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India achieved a remarkable leap in the field of tele communication after the engineer - genius, Mr. #SamPitroda. The renowned firm, #C - dot was founded under his initiative. For it, he frequently stepped in & out the offices of Ms.Indira Gandhi as well as Rajiv Gandhi.
When C - Dot was officially inaugurated, Rajiv Gandhi was at PM's office. Sam pitroda was the father of Indian tele communication & under whose #patent, Rajiv Gandhi became patron of Indian information technology revolution. This is just as, pretending Modi having 56'' by placing
the Indian army in front. So, this is the hard reality to be made out!, otherwise, we would be forced to bear idiots like Padmaja Venugopal, who may boast that, Rajiv Gandhi had made his own mobile phone long before #MartinCooper made an attempt.....
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ثريد - "قوام الساعة الزجاجية لماذا عليك البحث عن الفتاة الاصغر؟"
لنبدأ مع قوام_لساعة الزجاجية ، "الأثداء الممتلئة" ما هو سر إنجذاب الرجل غريزيا لهم ؟ هل هذه التفضيلات ذات اصل بيلوجي للرجل ؟ هل عمر المرأة وصحتها له علاقة بتفضيلاتك؟ كثيرا ما تشاهد هذا الرسم البياني فماذا يعني؟
لابد انك لاحظت عزيزي الرجل انجذابك القوي للقوام بشكل الساعة الزجاجية أو (صدر ممتلئ / خصر صغير / حوض كبير) و لم تعرف ما هو سر اشتراك الغالبية الساحقة من الرجال في هذا الانجذاب الغريزي القوي...
للموضوع اساس بيولوجي مرتبط بغريزة البقاء و التناسل ، و هو مبرمج في عقل الرجل منذ مئات آلاف السنين... لكن كيف ؟ السلوك البشري مدفوع بعدة غرائز أساسية تختلف أولوياتها حسب درجة الأهمية..
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BIRTH OF ISLAMOPHOBIA and Its Amplification by opportunists.

It was Tuesday, September "11th" 2001.
Before this day, there was no word such as Islamic terrorism, Jihadist, islamic extremists, islamophobia and many more.
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And whole world were prospering, In the same year
Wikipedia was launched on internet
Windows XP was released by Microsoft
Apple Inc unveiled first generation iPod
#C programming language specifications released.
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There was country "Afghanistan" which was just a common country and unknown to rest of the world with smaller area and population.
Few years back, they suffered a "Guerrilla warfare" fought between Soviet Union and small groups of local people of Afghanistan.
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@NickWolfinger @Stata First off, you should try using the i. in place of the c. operator for year. The latter treats year as a continuous variable and assumes that the coefficients of the relationships remain constant across time. The former allows them to vary by year.
@NickWolfinger @Stata So it should be educ##year as opposed to educ##c.year (no need to include the i. operator).
@NickWolfinger @Stata With i.year, you also wouldn't have to manually specify at(year=(1980 1981 1982) etc. etc.

So if you'd like to see how the effects of having a college education on Y change over time, you would do...
margins i.year, at(educ=(insert value for college education)).
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Value ed can create this archetype by the thousands -> A high strung, low analytical IQ, very high EI (emotional intelligence) - I bet @tmkrishna thinks of these things as impure and hence is projecting his own idea on the Leather worker.
@tmkrishna equivalent would be the slaughter industry. All those guys posting mutton biriyani and beef kerala fry - how many here would have the stomach to slaughter a lamb? these are non-brahmins right - so the pure feast of the Gods is impure work of the slaughterman - @tmkrishna
@tmkrishna a side effect of the Dravidian elevation of the tamil-brahmin. The dunning-kruger effect. A few dimwits internalize the elevation and think they are gods gift in brainpower !! What a psychological mess India is in - only #C has an answer to everything. Is this clear by now?
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it’s 2020, let’s start the new year with a long thread:
one like = one fact about or feature of c-lightning dev (max 100)
1/ a handy way to see all the configuration options for c-lightning is by running `lightningd --help`
2/ for all the available commands, try `lightning-cli help`
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(1/2) #AlgorithmicTrading #AMA - We bring to you the most asked questions about #AlgoTrading. Nitesh Khandelwal (Co-founder and CEO, QuantInsti) answers them in the form of short narrative videos.

Check out the entire playlist here:
What is High-Frequency Trading, Low-Frequency Trading and Medium-Frequency Trading?

#HFT #LFT #MFT #AlgorithmicTrading #FAQs #AMA #question #answer #algotrading
Where to get historical and real-time market data?

#Data #marketdata #AlgorithmicTrading #FAQs #AMA #question #answer #algotrading #traders #trading
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Here, we're going to thread the key #pitmad rules/guidelines, but please visit for full details. #PitMad is a pitch party on Twitter where writers tweet a 280-character pitch for their completed, polished, unpublished manuscripts.
Every unagented writer is welcome to pitch. All genres/categories are welcomed. All nationalities are welcomed.

#PitMad occurs quarterly.

Do NOT tag agents/editors in your pitches. Don't tag us unless you have a question.
Agents and editors make requests by liking/favoriting (❤️) the tweeted pitch. #pitmad
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Now, as “Russiagate” is over and feeling totally exonerated by the recent report, let the inquisitive minds find the truth about the “#Pissgate” creators, a lovely couple, GS/CS, who organized the smear campaign against the #President, #Millian, the team or are they #untouchable?
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The #DPRK Multi Indcator Cluster Survey #MICS for 2017 by @UNICEF is out. 8500 Households in all 9 provinces including #Jagangprovince (normally closed to #NGOs) and #Pyongyang with 24 hour notification period prior to survey. #NorthKorea
Urban (61%) and Rural (39%) households. Validation by forced re-interviews on one randomly selected household per cluster. Carried out with #DPRK Central Bureau of Statistics. Numbers are credible and match closely with other surveys (at least for childhood mortality rates)
99.7% on electricity grid
98.2 % with TV
30.3 % with refrigerator (19.4% rural)
63% have electric rice cooker (51% rural)
15.5% havewashing machine
75.5% have CD player (68.4% rural)
83% bicycle
18.7% computer/tablet (8.3% rural)
66.4% mobile phone (48.1% rural) (89.7% PY)
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