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@vonderleyen The #Qatargate #Scandal: Could It Signal The #End Of The ‘#BrusselsEU’? | Apr 21
- A vice #president of the #EuropeanParliament and other EU #lawmakers have been #bribed by the governments of #Qatar, #Morocco, #Mauritania, and possibly other countries…
@vonderleyen Inquiry Launched Into Secret Talks Between #Pfizer And #EUCommission Chief For Sale Of #Vaccines | Sep 18
- Pfizer has been holding sovereign governments to #ransom making bizarre demands asking for #bankreserves, #embassy buildings and #military bases.
@vonderleyen The #EuropeanCommission's #refusal of public access to text messages #SMS exchanged between
@vonderleyen and the CEO of a #pharmaceutical company on the purchase of a #Covid19Vaccines
- CASE 1316/2021/MIG - OPENED ON Thursday | 16 Sep 2021
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: Learning from Silicon Valley Bank's apologists; and more!

Archived at:…

#Pluralistic 1/ A sign reading 'This is not Disneyland! Do not let children
Next Monday (Mar 20), I'm doing a remote talk for the @Ostrom_Workshop's Beyond the Web Speaker Series… 2/
Learning from Silicon Valley Bank's apologists: What they think we think.

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The @EU_Commission today adopted a revised #EU #ElectricityMarketDesign.

It will preserve the benefits of our electricity market and help reduce the costs of producing & using energy in Europe, through more #renewables.
Two instruments will be key in enhancing the stability & predictability of energy costs across the EU.

First, Power Purchase Agreements will improve access to markets and act as drivers for investment in renewables – essential to reach our #EUGreenDeal goals.
Second, Member States will guarantee a stable price to producers & consumers through Contracts for Difference, which will foster support for new renewable energy investment.

I call on the #EuropeanParliament to treat this file as a priority!
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NEW: #Intellexa is sending legal threats to the 🇪🇺European Parliament's @EP_PegaInquiry.

Ridiculous... but revealing.

The mercenary hacking industry is terrified of being held accountable for abuses.

Source (in 🇬🇷#Greek):…
@EP_PegaInquiry 2/ Threatening legal action against a 🇪🇺#europeanparliament committee...

What could go wrong?
3/ Reactions from @EP_PegaInquiry #MEPs, cont'd...

How long till someone tells #Intellexa about the "Streisand Effect"?
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1. The European Commission is taking Poland to court over rulings from Polish judges considered by experts as a “legal Polexit” that fundamentally undermine the EU’s legal order😂
EU has made a circus out of Europe🤣
#EU #POLAND #EUROPE #EuropeanParliament
2. The decision to refer Poland to the European court of justice on Wednesday – described by one expert as a bombshell – comes as Poland’s rightwing nationalist government battles to secure €35.4bn (£31.4bn)
#EU #POLAND #EUROPE #EuropeanParliament
2(a) in EU Covid recovery funds that have been frozen over concerns about government-influenced courts.
#EU #POLAND #EUROPE #EuropeanParliament
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On February 7, 2023, at 10:00 (Atyrau time), an offline court of appeal will be held in the #Atyrau Regional Court in a politically motivated criminal case regarding:

@hrw @amnesty @omctorg

We invite everyone to come to the court as observers.

On December 19, 2022, Bekizhan #Mendygaziev was sentenced to 5 years and 1 month in prison, with life deprivation of the right to hold leadership positions in commercial organizations, with confiscation of property.
The term of imprisonment is counted from June 3, 2021 (1 day for one and a half).
Baurzhan #Dzhusupov was sentenced to 5 years in prison (previously, on July 26, 2021, Baurzhan Dzhusupov was sentenced to 5.5 years in prison).

