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It is a monumental day in the Brexit process and one that I bitterly disagree with. There is NO excuse for Govt not to apply a reciprocal tariff for grains. 99.8% of households eat bread made with 85% British wheat. And we have a huge harvest surplus of grain.
And then there's eggs. We consume 13 billion eggs a year. 90% produced here. 56% Retail, 23% Food Service 21% liquid and dried egg. And now 0% tariff on all imports. We'll be importing eggs that would be illegal for our farmers to produce here.
And all fruit and vegetables NO reciprocal tariff.
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@christopherhope @Telegraph A free and fair referendum
That’s what #VoteLeave demanded
They used faux-fear of deceit
To be even more underhanded
Goin’ on like they set some standard
‘Cause it helped cover up all their lies
Using tactics they stole from Nazis
Any normal man would despise
@christopherhope @Telegraph They lied about immigration
They lied about its effects
They neglected to tell us that immigrants
Prop up our NHS
They lied about how we trade
And about how hard that might be
When they said that this would be
The easiest deal in history
@christopherhope @Telegraph They stole our right to a choice
When their lies were believed
And the people who trusted them most
Are the people they most deceived
They are destroying communities
With their hatred and lies,
They pile bullshit on bullshit
To keep their eye on the prize
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💰Banks, Farage, Bannon & Trump

Banks’s affairs have also fallen under scrutiny outside the U.K. Banks, Wigmore, and Farage came to public attention in the U.S. shortly after the 2016 elections.
#Brexit #2016Election…
🔑In London, few days after they were photographed with Trump outside of Trump Tower Banks and Wigmore again met with Yakovenko the Russian Ambassador, detailing their meeting with Trump & passing on contact info for members of Trump’s transition team.…
🔑Yakovenko was expelled from the US as a Soviet spy in 1986.
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💰Arron Banks - Panama Papers

Offshore secrets of Brexit backer Arron Banks revealed in Panama Papers
The British Virgin Islands and Gibraltar emerge as key locations in the affairs of Arron Banks, who spent £7.5m funding Nigel Farage’s Leave.EU campaign group ahead of the Brexit referendum on 23 June.…
The Panama Papers show that Banks is a shareholder of PRI Holdings Limited, which Panamanian-based Mossack Fonseca set up as an offshore company in 2013.
PRI Holdings is based in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), a UK offshore territory & int’l tax haven.…
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SERIOUS QUESTION: What are the arguments for Brexit? I'm teaching a class about Brexit later this week, and I'd like to look at both sides. But can anyone tell me (or my students) what are the main arguments FOR Brexit? #Brexit #VoteLeave
Only two replies so far: one sarcastic and one moronic. Please! Can anyone give me a serious answer? Why did you #Voteleave? And why do you still want #Brexit?
I teach English as a Foreign Language to adults. They are as bewildered about Brexit as I am. I'm very aware of my own bias. I want them to discuss the arguments from both sides, and I will use tweets from this thread (both sensible and insane) to do so. Thanks 4 all the replies.
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‼️Boris Johnson is Britain's Donald Trump

– Complete with Breitbart's Bannon and Russia Cover-Up


#Brexit #VoteLeave #BorisJohnson

H/T @paulhanley12…
Boris Johnson is/was advised by Steve BANNON – Trump’s campaign manager & VP of the notorious, now-shuttered electioneering firm Cambridge Analytica, which he co-founded in 2014 w/ hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer, who also backed the Breitbart sites.…
📌Johnson and Bannon became friends when Johnson was still Foreign Secretary and Bannon was still in the White House in early 2017.

📌They have been in contact ever since and the fruits of this friendship have been evident for some time…
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‼️VoteLeave: Electoral Fraud?

VoteLeave, the official referendum campaign that was partly funded with taxpayers’ money, looks to have committed what may be one of the biggest incidents of electoral fraud in Britain in more than a century…
Compelling evidence provided by Shahmir Sanni, a Vote Leave whistleblower, Gavin Millar, a QC at Matrix Chambers, an expert in electoral law, told us that this was of a scale and seriousness that simply hasn’t been seen in Britain in modern times.…
📌The investigation into VoteLeave is just one of a number of ongoing inquiries into potential crimes.

Many of which were facilitated by new technology.

👉🏼Facebook. Because – and this is the key point – this is an election that took place in darkness.…
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‼️Sergey Nalobin & Boris Johnson

Suspected Russian spy Sergey Nalobin pictured with his 'good friend' Boris Johnson
‼️So who is Nalobin?

