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It's hard to get the tone right on this, but let's remind ourselves of why #Corbyn is having to go: he was a complete disgrace from start to finish. /THREAD
First and foremost, he made #Labour a frightening and unsafe place for Jews. He was so arrogant he invented a new meaning for the word 'Zionist' and then divided Jews into good and bad. Sinister and frightening.
He turned Labour into a site of hatred, threats and misogyny. His staff covered up and lied, and then covered up and lied some more.
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Right, to give me something to do and suggest a reading list for those interested, here are my top 6 English-language books (or translated into English) on #Vietnam's #labour history. In alphabetical order by author's surname because I'm a bit anal like that: (1/7)
1) Giebel, C., 2004. ‘Imagined Ancestries of Vietnamese Communism: Ton Duc Thang and the Politics of History and Memory' - Looks at the official history of TDT, taking part in the Black Sea mutiny & leading an underground union at Ba Son shipyard, & concludes it is untrue (2/7)
2) Murray, M., 1980, ‘The Development of Capitalism in Colonial Indochina (1870-1940)’ - Classic Marxist political economy study with lots about labour (3/7)
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Lately I've seen many argue that RLB is the most electable Labour leadership candidate, and that Starmer can't win leave seats due to his remainer credentials.

Thought I'd test this claim with data. A long THREAD:

#Labour #LabourLeadership #LabourLeadershipElection

To set the context, let’s see why ex-Lab voters didn’t vote Labour last time.

For this, I’ve used data from Ashcroft's recent ‘Smell the Coffee’ report (read it: it’s good, and the 2005 Tory version helped the Tories win power in 2010).…

The data shows that, as well as Brexit, ex-Lab voters really disliked Corbyn, and they thought the policies were too left wing.

Almost everyone thinks Labour would be more likely to win with a more centrist manifesto, including Labour voters (and narrowly, members).

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This LIE destroyed Jeremy #Corbyn, Labour's chances of winning the recent General Election ... and handed power, and control over your lives,
to the ultra-right wing Tories.

#Britain's democracy and your democratic rights, in other words, were stolen by the undemocratic, unrepresentative, ultra-right-wing 'Jewish' Board of Deputies.

- - - -

It will shock you to discover that in a country with a population of more than SIXTY SIX MILLION PEOPLE, there are ONLY 260,000 JEWS!

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9-15feb 1
It's your #Bonkersbrexit weekly roundup of just how much #Brexitnotdone we've had over the past week.

And wow what a week it was. Crazy actually.

I'm beginning to wonder if it's not us they're trying to convince but themselves...

9-15feb 2
First, we had the endlessly entertaining Barry from Basildon. Who (un)fortunately is a parody

Then like a gift from #Brexit Gods, we got the very real (confirmed by Indy) clueless Colin reinforcing all stereotypes

9-15feb 3
Then we had Dr Sune's informative ad-lib history of populism, with a detailed description of the Danish Brexit and how they had managed to step back from the breach away from their Siren's call.

Sadly we looked painfully naive in comparison.
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Lets talk about #Gold #Mining in #SouthAfrica. Specifically, lets talk about #AngloGold's exit from South Africa & its impact on say, #Lesotho #Migrant #Mine workers...
The latest #news in the #SouthAfrican #Mining #Industry is that #AngloGold Ashanti, the world’s third-largest gold miner, has sealed a deal to sell its last remaining SA asset as it exits the country after 22 years on the #JSE...
I will not be talking about the "WHY" aspect of #AngloGold's exit from the #SouthAfrican #Mining #Industry. Rather, my focus will be on the consequences of such a move for #Labour, #Migrant labour to be precise. Labour from #Lesotho, specifically...
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Thread. 1/7

I have just seen this from @JohnnyMercerUK, thought it should be shared. An excellent explanation on Erasmus, Child Refugees and Workers Rights and how debate/amendments (to the WA) are being weaponized in parliament by a defunct #Labour opposition.

The WA commits us to Erasmus until it naturally ends in 2021 & we're completely open to being involved in successor programmes. That will be in the future, hence it is rightly part of next stage negotiations. It has nothing to do with leaving the EU & the opposition knows it. 2/7
Child refugees, we remain absolutely committed to the Dubs Amendment, we have & continue to stick to the important principle of reuniting families. We have no intention of abandoning refugee children. It has nothing to do with leaving the EU & the opposition knows it. 3/7
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1/ I’m sorry, this Ian Murray thing today has just boiled my blood. It’s been a while since I’ve been so annoyed. He used his one opportunity to hold the Tories to account, to make a point about the prospect of a Scotland’s membership of the EU. #Labour
2/ Why bother Ian? According to you we are banned from having a referendum. It was a cheap point made in circumstances where the Minister was obviously going to agree with his sycophantic question, and where there was *no* opportunity for rebuttal. Cowardly and slippery IMO.
3/ I don’t need to reiterate that the EU has been (where it has commented informally at all) generally positive about Scottish membership. It is simply not the case the 3% deficit requirement presents an absolute bar to membership. It didn’t for a whole host of the East European.
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1/5 #FakeViews

#labour I'm worried
I need you to find your way to electability.
That doesn't start with reality denial.

