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#Herzl: "It's essential that the sufferinngs of jews become worse." #TaShuVu.
#Brenner: #Nazi-#Zionist economic partnership. ImageImageImage
#Russia's President #Putin: 'Victory in #Ukraine is assured, I have no doubt about it.' | 18 January 2023
- Putin was speaking from his home town of St. #Petersburg in televised remarks.
He is trying to END war that has continued in #Donbas since 2014.… Image
The #HouseBill269 - against #nazi-#zionists.
Bipartisan bill targets anti-Semitic incidents by making them felonies | January 26, 2023
- State lawmakers of both parties are pushing a bill to counter the rising number of anti-Semitic incidents in #Florida.…
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In pochi in 🇮🇹 conoscono cosa accade in #Kazakhstan tra il 1928 e il 1934. L’Asharshylyk la carestia artificiale in 🇰🇿 che portò alla morte di + di 4 milioni di persone, perpetrata dalla #Russia. È stato un genocidio 1/10 #RussiaIsATerroristState #Tread
Fase 1: carestia del 1919-1922

Con la guerra civile 🇷🇺 infuriata e il fallimento dei raccolti in 🇷🇺, le autorità di Mosca hanno cercato diversi modi per risolvere la crisi alimentare. Hanno trovato una soluzione nel 🇰🇿 2/10 #Asharshylyk #Genocide
I russi iniziarono a sequestrare forzosamente i capi di bestiame ai contadini kazaki per portarli in 🇷🇺. Si stima che l’80% circa della carne mangiata nelle grandi città russe fosse kazaka 3/10 #Russia
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As the #SupremeCourt demands the registration of criminal cases against #HateSpeech without formal complaints, our research & reportage over more than 2 years reveals the extent of #hatespeech in #India & the extent of inaction against it.
In Aug 2021 @ZafarAafaq & @alishan_jafri reported how rally urging marginalisation & murder of #Muslims in Delhi was 5th such event over 3 months in NCR & Haryana: some events shared common instigators, mobs allowed with minimal or no police action…
In Nov 2021, @kaushikrj6 reported how in 4 cases, #Hindus & #Muslims were unequal before the law: bail was the rule for Hindus who spread hate speech, while jail the norm for Muslim rights campaigners…
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The official Twitter account of the High Commission of India in Canada falsely claimed that a signboard at the Shri Bhagavad Gita Park in #Canada was vandalised. The tweet did not specify what was vandalised but called it #hatecrime👇(1/n)
Many Indian news outlets picked up the allegation & aired the story with the @HCI_Ottawa tweet. @TimesNow @ZeeHindustan_ went a step further and claimed the name Shri Bhagavad Gita Park from the signboard was erased and replaced with an outline of a flower. (2/n)
BOOM found the claim to be false. The photos shared as proof of 'Before' and 'After' of vandalism actually show 2 different signboards - a temporary one used for the park name unveiling kept on a blue basketball court and the other a permanent one placed in another spot. (3/n)
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THREAD: Did these people inflame tensions and/or attacks against Hindus in the UK?

#HindusUnderAttackInUK #Leicester #Birmingham #HateCrime #HinduphobiaIsReal

1/10 Image
Sunny Hundal | Journalist: Cricket fans of mixed faith clashed in #Leicester, Hundal posted a tweet claiming “In Leicester extremist Hindutva groups go on the rampage in Leicester. Shocking stuff”. This unsubstantiated claim was a dog whistle that may have incited attacks.

2/10 Image
Dr Rita Pal | Pakistani-British doctor: Known for raising issues relating to #Pakistani politics in the #UK. During the recent violence in Leicester, we believe she assisted the instigators and the Muslim extremist rioters to identify an apparent “RSS office” and attack it.

3/10 Image
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#SupremeCourt hearing a batch of petitions challenging Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021 and Cable Television Network (Amendment) 2021.
Earlier, the Court had directed to prepare a chart of cases involving:
"1. Challenge to #ITRules
2. Challenge to Cable TV rules
3. Petitions seeking directions over IT Rules.
4. Other set of cases involving instances of #HateSpeeches and #HateCrime."
Counsel informed the bench that the batch of petitions seeking IT Rules have become infructuous as the rules have been made.

Another counsel has sought for a pass over.

