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Trust has long been recognised as a key part of an effective doctor–patient relationship

There has been little research into the perceived trustworthiness of #dentists

We set out to adapt and test a Dentist Trust Scale…

While it has been acknowledged that patient trust is important in #dentistry there has been no psychometrically valid way to measure this concept

This has hampered [quantitative] investigation to date

Adapting and testing a measure of #trust provides an important first step
We adapted the General Trust in Physicians Scale originally developed for the medical profession and used it to collect data from a random national sample of Australians aged 18 years or older (N=596).

We examined the extent of trust in #dentists 👇
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Notice the order of who gets the benefit. -|- "This environment has enabled many state legislatures to focus on improving their dental Medicaid programs for dentists ..."
" ... and patients."
"The ADA believes that ensuring states provide comprehensive dental services to all Medicaid beneficiaries is an important issue for dentists, the dental profession ..."
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Heartening to know that today there are gobs & scads of young #Dentist's who want to learn more about who precisely WAS "C.C. Bass, M.D", and what did he have to say about #PreventiveDentistry?
For the last few decades or so, just about any young #Dentist, when they first learn the real story of who "C. C. Bass, M.D." is, and what he actually did, are puzzled.
A couple of channels results from their #DentalSkool teaching, and thus their thinking.
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Wow. Way past time for #Prevention. But not a word spoken about preventing #DentalDisease. 😢 -|- "It's estimated that more than 1.5 million Michiganders have inadequate access to dental care."
Funny that they do not say how they intend to "fix it". 🙄 -|- “The list of individuals who are seeking #dental care but are unable to find a provider has grown by thousands, and this is a problem that will continue to worsen. Now is the time to fix it.”
What a contortion of the facts. Eliminate the NEED for "access to #dentists". Damn "barriers". 💰💵💶💴💷💹🤑 -|- "They say people who rely on Medicaid insurance for #dental care often have poor oral health, because of lack of access to #dentists"…
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نجح مناصرو «#الثنائي_الشيعي» بإلغاء #انتخابات #نقابة_أطباء_الأسنان، أمس الأحد، عبر تكسير صناديق الاقتراع وبعثرة الأصوات على الأرض بعدما أتت النتائج على عكس ما يشتهون.
وكان مرشّح «#النقابة_تنتفض» #رونالد_يونس في الصدارة، فيما كان مرشّح الثنائي في المركز الثالث، عند فرز الصندوق الرابع قبل افتعال الإشكال.
وفيما عجزت #قوى_الأمن_الداخلي عن حماية الصناديق، مكتفيةً بالتفرّج على تشبيح «الثنائي»، عُرفَ من بين الأطبّاء الشبّيحة مهدي أيّوب الذي سحب صندوقَي اقتراع ورماهما أرضاً، إضافةً إلى كل من الأطبّاء علي حاج حسن ومحمد سرور وحسن قصير.
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The problem lies there. -|- "Research suggests dental professionals may prioritize clinical experience, personal values and preferences over evidence when delivering such interventions."…
"The average percentage of correctly answered questions was: for the dentists 53%, for the dental hygienists 58% and for the dental assistants 37%."…
Understatement. -|- "With some reservations the conclusion can be stated that an obvious necessity exists for post-academic courses in preventive dentistry in the groups concerned."
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How about a #FlashbackFriday, also a #FluorideFriday #FluorideFact. Dr Dean did his level best to slow the bandwagon down, to no avail. A very specific, small population mentioned.
That paper is the cornerstone of the theory that adding #fluorine to our diet using our water prevents tooth decay.
The stone is probably fluorite...
Speaking of stone, and #fluoridation, and putting things on pedestals, DYK?
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There is one thing that the #StannousFoilHat wearing types could do, that might enhance their case in promoting the addition of #fluorine to our diet using our water.
First, stop spending all that time & money in harm denial & "Tain't neither!" science. Second, start presenting evidence of how successful the practice of adding #fluorides to our diet has been. Third, assuming that all #Dentists approve of #fluoridation, take a survey of them.
Not of their opinions on the subject, but of their teeth. That would show the World that drinking #fluorine, smearing it on our teeth and swishing minty fresh all the time makes perfect, healthy, cavity free teeth.
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What's that gang? You say it is #FluorideFriday? Why yes, yes it is! -|- "#Fluoride is highly effective at preventing caries and its use over the last 50 years has transformed dental health.”…
Ireland again. -|- "In 2002, a ‘north-south’ survey showed a substantial decline from 1984 in dental caries in both fluoridated and non-fluoridated communities in the Republic of Ireland, and in the non-fluoridated population of Northern Ireland."
"Reducing the underlying cause of disease through the restoration of normality, rather than adding a protective factor, is a more radical approach, and does not come with the risk of unwanted effects such as dental fluorosis.”
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Putting "ideology ahead of science", in its purest form.…
In 2019, proponents of fluoride and fluoridation were broken hearted to see the National Toxicology Program (NTP) draft a monograph citing some of the same safety concerns they had been raising.
Citing NTP’s draft document, proponents of fluoridation declared that science was on their side.
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Let’s play “Who Said This?” for #ThrowbackThursday!
“Our job as the #Dental Profession, therefore, is, first, an educational one. Let us all become Teachers, #Teachers of #Health.”
“So it seems that the first need of the patient is to understand the facts which govern the spread of infection and the destruction of the tooth crown and the tissues around the teeth.”
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In 2017 @cdcorg didn't know that chronic, continuous #migraine is a thing. In fact, it's the world's #1 cause of working-age disability, & using objective metrics, @WHO ranked severe migraine in the highest class of disability burden w/ terminal-stage cancer & active psychosis. Image
This is what happens when Med Schools fail to include instruction the 1st & 2nd most common medical complaints (per NIH): #headache & #migraine. The #1 complaint is cavities. It's literally like #dentists getting maybe an hour on cavities at #Dental School. #MedicalTwitter
I did a quick search for her contact info & didn't find it. I'll write up my basic migraine spiel (NIH, Global Burden, prevalence, progression) sometime & send it to you to tidy up. Then we can easily email or tweet people the "It's CM. WTF?" basics.…
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#Thread #Corona #Dentists #Precautions #Pune

There has been a lot of fear generated from the COVD-19 pandemic. Prominent among that has been the notion that "Dentists are at the highest risk of catching and spreading the virus."

This is a thread to discuss what we are doing
in our practice to address those risks and fears.

For starters, we were closed for the last 7 weeks. We were available via our clinic cell phone for emergencies. I don't know if people were just scared or their tolerance ramped up but we barely had to go in.
For starters, we have made 3 major infrastructural changes to our clinic. The first one was a fogger used in the OT of major hospitals. It blasts the disinfectants via micro droplets so there is no need for wiping/mopping. The disinfectant used is Quarternary Ammonium compounds,
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UK Govt Abolishes UKVI IELTS For Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, and Dentists who hv met the required professional score in IELTS ACADEMIC #Thread

10 things u need to know about this latest development

IELTS(internationsl English language testing system)
1)IELTS is one of the most recognized and accepted examinations to meet the English proficiency requirement of Nurses and doctors who wish to practice in the #uk. OET(Occupational English test) is another test that is accepted for med.professionals who intend to migrate to #uk
2)For nurses planning to practice in the #uk , they need the IELTS test to meet two requirements:
I)for NMC (Nursing and midwifery council) registration. (MOD IDP, IELTS standard and UKVI band of 7/9 in all modules)
II)For UK Immigration(IELTS UKVI Band of 4/9 in all modules)
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