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#Labour NEC members Jim Kennedy and @Yasmine_Dar claim never to have received any apps for selection from Bassetlaw members. Quickly U-turned when presented with irrefutable evidence of the Council Leader’s application. This is corruption & needs investigating urgently @UKLabour
I’m aware of at least three other #Bassetlaw members who applied. What happened to their applications? How can the selection process be allowed to proceed if legitimate applications have not been considered? How many other selections have been affected? @labourlist @siennamarla
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This deal is no #Labour #Brexit @FitzMP @SKinnock your support is either stunning disingnuity or incompetence #FBPE

Lost non-EU FTAs ⏬list
Is a Treasury impact of MOD size. Then removal of workers rights, anti-tax evasion/money laundering?
@jeremycorbyn fire them.
If you like to see how destructive the removal of 30 US Sector Free Trade deals could be long term, why not ask Scottish Whisky makers?

Then the little problem of how certain we are about the Europe FTA even passing?
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I do NOT adhere to the [DS] #LeftRightDichotomy #DivideAndConquer #HegelianDialectic BULLSHIT so I’m pleased to be able to follow a kind, sensible, #Democrat-professed #HumanBeing.

@RosaKoire #Republican/ #Conservative & / or #Democrat/ #Labour

re [DS] Blue/ Red #LeftRightDichotomy “admixture” [mytho-poetic]… #Alchemical admixture of order & chaos…”

… governed by #Royal #PhoenicianPurple #Synarchy element

“A Glitch in the Matrix”
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1. Here's what it's like to be a left-wing Jew.

I'll add to it as and when the abuse comes in.

[a thread]

#antisemitism #Labour
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👆Whether the #Labour party was calling itself a socialist or social democrat party in 1945 isn't the point. The real point is that all of the social reforms & plans achieved then, and which the #Tories would love to eradicate now, were achieveable under the idea of social 1/2
2/2 democracy, without the need for the further-left idea of socialism. Any desire to yank the #Labour party further left than it was in 1945 is purely idealogical and is solely because of #Labour having been taken over by far-left entryist ideologues & extremists.
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If a #GeneralElection is called, socialists in #Labour can’t afford a “let’s get Labour into power and sort out the politics afterwards” attitude. We all want and need a Labour government, but *what kind of Labour government* matters greatly too.
The 2017 manifesto was a step forward but on issues like immigration it wasn’t qualitatively more radical/left-wing than the 2015 manifesto. Labour’s policy on the police (they’re great, we need more of them) has now been nicked by Johnson. And on many other issues, Labour is >
< still wedded to technocratic tinkering rather than the sweeping socialisation we need to address inequality and confront climate change. For example, Labour should commit to taking banking and finance into total public ownership to fund a massive expansion of renewable energy.
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1) We did some #Brexit related collection during Q1 and have been streaming it solidly since the start of Q2.
2) Our #Brexit collection is multifaceted; these are the accounts that appeared just for the main stream with a few key topic words. 1.6M in total.
3) Among those 1.6M there are 28k with #MAGA in their profiles.
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1. I didn't want to do this. I wanted to be patient and see if people got here on their own - but I can't take it anymore. I'm black and Jewish, and I'm sitting here nearly in tears - this is why. [a thread]

#antisemitism #Labour #Conservatives #ToriesOut
2. I've had fellow Jews tell me that I'm an idiot for supporting Labour. I've been told that Johnson's a better choice or "just as bad" & I've been laughed at. I've had to watch the Chief Rabbi celebrate Johnson's election and then have him ignore my letter asking for solidarity.
3. When I support Labour's positive and tangible attempts to reform, I've been called "deluded" or stupid. When I say how vital the party are for black Jews like me, I've been told the party can die for all people care. I felt invisible, erased, unheard, and worthless.
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The logical fallacies of people is astounding, literally just had someone tell me: Corbyn made the #Labour party swing to the left because he influences policy...

The fact is this: Labour members made the party go left and elected a left leader. Not the other way around.
All these people want to blame Corbyn for anything they possibly can, even if what they say doesn't make any logical sense, and they are so keen to blame him, they don't even realise it makes no sense.
Is the reason I want people deselected because Corbyn set a magic spell and made me want that? No of course not. Its because I am left wing anyway and we make the party greater by removing those who don't work for the people.
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'For the many not the few' is a tagline I can't stand. I'm disappointed the Tories are now using it, as Labour has been, it is divisive and creates an 'us' and 'them' mentality which is not what politics needs in this already divisive time. Who are the 'many' and who fits in [1]
the description of the 'few.' Is it one of things that's so vague that any1 can place themselves in the 'many'? That anyone can feel like a victim and feel sorry for themselves? That there are people out there who are making us suffer who we can point at and scorn called 'the [2]
few'? Are the 'few' the head teacher? The valuable newspaper editor? The MP who seeks to represent us? The owner of a small business who employs local people? The CEO of a larger organisation that employs people, gives others worth, that contributes hugely to the country's [3]
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#Brexit's just 'their chance'.

