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I just got back from East Palestine, OH, where we spent the afternoon taking bio samples. Brief thread on the #OhioTrainDerailment 1/9
Backstory: It's field trips exactly like this why @PaulReginato and I are building @HomeworldBio : to support the community of climate biotech research. We want to help people connect to problems, and that often needs to be physical. 2/9
I realized I could do something tangible last week and bought flights immediately. Then I met the incredible @lifeofrills who was up for the expedition on 48 hour notice.

The mission is to take samples and create a public data resource of the bio 'omics and water geochem 3/9
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#Dioxin remediation research. #OhioChernobyl > Full-Scale Incineration System Demonstration 100 ton/day rotary kiln incinerator in processing soil contaminated with dioxins and other hazardous constituents of Herbicide Orange.…
#OhioChernobyl Research Files… to cleanup the #chemicals

This research paper from 1991 from the EPA CluIn Files for #Dioxin Incineration System provides a Diagram source file:
Dioxin Treatment Technologies
November 1991 OTA-BP-O-93 NTIS order PB92-152511 #OhioChernobyl Research Files to cleanup the #chemicals  Thi
@EPA Own Publications explained how to deal with #Ohio Chemical Incineration > U.S. Congress, Office of Technology Assessment, Dioxin Treatment Technologies Background Paper, OTA-BP-O-93 (Washington, DC: U.S. Government printing Office)
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"Republicans have called on the transportation secretary to resign after this month's derailment."
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We along the Gulf Coast had the BP oil spill, which O blatantly ignored, leaving alot of what needed to happen up to us.

At one point hair salons were collecting hair from cuts and donating it so that it could be stuffed into nylon stockings, which were used to soak up oil...
...since our fed God's response has been to blatantly ignore the #ohiotrainderailment #OhioChemicalDisaster #ohioderailment , with the aid of the #MSM , it's going to be up to us yet again.

Serious question that someone out there hopefully knows the answer to...
...would this "hair trick" work on the #OhioChemicalDisaster chemicals in the waterways?
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@FestusMcgilicu1 @jipseeblue Think back to the B P oil spill in the Gulf that O did less than nothing about for months, and how all of that toxicity flowed through the Gulf Stream, around the world.

When the private sector shut it down "they" had to find another way.
@FestusMcgilicu1 @jipseeblue I also recall hair salons collecting cuttings, which were used to soak up oil.

I wonder if the same could be done re #OhioChemicalDisaster #ohiotrainderailment ?
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While all da #Anon(s) lookin at trains, I'm countin 32 #ChemicalSpill(s) or fires YTD

The #OhioTrainDerailment had nuffin to do wif da gubment nukin everybodies in da traditional manner .... it's all about da #DepopulationAgenda and #SatanicAgenda of ritual human sacrifice 🤯
A good #Fren of mine and fellow #Patriot dat lives over 160 miles outside of #EastPalenstine noticed some anomalies wen testin his waters ...

He had sum #ChlorineDioxide in his waters dat shouldn't be there ......

Lots of it 😯
Howevas ..... #EastPalenstine, #Ohio does use da #ChlorineDioxide in da purification process 🤔…
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Everyone knows about the #OhioTrainDerailment but wut if I told you dat da @USDOT under the leadership of @PeteButtigieg @SecretaryPete and @POTUS @JoeBiden wuz responsible fer 38 train derailments, 29 deaths, 187 injuries, 7 #Hazmat spills and 2 arrest of workers ....
@USDOT @PeteButtigieg @SecretaryPete @POTUS @JoeBiden 20 January 2021 - Joe Biden's tenure as the 46th president of the United States began with his inauguration on January 20, 2021
2 February 2021 - Pete Buttigieg Confirmed As Transportation Secretary…
6 March 2021 - United States - In Front Royal, Virginia, A Norfolk Southern train derails, killing 1.…
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1/7 #OhioChernobyl #Ohio Local reports are stating that this is America's Chernobyl. Water supplies have been tainted. Pets in the local area have been reported dead from simply going outside to use the bathroom. Animal deaths have been reported from far away.
2/7 The crash and burnsite are located in north east Ohio. Surrounding areas contain much of America's beef production and farm lands. Ohio is part of America's bread basket. Food supplies are likely to be tainted. The burn will cause toxic and acid rain. Image
3/7 Safety standards were lowered for brake systems in rail cars recently and other crashes and chemical spills have occured as well as a result. 20 of the 50 derailed rail cars filled with the chemical vinyl chloride had their contents emptied and the contents were burned.
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Those of you still laboring under the illusion that Western democracies and their media are "free" need to wake up. Western states decide what can and cannot be talked about - not through forced censorship, but through ownership. (1/n) #ohiotrainderailment #OhioChernobyl A 🧵
The way it works is that politicians are elected via expensive election campaigns requiring huge corporate sponsorship. So they are beholden to big corporates for their survival. The same big corporates own the press. (2/n)
So the big corporates tell politicians (whom they own) what to do and they then tell the press (which they own) to run stories that support the things that the politicians do at their bidding. The system works smoothly and nobody is the wiser. (3/n)
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If there's a govt & #NorfolkSouthern cover-up going on in #Ohio,
more concerned about water than air.

🔵 Is #EPA collecting water samples?

🔴 Chemicals of concern include not only #vinylchloride, but #phosgene gas,


Yes they blew it up. Look at that poisonous smoke plume!

WHY is the media not reporting on the train derailment disaster in #Ohio?
🔥 🤔 💧 ⚗ 🧪🤔

Let's get more citizen reporters on this. Where are residents sheltering now? Who has lost animals & what occurred? Interview those you can, etc.
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"While vinyl chloride itself is a carcinogen, the burning of the chemical, which releases hydrogen chloride and phosgene, can be very lethal. Phosgene, a highly toxic, colorless gas with a strong odor, was notoriously used as a weapon during World War I."
The accident raises questions about safe rail transportation of vinyl chloride, a chemical that is predominantly converted to polyvinyl chloride on the site where it is produced.
#ohiotrainderailment #USA…
There were approximately 20,000 rail shipments of vinyl chloride in North America in 2021, the Chlorine Institute says. Up to 10% of the vinyl chloride made in the US is transported rather than derivatized on-site.
#ohiotrainderailment #USA
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What is going on in East Palistine, Ohio?

Why are journalists covering the story being arrested?

Praying for the communities affected by the apparently toxic gases (dead chickens) and toxic runoff (dead fish).

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Many are saying this toxic cloud is drifting towards the east coast
She works in shipping logistics
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Ohio catastrophe is ‘wake-up call’ to dangers of deadly train derailments…
"Thousands in East Palestine evacuated. Phosgene is a highly toxic gas that causes vomiting and breathing trouble, was used as a weapon in the 1st world war."
Sabotage - deliberate destruction of property with the intention of damaging economic system or weakening a nation in a time of national emergency.

✅ruling class
✅food plants
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