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Mitochondria: An Epic Origin Story

What are they? Where do they come from? And why are they here?

This 🧵unravels the mystery behind the origins of the most important and enigmatic organelle in our body.

#mitochondria #metabolism #science #biology Image
In the depths of time, when the universe was but a tender babe, an epoch unfathomable, there existed naught but primordial cells.

1.5 billion years ago, a singular ancient invasion by a eubacteria of an archea host occurred. Image
This invasion or engulfing, depending on who or what we give the moral high-ground, may have been the quintessential step in the most important evolutionary leap since the origin of life itself:

The transition from a primitive cell to a complex higher organism (eukaryote). Image
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Statins are nuking your mitochondria.

This 🧵explores how statins impact our metabolic pathways and how this relates to the side-effects people experience.

#Statins #Mitochondria Image
Statins act by reversibly and competitively inhibiting HMG-CoA reductase, a key enzyme in the mevalonate pathway of which cholesterol is a final product.
Cholesterol acts as an intermediate for steroid hormones, bile acids and vitamin D, CoQ10 and is crucial to the integrity of all cell membranes.

This partly explains the plethora of statin-associated symptoms (SAS) that manifest in up to 30% of patients.
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Should people be concerned with blood glucose concentrations if they don’t have prediabetes or diabetes?

#glucose #health #biohack #science #metabolism #cgms #hba1c #sugarspikes
For context, the relationship between LDL-cholesterol concentration and coronary heart disease risk appears linear across the entire physiological range

What about glucose?
For glucose, it might depend how it’s measured:

STANDARDISED TESTS (reflect underlying physiology)
-Fasting [glucose]
-2-h [glucose] post-OGTT

FREE-LIVING MEASURES (reflect underlying physiology x acute behaviour)
-CGMS variables

What do the data show?
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1/ #Metabolism, #lipids, and #ASCVD

Okay, I want to revisit and breakdown my position on this crucial topic and the challenges in communicating it.

⚠️ Get comfortable, as this could get long.

Ready? Let's go...
2/ First, it's worth reviewing why there's a high level of confidence low density lipoproteins (LDLs) drive atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD)

For an excellent, lay-person video, I recommend @NutritionMadeS3's from a couple years ago 👇

3/ Also in the name of arguably the most cited meta-analysis for the Lipid Hypothesis to date:

"Low-density Lipoproteins cause atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease"

This meta combines lines from genetic, observational, and interventional studies.
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Migraine, a common neurological disorder, may be a metabolic as much as a neurological disease, with the migraine attack serving as a warning signal to increased oxidative stress and/or hypometabolism. (1/21) #neurotwitter #hypometabolism
Despite being primarily studied in terms of neuro-vasculature and neurotransmission, recent research suggests that migraine's pathogenic mechanisms may be linked to metabolism and mitochondrial dysfunction. (2/21) #mitochondria
Magnetic resonance spectroscopy studies have consistently shown decreased ATP levels and abnormal mitochondrial function in migraineurs, suggesting a metabolic component to the disorder. (3/21)
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Mitochondrial impairments can lead to mental illness and neurological disease. It's true! 🧵(1/9) #metabolicpsychiatry #mitochondria
Some believe the root cause of certain types of mental disorders is things like mercury or allergies. (2/9)
it's important to understand that they affect metabolism in specific ways by poisoning mitochondria or affecting regulatory cells. So it still comes back down to mitochondria (3/9) #mentalhealth
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If you start running daily and burn 500 kcals on the🏃‍♀️will this increase total daily calorie burn by 500 kcals or not?

Yes = ADDITIVE (Panel A)

Take the poll👇 & read the 🧵to find out more
#metabolism #energy
Does increasing physical activity directly add to total energy expenditure (ADDITIVE)


is total energy expenditure constrained by compensatory reductions in other components (CONSTRAINED)?
This question has become increasingly discussed over recent years.

Our latest paper critiques the evidence for and against these models.


