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Chapter 16

of *Psychology of Apocalypse: Ecopsychology, Activism, & the Prenatal Roots of Humanicide*

by Michael Adzema, is titled,

“Prenatal “Poisoning” Become Paranoia & Intolerance, PME 3:”

READ BOOK…… #psychology #prenatal #anthro #womb

PA 16/1
Chapt 16 is subtitled:

“Prenatal Matrix of Human Evil 3...

““Bad Blood,” Disgust, Nauseated, Sickening Become Homophobia, Smoking, Sadism-Masochism, Addictions, Money Fetish, Air & Food Pollution, Propaganda...

““Don’t Feed Me That Bullcrap!””

PA 16/2
[*Quotes/highlights:*] “We’re getting some blood, but is it bad blood? How it manifests in our thinking, in psychosis—food, aliens, & tin foil. “Bad blood” aspects of fetal oxygen hunger…” []

THREAD…… #psychology #prenatal #anthro #womb #birth

PA 16/3
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1. Bin gegen die Kriminalisierung der Aktionen der Letzten Generation!

2. Eine Kritik an der Frage von Adressierung ist allerdings gegeben.

Gerade autoritäre Systeme gehen gegen Kunst vor & daher sind Museen als oeffentlicher Raum für Mobilitäts - Freies Leben der falsche Ort
Wenn aktuell auf @dlfkultur o. zuvor bereits bei #JungUndNaiv Aktivisten der Letzten Generation e. medialen Raum für das Gehörtwerden bekommen, während in anderen Bereichen der Krisen - Gesellschaft Menschen seit ueber einem Jahrzehnt nicht gehört werden, wirft dies Fragen auf
Muessen Menschen ernsthaft erst einmal in den offenen zivilen Widerstand gehen, um überhaupt noch als
Diskurstraeger wahrgenommen zu werden?

Es ist richtig & essentiell alles zum Thema #ClimateCrisis & #ecocide wahrzunehmen!

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>Ist #Vertrauen gut – oder Kontrolle besser? #OnoraONeill im Gespräch | Sternstunden SRF Kultur<

Siehe #WelttagderPhilosophie
& ebenso >Die Philosophin oder die andere Hälfte des Denkens< als Thementag bei @dlfkultur

#Menschenbild #Buergergeld

Um zu begreifen, weswegen die breit kolportierte Rede v.einer "Arbeit, welche sich nicht mehr lohne" im geplanten #Buergergeld Unsinn ist & nur als Kampagne inhaltlich verortet werden kann, muss begriffen werden, wofür das #SGBII steht

#CDUCSU betreiben #Täuschung

Die Art und Weise wie #CDUCSU suggerieren, alles was in der Welt, bzw. #Realpolitik getan wird, kann durch Einzelpersonen ausgeglichen werden, ist die erste Etappe diskursiver Täuschung!

#Transparenz von #Institutionen & #Gesetzgebung bilden existentielle Rahmenbedingungen
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Chapter 15

of *Psychology of Apocalypse: Ecopsychology, Activism, & the Prenatal Roots of Humanicide*

by Michael Adzema, is titled,

“Prenatal Oxygen Hunger Become Bigotry & Racism, PME 2:”

READ THREAD or CLICK a link for free BOOK…… #womb

PA 15/1
Chapter 15 is subtitled:

“Prenatal Matrix of Human Evil 2...

“Deprivation Become Jealousy, Anti-Semitism, Xenophobia, Blood Libel, Anti-Immigration, Vampire Symbolism, Capitalism...

““Please, Mother, Might I Have Some More?””

THREAD… #psyche

PA 15/2
[*Quotes/highlights:*] “…in ‘evolved’ economic systems, we make certain we will not feel relief from the threat of lack (oxygen starvation/ fetal malnutrition): For we insist on a ‘dog eat dog’ competitive system like capitalism,..” []


PA 15/3
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Chapter 14

of *Psychology of Apocalypse: Ecopsychology, Activism, & the Prenatal Roots of Humanicide*

by Michael Adzema, is titled,

“Prenatal Suffocation Become Greed & Class War, PME 2:”

READ THREAD or CLICK a link for free BOOK

THREAD… #womb

PA 14/1
Chapter 14 is subtitled:

“Prenatal Matrix of Human Evil 2...

“Gasping, Suffocation, Drowning, Being “Cut Off” Become Greed, Oppression, Conformity...

““They’re Sucking the Very ‘Life Blood’ Out of Us!””

READ BOOK> #psychology #prenatal #anthro

PA 14/2
[Quotes/highlights:] “The timelessness of prenatal experience at this point—when not getting enough air—feels horrific, an unending nightmare. This part contributes to human ideas of places of forever, endless suffering, for example, hell.” []…

PA 14/3
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>Maggie Thatcher hatte recht - Es gibt nur Individuen, keine Gesellschaft<



was soll dieser Unsinn?

