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This time last week a group of desperate scientists stuck scientific papers (and themselves!!!) to the front of @beisgovuk. They had a simple and science led demand: Stop all NEW fossil fuel investment & development.

Here's a🧵on the science in the papers they pasted... 1/n
Welsby et al 2021: "to allow for a 50 per cent probability of limiting warming to 1.5 °C. By 2050, we find that nearly 60 per cent of oil and fossil methane gas, and 90 per cent of coal must remain unextracted to keep within a 1.5 °C carbon budget" 2/n…
You can read more about this paper's findings from co-author @st_pye in this thread: 3/n

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Ein Thread zu dem Video von @solmecke zu den Aktion vom @AufstandLastGen.#AufstandLastGen
1. Versammlungen, die auch nicht angezeigt wurden, sind durch GG Art. 8 geschützt
2. Ziviler Ungehorsam ist per definition eine Protestform mit Rechtsbruch. (1/17)
2.1. wichtig dabei ist, dass es um ein höheres, nicht eigennütziges, Ziel geht.
2.2.. Ziviler Ungehorsam ist ein urdemokratisches Mittel des Protests, das bereits seit den ersten griechischen Demokratien Anwendung findet. (2/17) Antigone bei der Beerdigung von Polyneikes Quelle: https://d
2.2.1. wichtig dabei ist (imho), dass "alle" anderen Mittel bereits ausgeschöpft sind, was bei der #Klimakrise der Fall ist: Petitionen werden ignoriert, Demos mit über 1 Mio. Menschen mit einem verfassungswidrigen "#Klimapaket" quittiert. (3/17) »"Das ist heute kein Durchbruch, das ist ein Skandal.&
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Scientists in open Rebellion at @COP26! Here some great shots from yesterday when have occupied the King George V Bridge! COP has failed, the people must go into civil resistance! Image
Despite being banned from the city center, we will be back on Monday with a teach-in from 2-4 on the South End of the King George V bridge. We will talk to the public in a puplic space about the hidden truths of the crisis we are in and what each of us can do to confront it. Image

Contact us via e-mail for interviews enquiries and to join our group or to talk at the teach in Image
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When the 68 uprising graffitied Paris with “Be Realistic, Demand the Impossible!” who thought this call to action would meet its alter ego years later in the UK?

For what is Insulate Britain if not: Be Impossible, Demand the Realistic?

🧵A #Thread.
In the face of the #climate emergency happening now, XR recognises the need for disruptive actions that highlight the severity of the crisis. Insulate Britain is playing a vital role in shifting the Overton Window around public awareness and urgent government action. #ActNow
The recent attempt to ban a form of protest from happening anywhere in the UK is a warning to all of us who dare to stand up for truth; the UK government is coming for us all. It is also a complete vindication of our resistance.

#RightToProtest #RightToCare #RightToLife
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As the #ImpossibleRebellion draws to a close, the analysis will inevitably begin.
One of the things that has been clear though is a shift in the way XR is being covered in the 🇬🇧 🗞.
Like a samba-dancing mosquito🦟, our persistence is paying off. 1/7…
This piece by the @FT’s @henrymance discovers a quality long since thought extinct in the UK press: nuance – and it’s a joy to read. Henry *gets* us. And in a world of ‘but China’ 🇨🇳and ‘Gail’s car’ 💀🚙💨 that’s a step change in the narrative from the streets of shame. 2/7
We never started #ExtinctionRebellion thinking we were ‘right’🤓📚, that we had all the answers. Nor that we were going to be the people 👩🏽‍🚒🚑who sorted anything out. This shit is way too complex, interrelated and 🤯 for the kind of quick-fix activism of old. 3/7
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So what if Extinction Rebellion isn’t popular? We’re protesting to bring about change and it’s working.
We’re told that in order to be successful, XR must offer people hope.
Sorry, but what we all need is the full truth about the climate crisis. 🌊🔥1/16…
How can it be that XR was named no.1 climate influencer and a few months later rated the most disliked disruptive protest group globally? Maybe it’s not bizarre because social movements accelerate history, and that is more often than not an uncomfortable process for society. 2/16
History tells us those driving social change will be roundly disliked. Martin Luther King Jr. is revered now, but at the time of his death in ’68 – having been the face of some of the most successful civil rights campaigns in the US – 75% of the 🇺🇸 public disapproved of him. 3/16
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Vandaag stond Het Plein buiten de Tweede Kamer vol met lege schoenen, 1029 in totaal, die symbool staan voor het gebrek aan burgerinspraak in de besluitvorming over noodhulp aan grootvervuilers, zoals #KLM en #Schiphol. #RebelForLife #ExtinctionRebellion 📸 @allromy @Cath_G
Tijdens de actie is gebruik gemaakt van gebruikte schoenen van rebellen uit heel Nederland. Ze staan symbool voor de duizenden burgers die zich grote zorgen maken over de toekomst van al het leven op de aarde. De actie sluit aan bij de #GeenPoenZonderPlan campagne. #RebelForLife
Nu is het moment om te investeren in een duurzame en rechtvaardige samenleving. Waarin we vervuilende industrieën vergroenen, zonder dat dit ten koste gaat van werknemers. #GeenPoenZonderPlan…
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this is important. the for-profit mass extinction we're being driven into is bipartisan, even though they'll try to persuade us otherwise when the next election rolls around. if we wait for elections we're cooked. organise. #RebelForLife
this is on the *same day*
how is this anything other than a form of political gaslighting.
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Who are we? We are life. These are our values and principles. We #RebelForLife. Join us and our non-violent and peaceful #InternationalRebellion. We will make government act now on the climate and ecological crisis.…
Who are we? We are life. These are our values and principles. We #RebelForLife. Join us and our non-violent and peaceful #InternationalRebellion. We will make government act now on the climate and ecological emergency.…
Who are we? We are life. These are our values and principles. We #RebelForLife. Join us and our non-violent and peaceful #InternationalRebellion. We will make government act now on the climate and ecological catastrophe.…
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