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🔴 BREAKING: XR Animal took over @McDonalds in the center of Brussels and the Place de la Bourse for a #StopEcocideFood action.
We denounce the responsibility of @McDonalds in the ongoing ecocide and its links with #FactoryFarms of intensive breeding.
#Stopspeciesm #XRAnimal
#FactoryFarms are ecocidal enterprises
- #IntensiveFarming is responsible for over 60% of the deforestation of the Amazon and over 15% of CO² emissions
- This industry is responsible for 25% of soil acidification and 74% of the degradation of aquatic areas according to the @FAO
... #IntensiveFarming plays a major role in global warming, zoonoses and pandemics, thus endangering global health and food security.
However, multinational food companies such as @McDonalds, @kfc , @BurgerKing... are mainly sourcing from #factoryfarms.
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🔴 BREAKING: XR Animal blocks #Viangro, Brussels' major meat processing site. We denounce the company's #GreenWashing and gov't funding of animal agriculture.
@DavidClarinval, it's high time for a transition to a resilient #PlantBased, #SustainableAgriculture‼️ Thanks to Brieux Van Elst a...
...#Viangro boasts about its progress in sustainability (e.g. new packaging) and presents itself as an #AnimalWelfare advisor, but in fact their suppliers are #FactoryFarms which sell products that are disastrous for #AnimalWelfare and the #Environment... Image
...The group's financial health has been deteriorating since 2013. Already benefiting from a 20,000 m² plot of land owned by @CityDevBrussels, the belgian government recently granted #Viangro a loan of €3m... Image
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🔴Action by XR Animal to demand a halt to all #FactoryFarms.
#Meat production needs to be reduced by 83% by 2050 in 🇧🇪 to reduce greenhouse gases by 58% and nitrogen emissions by 40%. This would reduce pressure on biodiversity by 76%. #RebelForLife #StopSpeciesism Image
...Proximity, violence and disease are the daily lot of the animals exploited in factory farms.
No-man's-lands where cruelty is a daily occurrence and where ethical and health scandals are constantly breaking out. #AnimalCruelty Image
...From the mad cows (1997) to eggs contaminated with Finopril (2017), via the dioxin crisis (1999) and the massacre of thousands of poultry due to the umpteenth re-emergence of avian flu, factory farms favour the proliferation of dangerous pathologies. #zoonoses Image
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At Sentient Media, we report on an industry that touches all our lives yet operates in secrecy: factory farming.

On #WorldPressFreedomDay, we call on governments to lift #AgGag laws and share 13 findings we could only report thanks to the help of undercover investigators.👇1/17 Image
“Ag-gag” laws punish whistleblowers and investigators for recording footage inside #FactoryFarms.

In 2021, @ALDF released a film on how #AgGag laws conflict with the First Amendment while concealing pollution, food safety threats, and animal cruelty. 2/17…
“These companies keep their practices under wraps because they know that the public would be horrified.”

Former @AnimalOutlook investigator Scott David reports how #AgGag laws enable farmers to conceal the realities of #meat, dairy & egg production. 3/17…
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March 1 is #NationalPigDay, a day celebrating the sentience and intelligence of domesticated #pigs.

We honor National Pig Day 2022 by taking a close look at how #FactoryFarming impacts millions of pigs worldwide raised for human consumption by the #pork industry.👇 1/10 Image
Pigs are considered the fifth most intelligent #animal on Earth and can outperform three-year-old children on cognition tests.

Despite their proven sensitivity and intelligence, millions of #pigs are slaughtered by the #pork industry every year. 2/10…
Pigs are the third most commonly slaughtered #animal in the world.

In 2019, around 1.3 billion #pigs were killed for #food globally which means that approximately 3.5 million pigs were slaughtered every single day, according to @animal_clock. 3/10…
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1/ Many people who live near #factoryfarms have to live with a terrible stench.

Here’s what’s behind the smell — and how it’s impacting their lives.…
2/ Many of the around 9 million pigs in North Carolina — the third largest producer of swine in the US — live in big factory farms, and all of those pigs produce a lot of waste. Image
3/ On these factory farms, that waste is collected in big outdoor lagoons, and then sprayed out across fields as fertilizer.

People living in communities nearby complain their daily lives are disrupted by the stench, and they fear that it’s affecting their health.
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@EdKrassen He’s not even doing that much! Over 99% of farming in America is by big #FactoryFarms, not family farms! Trump is giving $12 BILLION of OUR taxpayer dollars to big corporations that don’t need it - NOT helping struggling farm families! It’s just another scam from #DonTheCon!
@EdKrassen Farmers & GOP want America to believe there’s still lots of small farms scattered across the country. There aren’t. It would be harder to get enough votes to pass the FarmBill if folks knew that there’re far fewer small farms in 2018, & big factory farms don’t need subsidies!
@EdKrassen “Many large residential properties, especially in states like Tennessee & Texas, qualify as “farms” under the government’s official definition.”
They’re not poor FamilyFarms - they’re wealthy peoples YARDS! Counting them as farms gets Texas taxpayer $!
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