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This is the cynic's guide to making Cape Town the greatest city in the world!
1. Law Enforcement must take charge of this city. Indiscriminately fine the homeless - especially in winter - as it will fundamentally deter more homeless from living in the inner city;
2. Increase Law Enforcement officers because crime = homelessness = crime. Lets not pay attention to other areas in our City where shootings and murders take place, because that is a National SAPS matter.
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.@vosdscott was talking about #homelessness about 35 minutes into the VOSD podcast from a few days ago. I've spent some time thinking through what he & @andy_keatts were talking about.
I read about/ hear most people reducing #unhoused people to abstractions and dismissing what is obvious about living #homeless: the stress of not having your own residence makes you kind of crazy. It's natural.
People with means and a few rungs up on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs are blind to where the homeless are.…
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Today, @AsthmaIreland made a public statement in support of Minister @EamonRyan's proposed Solid Fuel Regulations. We called on all parties to support the regulations in a bid to end the 1,300 premature deaths caused annually by fine particle emissions from burning solid fuels.
The new regulations would ban smoky coal and wet wood, and prohibiting the commercial sale of sod turf, will save lives, but provide for continued turf extraction by those with turbary rights and distribution within small communities. @Dept_ECC
Air pollution can cause as well as exacerbate #chronicillness like #COPD, #asthma, heart disease and #stroke, #cancer, #diabetes and #dementia. Irish clinical research also links spikes in air pollution with increased hospital admissions for asthma and heart disease @roinnslainte
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Thread: The President’s #budget released yesterday would provide $71.9 billion for HUD programs, a 9% increase over the FY22 bill enacted earlier this month. Many of the new funds are targeted to people who need them the most – as it should be. Here are some highlights:
The budget requests sufficient funding to maintain existing #Housing Choice Vouchers and expand assistance to an additional 200,000 households.
Due to limited funding, only 1 in 4 people eligible for rental assistance receive it. The majority of those in need are people of color, and new vouchers will help more people access stable #housing.…
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lot of discussion about how to address the challenges facing urban centers and commercial real estate. #BOMA #Homelessness #Housing #CRE
I have also done a couple of interviews for news and podcasts back in Boise about my work for @sanctuaryBoise #BOMA #Homelessness
In the @BOMAIntl Legislative Sub-Committee we spent time discussing energy efficiency, carbon reduction, and energy efficiency. #BOMA #Homelessness
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Essential: liquor, malls, fast food/drivethrus

Non-essential: schools, "non-urgent" surgeries, fitness, in-person addiction services

#Canada, Nov 30 2021: Lockdown measures led to 4000+ excess deaths (Deloitte/#CMA) & 500,000+ fewer surgeries (CIHI).

Not about saving lives.
"4,000 excess deaths not related to COVID19 infections" is artificially low as # is based on 5-month period (Aug-Dec 2020).

Long-term care deaths with covid as of Dec 22,2020 represented 10,247 (72%) of all deaths in Canada with Covid (14,291).

Pop. of Canada: 38 million.

November 30, 2021, Canadian Medical Association:…

Canadian Long Term Care tracker, archived:…
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I know money can be tight, but if you can afford it this #Christmas please consider donating what you can to help others. There is so much need out there, and it is getting worse, but together we can support each other. This is just a quick list to help get started. 1/8
First off @Shelter. There are so many people forced into situations of rough sleeping and #homelessness in the UK. Shelter helps support them to try and find somewhere safe and warm to live, something many of us take for granted. 2/8…
For those supporting #migrantsrights take a look at @JCWI_UK. They have continued working tirelessly throughout the pandemic to stand up for those who the government doesn't just dismiss, it demonises. 3/8…
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I am proud of the work that @ClarkWardleLaw has been able to do for @SanctuaryBoise with the conclusion of last night's public testimony, it is impossible to rebut 14+ hours of statements and testimony in hearings in 5 minutes. Here is my rebuttal that was truncated last night:
The flame of outrage and fear has been evident. Before you close the public record, if there are questions you believe still need to be answered then please ask them.
Five minutes is too little to rebut 12+ hours of comments. It is a defect in Boise City Code that deprives applicants of reasonable due process rights. I will address the following three points
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Red or Blue, the Criminalization of Poverty & #Homelessness is the cruel result of hypercapitalism, cronyism & corruption. We need a #newparty that values HUMAN worth, not economic worth.
It is telling that the most "progressive" states suffer the highest rates of homelessness in the nation per capita. This is neoliberal elitism in action.
California - 161,000 homeless
New York - 91,000 homeless
Washington - 23000 homeless
Massachusetts - 18000 homeless
Oregon - 14500 homeless…
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High SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence in persons experiencing homelessness and shelter workers from a day-shelter in São Paulo, Brazil
. 1/n

