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1 #EUelections a message to UK voters from Germany.

For anyone who actually cares about what happens to #Europe & the world:
the #EUelection is NOT A PROXY 2ND REFERENDUM.

Your vote will NOT deliver #Brexit / stop Brexit.
The EU Parliament does NOT have these powers.

2 But your vote in the #EUelection2019 DOES have real-world consequences.

Right now, under the Spitzenkandidat system, the EPP's #ManfredWeber, of the right-wing anti-immigrant pro-backroom-lobby Bavarian CSU - is on course to become the next EU Commission president. 😖
3 If #ManfredWeber becomes Commission president, it's curtains for any chance of saving the world from #ClimateCollapse.

His CSU are way to the right of Merkel - & literally in the pocket of the German auto industry.

For good measure, Weber is also mates with #ViktorOrban 🤢
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1/3) A note on the European elections #EuElection2019

The #EuropeanParliament does not have a government.

This means that the system does not operate like a national parliament.

To be a successful parliamentarian means having to work the committees.
2/3) Successful committee work rewards parliamentarians who can build consensus.

Those who are nuanced, enjoy the detail, read research, and engage in compromise are winners in this system.

Conflictual ideologues, flag wavers, and oppositional politics are not rewarded.
3/3) Therefore if you want your vote to have the most impact, vote for a parliamentarian who is best suited to doing committee work.

This might sound boring. But that's how the EU works.

#EE2019 #EuropeanParliament @app_voting
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In /most/ regions (in England) the LibDems *do* have the best chance in the #EUelection2019 /however/ treating each region each region the same is naive and wrong. There are small regions (3-5 seats) and large regions (8-10 seats) and they can be treated differently.
In a small region, tactical voting necessitates targeting a single party - and it should be the party that has the most natural support in that region i.e. the one that has the best chance of winning and the most people would be comfortable voting for if asked to vote tactically.
From the polling and tactical voting calculators I've seen, most are simply looking at the base voting intentions and selecting the highest - none of them are asking or trying to work out which party tactical voters would be most comfortable voting for.
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"If you're interested, & I'll fund it somehow, I think you're the perfect guy, what we'd like to do is help knit together a populist nationalist movement throughout the world."

Bannon talking to @Nigel_Farage re alliance with Orban, Sisi, Modi & Duterte.
“Paradoxically, this generation of populist nationalists leads the way on international political cooperation.”

@Elif_Safak adds more to #Bannon’s list: Erdoğan in Turkey, Abascal in Spain, Salvini in Italy & far right parties in Poland, France & Austria.…
This was filmed in 2017 & is taken from the new documentary about Bannon, @TheBrinkFilm.

There's a moment in this clip when Farage looks towards the camera, clearly thinking: "I'm being filmed conspiring with a far-right extremist. If this ever gets out it won't look good."
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"Climate change, racism, misogyny, homophobia, class warfare, neoliberalism
& austerity are all inter-connected & part of the same system.

Our movements need each other." says @sarahchander

Listen to the full speech at the #TheGreenWave

#EndRacismEU #EP2019 #EUelection2019 Image
"What needs to be made clear is that being GREEN is being unapologetically
ANTI-RACIST, rejecting the hostile environment that exists in Europe for
migrants and people of colour," Says @sarahchander

Listen to the full speech at the #TheGreenWave #EP2019 #EUelection2019 Image
"We are less likely to be represented in politics than people we consider to ‘look like’ citizens of Europe. Less likely to have access to high quality housing & healthcare than white people", said @sarahchander #TheGreenWave @europeangreens #EndRacismEU #EP2019 #EUelections2019 Image
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