John Smith moved #LAB from being a "democratic socialist" party to being a "social democrat" party. Corbyn, Milne, McDonnell et al want their Leninist roots fully restored and, then, because they're the revolutionary type of 1/2
2/2 socialist, want to try to make #LAB the "vanguard party" Lenin dreamed of, introducing socialism to the whole world.

An outdated ideology that fires-up '70s student activists like...Corbyn, Milne & McDonnell.

Wolfie Smiths in suits.

#LAB #TakenOverByExtremists
Compare & contrast with the 1945 Attlee government. What's Corbyn ever achieved? So far SFA except pissing off (now)-ex-#Labour-supporters like me.
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Thread on @facebook shutting down @RiederB's #Netvizz and the hollowing out of our democracy. 1/
On the 4th September @facebook is closing down the only access researchers have for examining public page data. All other tools that access Facebook's #API will be gone forever, work akin to my study of British political parties use of Facebook will never occur again. 2/
Facebook is hollowing out our abilities to hold the corporation and the powerful on the platform to account. Although Facebook has made forward, but deliberately small steps, in opening up access to targeted advertisements via its #AdLibrary. 3/
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The #Tories are desperate & lying. #Labour (well, Milne & Corbyn) are desperate & lying. Both ends of #CONLABKIP are desperate & lying. Believe either and we'll get #Brexit or #Lexit.

Whatever happens longer-term at least lending the @LibDems votes is more likely to keep 1/2
2/2 us in the #EU. We can sort the longer-term once the #Tories are dead and #Labour is rescued from its current anti-#EU extremist cabal.

But, for now, Job #1 is to keep ouselves in. Otherwise forget the "long-term".

(I'm temporarily not #LAB after 40 years, BTW.)
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By "respecting" courts-confirmed corruption, fraud, lies & illegality that ought to have been dealt with instead, Johnson & Corbyn are overseeing the death of their respective ends of #CONLABKIP which will open the door for #Remain, #PR & the end of 2-party politics. Good.
#Brexit relies on a legal loop-hole. Eventually the voting public (now a majority for #Remain) will get to say what they think about "democracy" & government by-legal-loop-hole rather than by at least an attempt at principle.
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Recently Ellie Reeves #Labour MP was reportedly facing a vote of "No Confidence" and "Deselection" @elliereeves received a lot of support from Jess Phillips, Tom Watson etc. No motion was tabled with her CLP so the furore over a pregnant Labour MP being deselected was nonsense.
So let us move on about 1 week from this bogus story to the equally spurious #PanoramaHatchetJob about #Labour and #Antisemitism The usual suspects showed their sham horror of the apparent problems in Labour. #TomWatson #jessphillips
Tom Watson belittled, harangued, bullied and called into question the reliability and fitness of @JennieGenSec to act as General Secretary. Some might question my point on reliability etc. But the image I have attached which Watson and Phillips promote does exactly that.
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@TripeUK @D_Raval @silverrich39 @simonmaginn @FightingGran @xpressanny @TLAVagabond @jimmy_dore @NevilleSouthall @skwawkbox @oneoflokis @21WIRE @WarmongerHodges I would also recommend watching this which addresses some of the issues as to why @DerbyChrisW may well have been suspended from #Labour 30 minutes out of 24 hours will not be wasted time!
@TripeUK @D_Raval @silverrich39 @simonmaginn @FightingGran @xpressanny @TLAVagabond @jimmy_dore @NevilleSouthall @skwawkbox @oneoflokis @21WIRE @WarmongerHodges H all thanks for the retweets, likes and follows I will try to respond and follow everyone. Just an update on my original post. I have looked into complaining to Ofcom however you have to allow the #BBC to respond first.
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To mark #3Years since the largest vote for anything in the UK’s history let’s celebrate the MPs, who by their actions in Parliament, have kept our #Brexit dream alive. They are an elite band of #BrexitSpartans. Every one a #BrexitLegend


In this majority Remain Parliament there are only 40 MPs (6%) who’ve fought, under sustained pressure, to uphold the will of the British people as expressed in #EURef2016

28 #Conservatives
10 #DUP
2 #Labour

Here they are below. Please give them a RT

#3Years #TheBrexit40

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Does it occur to people that #Tory #Conservativ Cuts are directly targeted towards ..
Aged, Unemployed, Single parents ,Low paid , Sick & Disabled people , & CHILDREN ?
Can you see a pattern emerge ? All the Vulnerable people especially in #Labour run areas...?
the Cuts have been imposed even more severely ...
The only conclusion is ..