#covid in #homelessness ppl & #shelter #workers #Brazil…
Serum samples, nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swabs of persons who are homeless and shelter workers collected from August 25th-27th, 2020 were tested for the presence of anti-SC2 IgM and IgG antibodies by ELISA and SARS-CoV-2 RNA by RT-qPCR, respectively. 2/n
All swab samples tested negative by RT-qPCR.
Seropositivity in homeless ppl IgM 5/203 (2.5%) and IgG 111/203 (54.7%)
and in shelter workers IgM 5/87 (5.7%) and IgG 41/87 (47.1%).
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We have known about the link between homelessness and mental health for a LONG time. What do you think of this study? #ph260720 #homelessness #mentalhealth

Bassuk E, Rubin L, and Lauriat A. Is Homelessness a Mental Health Problem? Am J Psychiatry.
According to @Ntl_Homeless, the US conference of mayors has identified mental illness as the 3rd leading cause of homelessness in American cities.
#ph260720 #homelessness #mentalhealth
According to @NAMICommunicate 1 in 25 US adults experience serious mental illness. Do you personally know of anyone? #ph260720 #homelessness #mentalhealth
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New 🧵and paper! The $75 billion #housing voucher expansion in #BuildBackBetter legislation would be the biggest step in decades toward ending #homelessness & housing instability.…
Overall, the expansion would fund about 750,000 vouchers after a five-year phase in & help 1.7 million people live in safe, stable #housing. Here are our estimates of who that would help in every state:…
As they move toward finalizing legislation, policymakers should recognize the impact any reduction in the voucher funding would have.
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🤬 This is what EHS regularly does to our unhoused neighbors...check out both @MFBlakey & @IAmAHumanCO for extensive threads with more info & how to help:
(the FINAL vote is TOMORROW--take action now!)
What more do we need to show you @DenCityCouncil? What will it take for you to help stop the torture?

We vote. And we will in 2023...

...if you vote in favor of this tmrw, you can no longer pretend you care about the thousands of people experiencing homelessness in our city.
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Thread: As @annymoliva explains, the Supreme Court’s decision ending the #EvictionMoratorium is devastating for millions of families. Here’s more about the federal investment needed to make sure we don’t repeat the same mistakes next time.
The impending #eviction crisis was avoidable. Rigorous research shows that #housing vouchers are highly effective at reducing #homelessness, housing instability, and overcrowding and at improving other outcomes for families and children.…
Yet 3-in-4 households who qualify for rental assistance don't receive any because of limited funding. And the lucky families that do get a #housing voucher had to wait over two years on average.…
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Thread: Millions of renters at risk of eviction are grappling with the news that they are no longer protected by the @CDCgov #EvictionMoratorium. The @USSupremeCourt decision last night makes clear that Congress must act before another nation-wide eviction ban can be issued.
Congress should act now, and states & localities can also take steps to prevent & delay #evictions.

