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#EastPalestine, #Ohio #NorfolkSouthern train disaster:

Dioxin levels incredibly unsafe.

I continue to question why we can only get solid reporting on Ohio from Britain.

#DemocracyNow has been reporting on #EastPalestine, Ohio, but often following The Guardian because the best information is there.

NPR unable to make links between East Palestine and #CopCity in Atlanta, so they're reporting is almost useless.

On TikTok, #NickDrom has good info.
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Unsurprisingly, nobody wants the waste from #EastPalestine ... a 🧵…
Nearly 7 million gallons of waste water and 9.2 million pounds of soil and solid waste have been shipped off site.…
another 53 million pounds of soil are piled up, and urgently need to be out of town, where residents still suffer from headaches, "burning of the skin", respiratory issues, and anxiety.…
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🧵Stitching together the truth. One thread at a time. 🚨On the Board of Directors for the company that makes #Moderna's #COVID19 vaccine are many names I've looked into. One name I hadn't yet investigated is one of MOST important: Mitch Daniels Jr.🔍
1/8🧵If you're from Indiana, you probably already know Mitch Daniels. Listed as a founding director for Resilience, he's best known for being the 49th Governor of Indiana but tbh that's the least important detail of Daniels.
2/8🧵 His position as director for Moderna's manufacturing company couldn't be more sinister. Here's 5⃣ main reasons why: 1.) He started the first 13yrs of his career working for Senator Richard Lugar, of bio-lab/Lugar Center in Tbilisi, Georgia.
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Today, at 10am EST the U.S. Senate @EPWCmte holds a hearing about the #chemicalspill #fires #disaster caused in #EastPalestine #Ohio in Room SD-406

Will officials by asked why they’re not testing for chemicals we found? Officials lack full transparency.
This isn’t a classic chemical spill. Officials set hazardous chemicals -on fire- likely creating 100s-1000s of other materials.

You have to throw the kitchen sink at the chemical screening /identification problem. They have not done that, yet.

Officials must course correct.
When you review the county drinking water well testing data they didn’t test for a number of the chemicals in the creek.

So, what was the purpose of testing? Spending that $? Telling residents water is safe?

Why did these agencies choose not to be thorough in their approach?
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🚨 Field Work, March 3-4, 2023 🚨

This week @PurdueAg @PurdueEngineers Prof. @caitlin_h2o, as well as students Rasul & @aliya_ehde visited the #Ohio and #Pennsylvania to sample creeks and understand "what's changed since last week".

Observations are below.

During the trip, the team collected creek water from creeks upstream of the train derailment site, including in #Pennsylvania.

They also went to several other creeks in Ohio, no "sheens" were observed there.

It was pouring out....

Kudos to Professor @caitlin_h2o for leading the team... the #rain! 🌧️

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Today, I asked @OSHA_DOL to deploy #worker safety teams to evaluate past/ongoing chemical exposures to cleanup workers in #EastPalestine #Ohio.

Worker and local air monitoring should be considered.

Review our Twitter thread for images and videos: Image
Unfortunately, there are some typos. I apologize.

I'm running on 4 hours sleep, but felt it was important to get this to OSHA ASAP.
FYI @smartunionworks, Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen, @BMWEDIBT, @BLET, Brotherhood Railway Carmen, Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen, International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, @IBEW, @TCUnionHQ, National Conference of Firemen and Oilers, @transportworker
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On Feb. 3, #EastPalestine abruptly changed when a #NorfolkSouthern train carrying 151 cars derailed.

Here is a timeline of the train derailment and the aftermath:…
Feb. 3
Around 9 p.m., a Norfolk Southern train carrying 151 cars derailed in East Palestine.

Fifty cars derailed, the @NTSB reported. The crash sparked a fire, and 11 of the cars contained hazardous chemicals, which soared into the air and onto the ground.
Feb. 4
#EastPalestine Mayor Trent Conaway declared a state of emergency.

Residents in East Palestine and surrounding communities were asked to leave the area.
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The @OhioEPA should comment on this ASAP.

#EastPalestine OH is one of the most vulnerable areas of the county for Ground Water Pollution Potential.

Short version: yellow on map means you are MORE susceptible to ground water pollution from surface sources. Source: Ohio DNR
#EastPalestine is YELLOW bigly. That means VERY susceptible to ground water pollution.