Big team effort from @DrDylanThompson @GregLJMU @Alan_Batterham
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Let's explore the outcomes of a study that explored the neurobiological evidence in support of improvement in depression with a ketogenic diet and find out what underlying biological mechanisms they uncovered through in vitro and in vivo studies.🧵(1/29) #depression #ketogenic
Basically, they did a literature review from August 2021 to January 2022. Here's what they found. (2/29) #research
People with #depression may have changes in #glucose #metabolism in the brain. The #ketogenic diet boosts cellular #energy metabolism by raising #ketone bodies and replacing glucose as the main fuel source. (3/29)
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Thread alert! Advice from @bschermd at @Metabolic_Mind about the #ketogenic diet as a treatment for #mentalillness 🧵⬇️ #depression #ADHD #Bipolar #Schizophrenia #OCD #Anxiety #PTSD (1/8)
@bschermd @Metabolic_Mind "Remember our caution. Therapeutic
nutritional #ketosis or simply starting
a ketogenic diet is a powerful #health
and medical intervention that can change
your body's #metabolism and could
dramatically alter (2/8)
@bschermd @Metabolic_Mind #brain function, medications, #sleep patterns, #energy levels, and other physiologic functions. You should not start a keto diet on your own. (3/8)
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A well-formulated ketogenic diet for brain health excludes grains. Let me tell you why. (1/7) #ketogenic
The effect of glutens aside, you want the full benefit of your nutrient-rich diet. You don't want to eat things that bind to the minerals you eat and make them inaccessible for your use. Like, you can do that, but what's the point? (2/7) #nutrition
Your brain needs minerals for optimal functioning. It's all about the mitochondria. And they need those minerals. Check out these key points from this important paper 👇(3/7)…
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Is the field of Metabolic Psychiatry new and emerging? Actually no. There has been a long history of metabolism being known to play a role in mental illness. #metabolicpsychiatry #mentalillness (1/12)
@ChrisPalmerMD provides an excellent outline of what we knew and when in this talk on the @Metabolic_Mind YouTube Channel (2/12)
@ChrisPalmerMD @Metabolic_Mind Sir Henry Modsley said in 1879 that diabetes is a disease that runs in families with insanity. #metabolism #metabolicpsychiatry (3/12)
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The Bazuki Metabolic Neuroscience Initiative supported by @BaszuckiGroup means good things for mental illness and neurological disorders. This is a thread to learn more. 🧵 (1/7) #neuroscience #metabolism #metabolicpsychiatry
@BaszuckiGroup The initiative will have three arms: clinical, mechanistic, and computational, and will serve as a hub for coordinating funding and research in this area. (2/7) #brainhealthmatters #research #neuroscience
@BaszuckiGroup The initiative will also conduct its research in these three areas, including foundations, Frontiers, and Technology development. (3/7) #research
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Are you interested in learning about #bioinformatics and working with #genomic data? Here's a detailed #learning path to get you started:
To build a strong foundation in biology, you'll need to learn about:
The #structure and #function of #cells, including the various #organelles and their roles in the cell. This will help you understand how cells work and how they carry out essential functions such as #metabolism and #energy production.
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De Novo Lipogenesis (DNL) is the production of fat (lipids) from other sources

E.g., conversion of sugars to fats

So what happens to DNL if calorie intake is restricted?

A 🧵that might surprise you...
#fasting #science #nutrition #metabolism
First, a quick poll before reading on

If mice 🐁 are calorie restricted 🍽️ for a prolonged period of time (provided 30% fewer calories than they would choose to eat normally at baseline), what will happen to DNL?
The Q is a bit vague to have a clear A, as it depends if we are talking about DNL in liver, adipose tissue, or the whole body.

Before we delve into those areas, its worth noting that mice do lose weight when restricting calories by 30%

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🧵#Bioinformatics applications, a THREAD🧵🧵:
One of the key areas of #bioinformatics is the application of #computational techniques to the analysis of large #datasets of biological information, such as #genomic, #proteomic, and #metabolomic data.
#Genomic data provides information about the entire genetic makeup of a #biological system, including the #sequences of all its genes and the #regulation of their e#xpression.
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There is no evidence that sugar directly causes any negative health effects.

Is this true?

A 🧵
#sugar #health #metabolism
Latest UK guidelines suggest there is only sufficient evidence that diets high in sugars:

1) cause increased calorie intake
2) are associated with tooth decay

So if calorie intake is not maintained, there are no harmful effects of sugars?