1. Total seats lost due to LD/SNP competition - 60
Biggest issue, not even discussed.
2. Socialism/corbynism marketing problem bigger than #Brexit⏬ ignored.
2/5 #FakeViews

3. Our policies wern't good. An incoherent mess that none of us understood or could communicate

4. Everything #Blair did was wrong. So we actively refuse to do stuff that's right, just because he did it

5. We have no strategy or forward dream. FTMNTF is vacuous.
3/5 #FakeViews
#Brexit was a disaster. But not at #GE19, because we didn't build a position on #brexit for three years. #labour creates strategy.
It can't dodge it.

7. We have a core hydra of people centrally who are staying the same...major problem.

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This may seem like a "told you so". It's not. It's more of a "please let's learn from our mistakes as #Labour tries to rebuild itself.

I sent out countless warnings like this months before #GE19, they all fell on deaf ears.

We need leaders who can ally, not stubborn obsessives.
I also sent out these

Also not a I told you so, also a please learn #labour

Other parties can be useful to you, reach people you cannot.
In fact you've only ever lost when you've tried to squeeze them.

Back to 1900 tories don't win. Progressives lose.

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Ive been asked to comment on why @UKLabour was defeated in the #UKelection2019 & so many working class people voted for right wing #Tories. Outsider humility dictates caution in responding, but I have collated some articles containing incisive analyses.They suggest some answers👇
@OwenJones84 argues #Labours loss was combination of mishandling of #Brexit & Corbyns leadership, but that the policies were right.…
This survey👇shows Labours policies in fact do have majority support:
But "Labour did not succeed in turning the big manifesto offer into a short, sharp set of priorities that showed that they would make you ...directly better off"…
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This is because @UKLabour make the (often deadly) error of prioritising the group over the individual when it comes to human rights. This results in a complete abandonment of minorities within minorities — such as Imran Ahmad-Khan MP.
#Labour instead prefer a colonial style ‘take me to your leader’ bigotry of low expectations (the ‘leader’ invariably being a religious conservative). In order to maintain these electorally lucrative relationships, Labour turn a blind eye to the suffering of our most vulnerable!
The currency of human rights and social justice must always be *the individual*. Get this fundamental principle right, and all else follows.

This is why I am a liberal, and not a leftest. Liberals understand this, while those on the left abandon minorities within minorities.
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The #BBC the “Political Correspondents” #Labour and the #Election a thread 👇

The BBC never regarded Corbyn (or any of us on the left) as legitimate political actors, we were always interlopers in a world they knew, it was shaped in their interests. 1
The left of Labour were a “disruption” to ordinary political reporting. The BBC political reporters have no cultural or social footprint in the movements, the wider social and political forces on the left in general, or in the Labour Party. 2
The BBC didn’t seem interested in cultivating them. The BBC did occasionally cover what was going on, but they did so as anthropologists, viewing the wider social movements as a sort of “tribe”, something to be examined as an oddity.
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A manifesto for the next Labour leader - how to make Labour electable again. (Thread)

1) When published, enact all the recommendations of the EHRC. Act decisively, without dither, delay or disputation.
2) Remove the momentum faction from all positions of power within the party. They are responsible for the antisemitism problem, it happened on their watch.

Expel anyone who made antisemitic comments, although I dare say that falls under (1). That includes Mr Corbyn himself.
3) Brexit - acknowledge that Brexit will be a fait accompli. Brexit policy must of course respond to developments over the next 5 years - that's hard to predict.

