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“There is quite convincing documentation that supports that the MEtabolic energy turnover is disturbed by #ME. By metabolic energy MEtabolism we mean the biochemical processes in the body, that transform, distribute and utilize energy sources in the food👇🏻…
“Oxygen is the most important single factor for the cells' production of the important energy molecule ATP. The oxygen consumption of the muscle cells increases dramatically during physical work, but it has a limit. As the oxygen supply becomes insufficient, 👇🏻 #PwME #MEcfs
the production of lactic acid (lactate) increases, and then the working capacity of the muscle will rapidly decrease.” #MEcfs #PwME #ImmunoMEtabolism #ATP #KrebsCycle
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Now for Dr. @zurisullivan an HHMI Fellow and Fullbright Scholar talking about #NutrientSensing! #BIIW21 #BIIAtTheBench
@zurisullivan We're getting specific on #CarbohydrateDigestion that happens a lot in our #microbiome #BIIW21 #BIIAtTheBench
@zurisullivan Proper controls breed great conclusions: carb availability drives induction of polysaccharide transcriptional programing! #BIIW21 #BIIAtTheBench
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The general course of events during infections (Sars-CoV2) leading to "cytokine storm" can look like this:

1. Cells undergo damage, senescence, or become infected with a virus.
2. Those cells release damage-associated molecular patterns (DAMPs) or pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMPs), which activate receptors in the immune system.
3. DAMPs, like HBGM1, signal the production of the inflammatory response.
4. HBGM1 binds to TLR2 / TLR4 / RAGE receptors to begin mobilizing pro-inflammatory cytokines.
5. Activation of the NF-kB / NLRP3 inflammasomes ensues.
6. Release of pro-inflammatory cytokines IL-1, IL-6, IL-1B, IL-18, IL-17, IL-22, and others occurs.
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Happy 2021! @MBVanElzakker and I are excited to share our new article published in #Immunometabolism: “Pathogens Hijack Host Cell Metabolism: Intracellular Infection as a Driver of the Warburg Effect in Cancer and Other Chronic Inflammatory Conditions”:…
2/ In the paper, we detail molecular mechanisms by which #viral, #bacterial, and #parasite intracellular pathogens can induce, or contribute to, a Warburg-like #metabolism in infected host cells in order to meet their own replication and nutritional needs.
3/ We also discuss how host defense towards #infection may impact cellular metabolic changes (including how #mitochondria can participate in the innate immune response towards infection)
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1/ I’m hugely excited to be able to share with you our paper ‘hepcidin-mediated hypoferremia disrupts immune responses to vaccination and infection’ @MedCellPress…

Thank you @Drakesmith_Lab @MRC_HIU @MRC_WIMM + our global collaborators! #Tweetorial time:
2/ We know the immune system responds to nutrient availability #immunometabolism.

#irondeficiency (ID) is the most common micronutrient deficiency globally. How does ID influence immunity?
3/ ‘minihepcidin/mHep’ (mimetic of hepcidin) caused serum iron deficiency and suppressed the magnitude/quality of CD8, Tfh, GC and antibody responses to immunisations ⬇️. Injecting iron rescues the effect of ‘mHep’ ⬆️
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