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OpIndia is notorious for publishing toxic content like this. Now the Guardian is having to appeal to them to end their public attacks on a respected Guardian reporter.

If you work in advertising, today would be a good day to exclude from your online ads:
"Spreading hatred against Muslims within the majority community is what was happening there... I quit. I did not become a journalist to spread hatred" - ex OpIndia employee…
Hi @Uk_vikingdirect - we're sorry to say that your advertising has shown up on the notorious toxic website - you can easily fix that by excluding them as outlined here:…
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Reuters' journalist Rina Chandran has come up with a propaganda piece to whitewash the violence perpetrated by Islamists in Leicester.

To do so, she has pinned the blame on Indian Hindus for violence against Hindus, living in Leicester.

“Rumour had it that a Muslim girl had been kidnapped and a Hindu temple had sent masked thugs into combat,” she wrote, without mentioning that both these rumours were conceived in Leicester and disseminated by the Islamists living there.
Opindia reported how Islamists had blamed the RSS for supposedly trying to kidnap a 15-year-old Muslim girl.

A Hindu man was dubbed as a paedophile & his address was even leaked on Facebook. Later, it turned out to be fake news.…
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THREAD: Did these people inflame tensions and/or attacks against Hindus in the UK?

#HindusUnderAttackInUK #Leicester #Birmingham #HateCrime #HinduphobiaIsReal

1/10 Image
Sunny Hundal | Journalist: Cricket fans of mixed faith clashed in #Leicester, Hundal posted a tweet claiming “In Leicester extremist Hindutva groups go on the rampage in Leicester. Shocking stuff”. This unsubstantiated claim was a dog whistle that may have incited attacks.

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Dr Rita Pal | Pakistani-British doctor: Known for raising issues relating to #Pakistani politics in the #UK. During the recent violence in Leicester, we believe she assisted the instigators and the Muslim extremist rioters to identify an apparent “RSS office” and attack it.

3/10 Image
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“The purpose of the statement,” according to @pbmehta "was to subtly signal out the Indian state as a protector of Hindus". What’s wrong with that?

#Leicester #Birmingham #HindusUnderAttackInUK
As and when, there is a real or imaginary attack on Christianity anywhere in the world, the US and the UK are the first ones to react. So do Islamic nations when they think Islam is under attack in any part of the world. @pbmehta

#Leicester #Birmingham #HindusUnderAttackInUK
The Indian Govt took cudgels on behalf of Afghan Sikhs when the community was attacked by Islamists in Afghanistan. In #Leicester, what option did Indian Government have? @pbmehta

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Shocking #Hinduphobia. The shameful silence of the British Media. Assault on a Hindu temple & Hindus in #Birmingham by Muslim extremists.

- Screams of Allah Hu Akbar
- Go drink some cow pi*s
- Go eat cow s**t
- Piss drinking b****ds
- Abusing the police & throwing missiles
A dangerous plot. This is not a Hindu-Muslim clash, this is an outright attack on Hindus by #Islamists. And then they play the victim!

Their hate is clear to see. This has always been the case of Islamist hate and not being able to accept non-Muslims, particularly #Hindus.
#HindusUnderAttackInUK #HindusTargetedInUK

Assault on Hindus in Birmingham by Muslim extremists.

@Telegraph @DailyMailUK @Independent @SkyNews @itvnews @guardian @OpIndia_com @TimesNow @BBCNews
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THREAD: 17th September: Extremists attack a Hindu temple and desecrate Hindu flags.

#HindusUnderAttackInUK #Leicester #LeicesterViolence

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Hindus and Hindu property had been targeted and attacked by extremist Muslim youth over the past 3 weeks in Leicester. #Hindus #extremism

A peace march was organised by Hindus to show solidarity and support for the Hindu victims. Leicester Police were informed and were present at the march. No chants were raised against Islam or Muslims during the march. #Leicester

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1/n: A wilful disinformation campaign seeks to confuse the British public re what really happened in Leicester. In this thread, Advocate Shreya Agarwal details the true sequence of events starting with how British Hindus were targeted first @SuellaBraverman @leicspolice @MEAIndia
2/n: The Leicester mob attacks on Hindus were NOT triggered by a cricket match. What really happened was that Hindus performing Ganesha Puja were assaulted & abused. THIS led to a riposte from some Hindu youth who felt that enough is enough. Full details:
3/n: The attacks on Hindus in Leicester & Birmingham are consistent with similar planned strategies of attack + deflection of blame + subsequent smear campaigns against British Jews & other communities who protest supremacist expansionism & violence. Hindus fought back this time.
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There is a study which says Islamisation of a country can't be stopped once Muslim population reaches 16% of total population.

