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#EastPalestine, #Ohio #NorfolkSouthern train disaster:

Dioxin levels incredibly unsafe.

I continue to question why we can only get solid reporting on Ohio from Britain.

#DemocracyNow has been reporting on #EastPalestine, Ohio, but often following The Guardian because the best information is there.

NPR unable to make links between East Palestine and #CopCity in Atlanta, so they're reporting is almost useless.

On TikTok, #NickDrom has good info.
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Libertarians seeking bailouts are *not* hypocritical. A short 🧵
Libertarians advocate for “economic freedom.” Wealth should be allowed to beget more wealth, free of societal constraints. And of course wealth provides power 💥, which in turn then begets wealth and power, and on and on. 2/11
The 1971 “Powell Memo” provided ideological fuel for libertarians, encouraging business leaders to treat society and democracy as malleable. The powerful could and should bend society itself to allow the exponential compounding of power. Lobbying $ skyrocketed 📈
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On Feb. 3, #EastPalestine abruptly changed when a #NorfolkSouthern train carrying 151 cars derailed.

Here is a timeline of the train derailment and the aftermath:…
Feb. 3
Around 9 p.m., a Norfolk Southern train carrying 151 cars derailed in East Palestine.

Fifty cars derailed, the @NTSB reported. The crash sparked a fire, and 11 of the cars contained hazardous chemicals, which soared into the air and onto the ground.
Feb. 4
#EastPalestine Mayor Trent Conaway declared a state of emergency.

Residents in East Palestine and surrounding communities were asked to leave the area.
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NEW VIDEO: The Chemical Disaster in East Palestine, Ohio [10min] - <Premiering now>
#EastPalestineIncident #EastPalestineIncident #norfolksoutherndisaster #NorfolkSouthern
A major chemical disaster displaced around 2,000 people for days. Residents living dozens of miles away could smell chlorine-like odors . A Norfolk Southern train carrying the carcinogenic chemical vinyl chloride derailed and train cars crumpled
VIDEO: the chemical disaster in east palestine ohio - local images
NEW STORY >>>> Deep Dive on #EastPalestine disaster
‘Like the Doors of Hell Were Open’: East Palestine Train Disaster Casts Toxic Cloud Over Future of OH/PA Region…
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Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon?
"The aliens are coming!"

is a white supremacist / colonial trope, a fairy tale, & we need to recognize that.
🔵 I see ballons as a way for the U.S. to use radar anomalies TO CLOSE ANY AIRSPACE they want!
There's so much they're trying to distract you from right now.
🔥 ⚗ 🧪 🚆 🚉 💣

And all they have is #UFOs and #China!
👽 🇨🇳 🛸 🇨🇳 👽

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1/2 Ambientalmente, haya ocurrido en #EEUU o otro país, es un impacto ambiental muy grave de una muy posible tragedia colateral.
"La Guerra de dos mundos 2.0" iniciada con capitulo de OVNIS, desvía la atención de este grave hecho en Ohio🇺🇸. Por cierto, uno de 2 gases q se 👉
2/ 👉Se desprenden de incinerar el cloruro de vinilo, es gas fosgeno q es un comp. químico industrial utilizado para hacer plásticos y pesticidas. A temperatura ambiente, es un gas venenoso y enfriado/comprimido se hace liquido y transportable/Almacén.…
3/Fue usado en 1era. Guerra Mundial como arma química y durante el Holocausto en las cámaras de gas de campos de concentración como Auschwitz.
En una 1era. conclusión, se puede inferir, q East Palestine Ohio🇺🇸, fue convertido en cámara de gas.
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If there's a govt & #NorfolkSouthern cover-up going on in #Ohio,
more concerned about water than air.

🔵 Is #EPA collecting water samples?

🔴 Chemicals of concern include not only #vinylchloride, but #phosgene gas,


Yes they blew it up. Look at that poisonous smoke plume!

WHY is the media not reporting on the train derailment disaster in #Ohio?
🔥 🤔 💧 ⚗ 🧪🤔

Let's get more citizen reporters on this. Where are residents sheltering now? Who has lost animals & what occurred? Interview those you can, etc.
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When a #FreightTrain carrying toxic chemicals derailed near #EastPalestine, #Ohio, bursting into flame and sending up clouds of poisonous vinyl chloride smoke and gas, our immediate concerns were for the people in harm's way and the train's crew:… 1/ A locomotive steaming away ...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
Those immediate concerns were soon joined by broader worries: that the entire rail industry presented a systematic danger, and the Ohio #derailment was a symptom of a much deeper pathology that endangered anyone who lives near one of the rail corridors that crisscross the US. 3/
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Why didn’t ⁦@MikeDeWine⁩ declare a state of emergency? ⁦@POTUS⁩ we need your help. People are afraid to go back into their homes. Chemical smells linger. Residents told to pay for their own testing to check if it’s safe inside homes.…
#norfolksouthern only covering home testing for residents inside the one mile kill zone. #EastPalestine residents deserve assistance.
Hotels are full, residents are afraid to return home. #EastPalestine if you can still smell the chemical then Voc’s are still there.
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