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I've been trying to figure out who this "enforcer -#metatron" that Kim Goguen mentions. here is a bootleg clip from the vid. #kimgoguen
Them Fuk'n lying b'stards #qanon whitehats in re to #nesara #gesara…
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1) Now learning about #GESARA and #NESARA. Starting to look like #Trump might have actually prepared the way for their implementation. A crucial step is getting nation off debt based system controlled by central banks and reclaiming control with gold-backed currency.
2) That's why I'm looking at ScoMo's much derided use of phrase "#goldstandard" in a new light. Remember that he made this comment about #NSWpol's handling of #COVID19AU back in September, saying "that is where we have to get everybody to":
3) ScoMo used phrase several times. In clip below (Dec): "NSW Govt's testing and tracing capabilities are #goldstandard not just in this country but anywhere around the world." So, local and global reference. #NESARA is USA, #GESARA is global.
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Aus der beliebten Reihe "Tweets, die schlecht gealtert sind".

Einige #QAnons glauben auch an #GESARA / #NESARA.
Quasi ein Schuldenerlass für die ganze Welt.
Bullshit würden andere sagen.

"Das neue Finanzsystem ist in Vorbereitung."
Ist es nicht. Image
"Am 15. August werden die Banken beginnen Hypotheken- und Kreditkartenschulden (ohne Null) zu erlassen."

Wow. Nur doof das das nicht passiert ist.

Jetzt wird es bis Ende August soweit sein. Genau.
Danach im September.
Dann im Oktober.
"Sie testen das EBS (Emergency Broadcast System), weil es nächste Woche eine Ankündigung von Trump geben würde, möglicherweise über den bevorstehenden Schuldenerlass."

Ist natürlich nicht passiert.

Aber bevor gezweifelt wird, schnell weiter schwurbeln mit neuen Terminen.
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The huge week for Humanity comes to a stunning climax Part 1 of 4 ...#Jubilee
#PandemicOfPositivity #FortyFiveZeros #GCR #Nesara #GESARA #Qdecillion
The huge week for Humanity comes to a stunning climax Part 2 of 4 ...#Jubilee
#PandemicOfPositivity #FortyFiveZeros #GCR #Nesara #GESARA #Qdecillion
The huge week for Humanity comes to a stunning climax Part 3 of 4 ...#Jubilee
#PandemicOfPositivity #FortyFiveZeros #GCR #Nesara #GESARA #Qdecillion
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Everything is still on track, all Deep State threats are contained and security issues resolved. They're finishing clean up Sun. 2 Aug. and making sure all is ready for the Shotgun Release. #NESARA #GESARA
Both the military and US Treasury affirmed that the 800 numbers were on their way and all potential delays would be over ridden, guaranteed. The guys at the UST were actually celebrating as we spoke. #NESARA #GESARA
It’s going to be an interesting week. Something BIG is about to drop. #NESARA #GESARA
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Mon. 3 Aug. to Tues. 4 Aug. Tier 4b was scheduled to receive notification of how to set our redemption/exchange appointments.

Tues. 4 Aug. would be the beginning of exchange/redeem appointments.

Zim holders were asked to redeem in the next four days. #NESARA #GESARA
From Tues. 4 Aug. to Fri. 14 Aug. were the ten days that Zim and currency holders would have to exchange/redeem at the Contract Rates as per President Trump and the Department of Defense.
The IMF has set the start time for General Public exchanges at the International Rates for Sat. 15 Aug. forward.