@RepMalinowski @IJoveva @AgnesEvren
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Just reading that @Europarl_EN cancels upcoming diplomatic missions to Morocco & Qatar amid ongoing probes of corruption allegations. 30 MEPs call on to ban Moroccan diplomats from entering #EP pending an outcome in the corruption investigation. Not my approach. #Mythread Image
The European Parliament needs first to apply the current rules properly. Let’s recall that a decade or so ago, the European Parliament was rocked by a cash-for-influence scandal leading to the resignation of some MEPs. 1/1
As the result, #EP introduced in 2012 a new Code of Conduct aimed at preventing corruption. Everything is in this Code: principles: disinterest, integrity, openness, diligence, honesty, accountability, respect for EP reputation. #Brussels 1/2
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It's been almost a month since our last episode of The More Than Seven Seals of #TheCryptocalypse listed way more than 7 really bad omens for the cryptocurrency "industry."

Well things have gotten a lot worse since then. #TheOracleOfTulips has more to reveal.

The contents of The Book of Fraudits were revealed by the prophet #Mazars in the form of number-free "attestations" about the financial state of #CryptoCom, #Binance, and #KuCoin.

Note that the #KuCoin attestation has never been seen by mortal eyes.
#Mazars LLP, one of the two quasi-legitimate accounting firms still auditing cryptocurrency exchanges not named @Coinbase or @Kraken, announced they would no longer audit crypto firms not named Coinbase or Kraken.
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VorssanExpress -hevoisuutimia: @oikeusasiamies
'Poliisiylijohtaja valehteli #alHol -suunnitelmista | 14.12.2019 
- Presidentti #Haavisto on pitkin syksyä valehdellut ja tahallaan johtanut ihmisiä harhaan #alHawl'sta.…
@oikeusasiamies #Soros järjestää #hillotolppa'a #PoliticalTrash pyrkyreille.
- Syyttömien koulutyttöjen veri virtaa #vihreät #demarit #kokoomus #UsefulIdiots syystä.
#Soros-#CIA plan to #destablish #Europe.
- #ISIS Has Directed and Inspired Attacks Around the World.
@oikeusasiamies #Utaremaisteri'sta #Soros-#Alivaliosihteeri @PaiviNerg
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#EU Parliament starts process to lift 2 #lawmakers' #immunity | Jan 2
- Roberta #Metsola asked all services and committees to give the procedure priority, with the goal to have it finished by Feb. 13.
#EU reels as #scandal tarnishes parliament’s credibility | Dec 13
- Prof Hendrik #Vos, an EU expert; “The parliament #pretends to stand for #transparency, unable to be #bribed, to defend fundamental values. And then you get something like this.”…
cc: @ AndersonAfDMdEP
"#Kaili remains in #prison. Justice in #Belgium has been investigating the @Europarl_EN
environment for months for #corruption, #money #laundering and #influence from abroad.  
Greedy #EU elites expose themselves! #ID"
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@Juha_Korh2 @oikeusasiamies @RSF_fi @oikeuskansleri @Haavisto @anttikaikkonen @SuomenEduskunta @MarinSanna #ValehtelevatMinisterit.
#WEF -regiimin sepustus sotarikollisjärjestö #NATO'on liittymisestä alkaa törkeällä valheella.
- "Venäjä käynnisti 24. helmikuuta 2022 hyökkäyksen Ukrainaan."
Valehtelu jatkuu ministeriaitiossa @Haavisto… ImageImage
@Juha_Korh2 @oikeusasiamies @RSF_fi @oikeuskansleri @Haavisto @anttikaikkonen @SuomenEduskunta @MarinSanna The conflict in #Ukraine was not opened by #Russia on Feb 24, but by Ukraine a week before.
- The #OSCE #France is a witness to this:
#BULLETINNo27 | MAR 2022
- Il pourrait s’agir de #mercenaires de la #CIA...
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@Juha_Korh2 @oikeusasiamies @RSF_fi @oikeuskansleri
Huomiota herätti, että kaikki kiittelivät #Sähkö-Pekkaa @Haavisto ja #Nuorisosäätiö -sankaria @anttikaikkonen, jotka äärimäisen härskisti #valehtelivat #NATO'n muka 'suuresta kansan suosiosta.'
@Juha_Korh2 @oikeusasiamies @RSF_fi @oikeuskansleri @Haavisto @anttikaikkonen @SuomenEduskunta
Pj oli #Lautakasa-Matti.
kiersi #persut -kysymyksen #Ydinasekielto -sopimuksesta, jota Suomi ei ole hyväksynyt ja ratifioinut, lukemalla paperista 'liirum-laarum' ja liukeni paikalta.
- Koko tilaisuus oli #NATO'n maksama, arvoton #ilveily Image
@Juha_Korh2 @oikeusasiamies @RSF_fi @oikeuskansleri @Haavisto @anttikaikkonen @SuomenEduskunta @MarinSanna #Mediapooli-#Yle.
Suomalaisia veronmaksajia ja äänestäjiä yritetään kohdella kuin sinisilmäisiä idiootteja.
- Hehkutettiin 'historiallista #NATO -päätöstä', mutta vain kourallinen #korruptoituja paikalla.

