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My deleted #Instagram stories from 2020 #COVID19 @Plandemic3Movie Image
4/5/20 Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/10/20 No one was even close to saying this in public at the time other than @RonPaulInstitut and @RobertKennedyJr Image
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Today @ajpReact is outside Bickmarsh Hall #farm demanding justice for #pigs! Help them by sending an email to @CranswickPlc , @Tesco, & @asda demanding they stop stocking pig flesh and to
@RedTractorFood to drop the fHarm.

#RespectAllLife #goVegan💔🌱
Email address and template letter are in alt text for copy and pasting. 1. Email addresses: PRE-WRI...2. Template email:  To whom...3. (...) It is deeply conce...
Petition via AJP
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#RokoteSkandaali: Suomi on vahvasti sitoutunut solidaarisuuteen #covid19-rokotteiden globaalin saatavuuden edistämisessä.
- Valtioneuvosto päätti 9.9.2021 yhteensä 3,65 miljoonan rokoteannoksen lahjoittamisesta COVAX:in kautta.…
#Finland #Pandemrix #Scandal #Marin.
@wef @ProfKlausSchwab #YGLs @YGLvoices @MNSchwab @Bodour
Now it's finally clear: there really wasn't a #SwineFlu threat.
But who really benefited from maintaining the #hysteria fueled by the pigs' suffering and tails?…
@wef @ProfKlausSchwab @YGLvoices @MNSchwab @Bodour Bulletin 4 January 2009: Request for an investigation into vaccine harms and #KTL's funding
- In December, Rokotusinfo ry submitted two investigation requests related to the operations of the Public Health Institute (@THLorg) to the #Helsinki #police.
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Second post in the #WildlifeWeek series.

Day 2 – Squeals return to the tall wet #grasslands of #Assam !!!
Pygmy Hog is the tiniest, rarest and the most #endangered of all wild #pigs globally. In fact, phylogenetic analysis of the pygmy hog revealed that it belongs to a separate genus, Porcula. It is evolutionarily unique and completely different from #boars, #warthogs, and pigs.
Known to once thrive in the lush tall and wet grassland plains of the sub #Himalayas, they were feared to be extinct in the 1960's but were “rediscovered” in the year 1971.
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1) Son toplantıda öne çıkan bu kelimeyi daha sık duyacağız gibi.🤔

Avrupa Merkez Bankası Yönetim Konseyi bugün "mevcut piyasa koşullarını tartışma" amacına özgü bir toplantı kararı aldı. Takvimde daha önce yer almayan bu görüşme yakından izleniyor.
2) Öncelikle #fragmentation kavramının ne anlama geldiğine bakalım o hâlde:

Türkçe olarak "parçalarına ayrılma, bölünme" şeklinde ifade edebileceğimiz bu kavram #ECB açısından para politikasının aktarım mekanizmasında bozulma işaretidir ki bu da politikanın etkisini azaltabilir.
3) Aşağıdaki grafikte 10 yıllık devlet tahvillerinin getirilerine yer verdim.

#Almanya en altta ve siyah eğriyle belirtilirken #Yunanistan mavi, #İtalya kırmızı, #İspanya sarı ve #Portekiz yeşil ile gösterilmiştir ve ayrışmaya daha önce dikkat çekmiştim.

#PIGS #Yields #Spread
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March 1 is #NationalPigDay, a day celebrating the sentience and intelligence of domesticated #pigs.

We honor National Pig Day 2022 by taking a close look at how #FactoryFarming impacts millions of pigs worldwide raised for human consumption by the #pork industry.👇 1/10 Image
Pigs are considered the fifth most intelligent #animal on Earth and can outperform three-year-old children on cognition tests.

Despite their proven sensitivity and intelligence, millions of #pigs are slaughtered by the #pork industry every year. 2/10…
Pigs are the third most commonly slaughtered #animal in the world.

In 2019, around 1.3 billion #pigs were killed for #food globally which means that approximately 3.5 million pigs were slaughtered every single day, according to @animal_clock. 3/10…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/30/2020-2…

Shrinkflation: Why Everything From Tuna Cans To Toilet Paper Is Shrinking, But Prices Are Not | Endless Thread…

Reliance Looks To Conquer Farm-To-Fork Supply Chain Market With JioKrishi…

#SupplyChain #farmtofork
Twitter Thread by Eric Feigl-Ding: Worrisome Virus Mutation…

#virus #coronavirus #mutation
#dna #change #CRISPR
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Scald tanks,’ large pools of boiling water, are used to loosen animals’ skin and hair after slaughter. Due to the fast pace at which animals are killed, THOUSANDS OF FARMED ANIMALS ARE BOILED ALIVE each year.

