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Oproep op tot onderzoek naar #Extreemrechts in #Victoria.
Groeiende #Angst voor randgroepen.

"Deze buiten angsten rond de #Pandemie uit om te #Rekruteren voor hun gevaarlijke #Extremistische agenda."
Zei de leider van de Groenen.… via @ABCaustralia
#Victoria's #Golf COVID19-infecties.

#Premier Daniel Andrews:
Illegale bijeenkomsten & huisfeesten
tijdens 't weekend v.d. grote AFL finale,
veroorzaakten de dramatische stijging donderdag,
waarvan 'n groot deel "#Vermijdbaar" was.… via @ABCaustralia
#Victoria is de eerste #Australische staat die de openbare vertoning van de #Nazi-#Swastika verbiedt als onderdeel van een uitbreiding van de anti-lasterwetten.

Victoria gaat #Hakenkruizen verbieden als anti-lasterwetten aangescherpt:… via @ABCaustralia
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Thursday's #Coronavirus megathread starts here with the best #Covid19 global analysis and round up available on Twitter.

First a little quiz, answer in the next Tweet:
Do you know which country has had the most recorded cases of Covid19 as a percentage of population?
So I hope there was no cheating... I'll leave some blank lines here too in case some later viewers don't want the answer just yet...
So the nation with more #Covid19 cases than any other based on population is highly vaccinated #Seychelles at more than 20% infected.
Today I spent quite a long time being filmed/interviewed by @bbcturkce about #Covid19 and #Turkey. Not sure how much they will use, let's see.

Coincidentally the cameraman Efe, just happened to be in Kyiv as one of those using Ukraine for a 10 day stop off to avoid hotel prison!
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The daily #Coronavirus megathread for Tuesday starts early, from Manchester airport.

Because of the early start I missed a few countries from yesterday's thread, first I'll update these #Covid19 totals. Tweets during the day may be delayed due to travel & connectivity issues
1/3 #GreekIslands - yesterday cases nudged lower again in #Greece and there were some very promising data from the islands too.

#Crete cut new cases of #Covid19 by 43% while for #Corfu it was a 48% fall and #Rhodes saw a reduction of 38%.

#Samos and #Chios need watching...
#Greece - #Covid19 on the islands yesterday vs previous week

#Crete 129 (-98)
#Corfu 26 (-24)
#Andros 2 (-1)
#Chios 22 (+11)
#Ikaria 3 (+1)
#Kalymnos 4 (-6)
#Kefalonia 4 (-4)
#Kos 9 (-4)
#Lefkada 5 (-7)
#Lemnos 4 (+3)
#Lesbos 19 (-4)
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Programming the New Human Species
Hydrogel) [Part 1]…
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#Victoria #BritishColumbia
“‘However, damaging property mischief, criminal offences are not enshrined in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.’

MacIntyre said anyone who was simply protesting will not be targeted, but those that participated in property damage will.”
Couldn’t help but notice that the crowd doing the destruction looked pretty vanilla in that short clip.

Figures. Hooligans. 🤦🏻‍♂️
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#Breaking: Acting Premier James Merlino is giving an update on the Victorian floods and COVID-19.

He's confirmed the SES has received over 7400 calls for assistance and more than 121,000 homes are without power. #VicFloods #Victoria Image
MERLINO: "It is the first day we have reported zero cases in the community since the start of the outbreak. It is good news and news I know everyone in Victoria wanted to hear." #COVID19VIC #Victoria
People in the Craigieburn area have been urged to get tested.

MERLINO: "Please make plans today to get tested immediately. Testing is the best way to know how we are tracking against this virus." #COVID19VIC #COVID19
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#Australia - #Victoria - Police Targets Independent Journalists at Home
Hired goons from Victoria Police came to visit the home of an independent journalist to stop him from doing his job. #COVID19 #fascism
(@therealrukshan video)
Melbourne lockdown March Flinders to Parliament

(Marty Focker video)
#Australia - A day in the park with #Victoria Police - Flagstaff Gardens // #Melbourne
Is the police doing it's job to keep the State safe or are they terrorising members of the public expressing their anger at the situation in Victoria? #COVID19
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2day 60years ago #UNGA voted 4the #Independence of Fmr British #SouthernCameroons (SCs) that became an Int'l SCAM by de #Unfair,#Deceptive,#ColonialSchemes of🇨🇲&🇫🇷on #SCians! ImageImageImageImage
A Franco-British axis of evil schemed to deny the Former British #SouthernCameroons her fundamental right to #SelfDetermination via a TRUNCATED UNJUSTIFIED PLEBISCITE with 2 DEVIL OPTIONS in 1961 in BLATANT VIOLATION of @UN STATUTES & MANDATE ImageImageImage
Serious violations 2 wh Int'l Boundaries under Int'l TREATIES were frozen btw the 2sovereign states @Independence in1960 for La Rép. du CameroUn🇨🇲 which didn't & have never included #SCs and 4the latter in1961.