Nach all den Auswirkungen von 2 Jahrzehnten neoliberaler #Realpolitik & dem daraus resultierenden Rechtsruck grabt Ihr so etwas aus?…
Wer den #Begriff #Gesellschaft gebraucht bedient gemäß dieser Frau Schneider die Narrative des "Sozialismus"?

Sind wir medial in der selektiven #Berichterstattung des zeitgemäßen #Journalismus nun vollständig im #Trumpismus angekommen?
Ist #Soziologie Ausdruck von "Sozialismus!? ❓

Ist unser #Grundgesetz Ausdruck und Manifestation von" #Sozialismus" ❓❗
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‼️Breaking ‼️

The French High Council for Climate @hc_climat released its assessment of the so-called agreement in principle on the modernization of the ecocide Energy Charter Treaty #ECT
According to @hc_climat
1- The timeline for the phase out of protection of foreign investment in fossil fuels proposed by the EU does not match with the timeline for thé decarbonisation of 🇫🇷
2-The proposed text for modernisation is not compatible with #ParisAgreement
3-The proposed text for modernization does not fully eliminate the risk of new #isds claims related to #FossilFuels
4-A withdrawal from the #ECT is the only possible option to implement #ParisAgreement
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Forcibly bringing awareness of the impending uninhabitability of earth into spaces that aren't designated for political discussion -- spaces which can easily be tuned out & ignored -- is infuriating to those who're determined to block it out & avoid a sense of day-to-day urgency.
Earlier this week, a #climatecollapse protest was held in a museum. Today, it's at a car company. And tomorrow?

What really concerns the people most infuriated about these early-stage protests is that it will reach into *their* lives, shake them up, & make them NEED to change.
They see how the media calls these #ClimateEmergency activists terrorists, & they see how a cowardly public echoes those calls. Nobody wants to be a target of that kind of hate, however unjustified.

Being made to feel the sense of urgency that could cause them to stand up? 😬😱
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“Chapter 2, Truth’s Solitary Journey:

“War, Nukes, & the Media…
“the Comfortable Ignorance of Grade School Propaganda Gone Forever”

Quotes/Highlights THREAD

From *Culture War Class War 2022: Truth & Generations*

by M. Adzema

(pub 9/22)…

CW22Q 2/1
Quotes/Highlights THREAD

From *Culture War Class War 2022:

*Truth & Generations*

by Michael Adzema

(available on website now & to be published Sept 2022)

READ &/or dwnld entire BOOK free AT SITE...

READ BOOK… #Midterms #media #press #FBR

CW22Q 2/2
[Quotes/highlights:] “… when I had my first personal experience with a major national lie at the age of 19—one that involved an obvious collusion of State Dept, Dept of Defense, & all the major newspapers in America—I was shaken.”


CW22Q 2/3
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I welcome Eric's attempt to understand American society, although I can't really relate to it. It's no good leaving it to social scientists, who haven't a clue, despite it being their supposed area of academic expertise.
I too have put a lot of effort into trying to understand my own & closely related societies like America, i.e. the West, which are the only ones I know anything about.

My most important insight is that the academics we look to as authorities on understanding society don't.
That may seem trivial, but it's not, because we look to academics as authorities in their particular areas of supposed expertise, & for good reason.

We look to astronomers to explain the heavens to us, which they can now do extremely well.
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@bmay @ChrisJTree @apes4forests @Gussets99 @griffjane @orangutans Brendan - you haven't read beyond the playbook of the #palmoil industry.

A report from 71 NGOS shows the @RSPOtweets FAILS to stop palm oil #humanrights abuses #deforestation from entering the EU.
Via @milieudefensie for @EU_Commission
@bmay @ChrisJTree @apes4forests @Gussets99 @griffjane @orangutans @RSPOtweets @milieudefensie @EU_Commission If u are asking Brendan for the average consumer to have faith in the rampantly corrupt #palmoil industry - the answer is NO @WHO reports that the #palmoil industry is akin to the alcohol and tobacco lobby in their report #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife…
@bmay @ChrisJTree @apes4forests @Gussets99 @griffjane @orangutans @RSPOtweets @milieudefensie @EU_Commission @WHO Here's a thread about @NutellaGlobal/ @Ferrero_EU and how they sponsor school "education" programmes through @ChesterZoo about "sustainable" palm oil, all while continuing with child #slavery, #deforestation for palm oil.
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So you're ready to take some #ClimateAction...but don't know where to start?