If you do not Work ? The #Tories will do all in their power to Kill people...Including CHILDREN )

I repeat they will actively work towards vulnerable people's demise & Death !
The language from the #Conservatives #Tories ?
They actually call people ...non productive & Useless Eaters ! I repeat ...Useless Eaters ...

If I was wrong & this was only a few top #Tories who were knowingly pushing people to Starvation ,Suicide & Death with their #Cuts
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Have you heard of #Hotelling’s Law? In a two party system, it says that you get most votes by minimising the political distance between the parties. It’s worked well in the past, but it’s about to bring an end to both #Labour and the #Tory party. 1/n…
Hotelling’s law worked really well for Tony #Blair. #Thatcher had moved the Tory party to the right, so #NewLabour had an opportunity to increase its vote share by also moving rightwards. 2/n
Politics had shifted. Both parties held broadly similar policies. Blair’s political stance, although to the left of Thatcher’s, was much further right than any Labour leader previously (or since). Labour was able to capture ground that the Tories had left unguarded. 3/n
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Really glad to see the Corbynistas taking the announcement of the @EHRC investigation into #LabourAntisemitism in such good grace..... Oh.
Because there's no Jew-hate in the Labour Party.

Exoneration is just around the corner.

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A #brexit thread 👇

1. In 2017 we were invited to #No10 to talk to Gavin Barwell about our thoughts on things. I had a conversation with him on #Brexit that rings absolutely true now and is more relevant than ever - so I thought I'd share:
2. I said to him that #Brexit had redrawn 'party lines' - that right/left was now less relevant that #leave/#remain and we had to examine our 'core vote' on that basis. We had done well in the #Mansfield-esque seats and lost the Croydons, we needed to think about why.
3. I said to Barwell that there was no compromise that would keep both #remainers and #leavers happy. That we could not keep both audiences on board in the context of #Brexit and we should not try - it's impossible. We had to leave first, and then we could rebuild the coalition.
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1 #EUelections a message to UK voters from Germany.

For anyone who actually cares about what happens to #Europe & the world:
the #EUelection is NOT A PROXY 2ND REFERENDUM.

Your vote will NOT deliver #Brexit / stop Brexit.
The EU Parliament does NOT have these powers.

2 But your vote in the #EUelection2019 DOES have real-world consequences.

Right now, under the Spitzenkandidat system, the EPP's #ManfredWeber, of the right-wing anti-immigrant pro-backroom-lobby Bavarian CSU - is on course to become the next EU Commission president. 😖
3 If #ManfredWeber becomes Commission president, it's curtains for any chance of saving the world from #ClimateCollapse.

His CSU are way to the right of Merkel - & literally in the pocket of the German auto industry.

For good measure, Weber is also mates with #ViktorOrban 🤢
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THREAD (#EP2019)

Polling Day is upon us & here is a thread showing why ALL #Brexiteers need to turn out & cast their precious vote for the @brexitparty_uk
See a graphic breakdown by region of how the main parties have betrayed us. On Thursday it’s time to say no more 1/14

Green is Good - Red is Bad

#BrexitWrecker is an MP who voted for a 2nd Ref &/or to Revoke A50 - All Remain parties are full of them #Labour is by far the worst offender

#BrexitInbetweener is an MP who voted for May’s WA more than once

#BrexitLegend True BeLeavers


Labour has 11 #BrexitWrecker MPs and should not be given your vote.

Vote for @zatzi @JonathanMEP @math_patten Tracy Knowles @DrAnnaBailey1

Vote for @brexitparty_uk

Vote for #Brexit

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So, it's nearly 20.00. We're 16 councils shy of the finishing line, but let's take stock. /THREAD
Okay, let's put this in perspective and not get too carried away. The Tories have got away without a council mauling for many years, partly because anger at the LDs protected them during the Coalition. They did really well in these seats in 2015. Their luck just ran out.
*Of course* the #LibDems did really well in areas where Lab doesn't really exist, and where they've suddenly snapped back into contention after massive losses in 2011 and 2015. And *of course* #Labour did badly when they're about as coherent as alphabet soup.
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