Prof. ImageImageImageImage
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Dreifach-Therapie #öffnet Alten- und Pflegeheime in #Australien

Super simpel,
wirkt in 48 Stunden
für nahezu alle

und genehmigt von der Australischen Institut für Medikamente und der WHO

Dieser Professor Thomas Borody sagte:

"Wenn wir das #Leiden in #Victoria stoppen wollen, muss dies den Massen verordnet werden."

"Wenn also jeder Arzt anfängt, dies zu verschreiben, wird man die Veränderungen sehen, nach denen sich Victoria gesehnt hat."
Weiter sagt er, er habe bisher eine positive Antwort vom Bundesgesundheitsminister Greg Hunt und dem stellvertretenden Gesundheitschef Dr. Nick Coatsworth erhalten.

Und ja, die Dreifach-Therapie besteht aus den uns lange bekannten

#Ivermectine, #Doxycycline and #Zinc
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10 march: #victoria announces deal to subsidise #coal power station to stay operating.

17 march: #victoria introduces legislation to add a ~$5000 tax on electric vehicles.


taxing climate solutions & subsidising coal.

welcome to the upside down. #springst #auspol
$330/year x 15 years = $4,950

the new MG ZS EV costs $43,990 on the road.

ie. #victoria's new #EV tax works out to be about 11%.

…buy an #EV in victoria and pay more in #EV tax than GST.
with #EVs at 0.7% market share and #victoria's transport emissions rising…

now is the *worst* time to slap on an 11% #EV tax.
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Schwere Anschuldigung
Whistleblower veröffentlicht Emails, die beinhalten, dass ein Experte um #Tegnell absichtlich Daten zu COVID-Fällen in #Schulen u. Todesfälle von Kindern manipuliert haben soll, die Veröffentlichungen werden geprüft, hier Auszüge…
Offiziell soll die COVID-Pandemie in #Schweden nicht zu einem Anstieg der Todesfälle bei #Kindern geführt haben:
Die von #Malmberg erhaltenen E-Mails zeigen jedoch, dass #Ludvigsson im Juli 2020 an #Tegnell schrieb:
„Leider sehen wir einen klaren Hinweis auf eine übermäßige #Sterblichkeit bei #Kindern im Alter von 7 bis 16 Jahren, dem Alter, in dem Kinder zur #Schule gingen.“
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En el @senadomexicano se realiza #ParlamentoAbierto por cambios en la ley de la @FGRMexico; estas reformas le quitarían la obligación de buscar.

La buscadora @mahalofeliz señala que es una simulación y la plataforma digital ha impedido que participen, no solo a escuchen.
11,349 personas desaparecidas y no localizadas, reporta la @Busqueda_MX

Los principales municipios con desaparecidos son: #Matamoros, #Reynosa, #NuevoLaredo, #Victoria, #Tampico, #Altamira, #ValleHermoso, #SanFernando, #CiudadMaderoy #MiguelAlemán.
La buscadora tamaulipeca, @Josefina_DeLeo, también opina sobre el #ParlamentoAbierto sobre la ley de la @FGRMexico.

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#Australia, #Victoria police brutality
Since the socalled "terrorists" took down #WTC, police all over the world are "fighting terrorists" meaning you and I. But remember it's no #fascist #conspiracy 😂
(Note: featuring serg. Scott Gray as Main Bully)

Aussie Cop Challenges Police Repression
"Kevin Dawson: “If there is truly no #conspiracy here, why aren’t we having the conversation?"

#Covid19 #Australia #NSW (New South Wales)…
#Victoria #Police Unlawfully detained in front of Parliament
If you told the police, worldwide, that they would detain people for a flulike virus in a years time they would have smiled and said "we are too busy for nonsens"🙃
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1) Now learning about #GESARA and #NESARA. Starting to look like #Trump might have actually prepared the way for their implementation. A crucial step is getting nation off debt based system controlled by central banks and reclaiming control with gold-backed currency.
2) That's why I'm looking at ScoMo's much derided use of phrase "#goldstandard" in a new light. Remember that he made this comment about #NSWpol's handling of #COVID19AU back in September, saying "that is where we have to get everybody to":
3) ScoMo used phrase several times. In clip below (Dec): "NSW Govt's testing and tracing capabilities are #goldstandard not just in this country but anywhere around the world." So, local and global reference. #NESARA is USA, #GESARA is global.
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Meanwhile in #France,
"the peak of this second wave is over"

(according to the President in his Adress to the Nation):
Wait... "the peak is over" doesn´t mean "it´s back to normal"!

Confinement will only fall on December 15,
if there´s less than 5.000 new cases a day.
(today it´s ~9.000).

