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#JudgeSullivan, United States Judge, popped off in court today, and not in a way that flatters himself:

"Arguably, you sold your country out. You were an unregistered agent of a foreign country while serving as the national security adviser to the president."

#FlynnSentencing US District Judge Emmett Sullivan
Setting aside that the statement is factually false, there is something about Judge Sullivan politically pious ejaculation in court that commands a closer look. In full disclosure, I don't know the judge but I appeared before him once while practicing in DC.
At that time, and ever after, I have said that I found his treatment of my clients' request to be reasonable and fair ... wrong, for sure, but judges will make errors and sometimes that is just compounded by angry vitriols or personal biases.
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#Flynn #FlynnSentencing

To everyone that (again) thought this #Mueller SC probe was wrapping up...


This was never going anywhere in the court of law, court of public opinion is where this is being tried.

The probe will end closer to 2020 campaign season.
The day Mueller was appointed I knew he'd streach out the probe until late 2019 early 2020.

If the probe wrapps any sooner, expect impeachment proceeding shortly there after. The "report" would be a needed pretext to do so.

I'm honestly not sure if the house will try it.
I'm not rooting for impeachment, I just live in the real world. The democrats just might think that would hurt his reelection run... Again, there is no real legal jeopardy here, but they're playing for hearts and minds with their propaganda blitz.
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Flynn sentencing is DELAYED. Will go back to more cooperating.
Lawyers knew he was going to jail.
Mueller with his “oh don’t lock him up please” memo was probably the best trap ever set.

This was a work of art. Now Flynn May have more to say.
Mueller prosecutors are outsmarting everyone. This was brilliant and they didn’t even play the bad guys. #FlynnSentencing
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‼FINALLY a US official—Judge Sullivan—says to #Flynn what many have tip-toed around for years now:
—You were a foreign agent while serving as National Security Advisor to POTUS
—This undermines everything this flag stands for
—Arguably you sold your country out
Flynn cooperated but Trump doesn't call him a "rat." He even wishes him "Good Luck" in court. Also tweets he's worried about what Flynn has to say re "Russian Collusion." What's Trump gonna say now that Flynn delayed sentencing to cooperate some more & Judge brings up treason??
#FlynnSentencing: Pro-Trump right-wing propagandists just had their anti-Mueller hopes, dreams & conspiracy theory fantasies dashed by Judge Sullivan… #Flynn #MAGA #TrumpRussia
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