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[#Thread] @PastyPepper just woke me up from a dead sleep/nap. She's writing down what happened, because she was rightfully freaked the fuck out.

I was asleep, she was outside doing stuff for the house --- some asshole pulled half into our driveway and started taking pictures of her and the house -even fucking waved at her.

As soon as she took notice and tried to approach them - they peaced, she didn't even have time to get a license plate.

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2/ In 2013, only a year after graduating from college, ready to head to law school, I found myself in a NYC homeless shelter, instead of cramming for the LSAT; and there, surrounded by dozens of Black people, I realized a horrific truth: Homelessness is racist, and the same…
3/ …parts that led to the murder of Trayvon or a George Floyd, were the same parts that had Black New Yorkers homeless by the tens-of-thousands.
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It's coming up to Christmas (I know! I know!) & TV charity appeals are plastering the ads.
Which brings me to my seasonal rant.
If all you knew of homelessness was from TV you'd think only rough sleeping counted. You'd think rough sleeping accounted for most >
#Homelessness 1/n
>if not all homelessness. You'd think begging was the only way you could get money if homeless. You'd even think you're only "three pay cheques away" from #homelessness yourself.
And it's not true.
Rough sleeping *is* a horrific, degrading thing for anyone to go through 2/n
>but far more people are in temporary accommodation or staying with friends and relatives. There are people who are living in unsafe or overcrowded conditions because to them the alternatives are worse. Others have no legal tenancy or are in exploitative relationships to 3/n
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Tories are completely unaware of how food banks operate. They claim that @TrussellTrust "gave out around 6.3 million parcels – a tenth of what Labour are claiming”.

However, each food parcel contains enough for three meals a day for three days.

Under the Tories, austerity has meant 65 million meals have been given out over the last five years.

The choice at this election is clear: a Tory Party in denial about the use of food banks in this country or real transformative change with Labour.
Labour is pledging to wage war on the “ten modern scourges of poverty” and reverse the damage that a decade of austerity under the Tories has caused.

Poverty in Britain is now the most visible and widespread it has been in decades.
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"Are micro-houses the solution to Britain’s #homelessness crisis?"

No. British homes are not too expensive because they are too large.

If we allow homes to be built below space standards the land market will bake in the expectation of higher densities.…
The charities mentioned in this article are earnestly trying to find solutions to #homelessness today, but their assumptions are disturbing...
.@HomelessTHF says of its microhomes: "the unit has been valued at £80,000, proving the long-term financial viability of this approach as it will appreciate in value and become a valuable long-term asset for the charity."
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👩🏼‍💻👨🏾‍💻👩🏾‍💻Investigadores/as de diferentes universidades europeas reunidas en Madrid para reflexionar cómo incorporar #HousingFirst en las políticas públicas europeas 🏡#HOME_EU #endhomelessness #sinhogarismo Image
📝Resultado: El 75% de la ciudadanía considera que los gobiernos deberían invertir más recursos para solucionar el problema del #sinhogarismo

#HOME_EU #endhomelessness
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THREAD: Today the Government publishes its rough sleeping strategy which includes some important measures to help those in immediate need on the streets. However, it falls short addressing the root causes of rough sleeping. (1/5)
If we're to end rough the problem by 2027, we urgently need to see enough social homes built for those on the lowest incomes and those experiencing homelessness. (2/5)
We also need to see housing benefit that covers the cost of renting. Thousands of people across the country are unable to keep up with rising rents. Some end up on friend's sofas or in temporary accommodation. Many end up on the streets. (3/5)
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The hoarding of wealth is the cause of poverty

The super rich suck up 99% of the money

Cost of living has continued to rise

Many Americans have been priced out of existence
The unemployment rate goes down
Corporate profits go up
Wages go down
Many Americans work more than one job
Yet they are still barely scraping by
A well educated & healthy populace is necessary for the success of America
Social programs lift children out of poverty
Instead of adding a zero to the bank account of the ultra wealthy
We could be investing in infrastructure
We could be investing in our future workforce
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