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Mitochondria: An Epic Origin Story

What are they? Where do they come from? And why are they here?

This 🧵unravels the mystery behind the origins of the most important and enigmatic organelle in our body.

#mitochondria #metabolism #science #biology Image
In the depths of time, when the universe was but a tender babe, an epoch unfathomable, there existed naught but primordial cells.

1.5 billion years ago, a singular ancient invasion by a eubacteria of an archea host occurred. Image
This invasion or engulfing, depending on who or what we give the moral high-ground, may have been the quintessential step in the most important evolutionary leap since the origin of life itself:

The transition from a primitive cell to a complex higher organism (eukaryote). Image
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Let's break down what this fun article is talking about regarding the sociability of mitochondria! I love me a good paradigm shift first thing in the morning. Don't you?! ☕🌞🧵(1/23)
The article discusses the concept of sociality, or the tendency to form social groups, as a phenomenon that exists across different levels of biological complexity. (2/23)…
All the cool kids do it! From unicellular organisms to multicellular animals. And mitochondria are no exception! But they have been traditionally viewed as individual entities. And finally, they are being fully recognized for their social behavior. (3/23)
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Unveiling the Paradox: Do Statins Fuel the Fire of Heart Disease?

This is a deep dive 🧵into the mechanistic relationship between statins and coronary heart disease.

#statins #CVD #heartdisease #cholesterol #mitochondria Image
The ‘bad & good cholesterol hypothesis’ has lost its foundation.

Although lowering the LDL-C/HDL-C ratio is possible with drugs such as statins, this is not effective in preventing cardiovascular disease (CVD).
Proxy measurements such as LDL-C are a breeding ground for scientific arrogance.

Does the measurement really mean what you think it means?

Have you looked into the assumptions that connect the proxy and the real thing?

Let's dig in.
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Central to Alzheimer's pathology is a phenomenon known as brain hypometabolism. Let me explain better what that term means. 🧵 (1/25) #alzheimers #AD #neurotwitter
Brain hypometabolism refers to a state of reduced metabolic activity in the brain, characterized by a decreased uptake and utilization of glucose - the primary #energy source for brain cells. (2/25)
This disastrous metabolic slowdown is not just a mere lack of energy, although that would be devastating enough. It triggers a cascade of effects that impair neuronal function and disrupts communication between #brain cells. (3/25)
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Statins are nuking your mitochondria.

This 🧵explores how statins impact our metabolic pathways and how this relates to the side-effects people experience.

#Statins #Mitochondria Image
Statins act by reversibly and competitively inhibiting HMG-CoA reductase, a key enzyme in the mevalonate pathway of which cholesterol is a final product.
Cholesterol acts as an intermediate for steroid hormones, bile acids and vitamin D, CoQ10 and is crucial to the integrity of all cell membranes.

