’s something I’d like to try. Below are a list of workshop ideas that I have ready to go but wonder about interest. These would be first Live on Instagram and Facebook but then published to my website for free viewing & my YouTube channel. Like or comment. Here they are:
Autistic bug out bag: how to prepare yourself for sensory inputs while enjoying the adventure of life

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#autism #neurodiverse #neurodiversity #ConstructiveAdaptation #EverydayMagic #SelfCare
The link between self advocacy and confidence: removing the aggressive narrative

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#advocacy #disability #SelfCare
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My eyes move involuntarily, each one swinging to its own music. They’ve danced this way for as long as I can remember. I can’t see it myself, but the jeering kids let me know. The adults nudging me to wear sunglasses let me know. And trolls certainly let me know. Thread 1/5 I'm a Black woman standing with my hands at my waist, wearin
Our society criminalizes #disability. Countless books & films allege eyes reveal a person’s soul, then deliberately give the evil characters abnormal eyes. Not all of them, of course, but enough to influence the public’s perception of eyes like mine. #Ableism 2/5
The #blind community has many stories of police glancing at our eyes & immediately assuming intoxication, illegal substance use, or criminal intent. Those of us who are blind and Black face the dual forces of #ableism and racism. #BlackDisabledLivesMatter 3/5
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Helen Keller’s birthday is June 27 & it’s #Deafblind Awareness Week. Helen knew she benefited from white privilege. A fierce activist, she protested, wrote articles & donated to orgs working to end racism. I'm confident #HelenKeller would emphatically affirm #BlackLivesMatter
Video Transcript (I’m speaking): June 27 is #HelenKeller's birthday & all week is #Deafblind Awareness Week. Helen Keller was a fierce activist working to end racism. 1/x
Video transcript continued: She was a white woman who recognized white privilege & worked to help end all the racism that exists in our country. There's still a lot of work to do. 2/x
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