Here's some 'pick and mix' ideas! The #IPCCReport2021 says ALL action counts so start where you are, do what you can 🧵👇
Fill your newsfeed with solutions, not doom mongering! It'll keep your eco anxiety at bay and help you have constructive, inspiring and action-sparking conversations. Recommended: @EthicalHourNews @PositiveNewsUK @HappyEcoNews
Read @ProjectDrawdown to understand that we have all the solutions to the #ClimateEmergency - we just need the political will to make them happen.

No time for the book? Here's the TED Talk!…
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@themcguills @uksciencechief One more reason I don't associate #Socialism with the Democrats. So sad since I had great hopes for the #Progressive wing. No more. They side with the warmongering necons…
Climate Insanity: The Biden Administration Wants to Drill on Alaska's North Slope
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Members of the parliamentary #EcocideAlliance & #ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights (@ASEANMP) issued a statement on environmental crimes in #Ukraine, describing some of the attacks as likely to cause “widespread, long-term and severe damage to the natural environment”.
“Now, if ever, would be the time for the international community to finally draw a global moral red line concerning environmental atrocities, and put an end to impunity for #ecocide” writes the #EcocideAlliance regarding the #invasion of Ukraine.… #crimes
“The most effective way to enforce criminal accountability long-term is to amend the #RomeStatute to explicitly include ecocide as a 5th crime against #peace - not limited only to #war time.”… #conflict #security #warcrimes #internationalcrimes #StopEcocide
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#ExtinctionRebellion blocks entrance of EU Commission in #Brussels

40 activists of XR Europe are blocking the entrance to the Berlaymont building of the @EU_Commission. 10 activists are superglued to the entrance doors.

We demand an ecocide law!
#EUstopEcocriminal 5 people in front of the EU Comission building. Banner held:A man is glues to an entrance. The back of his shirt reads: Several people sit at an EU Commission entrance. Some are su
The main entrance to a central building of the EU Commission is inaccessible. The Belgian police are on site.

"Corporations and lobbyists must be named, held accountable and prosecuted for their actions," said Aktis @xrFrance

Ecocide must be included as a 5th international crime on the Rome Statute of the Internat. Criminal Court

The new proposal by EU Justice Commiss. @dreynders and EU Environment Commiss. @VSinkevicius includes a list of environmental crime offenses, but ecocide is not included. 6 people block the entrance to the european commission. some
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+++ Breaking +++
Today Rebels from all over the EU are in front of the European Parliament.

We’re rebelling to save our home. The EU has to #CriminaliseEcocide and act now to save our forests, oceans and soils! #EUstopEcocriminals or we risk losing it all.

Thread 🧵⏬ A group of Extinction Rebellion people in Brussels gather an
@marietouss1 @CaroRackete @ErikMarquardt @EU_Commission @CJAOurPower @EcocideLaw @ExtinctionR @XR_Belgium @StopEcocideNL @EstebanServat #BiodiversityNow #CriminaliseEcocide

The ecological collapse is here, still the EU is not acting.
The time for denial is over!

1⃣ Implement legislation against #ecocide asap and make environmental destruction a crime!
2⃣ Cancel trade deals that destroy the environment! A woman and a man holding a sign "Stop Ecocide everywhe
3⃣ Shift to sustainable agriculture, by reducing livestock and promoting plant-based diets!
4⃣ Design a plan to restore our ecosystems all over Europe.
5⃣ A global #DebtForClimate initiative to leave fossil fuels in the ground, while freeing the Global South from the debt burden! A rebel scientist is speaking on a stage. She can be seen stA banner with "Stop Ecocide" written on it. The O
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🔴 BREAKING: XR Animal took over @McDonalds in the center of Brussels and the Place de la Bourse for a #StopEcocideFood action.
We denounce the responsibility of @McDonalds in the ongoing ecocide and its links with #FactoryFarms of intensive breeding.
#Stopspeciesm #XRAnimal
#FactoryFarms are ecocidal enterprises
- #IntensiveFarming is responsible for over 60% of the deforestation of the Amazon and over 15% of CO² emissions
- This industry is responsible for 25% of soil acidification and 74% of the degradation of aquatic areas according to the @FAO
... #IntensiveFarming plays a major role in global warming, zoonoses and pandemics, thus endangering global health and food security.
However, multinational food companies such as @McDonalds, @kfc , @BurgerKing... are mainly sourcing from #factoryfarms.
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Thread : Buy #palmoilfree and #boycott all Nestle @Nestle products because their #palmoil is destroying rainforest, causing massive global species #extinction. Join me and #Boycott4Wildlife - use your wallet as a weapon!… via @palmoildetect
This brand @Nestle @NestleUSA @NestleUKI @NestleHealthUS
is destroying rainforests, releasing mega-tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere, killing hundreds of endangered species. See Nestlé’s full list of mills where they buy palm oil, six of these are actively destroying forest.
Forest in Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa. They are burn down huge extensions of forests to stablish palm oil plantations. This savage #ecocide is changing the ecosystems forever. Pls take action. Don't keep this going #climatechange #PalmOil #ProtectWildLife #BoycottPalmOilProduct
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1/ A month ago, the first-ever global mobilisation for the recognition of #ecocide took place! What happened as citizens, campaigners & elected representatives joined forces to #StopEcocideEverywhere? Read the summary here:… or check out this #thread 👇
2/ Three political advances calling for the recognition of #ecocide as a crime took place that week!
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿in #Scotland:… @MonicaLennon7
🇩🇰 in #Denmark:… @Susanne_Zimmer_
🇮🇸 in #Iceland:… @andresingi
3/ In coordination with @marietouss1's office, we sent letters to the Ministers of Justice & of the Environment in Finland, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Spain and Belgium, asking them to seize the opportunity to recognize & condemn the ecocide in the EU environmental crime directive.
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JOIN US as we mark 31 days of continuous People’s Protest, at Kohuwela junction on Thurs March 31st!💪🏾