The Dinar has revalued and the Chinese Yuan, Zimbabwe Zim and USTN were all gold/asset-backed and trading internationally.
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NESARA / GESARA was converging with the GCR/RV release that started Thurs. night 30 July and would go into the weekend, with a deadline for us in the Internet Group Tier 4b to begin by at least Wed. 5 Aug. #NESARA #GESARA
The Dinar has revalued; Chinese Yuan, Zimbabwe Zim and USTN were all gold/asset-backed and trading internationally. The current Central Banking system was imploding. #NESARA #GESARA
Trump and the Alliance appeared to be purposely driving the Cabal’s fiat dollar into the ground, with debt piling up on top of more debt. A beautiful QFS / NESARA level playing field would rise from the ashes – all part of The Plan.
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Money flows and itineraries were sent out to group leaders asking them to go into the new US Treasury in Reno to prepare for RV liquidity on Fri. 31 July. Military personnel have had liquidity and been able to exchange their Dong/Afghani and partially on Dinar. #NESARA #GESARA
Prosperity Packages have been delivered, but liquidity would not start until the first week of Aug. Exchange notification for Tiers 1-4a,b was expected on Mon. or Tues. 3, 4 Aug. Redemption and Call Centers were still on call.
On Wed. 29 July the Dinar was revalued and that new rate was posted internationally. You can’t see the new Dinar rate in the US, but were expected to see it when exchanges began on Mon. 3 Aug, or Tues. 4 Aug. #NESARA #GESARA
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The next few weeks to Tues. 15 Sept. were promised to be filled with historic legislation enactment that would return us to the original Constitution and implementation of NESARA. #NESARA #GESARA
Tiers 1-4a funds started moving at 12:45 am EDT Tues. 28 July. Monies were moving through a required protocol, while many were looking for resolution and deliveries to start with liquidity for Tier 4b on Wed. 29 July.
Military Intel Contact texted on Tues. 28 July "That authorization from the 11 pm EDT RV team meeting Mon. 27 July to release Tiers 1-3/4a funds started at 4:45am PDT (12:45 am EDT) Tues. 28 July. Tier 4b was in the mix. #NESARA #GESARA
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On Mon. 27 July the World Court (ICC) ruled in favor of the Chinese plaintiffs and against the USA. The Court ordered the USA to get Tier 4B started ASAP this week, or hand the release and 800# notification process over to the Chinese. #NESARA #GESARA
The USA would be charged interest on the three trillion taken from Dubai 1 Accounts for every day past Wed. 29 July it took the USA to get the release done and Tier 4B started.
The USA agreed to get the notifications out before or by Wed. 29 July. #NESARA #GESARA
The DoD, Trump and RV teams were working as fast as they could to get the RV/GCR out and Tier 4B started.
Trump did not want the interest cost of the USA delaying this past Wed. 29 July because they did not want GCR/RV release proceeds withheld from the funds allocated to the USA
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The currencies of NK, Iran, Lebanon and Venezuela converted to the QFS, that set off the QFS to automatically replace the old SWIFT global financial system and the fiat US dollar to go to a gold/ asset-backed US Note (USN) for payouts and exchanges. #NESARA #GESARA
This gold-backed USN was now public knowledge, especially in banking circles.
The Global Financial Reset and changing of the banking system officially began on Fri 24 July midnight EDT and CMKX attorney Al Hodges was paid. #NESARA #GESARA
Behind the new Quantum Financial System was Blockchain: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple – a digital currency, though there would still be cash, just not on the same level. #NESARA #GESARA
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The Elders were in Brussels and waiting for the World Court ruling on Mon. 27 July.

The World Court ICC in Brussels recommended to the US that they start Tier 4b ASAP.

