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Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson personally attacked an ICE detainee today.

"The sheriff attacked me, he was out of his mind, I saw the devil in his eyes. I told everyone in the unit... don’t be violent, take the punch.”

#AbolishICE #FreeThemAll…
What kind of warden takes to the front lines when a tactical team storms in with dogs and tear gas to break up a protest over unsafe conditions?

The very worst kind.
Tomorrow Sheriff Hodgson will tell you at a press conference that the violent criminal aliens in his custody had gotten out of hand and had to be subdued.

All they wanted was to be tested for #covid19 w/o risking contamination by traveling through the jail.
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💥Watch this familyreunion if you want to smile and cry💥

1/In the midst this pandemic our Friends in detention live in more fear than those of us sheltering in our homes. Because of your donations, we were able to bond out our Friend yesterday.

2/His words, after being freed from immigration detention

"I would like to share that being in jail and now being free for me was an experience. I learned to value my family more and more. I learned to love my family more and more. I have no words to explain how content I feel."
3/ "I just have to give thanks to the Most High and to New Sanctuary Coalition, thank you to Ambien and to @JaniceGinger1 & to all the members of New Sanctuary Coalition for giving me strength to continue fighting." #FreeThemAll
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The crisis is more of a crisis on the inside. Starting a thread of articles & other resources I come across or are shared w/ me on the intersection of jails, prisons, & courts and #Covid_19 #CoronaVirus. Feel free to share more in DMs or in replies. I'll do my best to amplify.
"There’s another thing law enforcement could be doing to slow the spread of coronavirus: Stop booking people into local jails, which could easily become incubators for the disease due to close quarters, poor sanitation, and underprepared health systems."…
Georgia: “If there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 in Chatham County, no misdemeanor arrestees will be allowed into jail. If a person commits a misdemeanor offense, they will still be arrested & held accountable.” Why jail them pretrial ever?…
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"Children are stacking up in detention camps because ORR won't allow qualified American families to take these children in," de Anda said. "I know, just from my practice, how many Americans are willing to open their doors."

But ORR shuts the doors tight.…
If you don't have US relatives you are interned until age 18, then turned over to the tender mercies of ICE, and summarily deported. One by one we have beaten them in court and will do so again.
Please join us as we #FightLikeAMother to #FreeTheChildren.…
"Unfortunately, I have well over 4,000 of those children in my care at this time at the Office of Refugee Resettlement," director, Jonathan Hayes, told CBS News.

Please #DontLookAway. 4000 innocent children in prolonged internment. We fight back every day to free them 1 by 1.
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1/9 In case @ewarren is wondering, here are the reasons I’ve decided to vote for @BernieSanders on Tuesday after supporting her campaign the last several months, both monetarily and through canvassing.
2/9 More than 200 tribal citizens wrote a letter with clear demands to @ewarren regarding her false claims of Cherokee heritage. She fulfilled 2/3 of those demands and wrote a 12-page letter mostly saying, “Hey, look how many people I’ve talked to about tribal issues though!”
3/9 They gave her a prime opportunity to disavow the white, racist myths that seek to erase native people in the U.S. She didn’t take it. It could’ve been an incredible teaching moment, and she pushed it aside.
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1) ICE is using allegedly confidential therapy notes to detain children. #AbolishICE. Please RT.…
2) Just following orders isn't good enough. It's yet another place where we need a #TruthCommission2021 to sort out what happened, who made the choices, who resisted, who complied. #AbolishICE
3) Thanks to @TheTinaVasquez and @madgifts for speaking to me.
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Trump is sending immigration shock troops with military gear and "sniper certification" to conduct "supercharged arrests" of residents of cities which don't like him, have a great weekend everybody
Immigration enforcement was always going to be the quickest route to American fascism. Shows of force against non-citizens will be welcomed by those who might otherwise distrust federal law enforcement; it doesn't take long before a garrison is normalized into permanence
Today it is "high-risk operations," tomorrow maybe it's best and safest for our men and women in uniform to use these kinds of tactics against the regular undocumented population. Five years later, it's you
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Today over 100 neo-Nazis with the group "Patriot Front," led by Thomas Rousseau of Texas, marched today in #DC. The event was not promoted online. Patriot Front grew out of the same neo-Nazi message board, Iron March, which spawned Atomwaffen. A thread.…
Patriot Front is best known for being the post-Unite the Right rebrand of Vanguard America, the organization that Heather Heyer's killer, James Alex Fields, Jr, marched with in Charlottesville. Seen here with a VA shield, standing next to Patriot Front leader, Thomas Rousseau.
But the group goes back further, to the neo-Nazi messageboard "Iron March." From this board, various fascist groups formed, most famous being the Atomwaffen Division, which is linked to several murders and attempted bomb attacks.…
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"We are very concerned by the initial use of force by the ICE agent... as initial reporting suggests both Mr. Avenando-Hernandez and Mr. Diaz were unarmed."
Only 1 ICE agent has ever been killed on the job, & that was a workplace shooting committed by another agent. The population they are enforcing these civil (NON-CRIMINAL) administrative orders against is far safer & overwhelmingly less likely to be armed than U.S. citizens
And of course here is where I remind you that the world's largest deportation force is a massive daily buffet of human rights and due process violations and does not need to exist at all