France is disappointed.🙁

Although they certainly can make it happen.
Meanwhile in #Switzerland:
(excess mortality of the second wave is significant)

Good news: fastest decrease in infections happens in the worst hit areas now.
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1) Had look thru the Goblin of the South's Instagram. A veritable treasure trove of symbolism. More dogs than you can, er, throw a stick for, natch! Also other motifs with #occultelite vibe. In this thread I'll go down that rabbit hole. #DictatorDan
2) As mentioned, many "dog shots". Seems to have more than any other #Auspol figure. Also loves purple. We know this from lie fests backdrop. (Until Biden "won", changed to blue and white, coinciding with 0 cases. Not suss at all!) But this from 2018.
3) Pink, close to purple on spectrum, is "beautiful" in the ghoul's own words. #DanMustGo
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‘Terminations of pregnancy’ after 20 weeks ‘resulting in live birth’😨
"The new #abortion law in #NewZealand is even more extreme than the law in #Victoria, #Australia – making it the most extreme abortion law in the world."…
#NewZealanders protest against law allowing unlimited abortion
The new law scraps the previous 20-week limit and will allow terminations on-demand, for any reason, up to birth. The new law has also legalised sex-selective #abortion.…
766 babies born alive after abortions and left to die in #Canada over five years
"According to new data, livebirth late-term #abortions are still happening in Canada. And the numbers are way too high."…
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#Australia #Victoria #Coronavirus

The health minister of the Australian state of Victoria, Jenny Mikakos, has resigned after persistent criticism over the sharp increase in coronavirus cases.
According to the authorities, the number of corona deaths in Victoria rose to 782 on Saturday - this corresponds to a large part of the 870 deaths in Australia.
The lockdown arranged in Victoria's capital Melbourne is considered one of the toughest in the world and is unlikely to be lifted before the end of October. Around five million people live in the metropolitan region.
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1) I think this is #DictatorDan's actual testimony. Still weird as, but. He looks skinnier, paler, way younger. And his hands look large in comparison to his body. I suspect tech heads could explain weirdness as result of Skype or similar software with low resolution.
2) But it's not remotely batshit to wonder what is going on here. Look at insane stuff going in #Victoria lately. To say it seems surreal (zif dystopian satire) is yuge understatement. Also, many #MSM glitches involving pollies esp those linked to Cabal, Dems (as Dan is).
3) Check out this "glitch in the matrix" featuring #HillaryClinton.
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1) Another yugely OTT police visit. Again woman is victim, this time late at night. Why do #VictoriaPolice keep doing this? Women so often victims of loathsome bullying. Clearly meant to make us hate the plods. Stop being played Aussies. A psyop!…
2) This has #globalistelite written all over it. Their MO: engineer events to make masses *demand* totalitarian measures they wanna install. If they didn't use this ploy and were actually honest they'd never get what they want coz we'd say: "You want to do what? Sod off!"
3) All this #VictoriaPolice bastardy in viral videos part of psyop to push for UN community policing. #Defundthepolice Down Under. Look at Dirty Dems in USA. Use #BLM, MSM to flog "cops racist" lie. Even had Afro-Latino reporter arrested live on TV.…
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1) Depressing that smart folk conned by psyop. #VictoriaPolice brutally targeting chicks coz it'll make masses detest 'em; maybe rise up violently. Then Goblin of the South can say, "We'll #defundthecops, replace with UN force" (already there, BTW).…
2) Look up Strong Cities Network. It's UN "community policing" project. #Victoria is only Oz state signed up to it. Also, some of these women and plods are clearly #crisisactors. #DictatorDan has brazenly used them before:…
3) Chick in Wallan has #Starnow profile. Grey haired cop who choked chick in #Collingwood wore fake badge and seemed present at #Ballarat. I know it sounds utterly batshit but this is best explanation for insanity when you step back, look at patterns.
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#Australia #Victoria #Coronavirus

The Australian state of Victoria expects the restrictions to contain the virus outbreak to be relaxed by the end of the month. The average cases in the past two weeks in Melbourne, the largest city in the state, fell below 50,
according to health officials, which is in a range where easing would be possible. If the average infection rate remains below 50 by September 28, factories, warehouses and construction sites can resume work, and childcare facilities can also reopen.
However, residents are only allowed to move within a five-kilometer radius of their place of residence and do sports outside for two hours a day. The curfew from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. remains.
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1) I'm glad that #GiveDantheBoot and Vic Police are trending. Obviously the malignant, stunted little control-freak needs to GTFO of #SpringSt ASAP. But what's happening in #Victoria is waaay bigger than #DictatorDan himself.
2) Remember, *all* establishment pollies are not free, empowered leaders representing our interests. They are muppets of #globalistelite. All enthusiastically signed up to, or reluctantly acquiesced to "one world govt" push that's been advancing slowly in shadows for yonks.
3) This #NWO utopianism is opposite of organic, bottom up phenomenon. It's top down, driven by insanely rich, corrupt, depraved scumbags bonded by batshit cult. Many high up in #Auspol, MSM are members. Think of 'em as *ghouls*. Others, controlled by it, are *zombies*.
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