There were six generals who wanted to put this off until Aug. 5. #NESARA #GESARA
President Trump wanted the Safe Link websites to come out Sun. night 26 July so we could set appointments on Mon. 27 July. The six generals said no way. They were using the RV to pull the Cabal down. #NESARA #GESARA
The good thing about POTUS Trump was that he has been fighting every angle and every aspect to get Tier 4b released immediately because he wanted to be re-elected in Nov 2020. #NESARA #GESARA
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Monies were moving. The World Court issue will have no effect on our exchanges. There were TTMs for Dragons (Chinese Elders) going on right now today Fri. 24 July. (Our platforms have not seen a TTM yet). Everything must be started before the end of the month. #NESARA #GESARA
On a daily basis the Cabal has tried to prevent the RV from happening including constantly hacking into the global financial system to steal funds and sending out false reports on the reset. #NESARA #GESARA
The Powers That Be were now working toward a new deadline for Tier 4b to start by Wed. 29 July. Though, no one really knew the exact date for exchanges and redemption because it had yet to be determined. #NESARA #GESARA
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On Thurs. 23 July three super large tranches of funds were being paid out to the global collateral accounts to pay out groups, Tier 4b, bonds, etc. Money was moving in Reno (at the new US Treasury), Zurich, Hong Kong, Miami, London. The bonds were being paid out.
All Redemption Center staff and bankers remained on High Alert, having been told to plan on working over the weekend. #NESARA #GESARA
Thurs. 23 July, federal troops were sent to calm the rioting in 24 cities.

The SWIFT system was gone so it would be hard for the Cabal to steal monies.

The military was paid at least in part last Sat. 18 July.

There are over 16,000 Redemption Centers in the US.
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Audits on the reset were very real as the Cabal has tried to hack and steal funds daily.
The latest was that the audits passed as of around 4 pm Wed. 22 July and things were moving forward.
It’s about to happen. #NESARA #GESARA
Explanation: Tier4b is not for the public, with Tier5 it becomes interesting for humans.

Keep praying this in as it looks like THIS IS IT and the Deep State politician & bureaucrat shills CANNOT HOLD IT BACK FOREVER! #NESARA #GESARA
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On Tues. 21 July, it was announced that a Secured Website would be live for Tier 4b to obtain 800#s and secure exchange/redemption appointments within the next 24-48 hours (or perhaps by Wed. morning 22 July with activation of the QFS). #NESARA #GESARA
Also on Tues. 21 July the new gold/asset-backed USN currency became official when the old SWIFT global financial system was switched to the new Quantum Financial System. #NESARA #GESARA
There had been four holdouts – Iran, Venezuela, Lebanon and North Korea – which all came on board by 3:30 am EDT Tues. morning 21 July. It would take 25 hours to bring everyone up on the system (or by 5 am EDT Wed. morning 22 July). #NESARA #GESARA
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Worldwide 125 million have exchanged. Governments in those countries which exchanged needed the monies, so it was changed that Tier 4b (us, the Internet Group), would now be going last. #NESARA #GESARA
Tier 4b could start any time from now to Tues. 21 July according to the last Department of Defense Report. At 3:30 pm EDT today Sat. 18 July another effort was made by Trump & the RV teams to start the release. We do not know the outcome of that effort as yet. #NESARA #GESARA
Sometime this weekend Iraq could announce their sovereignty and the fiat dollar replaced by a gold/ asset-backed US Treasury in Reno. New gold-backed US dollars and newly minted silver coins were sitting at banks ready to circulate. #NESARA #GESARA
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Since Mon. 26 US Treas. and FED members have been arrested for obstructing release of the RV. See #C for lists of DC DS Cabal Politicians who may be on their way to GITMO Military Tribunals under charges such as Seditious Conspiracy and Treason. #NESARA #GESARA
Trump knew that he had to get the RV exch. started or he would risk not being re-elected.
Rumors were not true that we had to wait till 19 July for Tier 4b to be started when three countries (Iran, Leban., and Venez.) get completely off SWIFT and onto the QFS. #NESARA #GESARA
Sometime this week Iraq would announce their sovereignty, the fiat dollar would be replaced by a gold/ asset-backed system out of the new US Treasury in Reno, new gold-backed US dollars and newly minted coins were sitting at banks ready to circulate. #NESARA #GESARA
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Certain Cabal Operatives have been behind a Dark Web leak obstruction to the release according to Fleming’s Military Intel Contact.
On Mon. 13 July Intel and Special Op Teams resolved the problem by “eliminating” the Cabal Operatives. #NESARA #GESARA
The DoD gave a release to proceed on Mon. 13 July at 5:40 pm EDT and again at 6:45 pm EDT.