Federal lawmakers can make sure this preventable crisis never happens again by sharply expanding #housing vouchers in upcoming recovery legislation.…
Here is a link to a tool for finding rental assistance in your community. And below are some steps state and local officials should take.…
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Had the privilege of reading #WeCanDoBetter by Dr. David Goldbloom (son of Dr. Richard Goldbloom). The last chapter on #mentahealth and #homelessness should be mandatory reading @MikeSavageHFX and @nspc @TimHoustonNS. Here’s the synopsis is (thread):
200,000 people in Canada are estimated to be homeless. More than the entire population of St. John’s NFLD.

Cost per person living with mental illness (excluding medications) who are homeless: $56,000.

Homelessness is an expensive issue.
Shelters and food banks, while important, do not deal with the upstream and downstream causes of homelessness. For a country that prides itself on social welfare and universal health, we are doing in inadequate job of taking care of our most vulnerable people.
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1/There is new guidance to avert the transmission of #COVID19 among persons experiencing #homelessness from @USICHgov and it demands a halt to forced breakup of camps or forced hotel-to-shelter transfers for the vulnerable:…
2/Many communities never had hotel rooms but those that did have been pushing individuals who are quite vulnerable into tight congregate shelters, even though there is money to cover cost of emergency accommodation (plenty)…
3/Crucially @USICH says Vaccination should be encouraged, but not treated as prerequisite to housing
(CDC: no single “preferred” vax formulation, use flyers+text, mindful planning & reminders for 2-dose regimens).
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Dear @Subramanian_ma ,
It has come to our notice that @NHM_TN and @chennaicorp have planned a 'drive' tomorrow (29-7-21) in Chennai with 19 buses to 'round up' destitute homeless people with significant mental health problems and bus them for eventual treatment.

This is unlawful
Only @chennaipolice_ is authorised to intervene in this case as per Mental Health Care Act 2017. ONLY when police officer of area jurisdiction has reason to believe of person wandering at large that there is presence of mental illness AND inability to fend for self / poses risk Read section 100 of MHCA here : https://disabilityrightsalli
Even in case of this subset, the police is to inform the person of the grounds for taking into protection. With your 19 buses and target of 400 unsuspecting homeless PLMI, HOW do you propose to do this in one day.

More importantly, WHY would you choose such a dehumanising way?
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Yesterday I sat with a city leader in a smaller city not too far from #Sacramento. We talked about their innovative approach to addressing #homelessness and was blown away... (this thread is long but hopefully worth it)
First, they thought to themselves: how can we utilize our shared needs and resources to leverage collective power?

They did this by signing an MOU with two counties and several cities to create a consortium. Each has one elected representative, their city manager or county executive, and city/county attorneys a part of the coalition.
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Thread: Today is the 22nd anniversary of the Supreme Court’s landmark #Olmstead decision, which held that states must serve people with disabilities in the community rather than institutions when community-based services can meet their needs.
Lawmakers have a historic opportunity to fulfill the promise of #Olmstead to ensure that people with disabilities can live in the community with the supports they need to stay out of institutions.
While progress has been made over the last two decades, many people with disabilities are still forced to live in institutional settings due to inadequate home- and community-based services (#HCBS) and affordable #housing.
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@claddingscanda1 Why?

Legacy concerns over security or arson risks
convenient FOI blocking strategy for an embattled @GOVUK

All of which is ridiculous when national enforcement registers are a) required by law to be in the public domain
b) list full details ImageImageImageImage
@claddingscanda1 @GOVUK Given the sensitivity of this subject matter here are some useful links signposted to allow more informed positions.

Here’s an informative article from @kentfirerescue on enforcement policy & key enforcement considerations.…
@claddingscanda1 @GOVUK @kentfirerescue All statutory enforcement agencies are bounded by legislation & a clear regulators code.

Primary legislation- Legislative and Regulatory Reform Act 2006

Secondary The Legislative and Regulatory Reform (Regulatory Functions) Order 2007 (as amended)…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/15/2021…
Convicted or not, Trump is history – it's Biden who's changing America…

#PartisanPolitics #SystemsChange #influence
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