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THREAD: Updates from Maimonides Hospital Center, where man who was shot by ICE in Brooklyn was transported to receive care.

Community organizers & allies are starting to arrive. #AbolishICE
Councilmember @cmenchaca is here to show solidarity.

“We are a sanctuary city...we are here to protect the rights of our immigrant communties.”
Ravi Ragbir, Executive Director at @NewSanctuaryNYC urges New Yorkers to take the streets to show support for immigrants targeted by ICE.

“We want to keep this family safe.”
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Amin is one of at least 17 #Iranian students turned away at US airports despite valid visas. He planned to pursue a PhD at U of Florida. Instead, he was chained & taken to the Deyton Detention Center in #Georgia. We @projectsouth have been documenting conditions there. THREAD.
@ProjectSouth Amin was placed in a chilly holding cell at the #Atlanta airport for six hours, then transported to Deyton. Where the officers ordered him to strip naked in front of them. “The moment I entered the cell, I lost my spirit,” he said.
@ProjectSouth After we successfully convinced #Atlanta to stop colluding w/ICE for detaining immigrants at the city jail, ICE turned elsewhere to fuel the detention machine. They secretly entered into an arrangement w/private prison corporation GEO group for detention of immigrants at Deyton.
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A New York congresswoman is asking American's to 'tip off' neighbors if they see @ICEgov doing their job in their community.

Keep in mind what ICE does as a whole for the American citizen.

•Combating Transnational Crime
•Immigration Enforcement
•Preventing Terrorism

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Detentions are places of psychological torture that create conditions that cause hunger strikes. For over 75 days, 5 South Asian asylum seekers have been on hunger strike at a privately-owned Louisiana detention center. (1/5)…
The men are protesting their indefinite detainment and it is reported that these men are on the brink of death and are being forced-fed by ICE. (2/5)

Statement from @SAALTweets @DetentionWatch and @MigrantFreedom…
The NOLA field office has the ability to free these men or to keep them locked up in cages. Call their office and demand that ICE release the 5 men on hunger strike! (3/5)
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Visited my client Jose at the Adelanto ICE prison today so he wouldn’t feel forgotten on Christmas Eve. He just turned 19 & this will be the 3rd Christmas he has spent in an ICE prison. He has been in @ICEgov custody for 787 days. He asked me to share this note w/ his supporters
In English his note says: “Hello to everyone. Thanks to all for your help and all you are doing for me. Even if I’ve been here a long time thank you for being with me and god bless you. I have hope because you all are with me. Thank you. Merry Christmas. -Jose
It’s a long drive to Adelanto since it is (by design) in the middle of nowhere. While I waited in the lobby the guards were laughing about the white elephant exchange they apparently had that morning as families waited solemnly to be allowed back to see their loved ones.
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One of the best political choices I've ever made.

@AOC has proven to be a transformative political leader who gives hope to all Dems for a better future.
@AOC If we had a Congress full of principled leaders like #AOC, this would be the America we want it to be.
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BREAKING: 300+ #JewsAgainstICE, immigrants, and allies are assembling in North Carolina to demand thay Almanece County cancel its 2.3 million dollar contract with ICE.

#NeverAgainAlmanece Large crowd of people standing outside facing a state, two large blue butterfly signs held above them
Today many of us has come here as Jews linked with our immigrant brethren. This is not an abstract sentiment. As we know too well the forces white supremacy are against them and against us.

The butterfly is a powerful symbol of immigrants.

It also calls to mind Pavel Friedmann's poem:

"Only I never saw another butterfly.
That butterfly was the last one.
Butterflies don't live in here, in the ghetto."

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In today's criminal justice news, this hearing transcript about ICE detainers is truly refreshing:…

You should read it in full, and take it as yet another example that ICE is a renegade agency that needs to be abolished

Here's an extended sample (all a direct quote) –

THE COURT: You mean this ICE agent, who was here in court, decides, by himself, without consulting anyone, whether this Court's order will be obeyed or not?