The bench will hear the matter later.
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A tribute to Vincent Chin begins at 11 a.m. PT today. Watch here:
Only 15 percent of police departments acknowledge that there are hate crimes. Data collection is poor, says Mike German of the @BrennanCenter
The news media, politicians were talking about "the threat China posed." It was not fringe groups, it was members of Congress, says Mike German, explaining the roots of anti-Asian hate. #StopAsianHate #HateCrime
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426.#HateCrime #CrimeAgainstMinors
Muzzafarnagar: Sakeeb raped a minor after abducting her. Police rescued the minor but Sakib was on the run. Finally police arrested him today.…
Bhopal: Akram known for stealing a certain brands of bikes. Akram was active for three years. Arrested for the first time.…
428.#HateCrime #CrimeAgainstMinor
Katihar:Mohammed Sadiq raped a minor. Instead of going to the police Mohammed called on Panchayat and said he will marry the minor, And apologiged in the panchayat. After the minor gave birth to a kid, He denied…
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🗣️According to #stopaapihate there have been over 10k attacks targeting Asian American women since March 2020. We'll be discussing this alarming trend today at 11am PST with an expert panel. Follow @EthnicMediaSvc or via FB Live: @NAPAWF @AAAJ_AAJC
Welcome to today's briefing, "Moving Beyond Hate: Asian American Women Respond to Uptick in Hate Attacks." You can follow the convo here
@EthnicMediaSvc or via FB live at
Our speakers today are: Sung Yeon Choimorrow, Executive Dir. of @NAPAWF; Marita Etcubañez, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives with @AAAJ_AAJC, Michelle Kang of the Atlanta Korean Committee against Asian Hate and Sasanna Yee.
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Kolkata:Kamre Alam raped a differently abled woman in the cab.The woman can not hear or speak. Alam raped her in the app cab.…
Saharanpur:Darul Uloom Deoband issues Fatwa saying adopting child is not allowed and the adopted child doesn't get rights of inheritance. The National comiision of child rights body shuts down the abusive website of Darul Uloom.
Deoband:Ehsan Rao chanted Jai shri ram in a political rally. Following which he is getting rape threats, Life threats from Moxlems. They expelled him from Ixlam.…
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🚨🧵THREAD | Islamophobia & the persecution of minorities in India

In recent years, Indian Muslims & other minorities have been subject to ⬆️ levels of systemic discrimination, hate speech, mob violence & lynchings, whilst also facing threats to their places of worship. (1/9)
In fact, Gregory Stanton, the founder & director of Genocide Watch, said there were early “signs & processes” of genocide in the Indian state of Assam & Indian-administered Kashmir against Indian Muslims, during a recent US Congressional briefing. (2/9)…
The situation on the ground is deeply alarming.

During events held in Delhi and Haridwar in December 2021, for example, Hindutva leaders called for the genocide of India's 213 million Muslim citizens. (3/9)…
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1/10 Some #CharitySoStraight top tips for your charity in 2022 #Thread

Please don't Rainbow Wash your charity brand this year in #Pride season (it's never a good look) Meaningfully engage with your #LGBTQ+ stakeholders + audiences instead #Authenticity #RainbowWashing #branding
2/10 Think about how your charity depicts the people it works with. Do you show a diverse range of people including #LGBTQ+ / same sex couples online/in your marketing collateral? Consider what message this sends to potential employees + service users if not #CharitySoStraight
3/10 think about what data you collect when you're recruiting + consider how you can use that data to benefit your #LGBTQ+ employees. You can't support the needs of your workforce if you don't know who they are! #diversity #CharitySoStraight #recruitment #CharityRecruitment
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⚖️ HALOWEEN KKK UPDATE: Teens who dressed as KKK members charged in Halloween Taser attack on Black child

Two Texas teens are facing hate crime charges after they allegedly dressed as Ku Klux Klan members for Halloween — then attacked at least one…
Black child with a Taser.

Noel Garcia Jr. and Rance Bolcik, both 17, were indicted Thursday by a grand jury in Refugio County, on third-degree felony charges of engaging in organized criminal activity and tampering with evidence, in addition to hate crime enhancements, according
to Corpus Christi's Channel 6.

The indictment alleges that Garcia Jr. and Bolcik, along with an unnamed minor female, committed assault causing bodily injury to a juvenile, before altering, destroying or concealing clothing.

Michael Manning, an attorney for the victim, has
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1. Pilibhit:Kamran Alam a Maths Teacher at a government college raped many students. Kamran called students to his residence and intoxicated them then r@ped them. FIR lodged, Kamran is on the run.

2. Kasganj: Saddam and Jumman killed Usveer Yadav by shooting him in his head point blank. Usveer along with his cousin tried to stop Saddam and Jumman from stealing his buffalo. Usveer was just 21 and the only earning member of the family. #SullaCrimes…
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Normaler Weise sind die "freien Sachsen" auf Telegramm wie man sich eben Patridioten vorstellt und da gibt es auch nicht viel drüber zu schreiben, aber heute haben die sich nochmal selbst Unterboten.

Diesmal ist nämlich ein Kind die Zielscheibe des Hasses geworden.

Ein Thread⏬
Ursprung war diese Meldung, die nur auf dem Kanal der "freien Sachsen" war. Ich konnte keine Quelle finden um diese Aussage zu verifizieren. Aber schon die Aussage, "Presse schweigt" und "Schule verbietet Schülern zu berichten" lässt an der Glaubhaftigkeit Zweifeln.
Auf Basis dieser schwammigen Anschuldigung, wo wieder nur die Herkunft im Vordergrund steht und nicht etwa die Hintergründe der vermeintlichen Tat, formiert sich der braune Mob um seine Meinung in die Kommentare zu ergießen.