TRUST THE SCIENCE Original document here 👇:…

This conclusion was derived using the D.R.A.S.T.I.C. method which accounts for:
But the EPA gonna gaslight you like you're a dumb person.
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CDC updated its toxicological profile for vinylchloride right before train derailment and chemical spill of that same chemical in #EastPalestine,Ohio.The changes that been made was removal of PublicHealthStatement,which details the health impact of this toxic chemical🙏👇
East Palestine - Local Chickens Laying Eggs with Purple Hue, Over 44K Animals Wiped Out🙏👇
Over halfmilliongallons of what's being called toxicwastewater has been brought from East Palestine,Ohio to Houston,Texas,with plan to ship up to 2 million gallons.
People in Ohio have been told water is safe to drink and use,and yet it's being transported to toxic wasteplant🤔🙏
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Why is Frank so focussed on the groundwater? Creeks interact with aquifers (underground water).

My dummy interpretation of this geological information is that there is direct interaction between the creeks and the water aquifer under #EastPalestine P49…
Please keep in mind, I'm not a geologist. But I can read. So I am sharing my readings with you. Do your homework. Ask the questions. Hold people accountable. They haven't been truthful so far.
Oops another #EPA typo ! The Potable City water pump intakes may be 56-83 feet below surface, but the ground water is only 18 feet below surface. How do I know? US Geological Surveys.…
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Sect Buttigieg was in #EastPalestine Thursday. Here's a fact-checking thread.
During Trump's presidency,there were 5,103 train derailments in the US. Neither Trump nor Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao visited any sites of those derailments. Not one. Unlike Buttigieg.
During Trump's presidency there were 58,920 transportation-related hazardous waste leaks/spills resulting in 26 deaths and many additional injuries.
Neither Trump nor Chao went to these accident sites. Trump didn't call in FEMA, like Biden has, either.
Fox News fact-checked Trump and points out Trump officials never visited train derailment sites and notes accidents that resulted in fatalities during Trump years.
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!!! They have killed this document !!! Its links are 404’d. This is the pre-controlled burn surface water test results for #EastPalestineOH - what do the surface water results look like post-burn? YOU’LL NEVER KNOW. Save this document if you live in EP.…
@pettypodcast1 Try and find this #eastpalestine pre-controlled burn document:

File name: east_palestine_derailment_surface_water_analytical_results_summary_rev02.pdf

It used to be located here:……

My peeps found it 😎
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The snow is weird. It’s now 0 degrees C and the snow isn’t melting. It’s subliming. It’s not unusual for snow to sublime (evaporate) but it usually does it when it’s sunny and it doesn’t smell like plasticky gasoline when it does. 5 mins outside and I’m super dizzy and nauseous.
Sublimation means when a solid like snow turns into a gas without going through a liquid state. So is this snow off-gassing? Sure smells like it. Even my partner had to go lie down.
I left a jar out to collect a sample the other day but I just put the lid on. If this has vinyl chloride in it, can I assume it won’t leak out of a mason gar? @CuzzinSnooter thoughts?
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Invest in local journalism.

The @nytimes has a proven track record of enabling corporate interests and whitewashing Republican incompetence in governing. #EastPalestine

A1 today criticism of EPA (Biden Admin) from a local “diner equivalent” = misinformation.
It’s as if NYT has an ax to grind with the EPA/Biden admin that it suppresses how the Republican Governor has handled the situation.

Did these journalists know the Gov refused Biden’s offer immediately after the accident?

Those of us NOT depending on the NYT do.
Context. Context. Context. Did the NYT reporters of which 5 contributed to this piece ASK what the central pizza owner thinks of Republican deregulation policies that LED to this type of accident?

Stenography that fits a narrative that NYT Editors want.

@Will_Bunch @froomkin
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⚠️ONE TIME WATER💦 TESTING NOT ENOUGH—@EPAMichaelRegan says he’d allow his kids to drink or bathe in the water in #EastPalestine OH if home tested. ➡️However, soil contamination means EVERY TIME IN RAINS—new/more chemicals can be flushed into the water!
2) Soil contamination ==> new water contamination every time in rains is well known! It’s not speculation. Norfolk Southern admits they don’t know how much soil leakage. And they DID NOT CLEAN UP SOIL!!! See 👇
3) Water… possibly not safe even 15 miles away. Listen:
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Lots of people asking "what is going on?" in wake of chemical disasters in #EastPalestine & #Kissimmee.