That meant it was still a go for the international Internet Group’s receipt of a Secured Website and 800#s to make exchange/ redemption appointments on Tues. 14 July. #NESARA #GESARA
Rumor was that Blackout Week would start this week and the fiat dollar would be replaced by an asset-backed monetary system out of the new US Treasury in Reno that has taken over the IRS and Federal Reserve. #NESARA #GESARA
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On 10 July the Elders gave the “go” for Tier 4b release on Tues. 14 July. After that there was a RV rate Forex update and financial audits, plus a series of last minute tests that included testing of liquidity release for the shotgun release and Tier 4b start. #NESARA #GESARA
Over the past week exchanges have been happening across the globe, though reports were that the appointments made were for certain select people who were only partially funded as they tested the system. #NESARA #GESARA
The Department of Defense Security Teams and US Treasury leadership team were working hard to shut down doorways that the Cabal hackers used to try to steal funds.
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The new worldwide Quantum Financial System was being tested and implemented in Canada and the US from Thurs. 2 July to Thurs. 9 July.

A 72 hour hold on the Dinar and a Canadian financial system blackout both ended at 9 pm EDT Wed 8 July. #NESARA #GESARA
Release sequence launch activity started Wed. 8 July, with liquidity release on Thurs. 9 July.

Banks would begin VIP client scheduling Thurs. 9 July.

Tier 4b would either start Fri-Sat. 10, 11 July or Mon-Tues. 13, 14 July. #NESARA #GESARA
Paymasters and attorneys were being told liquidity release could happen as early as Thurs.-Fri. 9, 10 July, and that there would be full access to monies when Tier 4b started exchanges. #NESARA #GESARA
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Buyers, Paymasters in the process were told that Tier 2 should be liquid on Mon. 6 July. Contacts in Zurich were told there was a high level of certainty that Tues. 7 July would be Liquidity Release Day for all Tiers, including us in Tier 4b. #NESARA #GESARA
The Department of Defense confirmed that Deep State Operatives have been arrested who were trying to hack Tier 4 bank servers on Wed. 1 July when the GCR was to begin in the US. Part of Arrest List:… #NESARA #GESARA
The July 4 Independence Day Celebrations were expected to see President Trump make important announcements, likely on the US Dollar returning to a Gold Standard and implementation of NESARA debt forgiveness law. President Trump’s schedule: #NESARA #GESARA
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The Global Currency Reset started internationally at 12:01 am Wed. 1 July. China released the GCR and started exchanges in the Far East that exceeded over 500,000 exchanges. #NESARA #GESARA
Paymasters were reporting that they would have appointments to exchange at least by Mon. 6 July,120 days before a Pres. Election of 3 Nov.,that would fit requirements that elections be held within 120 days after announcement of NESARA,expected over this 4. of July #NESARA #GESARA
On Wed. 1 July US Treasury officials were doing a massive cleanup in Zurich of questionable people trying to take advantage of the reset. They had moved their operations from the US Treasury to Zurich, though were now under arrest. #NESARA #GESARA
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A large human. group was called in to receive a partial payment.Banks were reporting a shortage of Fed dollars and coins as they continued to take US coinage out of circulation for the Global Currency Reset.A digital gold backed ZIM currency went live in Zimbabwe. #NESARA #GESARA
Canada will have a financial blackout from Thurs. 2 July to Thurs. 9 July. Fri. 3 July was likely to see President Trump make important announcements at Mount Rushmore about the US Dollar returning to a Gold Standard and implementation of a debt forgiveness law, #NESARA #GESARA.
The military reported they had completed over 16,000 arrests of high profile Deep State Operatives – thought to include politicians, DC agency bureaucrats, well-known Hollywood stars, Main Stream Media journalists and news anchors. #NESARA #GESARA
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