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What adhd feels like for me. Is this true for others #askadhd

1) bullet train wreck with cars scattered everywhere

2)White noise or the like on the loudest volume(20 badly tuned radio stations)

3)I need to physically do a million things at this precise second
4)I want to curl up into a ball on a rocking chair

5)too many tabs open and computer freezing, can’t close any tabs to find where a noise tab is

6)navigating 20 lanes of traffic without traffic lights, lines or signs
7)always behind, afraid of being seen as lazy and overworking to compensate until you burn out in a blaze of glory

8)and if told to “calm down”/“take a rest”/“leave for a bit” will see self as failure and that I did something wrong.

9)chaos in my head-messy in physical=brain
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#AskingAutistics #askADHD How do SSRI's affect you?

I started one two months ago or so and it has been a drastic difference. Some good, some bad. I also have both acute/"normal" and complicated PTSD and am in both bereavement and burnout though, so lots of factors.
I'll go first: The SSRI I'm on hasn't particularly impacted my mood that I've noticed, but it has effectively killed my body's drive for sleep, food, and sex. These can be categorized into "annoying", "dangerous", and "good", respectively.

#ActuallyAutistic #ADHD
I've had disordered sleep my entire life. Since the pandemic, I've taken to going to sleep after not being able to stay awake any longer and waking up whenever I wake up. Now, I need to actively choose to go to sleep which is mostly OK now that I'm aware of it.
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ADHDers who struggle to read, have you tried audiobooks?

How did you find it?

Would you recommend it to other ADHDers?

I know a lot of ADHDers struggle to concentrate on words, or lose track of sentences mid sentence.

I have never struggled to read (for recreation) myself, but reading for me was fantasy escapism (and maladaptive if anything), but I am curious to know about others' experience.
Oh, and this goes without saying, but listening to audiobooks is reading.

This post was inspired from seeing multiple people talk about how it isn't, but it 100% is the same, especially if you find it hard to read due to impairment.
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***SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT*** Not to be missed!
Check out your timezones Live via zoom -> Link .
No registration is required.

#adhd #askadhd #adhdtwitter #adhdcongress #adhdeurope #adhdfuture #adhdaction
If you can afford to, please consider making a donation to ADHD Europe– every euro makes a difference! Donations will be used to raise awareness of the work that still needs to be done for ADHD in Europe and globally. Donations are via this paypal link
More information about ADHD Europe, visit . To catch up on our previous live events, visit our
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Thread: This week, we’re talking about disability-related minority stress and highlighting the disabled academics advancing this area of research.

What is minority stress?

Minority stress is defined as chronic stress experienced by members of stigmatized minority groups due to marginalization, objectification, discrimination, and internalized stigma among others.

2/ Graphic titled Minority Stress with a light blue background
Minority stress has been linked to both mental and physical health disparities, including hypertension, diabetes, anxiety, substance abuse, depression, suicidality, and adverse birth outcomes.

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So the really interesting thing I'm finding with this is the diversity of people identifying.
It seems to span age, race, gender, nationality and language - that feels really rare to me, esp when talking about communication which traditionally varies wildly across demos.
Reach on this is relatively low, but engagement is over 20% which is massive (average is 0.5%). The Rt:Like ratio is at 1:2 - social media hat on, this tell me the post is highly 'relatable'.
Like normally, I'm v aware that a lot of my 'this is adhd' musings will be strongly influenced by my whiteness, gender etc.
Like, Hygiene. I know that I, as a white man, have a lot more societal privilege that allows me to get away with, say, forgetting to shower for a few days.
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The scary side of #adhd that not people don’t often talk about:
1. Likely to live up to 20 years less than a neurotypical
2. High addiction propensity
3. Low to No Impulse control
4. How much money that makes you waste.
5. Low inhibition - add alcohol and you’ve got a great situation in which be taken advantage of.
6. You have a bad memory, a really bad memory - admit it.
7. It takes you a long time to mature in some areas.
8. Your brain is predisposed to recording the bad parts.
9. You’ve likely ghosted you fair share or people simply because you don’t understand emotions very well and may avoid the hard stuff.
10. You can have physical pain due to boredom 🤯🤮
11. At some point you may question if you really know yourself.
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Question for female ADHDers:

How have your experiences/ symptoms differed from what you've read/ heard/ seen about ADHD?

What would you like to tell girls who think they might have ADHD?


(Here's one to start off: hormones can affect symptoms and your ability to cope)
Some resources below.

I'd also recommend some female ADHD advocates to follow but like 90% of all ADHD advocates are women, and they're all good.……
I thought of an important yet obvious one.

You can be a girl and have ADHD.

The diagnosis rates are massively skewed (boys are diagnosed at 3 times the rate of girls) but that doesn't mean girls are less likely to HAVE ADHD.

Girls are just misdiagnosed/ not getting help.
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What advice or information would you guys give to someone just learning about/ figuring out their ADHD?

I have a lot of people following me who suspect they have ADHD or have just been diagnosed, who would definitely find it useful.

I have a few:

Learning to do anything takes time. If you aim for perfection from the start, you're setting yourself to fail.

Coping strategies and good habits aren't learnt overnight. Don't give up just cause you didn't get it right a few hundred times.

Aim for a thousand.
ADHD affects every aspect of our lives.

It affects our sleep, waking up, eating, socializing, memory, emotions, self care, relationships, and much much more.

Failing doesn't make you a failure.

You have difficulties due to factors out of your conscious control.
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-I was having some racing thoughts today & decided to turn on my voice memo to record & #blog about it later-but the recording turned into an outpouring of my #soul that I’m not sure could even come close to the raw emotion felt within my words if I were to put it in writing 1/
Input is welcome from anyone [not just friends I’ve tagged] THANK YOU FOR THE HELP YALL 💓💓💓🙌🏼
#bloggingcommunity #blogging #bloggers #blogoftheday #bloggerstribe #bloggers #askadhd #ADHD #adhdtwitter #AskTwitter
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This Summer I wrote a paper on ADHD comorbid w/AUD. This article mentions that #addiction is more common in those with ADHD. BUT it’s only more common if the ADHD goes un-dx, causing greater chances of “risky behaviors” early-on, leading to addictions.…
I felt it important to discuss this so we don’t reinforce stereotypes. While addiction can be common in those with #ADHD - it is, sadly, much more common when DX/treatment wasn’t given early-on or if never a dx/treatment was never given. #adhdtwitter #ADHDers
The reasoning for this is that in adolescence those with un-dx ADHD are have an increased chance of engaging in “risky behaviors” earlier- leading to substance abuse and subsequently addiction.

#ADHD #adhdtwitter #ADHDers
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