Man darf nicht vergessen es geht hier um ein Kind!
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and if @jamaicannews had found out that there has been a gross miscarriage of @injusticewatch with a @BBC @injusticedoc #thisistottenham that was set up by @labour @DavidLammy senior members of @MetTaskforce to mislead the public in hopes to not force a #NationalUprising
by burying #thetruth to #ProtectTheProtectors the @RoyalFamily and the few #PoliceOfficers who failed both #AmbroseGGBall and his mother Toni aka Ruth Lovell as confirmed by head of @BarnetCouncil Mr & Mrs @CllrCornelius n the email sent to family within days of Toni's
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@newsinblack @BlackNews
@Blackbirds how can so many not only do not know of the case surrounding the death of #AmbroseGGBall with @ukhomeoffice insisting on attempting to bury #thetruthuntold leaving Toni aka Ruth Lovell @garymason479 and her @TRUTHTIMEPLS without
unadressed as #Twitter #TikTok #Facebook simultaneously block, mute and or remove her posts without the @goodblacknews @blacknewsalerts @BlackNewsUK @BlackNews4Real stepping up to correct what @BBC @ctvc @clarehjohns @DavidLammy @VpoDr @MPSHaringey
had set up for the sole purpose of covering up the #TruthMatters leaving a mother in the situation that #thisistottenham aired a month before the @INQUEST_ORG started against the familys wishes as it was made known to all involved

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Passenger charged in Spirit Airlines incident at DTW on 9/11 anniversary
#Islamophobia #September11th #HateCrime…
The Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which represented Toure, had sought ethnic intimidation charges.
"We are pleased that the prosecutor took this seriously," said Amy Doukoure, staff attorney at CAIR-MI. "We’ve seen, especially with what’s going on overseas currently and the heightened emotions around 9/11, an uptick in crimes against Muslims based on their religious identity."
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THREAD: Let’s talk about the incidents of antisemitism we are seeing right now.
A key part of our work is combatting #hatecrime, specifically by strengthening hate crime laws and improving data collection. In addition to the immeasurable harm done to individuals and their families, hate crimes devastate entire communities.
Despite a well-documented problem of significant underreporting, federal hate crime data does help us understand trends.
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No spine, no #journalism ethics. @SkyNews serves as the mouth piece of Israel's army, now busy committing #GenocideinGaza.

We better be seeing some serious disciplinary action.
At least they didn't straight out call for #genocide like @Newsweek, because that's how low the standards are.

And here disciplinary action is not enough, a criminal investigation for #HateCrime and #IncitementToGenocide.
And since I'm on a roll, let's talk about the @CNN apologia for #genocide.

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Just got to #HuntingtonBeach and immediately saw a black male get arrested—I only saw him talk into a microphone, that’s it
Friend of the black male that just got arrested speaking for BLM #HuntingtonBeach
Speaker at #HuntingtonBeach says BLMLA doesn’t support him— won’t come out for him, a black male in HB
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The elephant in the room is that the perpetrator is a POC.

White supremacy is not white vs. POC. White supremacy is a system that can use all of us to oppress POC.

My childhood bullies were mostly POC.

It’s been a long journey of learning, listening, and sharing, to stand in solidarity with the ppl who have harmed me, & the ppl I have harmed.

You can’t begin to dismantle white supremacy without doing that work.

Hatred can grow from the ignorance, but compassion and solidarity can grow from the learning.

Blaming Trump 4 every hate crime frees us from looking into the mirror, and holds us back from doing the real work.

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The police response to the #Atlanta shootings reminds me of what happened in Chapel Hill 5 years ago -- with a mad rush to exonerate the shooter of a racial or ethnic bias before we know the facts. /1

#AsianAmericans #HateCrime…
And what is the sole basis for this conclusion? The statement of the killer. Why enable the shooter to craft the narrative he chooses to explain his attention-seeking violent tirade? /2…
I can certainly understand the desire to calm the nerves of Asian-Americans, but these premature statements don't do that when they are in such contrast to the pattern of the killings. /3…
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❗️As disturbing reports of execution of Armenian captives by Azerbaijan forces emerge, a noteworthy piece of news went unnoticed.

#ECHR gave its final verdict against #Azerbaijan in the case condemning its government in sponsoring hatred against Armenians. How it happened?👇👇
Background: Azerbaijan's military officer Ramil Safarov and Armenian officer Gurgen Margaryan (pictured below) have been attending a #NATO-organised language training course in Budapest in 2004, ironically called Partnership for Peace.
A few days before the end of the course, Azerbaijan’s Safarov creeps into Gurgen Margaryan's room and murders him in his sleep (!), with sixteen blows of an axe ‼️

Safarov is arrested and sentenced to life in prison in #Hungary .
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