#Pigs #Bacon #Ham #Pork #Cruelty #Meat

More in the subtweets ⬇️
“These hogs get up to the scalding tank, hit the water and start screaming and kicking. Sometimes they thrash so much they kick water out of the tank… Sooner or later they drown... I’m not sure if they burn to death before they drown, but it... ⬇️
... takes them a couple of minutes to stop thrashing.”

Ever ran the tap too hot, or spilled hot water on yourself while cooking.. remember the terrible pain? Now imagine being immersed in it from head to toe with no escape as you desperately try in vain.. while you boil alive 😔
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The scale of the stock of #pigs has significantly contracted for a year or so, which meant that the actual capacity of the pig industry in #China had remarkably declined, said CF40 member Lu Feng.…   1/6
During the same period of time, the number of reproductive sows greatly dropped, putting a constraint on the future development of the pig industry’s production capacities.2/6
The slaughtering rate of pigs jumped above its long-term average, showing that the pork industry is overdrawing its future actual capacities.3/6
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#China’s #pork price rose sharply in August, by more than 125% compared with January, and is expected to continue to rise in short- and mid-term due to shortage in the supply of live pigs, according to CF40 advisor Lu Feng:… 1/5 Image
In recent years, in particular last year, stock of live #pigs in China dropped sharply, which signals significant decline in pork production in China. Increasing pork production would also be difficult in near future due to decline in the number of breeding sows. 2/5
At present, the pork production system is overloaded and could threaten future production capability. Other meat price would also rise due to the rise of pork price. 3/5 Image
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Breaking↘️ @US_FDA Finds Unexpected Antibiotic Resistance #AMR #Genes in ‘Gene-Edited’ Dehorned #Cattle: "The @Recombinetics gene-edited cattle do contain #DNA unnatural to cattle".… @Act4AnimalsEU
@US_FDA @Recombinetics @Act4AnimalsEU "FDA’s demonstration that gene-editing techniques can introduce foreign DNA is likely to be seen as a significant blow to the no-regulation argument. It is also a powerful vindication of the #EU approach, which is to regulate gene-edited organisms as #GMOs."
@US_FDA @Recombinetics @Act4AnimalsEU This is one more and very compelling argument to be critical of #CRISPR technologies to genetically modify animals. We recently expressed more criticism here, with regard to using gene editing to prevent puberty in #pigs:…
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In this article, we express our critical position towards using #CRISPR to engineer #pigs so that do not reach puberty. #Livestock farming should be designed with animal sentience at its core, we should not modify #animals to fit inhumane systems.…
One aspect that the article does not mention and that we clearly indicated as being problematic is animal suffering during #experiments involving #CRISPR: painful #malformations, #abortions, are common "side effects" of such experiments.
Our original statement said "#CRISPR has a high potential for causing severe #animal #suffering during the research phases (such as abortions, perinatal mortality, malformations)
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how animals are treated differently in the legal system depending on their function - not their ability to feel pain

a man gets sentenced to jail time for hanging a dog - "The Judge wanted to send a clear message about animal abuse" -…
The Wiles Hog Pig Farm is found not guilty of animal abuse in its practice of hanging pigs by hooking a chain to a tractor, looping it around the pig's neck and lifting him into the air (while farm hands watched)..
Viewers of the video–portions of which were shown on at least one Cleveland-area television station multiple times–saw a convulsing animal suffering for a full five minutes in the kind of agony euthanasia is supposed to stop not cause.

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The on-duty Civil Guard who uploaded a video mocking the send off for the Catalan political prisoners being transported to Madrid is given a few days off.
In 6 months he'll be given a medal.
The song playing in the police van is OVNI - Objeto Verde Nada Inteligente/UFO - Unintelligent Green Object, an anti-police song by Basque group Josetxu Piperrak & the Riber Rock Band
There are some beings I don't know how to classify
They only live in Spain because there they live like gods
They're from another galaxy, another civilisation
They cannot be human as they have no heart
They're the Civil Guard
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