Sadly, these incidents happen *every 3 days* on average in the US, according to EPA data. But they can be prevented. 🧵 Visualization of deaths, in... keeps a running inventory of chemical fires, toxic releases and explosions that occur at facilities that use or store hazardous chemicals, & are regulated by the EPA's Risk Management Program (RMP).
The RMP rule is designed to #preventchemicaldisasters - but it was weakened by the Trump administration. A coalition of community members, unions, nurses, env. orgs & elected officials has been urging the EPA to make this rule as strong as possible.
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OK, let's do this again. We reported from #EastPalestine yesterday, and we’ll be doing more today. Brief aside: I keep hearing from people – how come nobody is covering this story? Many local news outlets are. And they’re doing a good job. What I think people are really...
saying is – the cable network I watch isn’t covering it, or it’s not on a national newspaper’s homepage, or on my social feed, which all may be true. But to say it’s not being covered is wrong if you know how to Google. Let’s get to the latest on the #eastpalestinedisaster ...
We now more about the other hazardous materials that the train was carrying, including some not mentioned before, reports @taramorganTV. The EPA released a list from Norfolk Southern of flammable gas and liquids and their status in the rail cars when...…
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"Never ascribe to malice, that which
is adequately explained by incompetence."
- Misquoted Napolean
As we look on in horror
at the shitshow in Ohio.
What tomfoolery are we not witnessing
When reporters suddenly go missing.

AKA Hanlon's Razor:'s_…
"L'incompréhension et la paresse font peut-être plus d'erreurs dans le monde que la ruse et la méchanceté. Du moins, les deux dernières sont certainement plus rares."
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NEW VIDEO: The Chemical Disaster in East Palestine, Ohio [10min] - <Premiering now>
#EastPalestineIncident #EastPalestineIncident #norfolksoutherndisaster #NorfolkSouthern
A major chemical disaster displaced around 2,000 people for days. Residents living dozens of miles away could smell chlorine-like odors . A Norfolk Southern train carrying the carcinogenic chemical vinyl chloride derailed and train cars crumpled
VIDEO: the chemical disaster in east palestine ohio - local images
NEW STORY >>>> Deep Dive on #EastPalestine disaster
‘Like the Doors of Hell Were Open’: East Palestine Train Disaster Casts Toxic Cloud Over Future of OH/PA Region…
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Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon?
"The aliens are coming!"

is a white supremacist / colonial trope, a fairy tale, & we need to recognize that.
🔵 I see ballons as a way for the U.S. to use radar anomalies TO CLOSE ANY AIRSPACE they want!
There's so much they're trying to distract you from right now.
🔥 ⚗ 🧪 🚆 🚉 💣

And all they have is #UFOs and #China!
👽 🇨🇳 🛸 🇨🇳 👽

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1/2 Ambientalmente, haya ocurrido en #EEUU o otro país, es un impacto ambiental muy grave de una muy posible tragedia colateral.
"La Guerra de dos mundos 2.0" iniciada con capitulo de OVNIS, desvía la atención de este grave hecho en Ohio🇺🇸. Por cierto, uno de 2 gases q se 👉
2/ 👉Se desprenden de incinerar el cloruro de vinilo, es gas fosgeno q es un comp. químico industrial utilizado para hacer plásticos y pesticidas. A temperatura ambiente, es un gas venenoso y enfriado/comprimido se hace liquido y transportable/Almacén.…
3/Fue usado en 1era. Guerra Mundial como arma química y durante el Holocausto en las cámaras de gas de campos de concentración como Auschwitz.
En una 1era. conclusión, se puede inferir, q East Palestine Ohio🇺🇸, fue convertido en cámara de gas.
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Inconvenient facts about chemical spill in #EastPalestine

- 5 tankers vinyl chloride, approx 125 gals, toxic⁣

- gov. burned it off instead of cleanup⁣

- burning = hydrogen chloride, unstable, attaches to h20 = hydrochloric acid.⁣

- toxic gas clouds 10 mile radius
This is another case of gross negligence on the part of not only the companies involved, but the regulatory bodies of government, and of course the government entities that are supposed to keep us “safe“.

The simple fact of the matter is is that these things do happen, however
there were other methods of cleanup that are available. They could have cooled down the tanks immediately and kept the vinyl chloride in its original liquid form.

vinyl chloride has a boil point of 8°F and it is well known to be an extremely toxic substance - especially when
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While the government is trying to psyop the country with downed UFO stories a domestic Chernobyl is happening in #EastPalestine Ohio since February 3rd.

Dead animals, people getting sick, arrested journalists and MSM blackout.

A thread.🧵👇 Image
On February 3rd, a train owned by Norfolk Southern freight derailed in East Palenstine, Ohio carrying toxic chemicals carrying gallons of Vinyl Chloride (more on this later) spilled into the ground and water. It was later decided by authorities they would burn these chemicals.
We first need to dissect how the train was derailed, who owns the freight line and the regulations surrounding the transportation of these toxic chemicals between states.
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