However, in general, respect the referendum. Pursue a close relationship with Europe, but be meaningfully distinct.
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1. Yesterday a journalist described #Mansfield to me as "the first blue brick in the red wall" - something I'm hugely proud of and even more so now that we've knocked it down and rebuilt in blue with some @bluecollartory_ foundations. Here's a why it shouldn't be a surprise:
2. Since I was elected in 17 I've been at pains to try and explain the difference between Labour voters in Islington and in Mansfield. It's not ideological up north, it's historic. Not #Socialism that drove the #Labour vote, but industry.
3. You've only got to watch an episode of #PeakyBlinders to get the gist of why Labour was born as a movement. Protecting workers, fighting for better conditions. Some of the leaders were socialists, but the workers were trying to improve their lot. To put food on the table.
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Kudos to @jessphillips & @lisanandy (and others) for starting to address hard questions & realities that #Labour face after #GE2019 but I worry about strategy based on appeasing "Northern working class", many of whom hold fundamentally different values on socio-cultural issues.
1. Obviously, "the" working class does not exist, also not in the North. I worry that "the" Norther working class voter stands for the pro-Brexit (white) working class (man) in the North, who disagrees with Labour on many more fundamental issues than Brexit.
2. The future of social democracy in UK, and beyond, is in a broad coalition of precariat, working class, and lower middle class, men and women, white and non-white. It is at least as much in non-voters as in left-to-right voters.
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As a former journalist who just worked on progressive campaigns during this election; there are a couple of basic truths that it is important for UK progressives to accept otherwise we will condemn ourselves to an unending spiral of failure and bitterness. #thread
Firstly; #Labour didnt lose because the media was against it. This might feel like a warm blanket in the post-election freezing wind, but it’s crap. The way digital information has developed means that narratives are mostly formed online before the papers magnify them
We dont live in the 1970s, 20 million people dont watch Panorama every week (trust me, i worked there), newspaper readership is falling; and - vitally - most people now form views on issues based on what friends and family say online. There is academic work on this. Check it out.
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@mkowl @charlottechurch The Tories were in power for nearly 5 years in the 1970s. Heath declared a "three day week" in 1973. He also imposed wage restraints and the economy went into recession. These events resulted in strikes across the country.
@mkowl @charlottechurch In the 1960s Wilson introduced Free Prescriptions, scrapped The Means Test and introduced supplementary benefit. Benefits for pensioners were increased. The Widows earning rule was abolished, Redundancy payments were introduced.
@mkowl @charlottechurch Wilson's Labour also kept the UK out of Vietnam, abolished capital punishment, introduced The Open University, Decriminalised Homosexuality, His tenure in government also brought about the Race Relations Act and the Equal Pay Act.
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Do you know, in the busyness of today, I forget to congratulate the #Conservatives for a good win. Well done, obviously I would have preferred #Labour but that's democracy for you.
Beyond not winning, there are two things that I'm not happy with this election about - the loss of truth and integrity particularly through the use of outrage and misleading techniques. It does not bode well for the future. Elections should be about informed consent.
There was a real lack of a healthy debate, I have significant concerns with Boris and his bumbling act, there was also an awful lot of smear and innuendo.

However, there are a lot of very real problems out in society today and action is needed quickly ...
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One of key reasons why #Labour & #Corbyn got hammered is because many voters swallowed the propaganda campaign of Corbyn being an 'antisemite' & 'IRA sympthiser' w/much of lies coming from benches of Labour itself. Jeremy then topped himself by pivoting on #Brexit because...
2) ... he was weak and beaten into a corner and at the mercy of the traitors & establishment operatives embedded in his own party. By dithering on #Brexit he was a goner, and his adversaries knew that full well. Blairites handed Tories a mandate in order to slay #JeremyCorbyn...
3).... it's a simple as that. It was a NeoLiberal coup for sure, but to be honest if half the #Labour voters were not smart enough to see what was happening in front of them, then they deserve to lose big - many were too easily led by deceivers at The Guardian etc, still aloof...
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@BorisJohnson is already out saying that getting Brexit done is now the "irrefutable" decision of the British people - what about the #SNPLandslide??? It is this kind of ignorant dismissiveness of Scotland that makes me fear for the next however many years of Conservative Gov
He does not care in the slightest about Scotland - only his idea of a reckless, destructive and damaging Brexit because he is desperate to win this fight - at the expense of any sense of 'unity' or 'equality' in our broken union #GeneralElection2019
He will complain when SNP members challenge him for #IndyRef2 #indyref2020 - when he is the one that is fuelling this fire with his blatant disregard and utter contempt for Scottish opinion and Scottish voices #ElectionResults
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What a Labour government would mean to me and my family. A thread.

For my disabled son: services he desperately needs - non existent up to now - that will enable him to thrive instead of barely survive

For me: an increase in carers allowance so it matches jobseekers allowance
An end to the nightmare of relentless paperwork demanding proof that my son is still disabled and my partner is still seriously ill

An end to the constant threat of benefit cuts because the DWP will find any reason or no reason to withdraw our state support
An end to the need to swallow my pride and go begging cap in hand to charities to help with basics we can't afford

The ability to finally repair my hole-ridden living room floorboards which have rotted through because nationalisation of utilities will bring my bills down
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More reminders.

#Kensington. Vote Labour tomorrow. Here's why.

I see the appeal of lib dems. I want to vote for Sam.

But he has shifted remain votes from lab to lib not con.

That's the sort of outcome we don't need.

Vote #labour and @emmadentcoad tomorrow in #Kensington.
The recriminations between #labour and #libdems on splitting votes go way back before #GE19 - but check my timeline - I've been constructive advocting cooperation.

I don't care who has done what to the other.

I care if we all lose. I'm objective.

Not least because I'm prepared to change my view as we get new data.

At the start of the campaign, I advocated for Lib Dems in #Kensington. @emmadentcoad
Is a good MP, but data said libs had a better chance.

Now, on the most credible data we have, voting LD = tory win here.
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If Jeremy #Corbyn becomes PM on Friday 13th, here's my rundown of 13 of #Labour’s worst policies which will hurt many, not just the few.

PS. I could have chosen a completely different 13, and these are in no particular order… (thread)

1. Expropriating up to 10% of the value of corporate equity. Employee share ownership is usually a good thing, but dictating the terms would deter job creation and investment, and encourage firms to relocate overseas. More explanation here...…
2. Rent controls. Almost all economists agree that these are a bad idea and, like many of Labour’s policies, would actually end up hurting the very people they are supposed to help. And before replying ‘well, it works in Germany', read this……
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