THE COURT (cont'd): He has the power to determine that it will not be obeyed, or he has the ability to comply with the Court order at his discretion? That's what you're telling me?

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Doing social media for @NewSanctuaryNYC means I rarely take a break from #immigration news. Every day the Trump administration looks for another way to cause harm to black & brown people. Thread highlights some of the current policies. We MUST not stop fighting back. #impeach 👇🏼
The Trump administration is doing another secretive pilot test in El Paso, this time “Prompt Asylum Claim Review,” a program to speed up deportation of #asylum seekers.…
"These new policies have resulted in the separation of family units, lasting trauma and heartache, and shocking detention conditions for both children and adults."…
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Another human caged by ICE appears to have ended his life while in solitary confinement at a for-profit migrant prison, this time in Louisiana.

This would be the second known in-custody death of the fiscal year, with more than two dozen occurring since the regime took power.
Worth noting that the existence of this facility for ICE imprisonment itself is in direct violation of the appropriations authority Congress gave to ICE when it funded detention operations.…
It’s worth asking ourselves what to call prison camps we send people to where they’ve committed no crime, received no due process, and have not been shown to present a flight risk, knowing some number of them will die, and thousands more will suffer
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@eli_schiff Vlad seems like the sort of person who goes into an emotional meltdown when you bring up the tradeoffs of policy. So you want to shut down ICE, because ICE "hurts others." Okay, fine.

ICE is responsible for expelling child sex traffickers from the country. Now what?
@eli_schiff I find when you bring up tradeoffs, people's brains short out, and they usually end up angry. Talk about the people being hurt by the homeless on 6th St in ATX, the people hurt by human trafficking at the border...bzzzt!
@eli_schiff So we just stick with #AbolishICE and #NoTechForICE ...okay, well, you can buy a 10-year-old girl for about $80 in Guatemala and traffic her to the border. I assume the ~2 dozen times she got raped on the way hurt her. That's what open borders does. What's your solution?
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THREAD: Microsoft DOES NOT CARE about American sovereignty or national security. GOP Senators are right to red-flag Microsoft's crusading on behalf of Huawei. They should also point out the software giant's obnoxious pandering to cop-bashers & the #AbolishICE mob. /1
Here are Microsoft hypocrites virtue-signaling against an American police department that wanted to use its facial recognition software...while reportedly helping a Chinese military-run university develop AI facial analysis. /2…
And here is Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella declaring that the company will refuse to do any business that helps ICE ENFORCE federal immigration laws to protect our country: /3…
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THREAD: 1/ Who's behind @muslimdavocates ? This "civil rights organization" is the latest Soros grievance group in the SPLC/CAIR smear machine. Here they are crowing over Mar A Lago cancellation of @ActForAmerica event:
@ACTforAmerica 2/ And here's @muslimadvocates calling President Trump "anti-Muslim" for exposing @IlhanMN 's vile comments about 9/11:…
@ACTforAmerica @MuslimAdvocates @IlhanMN 3/ From #openbordersinc pp. 69-70, @muslimadvocates has received nearly $2 million from Open Society Foundations. Chief agitators against Trump travel ban. Also cranking up pressure on Silicon Valley to ban conservatives who oppose sharia & open borders.…
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WOW. Protestors at Georgetown just disrupted DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan, refusing to let him speak & reading names of children who died in custody.

@DHSMcAleenan oversees ICE & CBP. There should be no platform for his hate. #AbolishICE #ICEfreeGULC

Thank you @CREDOMobile @SanctuaryDMV @dcmuslimjustice & Georgetown students for refusing to allow @DHSMcAleenan a platform.

We cannot normalize attacks on immigrants & asylum seekers.

We cannot excuse or tolerate ICE & CBP’s bigotry. #immconf #ICEfreeGULC
@CREDOMobile @SanctuaryDMV @dcmuslimjustice @DHSMcAleenan What's most disturbing is the moderators saying protesters are “robbing the audience of an opportunity to engage in dialogue."

What about the thousands of immigrants being robbed of their lives & freedom?

There can be no dialogue with human rights abusers like @DHSMcAleenan.
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YouTube user “Munkay 83” again tells @AuroraPD to take out their guns and shoot each other. Does #AbolishIce not understand PD are there to protect their right to “peacefully” protest? This is disgusting @GovofCO @FBIDenver @TheJusticeDept #StandWithIce
@KDVR @CBSDenver @DenverChannel @9NEWS grow a pair and show Colorado what these protests are really about God knows @denverpost won’t cover it, they’re probably part of the mob.
Again, what does harassing Police officers there to protect have to do with #AbolishIce? These are the great unwashed with nothing better to do. #StandWithIce #BackTheBlue
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