This partly explains the plethora of statin-associated symptoms (SAS) that manifest in up to 30% of patients.
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Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, is a super important part of our diet, and it comes in two common forms: nicotinic acid and nicotinamide. 🧵(1/27)
Did you know that niacin has a big role to play in turning the food we eat into energy for our cells? Did you know that insufficient or deficient amounts of niacin can impair your #mitochondria? (2/27)
Niacin, or vitamin B3, is essential for producing two important coenzymes: nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NADP). They play a crucial role to help produce #energy. (3/27)
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I will be in the audience cheering on @georgiaedemd @IainCampbellPhD @ProfDanielSmith and @ShebaniMD and on what I believe will be a historical moment in the #MetabolicPsychiatry movement.
Save me a chair, @janellison and @bschermd ;)
Let me explain what is going on. This ain't no receptive, open minded low-carb medical conference that these researchers are presenting to.
Their research on bipolar and other serious mental illness is going to be dropped on a bunch of conventionally trained mainstream MDs and researchers.
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Migraine, a common neurological disorder, may be a metabolic as much as a neurological disease, with the migraine attack serving as a warning signal to increased oxidative stress and/or hypometabolism. (1/21) #neurotwitter #hypometabolism
Despite being primarily studied in terms of neuro-vasculature and neurotransmission, recent research suggests that migraine's pathogenic mechanisms may be linked to metabolism and mitochondrial dysfunction. (2/21) #mitochondria
Magnetic resonance spectroscopy studies have consistently shown decreased ATP levels and abnormal mitochondrial function in migraineurs, suggesting a metabolic component to the disorder. (3/21)
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Hey! I want you all to know that there was a BEYOND AMAZING Metabolic Psychiatry Retreat that just happened in Miami thanks to @janellison and @Metabolic_Mind 🧵(1/5)
@janellison @Metabolic_Mind Follow me if you want to learn more about the people who came. They are all amazing and deserve their own thread! #metabolicpsychiatry (2/5)
@janellison @Metabolic_Mind I got an invitation because they were also celebrating the Metabolic Mind Award 2022 Peeps! I got a beautiful dinner with the others who won and this plaque! Which was so cool! But the really cool part followed! (3/5)
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Can a ketogenic diet help the symptoms of a hard-core neurodegenerative disorder like Huntington's disease? Let's see what a published case study found. 🧵 (1/16)
Huntington's disease (HD) is a genetic disorder caused by a mutation in the huntingtin (HTT) gene, which produces a toxic protein that damages nerve cells in the brain. (2/16)
HD is inherited in an autosomal dominant pattern, meaning that a person only needs one copy of the mutated gene from either parent to develop the disease. (3/16)
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Magnesium is a mineral that is highly abundant in the human body and is considered the second most abundant mineral hanging out in your intracellular spaces. 🧵 (1/11)
Magnesium plays a crucial role as a cofactor in various physiological processes such as protein synthesis, energy production and storage, reproduction, DNA and RNA synthesis, and maintenance of mitochondrial membrane potential. (2/11)
If you want healthy functioning #mitochondria, then you best supplement magnesium. And if you have any cognitive symptoms, it's time to get extra serious about your magnesium supplementation. (3/11)
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Look at this picture. What makes the person who left one of these footprints way healthier than the other person?

One person is coupled or connected to how humans were designed by nature to function optimally, the other is using modern technology that violates nature’s....
laws for healthy living.

The person following natures laws is barefoot on the beach, the violator is walking with rubber soled shoes.

When you eat food, the end game is that food is essentially reduced down to protons & electrons etc and funneled into your electron transport...
chain to power your mitochondria and make energy (ATP), unfold proteins and create water to run all your body’s systems properly.

Here’s the thing.

Your #mitochondria probably produce the equivalent of your body weight in ATP each day and the electrons from the food you...
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Mitochondria are essential to our overall health and well-being. In addition to producing energy, they regulate many critical processes in the body. (1/11) #mitochondria #energy #health
Mitochondria play a key role in the production and regulation of neurotransmitters. They also help produce key hormones like cortisol, estrogen, and testosterone. (2/11) #mitochondria #hormones #neurotransmitters #neurotwitter
Mitochondria are involved in epigenetics, which is the expression of #genes from the nucleus. They send signals to the nucleus that turn genes on or off. (3/11) #epigenetics #genes #mitochondria
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Why Seasonal Eating? One reason...

Carbs contain high powered electrons because they are grown with photonic energy of strong sun. Fats and proteins not so much. You dont know this but your #mitochondria do when food you eat is broken down and....…
fed into mitochondrial electron transport chain.

Electrons are both energy and information.

For most of you, nature designed your mitochondria to expect a seasonal variation in the kind of electrons it receives due to the changing power of photons from the sun across seasons.
The kind of electrons you feed your mitochondria give them crucial information/operating instructions.

Winter = lower powered electrons and photons
Summer = higher powered electrons and photons

When your mitochondria do not get a seasonal variation of....
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Mitochondrial impairments can lead to mental illness and neurological disease. It's true! 🧵(1/9) #metabolicpsychiatry #mitochondria
Some believe the root cause of certain types of mental disorders is things like mercury or allergies. (2/9)
it's important to understand that they affect metabolism in specific ways by poisoning mitochondria or affecting regulatory cells. So it still comes back down to mitochondria (3/9) #mentalhealth
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Step 1 - accept chronic illness as present
Step 2 - pursue THOROUGH self-care solutions
Step 3 - Prenatal/Child page is good for the family (no elderly specific info on the page though)…
Step 4 - autoimmune & mitochondrial support!…
Step 5 -
"Doctors can't help or they refuse to help. " @BlueSlots
<- accept that that statement, sadly, is factual - the medical system has been taught wrong. They are either confident in their wrong methods, or complicit with the culling. CAUTION entering care & losing rights
Once in a hospital setting the patient and family can have little control over what happens next.