#Eduskunta Täysistunto 13.12.2022 klo 12.… Image
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Dear subscribers and guests of the channel! #Russian President #Putin took part in the session of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (#CSTO) in #Yerevan. The main goal of participation in the summit for Putin was to keep the CSTO at least until November 2023.
In this context, the President of #Russia turned to the President of #Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart #Tokayev, and the President of #Armenia, Nikol #Pashinyan. #Putin asked the leaders of Kazakhstan and Armenia not to suspend their membership in the #CSTO until November next year.
It is already known that Tokayev promised to "think" and "take note" of #Putin’s request, while #Pashinyan left the request unanswered. The #CSTO summit in #Yerevan was for Putin one of the most difficult political events in which he took part this year.
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On November 23, 2022, it became known about the appointment of Imangali #Tasmagambetov as Secretary General of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) for the next three years.

Such a step by Kazakhstan in the midst of #Russia's most brutal military aggression against the civilian civilian population of #Ukraine is a demonstration of Kazakhstan's complicity in the leadership of #Putin's military-political bloc.

as a state sponsor of terrorism and a state that "uses means of terrorism" against the civilian population of #Ukraine.

The upcoming resolution of the #EuropeanParliament was discussed publicly and #Kazakhstan was well aware of this. Therefore, #Tasmagambetov consciously,
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November 12, 2022
#Astana #Ustkamenogorsk

Preventive political persecution ahead of the peaceful protests announced for November 20, 2022.

On November 11, 2022, in Astana, the following civil activists and members of the initiative group for the creation
@SPDEuropa Image
of the opposition party "Alga Kazakhstan" were detained without explanation, with the use of brute force:
#KazakhstanProtests Image
Marat #Zhylanbaev, Mereke #Nugmanov, Marat #Musabaev were arrested for 15 days for allegedly "violating the law on peaceful assemblies" - for participating in a peaceful protest on August 21, 2022, on the eve of the visit of a delegation of the subcommittee on #humanrights ImageImageImage
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On October 20, 2022, on the eve of the trip of the President of the #EuropeanCouncil Charles #Michel to Kazakhstan on October 26-27, 2022, hearings in the #EuropeanParliament on #humanrights
in #Kazakhstan On October 26, 2022, the #OSCE monitoring mission in Kazakhstan on the eve of the elections, the human rights coalition #ActivistsNotExtremists prepared another refutation propaganda by the Kazakh authorities about alleged observance of human rights and
civil rights obligations.

