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Thread: This week, we’re talking about disability-related minority stress and highlighting the disabled academics advancing this area of research.

What is minority stress?

Minority stress is defined as chronic stress experienced by members of stigmatized minority groups due to marginalization, objectification, discrimination, and internalized stigma among others.

2/ Graphic titled Minority Stress with a light blue background
Minority stress has been linked to both mental and physical health disparities, including hypertension, diabetes, anxiety, substance abuse, depression, suicidality, and adverse birth outcomes.

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Thank you @azdisabilitylaw and @labelleverite

This week want to get to amplify those who are Black and Disabled in all areas of higher education with

#BlackDEHEMRollCall 🙌🏾

Your self diagnosis is valid. You don’t need to disclose. We want to build community and 1/
You can mention wanting the link to the Discord and we will DM it to you. If you have any questions about disability, ask us anything. We will amplify it to share with others who have the same question. Racism is hard to face & with ableism it can be a compounded burden 2/
We are here this month to dispel myths, start conversation, amplify events at the intersection of race and disability as well as each of you who identify as Black and Disabled. #DisabilityTooWhite is what we hope to bring to dismantle by amplifying diverse voices. #BlackInX, 3/
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I'd like the above sonnet to move. So ideally you know the answer--it is a widely known answer in disability circles--and then you're it. You write yr own "Tag, You're It" sonnet, same form, same first line, different tags, different code to answer. Whoever answers that, etc.
Tagging people I think might be up for this challenge @SandraBeasley @sagrossman @SF_Montgomery @authorKQ @gm_palmer @cyreejarelle only crips/disabled poets @CadeyLadey @jesilfa @travisclau yes you have to know answer to 1st one b/c it will lead you b/c cyborg magic
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hey you! have you ever thought about how full your tl is of non-disabled people all the time?

💗 here’s a list of intersectional, disabled advocates for disability rights i recommend following: A THREAD 💗

(please drop more @'s in the replies for me to add!!)
before the specific people, here are some orgs/collectives that help uplift disabled voices you should absolutely 100% follow: @BlackDisability @DisabilityToday @DisVisibility
ok @judithheumann is THE og. she should be a household name but she isn’t. don’t just follow but RESEARCH. she’s helped pioneer so much legal change in America, notably the ADA. pls read her entire bio and then some!!! she also has a book and TED talk:…
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‘Public schools were closed to me because of my wheelchair, and special schools were closed to me because I was black”
The Mar 1970 edition of Performance mag. profiled the polio survivor and disabled artist & teacher Juanita Cotton.
#DisHist #DisabilityTooWhite The image shows a black and...
Born in Oklahoma, Juanita was educated at home & graduated high school at 20. Her counselor refused to support her studying art in college. He “tried to find a reason why I couldn’t go to college” & sent her to a psychiatrist for wanting to study art. She persisted.
#DisHist Image
She was the 1st black woman & the 1st disabled woman ever to study in the art Department @UofOklahoma, where she was 'largely ignored' by other students & confronted all the problems of wheelchair users including falling down a large flight of steps on campus.
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White disabled people really need to stop with hot takes on representations of disabled people of color that don’t even MENTION race (see below). #disabledbutnotreally #disabilitytoowhite…
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We already have #DisabilityTooWhite for the disability community as a whole dealing with why there no representation of disabled POC. Now, we need a hashtag for #ActuallyAutistic community and the new hashtag is #AutismTooWhite. Yes I said it- Autism is damn white. /1
We need to fix this problem right now. The image of autism need to change and have to reflex the REAL diversity in the autistic community. If you know autism affect everyone, you know you have to represent everyone within the community and not the majority of the community. /2
It is not fair at all to leave out #ActuallyAutistic POC of the conversation. We need to do better. We cannot let the image of autism continues to dominate the media and conversations. All of you could see is autistic white males. This is the stereotype still exists today. /3
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