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#covid1984: It's Just?

✨😷✨It's just a mask?!?
😳It's just 2 weeks.
😭It's just non-essential businesses.
🙁It's just to keep from overwhelming the 🏥🏥.
🤔It's just until cases go 👇
🙄It's just to keep others from being scared.

🤪It's just for a few more weeks.
🤫It's just communion or singing.
😩It's just until we get a 💉#vaccine.
😫It's just a few side effects.
😯It's just a bracelet.
🤒It's just to let people know you're safe to be around.

😶It's just an app.
🤥It's just to let others know who you've been in contact with.
🤔It's just a few more months.
😠It's just for protecting others from hate speech.

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Stop being a pawn in divide and conquer. Ask yourself these questions 👇

Whoever produced this, brill!

Black Questions Matter…

I have a few points to add. #MPD & #ENR is a two-minute drive from each other. What did they need to burn down? Was Omar investment properties scorched? #derekchauvin worked at #ENR for 17 years. I was told #GeorgeFloyd harrived to MN 4 years ago from TX.
Why did an attorney go on Facebook and claim #Georgefloyd died in 2017? Why did I spend two hours looking for a #georgefloyd in obituaries or in Corpus Christi but came up with nothing? George Floyd may as well be John Smith. Why did the attorney seem surprised his FB page

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Pablo Iglesias es un masón que han llevado hasta ahí para desestabilizar España, esa es su Única misión. No provoca por casualidad. Quieren una guerra civil como lo han hecho en EEUU para imponer la #LeyMarcial y así su #NuevoOrdenMundial
Así funcionan! 👉
Los captan de jóvenes. Pablo se tapa el ojo. Esa foto la puse en mi vídeo 👇 En el programa de Podemos lo pone: “Libertad, igualdad y fraternidad”. Hace unos meses publiqué un vídeo donde “el Rufián” proclamaba el #NOM
Esos idiotas no están por casualidad!
Todo esto YA FUE ADVERTIDO por #DavidCrowley SUICIDADO junto a su mujer, su hija y su perro, casualmente antes de acabar su documental #GrayState👇
Conté su historia en mi vídeo recientemente censurado “Illuminati, la secta que secuestró el mundo”. Mira el trailer, es tu futuro!!
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#GEORGEFLOYD Complaint 👇🤔

VERY DIFFERENT from what #MSM is depicting #DerekChauvin & chain of events.

Add a pinch of lies. Throw In Truth. Add a dash of #race & #popo brutality.Stir into a pot of #Covid1984 =

#Virustovioelence in days.

Did #GeorgeFloyd start to say he cannot breathe BEFORE he got #Chauvin's knee?

"While standing outside the car, Mr. Floyd began saying and repeating that he could not breathe."
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We cant locate #GEORGEFLOYD's fam but the system wants to trace & track each one of us by hiring a school of #snitches?

"I can't breathe" from all the 🐂💩.
Not to mention the now toxic fumes.

Sister Bridgit ... I honestly want to know where you got your "I can't breathe" teeshirt. I think it's a bit in poor taste. Because Eric Garner... he also couldn't breathe. And the cop was also 'dismissed' because strangulation wasn't the cause of death.
You've been CHUCKING underlying health conditions in the trash for MONTHS with #Covid19 #covid1984 #conyouvirus & now you're going to tell me that's what KILLED #georgefloyd? If this man is indeed dead, yeah do another autopsy.

Where did @washingtonpost & #CNN find the report?
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Thank you @Shoq for providing a perfect example of an Ad Hominem attack:

Attacking a person's character or motivations rather than a position or argument.

What are Ad Hominem attacks and how are they similar to Censorship? 來自
2. I suspect that @Shoq is a GCHQ bot that is actively promoting disinformation about C*VID19 and deplatforming Twitter accounts educating people on the truth about the virus.

See Part III:

Welcome to Nazi Germany, #COVID1984!?

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@GovSisolak pretty sure all of our fallen & gone would agree:
@GovSisolak Why is This company running Nevada's covid/genetic Testing???

Leader of UAE donates 200,000 test kits for his brother's AI/Spy group G42 (who is teamed up w/Chynese Gene bank BGI) to use on Nevadans!

Q: How is this OK? A: It's NOT

#Nevada #testing #covid1984 #covid19
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(1) #QAnons aufgepaßt! #C4Q fragt:

Wie bestimmt man den Ausgang eines riskanten Spiels um die Welt?
(2) Man behält sich ein As im Ärmel...


Zuallererst reicht es nicht, wenn du den Menschen erzählst, dass sie BELOGEN wurden.


Du mußt es ihnen ZEIGEN, sodass sie es selbst erfahren und ERKENNEN können...

(3) Benutzte d.Mittel deines Feindes gegen ihn selbst:

"..wir waren vorbereitet & ließen unsere Gegner gewähren, damit sie sich umsomehr in ihrem eigenen Gespinst verfangen sollten. Damit d.Menschen auf das, was auf sie zukommen sollte, einigermaßen.."…
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For the record:
German foreign minister Maas said yesterday, the Corona Tracking App will be ready for the 2020 holiday season. Not only for Germans - but for every (!) European tourist. They really want to install China-like surveillance.

#Covid1984 #NWO #QAnon
Governments have been debating how to monitor citizens to help slow the spread of the virus. With help of Apple & Google they want to find a decentralized solution. Actually Deutsche Telekom & SAP are working on the app.…
Why is Big Pharma essential?
Expand your thinking past cures.
Think Google. Think Apple.
Mind will be blown by COC.
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Part 2 of 3
Part 3 of 3
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"Le macronisme constitue l’arrivée au pouvoir d’une haute fonction publique libérée des partis politiques. L’État profond (supérieur, central et autonomisé) se libère des partis politiques, qui ont explosé."
"en fait un axe vertical étatique (énarques-police) avec le macro-lepénisme plutôt qu’une opposition horizontale"
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"Tout est fait systématiquement et méthodiquement, point par point, pour doper le taux de mortalité de ce virus bénin. Cette persistance dans l’erreur est le signe soit d’une incompétence totale, soit d’une volonté de nuire, et probablement les deux"
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