As our main recommendations, we urge:
- use our lists of the repressed at meetings with representatives of Kazakhstan at all levels with a demand to release them immediately;

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My today message to #EU Leaders in @EUCouncil: in a Union of equals, there can be no second class citizens! Just follow the #EuropeanParliament which is united in supporting #Romania & #Bulgaria’s full accession to Schengen! #Mythread 1/1
#Romania and #Bulgaria have committed to implementing the #Schengen acquis and already proved themselves in the way they addressed the challenges and managed their borders in the face of refugees fleeing the war in #Ukraine. 1/2
#Council unnecessarily denied a right to Romania & Bulgaria, for 11 years. #Romania has proved that it could manage an external border when over 1 million of refugees crossed their borders fleeing the war in #Ukraine 1/3
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#EP plenary held a debate on countering the anti-European and anti-Ukrainian #propaganda of #Putin’s European cronies. At the initiative of #Renew, it was focused on the relations between #Russia and extremist #European political parties. #Mythread 1/1
#MEPs of the various political groups used the opportunity for attacking each other for their alleged ties to the #Putin regime. #EuropeanParliament 1/2
On behalf of the Council, Minister for European Affairs @MikulasBek highlighted: great concern the growing manipulation of European public opinion by Kremlin-sponsored sources with the objective of polarising societies; 1/3
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09/06/2022 #Shymkent

Today we received letters from civil activist, volunteer of the human rights movement #Veritas, political prisoner #Ashtayev Zhanmurat.

In the letters, Zhanmurat addresses the deputies of the #EuropeanParliament,
the Ambassador of the #EuropeanUnion to #Kazakhstan, Kestutis Jankauskas, the Special Representative of the European Union for Central Asia, Teri Hakala, and the #US State Department.

@osce_odihr @oscepa
@rozathun @nnienass @BernardGuettaDE
In his appeal, the activist told how he and his family have been persecuted by the authorities of Kazakhstan since 2019. They want to protect him from society for his active citizenship and criticism of the authorities.
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Indigenous leaders from Brazilian territories @ApibOficial and #XR Europe protested today infront of @EU_Commission demanding:

"Anti-deforestation law must include all regions/biomes, not just the Amazon in the 'Law on the Importation of Forest-Risk Products' (FERC)!"

Thread 🧵 ImageImage
@ApibOficial @EU_Commission The #EuropeanUnion is one of the largest buyers of soy and other forestry risk products from Brazil. This causes harm and destruction to #IndigenousPeoples and their lands.

“We need the EU government to stop these environmental crimes!” #StopEcocide ImageImage
@ApibOficial @EU_Commission Respect the International Rights of #IndigenousPeople!

Indigenous Land is a guarantee for the future of all humanity. There is no solution to the #ClimateCrisis and #Biodiversity loss without Indigenous Peoples - @ApibOficial
@EU_Commission @Europarl_EN @EUCouncil. Image
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Public hearing in the ITRE Commission of the #EuropeanParliament on the EC proposal for a EU Digital Identity Wallet had place today. 5 experts and many MEPs intervened.
The same experts have raised various remarks and perplexities. The goal of creating an interoperable European digital tool for the identification of citizens and online access to public and private services presents serious concerns and risks 👇🏻
For instance, it’s unrealistic to say that the user will be able to have "full control" of their personal data, as they’ll be forced to provide them in order to log in the essential related services and as a targeted legal protection of the property of sensitive data is missing👇🏻
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Members of the #EuropeanParliament are protesting against the dictatorship of the #EuropeanUnion regarding the #greenpass !

“We have requested full access to the contracts signed between the companies developing the vaccines and the European Union,” said Terheș.
“After much insistence, the MPs got the contract.” Terheș then takes the contract that he received in his mailbox and shows it to the press, while he directly asks whether they think this is okay. We only see pages that have been made illegible. (blacked out)
“We are going to a state where as a citizen you cannot move freely, travel, go to shops and schools or go to work without being vaccinated, with a product of which this is the contract?”
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With the introduction of a more efficient ‘Single European Sky’, the #EuropeanParliament (@Europarl_EN) wants to make #EU #airspace and the #aviation sector greener, more resilient, and fairer to consumers. (2-minute video)

Sadly, Britain is not part of this initiative.
We were told that #Brexit would mean more sovereignty. But as it turns out, it means less.

We no longer have any say in the running and future direction of our continent, even though the decisions made will affect us, whether we're a member or not.
The bottom line is that #Brexit makes absolutely no sense. It offers no solutions, no benefits, only damaging downsides.
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