The US CoV death rates STRONGLY suggest that the US CoV "protocols" are quite DEADLY.
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Insulin receptors and IGF-1 receptors, along with their signaling partners, are found throughout the brain. I think this needs a thread. 🧵(1/13)
IGF-1 receptors are involved in important #brain processes, including neuronal growth and survival, regulation of synaptic plasticity, and modulation of #neurotransmitter release. They are implicated in neuroprotection and #cognitive function. (2/13) #science #neuroscience
Many of you are familiar with insulin, but maybe you don't know well enough what its important roles are in the brain. Insulin affects neurotransmitter channel activity, brain cholesterol synthesis, and mitochondrial function. (3/13) #mitochondria
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Let's explore the outcomes of a study that explored the neurobiological evidence in support of improvement in depression with a ketogenic diet and find out what underlying biological mechanisms they uncovered through in vitro and in vivo studies.🧵(1/29) #depression #ketogenic
Basically, they did a literature review from August 2021 to January 2022. Here's what they found. (2/29) #research
People with #depression may have changes in #glucose #metabolism in the brain. The #ketogenic diet boosts cellular #energy metabolism by raising #ketone bodies and replacing glucose as the main fuel source. (3/29)
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A lot of you understand that a ketogenic diet is a powerful mitochondrial intervention, but you might be a little unclear on how micronutrient availability can enhance mitochondrial function. 🧵(1/15)
Some of you have or had a bit of increased energy when you started your ketogenic diet, but it wasn't sustained very well. (2/15)
There can be a lot of reasons for that but one common and understandable one, given the shape people are often in when they begin the diet, is micronutrient status. (3/15)
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Mitochondria & Mental Illness. What are the basics of why those are so intimately intertwined? 🧵(1/8)
Mitochondria play a crucial role in various bodily functions, including neurotransmitter release, hormone regulation, inflammation control, and cell development. (2/8)
Deficiency or dysfunction in mitochondria can result in cell malfunction, leading to imbalances in neurotransmitter release, hormone levels, and inflammation control. (3/8)
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More evidence for the benefits of using all the light.
You don't have to worry about missing colors or spectrums of light in sunlight....only artificial produced or altered light (glass etc).

"We observed that....…
visible red light contributes to skin cell protection against UVB by modulating gene expression that enhances the adaptive response to redox and inflammatory balancing and by upregulating genes involved in DNA excision repair processes."

Nature optimized you to...
function on sunlight not screenlight.

Most people easily understand whole foods are healthier than processed foods.

The same goes for light.

Sunlight, starlight, firelight are the unprocessed, whole foods of light.
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#BlueLight from screens is more damaging to kids than adults because the lens of their eye hasnt fully developed & cant block high energy light as well. Full lens development doesnt happen until...
you reach your 20's. Giving little kids Ipads and video games is basically child abuse.

You might not be aware of it, well now you are, but as this study shows when you give your 5 year old an ipad, you are limiting the development of white matter in their brain which....
basically makes them dumber because white matter contains the cables in your brain that makes it possible for you to learn and develop cognitive skills etc. It also makes your kid's behavior worse.

This is in addition to wrecking their #circadianrhythm, lowering their...
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UV power level at sunrise in Northern hemisphere summer = Zero.

You usually find UV light doesn’t emerge until about 20 minutes after sunrise (this depends where you are in the world). Even at that time it is very weak UVA registering a... Image
00.1 on the meter.

I suspect there is UV at sunrise just not detectable by a meter but, there definitely is UV light out in early morning hours shortly after sunrise. You are not UV free until 930am or whatever some meme shows.

So get out there early for the uv free red and...
& blue light heavy sunrise which, among many other things, starts production/release of hormones and preps your skin to safely withstand stronger sun later in the day.

Hang around for just a little longer until that tiny bit of purple light (uv) emerges to combine with...
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The cell danger response, healing cycle & chronic disease

An interesting talk by Dr Robert Naviaux. See 🧵 for more

#Autism #MECFS #LongCovid #mitochondria

Suramin, according to Naviaux is the first in a new class of drugs that could be used to test the cell danger response. A small pilot study in #Autism was successful. Naviaux believes it could help people with #MECFS too……
Suramin Trial – Bob Naviaux – It’s been reported that this trial has been funded and will begin this year. Ron Davis has expressed hope that it will provide some answers. - Health Rising Feb 2022…
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