Britain has 10%+ & they already have taken to streets against the 3rd most populous religious group Hindu's who are just 2-3%.+
Many countries that are Islamic today were originally Christian, for example Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon & Syria.

In other countries as well, Islam supplanted the previous religion: Pakistan was Hindu, Afghanistan was Hindu/Buddhist, Iran was dominated by Zoroastrianism. +
Islamisation of a country is already inevitable, when the proportion of Muslims of the population is about 16 percent, so say many experts on the subject topic. It will take another 100 to 150 years before the Islamisation is complete. +
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If you think #HindusUnderAttackInUK is a one off incident then you are wrong.

The biggest mistake British did was coverup and little to no action even after thousands of underage white girls were groomed and raped by Pakistani gangs. Now they are consuming everything
India under CONgress did the same thing when thousands of Hindu girls were groomed, raped and killed in Ajmer sharif. The accused were CONgress youth leaders. Even after decades no action has been taken.

So people who say Govt is weak, remember it is cult not the Govts.
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Leicester,UK : Muslims Provoking Hindus by reading Namaz on Road in Hindu dominant areas under Police protection

#HindusUnderAttackInUK #HindusUnderAttack #Hinduphobia
Hindus marching through the streets of #Leicester, England chanting “Jai Shri Ram” after repeated provocations & violent threats from Muslim mobs.

#HindusUnderAttackInUK #HindusUnderAttack #HinduHateinUK #Hinduphobia #BanNamazInPublicPlaces
#IslamizationOfUK : Hindu Mandir Swaminarayan Temple targeted by groups of Muslims fanatics in #LeicesterCity, Police is standing around mutely watching peaceful(?) vandalisation @10DowningStreet @trussliz

#HindusUnderAttackInUK #HindusUnderAttack #HinduHateinUK #Hinduphobia
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Hindu Mandirs are now targeted and attacked in Leicester, UK by Islamîsts on Saturday-Sunday.

Dear @leicspolice: #HindusUnderAttack in Leicester

Hindu Mandir Vandalised, religious flags burned and the Hindus are being made hostage.

Personal properties of Hindus are also vandalised.

Dear @rashtrapatibhvn: #HindusUnderAttack in Leicester

Street violence in Leicester against Hindus which till date was known for the biggest Deepawali celebrations outside India.

Dear @10DowningStreet, @trussliz, @PMOIndia, @narendramodi:
#HindusUnderAttack in Leicester

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🇬🇧🚩🇮🇳 IMMINENT THREAT TO H¡NDUS IN THE LEICESTER UK !! #Thread (Read till End & Must RT For Better Reach)

।s।am¡sts attacking H!ndus and their properties in Leicester.

CC @leicspolice @HCI_London @DrSJaishankar @metpoliceuk @UNHumanRights @UN
Armed Musx।ims threaten H¡ndus & claim that they are being provoked through Vande Matram & Jai Shri Ram slogans

#HindusUnderAttackInUK @HCI_London @DrSJaishankar @leicspolice @metpoliceuk
Muxs।ims destr0ying our H¡ndu Temple and police are being mute spectator as seen in the video from Leicester UK 🇬🇧

@HCI_London @DrSJaishankar @leicspolice #HindusUnderAttackInUK
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BIG BREAKING: Musx।im & Kha।istanis possess imminent thπeαt to H¡ndus in #Leicester, UK.

They have decided to gather today to αttαck H¡ndus. These
αttαcks have been non-stop so far.
@leicspolice @metpoliceuk @AskAnshul @HCI_London ImageImageImageImage
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CC @kaajukatla bhaiya
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