He is a key figure in the reported Russian programme to deepen the "co-operation" between senior Conservative politicians and the Russian government under the umbrella of the CONSERVATIVE FRIENDS OF RUSSIA group.…
📌The Conservative Friends of Russia group's diplomatic contact inside the Russian embassy, Sergey Nalobin, has family ties to Russia's intelligence agencies.…
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Vote for #Farage and get this. This man is Crispin Odey. He bankrolled #VoteLeave and made 220m when leave won by shorting the pound. Farage helped the markets to fluctuate when he 'conceded' the referendum early. You are being used to fill their pockets. #BrexitParty #EUElection
Odey also has links to Rees-Mogg. He helped Jacob set up his hedge fund, and also helped towards his election costs. They are all in this together, they pretend to care about the working-class, but in truth they are exploiting us to make more money.…
Thank you to everyone that has RT this so far, please keep sharing it, it may help some people change their minds about the #EUElections2019…
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"Banks gave £450K to #Farage after Brexit vote"

Pymts for Chelsea home, Land Rover, trips to US-including to meet Trump and RNCCLE 2016🚩pymts to US lobbyist Gerry Gunster

Via "Rock Services Ltd" & "Southern Rock" 🧐

Russia ➡️"Diamond mines" ➡️Banks…
RECALL: BANKS: "In 12/18, So African intel officials confirmed to me that Banks, who owns diamond mines, had been the subject of two investigations by the Hawks....”

"This detailed @NewYorker investigation into Arron Banks, his Russian connections, and his opaque funding of the Leave.EU campaign makes an unanswerable case for a Mueller-style inquiry into whether the EU referendum was stolen."

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"If you're interested, & I'll fund it somehow, I think you're the perfect guy, what we'd like to do is help knit together a populist nationalist movement throughout the world."

Bannon talking to @Nigel_Farage re alliance with Orban, Sisi, Modi & Duterte.
“Paradoxically, this generation of populist nationalists leads the way on international political cooperation.”

@Elif_Safak adds more to #Bannon’s list: Erdoğan in Turkey, Abascal in Spain, Salvini in Italy & far right parties in Poland, France & Austria.…
This was filmed in 2017 & is taken from the new documentary about Bannon, @TheBrinkFilm.

There's a moment in this clip when Farage looks towards the camera, clearly thinking: "I'm being filmed conspiring with a far-right extremist. If this ever gets out it won't look good."
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So #VoteLeave chair @GiselaStuart (who I note quit as an MP in 2017 rather than try and make brexit work) apparently said on @talkRADIO this morning that she believed there were no leave voters on the #PeoplesVoteMarch a couple of weeks ago.

Let's examine that.


So @GiselaStuart maybe you do not believe that #RemainerNow @Will_DryOFOC was at the #PeoplesVoteMarch. In fact he now works full time fighting #brexit with @OFOCBrexit & was one of the thousands of young people leading the march. Here he explains why

Or @GiselaStuart do you not 'believe' this little collage of evidence of leave voters @damidude @CharlesGallahe2, his brother, @hughnorris, @damidude @snoozette1 @MrsEmmaJK @andrewhardie3 all of whom are #RemainerNow &were at the #PeoplesVoteMarch on 20th Oct?


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Louise feigns outrage at Nationalist propagandist Stefan Molyneux on #MAGABomber's TL. In the midst of Mensch’s #VoteLeave campaign, MP Jo Cox was murdered by Neo Nazi Tom Mair. Mensch ardently DEFENDED him & Molyneux praised her. Don't insult us with your outrage. #TruthMatters
Louise today on the arrest of the #MAGABomber a radical RW extremist & Trump supporter. Like the rest of Alt-right social media & FOX News Louise seeds doubt about the veracity of the story & the bomber's identity. Same as she did when Nazi Thomas Mair murdered UK MP Jo Cox.
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(1) Here's a short, intriguing story that is bound to be of interest to some. It involves @shahmiruk, @darrengrimes_, @chrisinsilico and @carolecadwalla. Also, among many others, @matthew_elliott, Dominic Cummings and @DanielJHannan.......
(2) It's a strange tale of how a collection of powerful, right wing, ideological #Tories took it upon themselves to employ, manage and manipulate the young, ambitious, and impressionable. Eventually using them toward a means to an end that has been decades in the making.......
(3) Wait? You know this story already? #VoteLeave set up a 'fake' company for a couple of students.... etc. etc. etc. Yes, that is correct. Except this wasn't the first time those behind the Vote Leave campaign had set up a fake firm in the name of young activists......
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Please take the time to listen & RT the hell out of trade negotiator @JasonJHunter taking @BrexitCentral editor @isaby to the cleaners on the catastrophic implications of a no deal #Brexit.

Isaby's deathly silence towards the end is something to behold:…
@JasonJHunter - "This happens every day in international trade, the fact that you don't know what you're talking about doesn't do you any favours.....
@isaby -
For those unaware of Matthew Elliott's groom-of-the-stool, here's Jonathan Isaby "defending" his then deputy at BrexitCentral & #VoteLeave patsy, Darren Grimes, before Grimes was found to have broken electoral law by the @ElectoralCommUK in the #EURef:…
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@zelo_street Here's a story for you Tim..... Arron Banks' 'Better for the Country' 'donated' 100k to #VoteLeave spin off Veterans for Britain.......