It’s heartening to see so many people’s protests not affiliated to political parties over the weekend! It’s time the people realised their power!

#takebackourpower✊🏾 #lka ImageImageImage
Some captures from the Kandy People’s Protest yesterday (Wed)!

#takebackourpower✊🏾 #lka ImageImageImageImage
Kollupitiya Peoples Protest continues - some captures from yesterday💪🏾

#takebackourpower✊🏾 #lka ImageImageImageImage
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1/ The fast-growing call to criminalize #ecocide is now beginning to be heard in the halls of the #UnitedNations! It surfaced in the high level speeches at #UNEA, at the Youth Environmental Assembly and the Global Major Groups & Stakeholders Forum.… #UNEP
2/ Ecocide was mentioned in two key speeches: by #UNEA5 President, Norwegian Minister of Climate & Environment Mr. @EspenBarthEide & by Inger Anderson, Executive Director of @UNEP. Both recalled Olof Palme, Swedish Prime Minister, first using #ecocide in 1972 at the first #UNEA.
3/ #Ecocide is mentioned in the preamble of the statement of the Global Major Groups & Stakeholders Forum, acknowledging that “adding ecocide as the fifth crime to the #RomeStatute of the ICC would have a strong preventive effect on destructive actions.”
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If the reports about talks between the @NicolasMaduro regime and #US officials are to be believed, the @JoeBiden admin is discussing relaxing sanctions on #PDVSA to increase oil production and attempt to isolate #Russia. This would be a strategic blunder and unlikely to work.🧵
1) Most importantly, the optics of Biden choosing #Venezuela's crude over domestic production is politically unpalatable. It would also put the admin in the position of trusting another dictator to follow through when there has been zero track record (e.g. previous negotiations).
2) It's unclear what "isolate Russia" means in this case. Venezuela has purchased $11 billion in Russian weapons over the past decade. Will Maduro deny Russian technicians coming to service those weapons? Will he deny Russia port calls? Will he say no to Tu-160 nuclear bombers?
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#war #Kyiv #Ukraine #Russia Collecting all reports thread; Ukraine's operational command says "cruise and ballistic missile strikes are underway at the control centres in Kyiv" from @lukeharding1968 Friends report explosions in #Kyiv, #Odessa #Kharkiv #Mykolaev thread, add info
Targets include airfields and military headquarters, operational command says
"Distant crumps - soft explosions - reported from west Kyiv, towards the airport. Not Cruise missiles, i think, but sounds like an attack on the airport." @JohnSweeney
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Die neue #Landesregierung in #Berlin hat es zugelassen, dass haushohe Platanen gefaellt wurden, welche das einzige Stück Grün für die dortigen Bewohner war & natürlich für #Voegel

Darin zeigt sich hoechste Ignoranz angesichts von #Klimakrise & #Wohnungsnot!

#Stadtplanung #WBM
#Warum soll das Bauen ein Ausdruck von #Ignoranz gegenüber einer #Wohnungsnot darstellen?

Aus mehreren Gründen.

1. Die #Wohnungsnot ist systemisch, das heißt sie wird eben nicht durch Bauen, Bauen, Bauen gelöst, sondern teilweise durch das #Bauen forciert.

Stichwort #Leerstand
Da sich mit jedem #Neubau e. #Renditemaximierung verspricht - was seit der #Privatisierung des #Wohnungsbaus alleinige Motivation für d. Tun darstellt - hat dies zur Herausbildung v. Fehlanreizen geführt:
Es werden bewusst #Immobilien nicht mehr saniert & in #Leerstand ueberführt
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