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, but we also should be careful about believing anything with weak or little evidence.

So what does the evidence show?
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Do doses of fat respond the same way as glucose?

A 🧵 1/8

#metabolism #fat #nutrition #diet
This time, the measure of interest is the level of fat in the blood (triacylglycerol; aka TAG)

When fasted, levels of TAG are low (left)

High levels of TAG make the plasma part of blood look cloudy/turgid (right)

In contrast to glucose, the more fat eaten in a meal, the higher the level of TAG

Does the type of fat matter?

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Q: Which of these would produce biggest the blood sugar response?
(i.e., biggest change in glucose concentration)

Answers below (1/8) 🧵 #glucose #health #metabolism
Have a guess here before reading on to find out if you are right... (2/8)
A: There is no meaningful difference (at least in healthy people) - data from:

How can 75 g glucose (3 times more) not increase glucose more than 25 g?

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1) Welcome to our new #accredited #tweetorial on the Pathophysiology of #DKD in #T2D: Traditional Teaching and New Insights. Our expert author is Hans-Joachim Anders, MD, @hjanders_hans from @LMU_Uniklinikum of @LMU_Muenchen
2) This #accredited #tweetorial series on the foundations of #kidneydisease #DKD through the lens of #T2D is supported by an independent educational grant from the Boehringer Ingelheim/Lilly Alliance and is intended for healthcare providers.
3) This activity is accredited for #physicians #physicianassociates #nurses #NPs #pharmacists. Past programs still eligible for credit can be found at Faculty disclosures & accreditation statement are at FOLLOW US!
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Thanks for the guesses.

A: Exercise!

Group 1: Trained
Group 2: Untrained

Thread 🧵 1/9

#exercise #glucose #metabolism
Here is the original figure

Note the remarkable increase in glucose immediately after intense exercise (110% VO2 max)

So whats going on here?
Luckily the authors applied tracer methods to understand rates of appearance (Ra) and disappearance (Rd) of glucose

Whilst exercise did increase Rd (lower panel) Ra increased much more ( and even more so in trained athletes)
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I often hear people say venous blood samples are preferable to capillary (fingertip/earlobe) samples.

Why then, do the glycaemic index guidelines make the following recommendation?

Let’s look a little deeper into this… 🧵 1/9 #glucose #metabolism
We will focus here on glucose concentrations.

With glucose tolerance tests or other postprandial tests, a common aim is to understand the ability of the person to maintain relatively stable glucose concentrations.

I.e. the outcome of the integrated response from all organs
We could sample blood from a few different sites, e.g.

1) artery
2) superficial vein (normally antecubital fossa of the forearm)
3) capillary (e.g. fingertip)
4) interstitial fluid (e.g. CGMs)

Some options can be seen in the figure
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"Argument-Making in the Wild"

Today's SFI Seminar by Simon DeDeo (@LaboratoryMinds), streaming now. Follow our thread for pull quotes and slides:

First, let's divide human history into three eras, or regimes of #knowledge #production and #consumption:

• #premodern/#archaic
• #modern + #postmodern
• the #egregore (online content sharing)

• The premodern era is defined by caloric restriction.
• The modern era is characterized by a small number of sellers of #information vs. a large number of consumers (see also #HerbertSimon's remarks on the "poverty of #attention")

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🚨1/ New Study shows SARSCoV2 reprograms fat metabolism 🚨
#Covid_19 #metabolism

⬆️ Triglycerides

⬆️ PUFA ⬇️ Saturated fat

Blockade❌of fat synthesis blocks viral production…
2/ For a more detail...

Lipids & associated proteins have previously been identified as biomarkers of infection, including VLDL, HDL and various apolipoproteins, while both TAG and (serum) PUFA have been implicated as markers of severe disease outcomes

But what this paper adds
3/ Is an investigation (using mostly HEK293T-ACE2 and A549-ACE2 cells) of how the virus alters the lipidome and the importance of these changes in viral proliferation ... They found virus ⬆️TAGs, and PUFA chains were 2-8-fold more than saturated or monounsaturated species ...
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