(Oh, and Field Marshal Lord Guthrie fell off his horse at this years Trooping the Colour)

100k from #VoteLeave
50k from Banks
@zelo_street @peterjukes @Byline_Media @PeterKGeoghegan @AdamRamsay @carolecadwalla @openDemocracy @chrisinsilico

*Correction to the correction

The @ElectoralCommUK does record £100k paid from Banks' 'Better for the Country' to VfB. Only it was made in two payments of £50k:
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Right. Decent seat, and all set for some live-tweeting from #NIBrexit
A reminder that the programme is here:… and live-streaming is here:…
You'll also want the @UKandEU report that goes with all this:…
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If you repudiate Trump's horrifying racist rhetoric, but endorse Louise Mensch, you are a hypocrite. Louise propagates the same racist talking points like in this FoxNews interview: Syrian refugees in EU are a "complete disaster, blood, chaos, carnage.”…
For years Louise Mensch has perpetuated odious attacks like this one against immigrants/ Muslims/POC and has helped normalize this rhetoric. Louise Mensch is a politician and political operative who has helped pave the way for racists like Trump.
During her Brexit campaign, Louise Mensch RT the same (now banned) Hate Groups as Trump has because Neo Nazis spread the Bexit campaign fear mongering. If you endorseLouise as a hero & a leader & ignore her vile racist ideology, you are no different than a Trump apologist.
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Aggregate IQ's Jeff Silvester: 'We're proud of what we've built right here in Canada.' Yeah I bet...
@J_amesp @PeterKGeoghegan @mrjamesob @profcarroll

Watch here: questions coming fast on #VoteLeave…
'How much were you paid by Vote Leave?'
'$140K CAD'
'I have £2.7m written here.'
'The rest was for advertising - it went to Google & FB.'
'Who was your VL contact?'
'VL's digital director: Henry de Zoete'...
Outlines work for DUP, BeLeave, Vets for Britain, VL...
'How did you communicate with Mr. Grimes?'
'Via a Slack channel.'
AIQ's asked to provide all its Slack communication.
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The stock statement in response to #Brexit petitions needs to be called out. "There must be no attempts to remain inside the EU, no attempts to rejoin it through the back door, & no 2nd Ref" is fundamentally UNCONSTITUTIONAL as it binds Parliament and the People too.

Parliamentary sovereignty means one Parlt cannot bind another. This invalidates the "cannot reverse #Brexit" subtext of the above statement, as we've had a general election since #Article50 was triggered, so technically this is a different Parlt not bound by the previous one. /2.
The idea the People cannot speak again is ludicrous. It'd take a MAJORITY to #ExitFromBrexit. How is that undemocratic?Given the false prospectus on which #Brexit was sold, the chicanery & cheating of #VoteLeave & Brexit impact, it's the DUTY of Govt to give us #FinalSay Ref. /3.
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1/ Liz it is not that you reported on Nigel & Jacob throwing some fish into the Thames. It’s that you did not also report on many many many more people marching against #Brext. The logic given for. It doing so does not add up.
2/ it is also that you did not raise critical & basic questions in regard to said stunt throwing of fish into the Thames. It is the total Government pro #Brexit. Has exhibited by @BBCNews in recent years.
3/ It is the sheer number of appearances by #Brexiters such as #farage versus #Remainers. It is the ambush mounted on @carolecadwalla by @AndrewMarr9 & #Brexstremjst guest
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1/ Many of us are confused about what BeLeave actually is )or should we say, was). So we thought we would do some research. Most evidence of the group's existence seems to have been deleted from the internet?
2/ We did find this link however on the Vote Leave website describing BeLeave as a "Vote Leave outreach group"…
3/ But from there we hit some problems. The Facebook page [[]] seems to have been deleted.
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BREAKING: Whistleblower claims #VoteLeave team violated campaign finance laws leading up to the #Brexit EU Referendum.

He alleges that electoral spending rules were manipulated by using a shell campaign & that VoteLeave “tried to delete key evidence.”…
UK-CH4: “We’re going on a path of #Brexit based on lies, based on cheating, based on essentially a scam”. VoteLeave allegedly controlled a shell campaign “BeLeave” to fund Aggregate IQ,(AIQ) a firm linked with #CambridgeAnalytica’s parent company #SCL. /2
UK-CH4: #VoteLeave said they couldn't have won the #Brexit EU Referendum without Canadian firm Aggregate IQ.(AIQ)

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower, Chris Wylie says that data firm, AIQ, was effectively “CA’s Canadian branch”. /3
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