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It is a great ill that befalls the Left when it frames the UK as some progressive institution. This is pure dogma. It is clear that so many of the British Left are content to merely occupy the structures of power rather than dismatle the cause of inequality.

The Tories represent two clear strands; Capital and Social Conservativism. They also represent a political tradition that stretches back through the centuries when the UK was forged on the basis of class hegemony of capital and imperial expansion.

While the empire may be gone and we be no colony there exists a structure which has clear parallels. That is the core-periphery econo-political model that describes the centralized British State. I believe this👇can be scaled to the British State

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Thread 👇

I've been pro #indyWales for more than 30 years. I've always favoured progressive liberal policies. Over the years I've come to see how class & entrenched priviledge forged the UK as a political entity and continues to perpetuate inequality day in, day out.

2. I should be a natural Labour man. But I'm not. I first voted in 1997. I voted @Plaid_Cymru and have done ever since. Why? Because Labour kept telling me my being Welsh didn't matter. Being British was better. Voting Labour was supposed to be THE bulwark against Toryism.

But I saw Labour people hostile to my language, who called me backward because I thought it mattered. I saw Kinnock drag the history of my people through the mud. I saw Blair abandoning Labour principles I actually thought worthy and sell out to American Neo-Cons.

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I'd love to think that @michaelsheen's thoughts and responses to Welsh nationhood are the start of a new wave of discussion surrounding who, what, why and how of Welsh Independence.
As support and engagement for #IndyWales increases and the integrity of "Britain" spirals out of control to its inevitable demise, so does the argument against it which more often than not a wave of regurgitated clichés that we must endure.
In turn we have to be careful about this ourselves. We cannot repeat the same rhetoric without evolving our point. And let's be honest Welsh Independence is a good enough point as it is but what can we do to bring those into the fold?
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Should I join @YesCymru and is the idea of having a Welsh Eurovision entry a persuasive argument for #IndyWales?

I demand your thoughts on this @eurotrash_freak @ESCApocalypse @iwanap69 @RETEU3 @eurotrashsash @SZeitblom
Okay, I've got the Join page open on my laptop browser, but first I need a clear answer as to who should represent Wales at Eurovision. This part is important!

What say you @MarchGlas?
Here's the deal. @RETEU3 @iwanap69 @as_penarth @ItRecks if you guys can give me a decent answer as to who should represent Wales at Eurovision, then I will join @YesCymru and campaign for an independent Wales.
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Independence might sound like an appealing idea, but will it work in practice?
Can Wales afford to stand on its own two feet?

One regularly-mentioned argument is that although Wales has a trade surplus of around £5bn a year, it is currently running a fiscal deficit.

However, the important point to make is that this fiscal deficit is not inevitable.

Wales is currently running a fiscal deficit *as part of the UK.*
It is not pre-ordained that Wales must suffer from a shortfall in revenue, and there are no obstacles in terms of our abilities, education system, or our place in the world that would render us unable to address the issue as an independent nation.
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Independence would give the government a set of economic tools it doesn’t have at the moment.

Currently, @WelshGovernment has minimal powers over taxation and borrowing.
The powers it does have are hamstrung in ways that ensure England is not disadvantaged.

For example, the UK Treasury has repeatedly refused Welsh Government calls to devolve Air Passenger Duty, unashamedly saying that doing so would give @Cardiff_Airport an advantage over @BristolAirport.
For the most part, the UK Government simply hands Cardiff Bay an annual grant, which @WelshGovernment uses to pay for Welsh services.

This effectively means that Welsh economic policy is made in Westminster, and driven by the needs of the UK as a whole.
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1. For those wondering about this whole "England subsidises Wales" rubbish doing the rounds recently ... a thread👇
2. There is a deficit attributed between government spending and revenues in Wales.

It's not Wales' deficit. It's an estimate for the internal accounting of the UK state. It's the deficit of UK state spending and revenue attributed to Wales.…
3. I repeat, it is not our deficit. How can it be? We don't have significant borrowing powers. We don't have significant powers over taxation. The Welsh Government budget is decided via the Barnett formula according to England's spending plans.
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Am sick of the 'politicians' trying to kill Wales. Trying to take away our language, culture and basically end our country. Although I only consider myself Welsh, there are many I know that have always considered themselves Welsh&British, that I know are actually seeing some
of what going on and having more understanding of what #indyWales movement about, even if they don't fully agree with it. Think we mostly all agree with Senedd needs shaking up, not abolishing. As it is, it is run by Westminster facing parties and mostly career politicians that
don't care about you or me, apart from odd 1 or 2. We have the likes of Neil Hamilton etc, who don't live here, or have no interest when they go home. Many there only interested in keeping the money in the areas that already have the wealth. Where as #indyWales movement wants
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These statements are making the Unionist cause look increasingly desperate and panicky. This by Drakeford, who's an intelligent man, is illogical and demeans him.
First he wants us to use our imaginations. OK let's imagine that Wales was independent. We'd then have our /1
equivalent of SAGE, yes, but would we be so arrogant as to ignore advice from WHO and other countries?
Would we have been so late to lockdown?
Would we have had a PM that went around hospitals shaking hands with Covid-19 patients?
Would we have had a PM that refused to /2
to attend our equivalent of COBRA?
Would we have had a government that refused to take steps to social distance sooner?
Would we have had a government that failed to invest properly in our NHS and chose instead to implement austerity and invest in willy waving projects?
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Been mulling over some moderate reasons against #IndyWales.

In the end they just boil down to one of two options

1. Preference
2. Indy Anxiety

Because I'm really struggling to understand how anyone can defend a state running a 35% deficit with v poor socio-economic outcomes.
Too poor.

Both Labour and Conservative governments favour an economic and constitutional model that's responsible for Wales' current performance. If we are poor isn't it time to change the model?
England subsidises Wales.

The UK state has allowed Wales' economy to lose ground with roUK to the point of running a £13.7Bn govt spending deficit. Don't blame Wales. Blame the governments, the political parties whose policies failed Wales. A prosperous Wales is good for England
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UPDATED WATER💧THREAD #indywales @indytanc @YesCymru

*Caveat: This is a simplistic overview (not authoritative) designed only to inform & to highlight the exploitative political system that allows abstraction of Welsh water, our national resource, to be siphoned & utilised 1/12
to create private profit for large corporations & their individual private shareholders via English based privatised water companies.

Thread begins below


💦Water abstracted from Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

18.25 Billion litres are abstracted from river Dee in Wales per year

91.98 Billion litres are abstracted per year from lake Vyrnwy

133 Billion litres per year are abstracted from Elan Valley reservoirs.

In total 243.23 Billion litres

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Economy – In the 1950s the Welsh GDP was twice as big as Ireland’s. Now, as an independent nation in the 21st century, the economy of the Irish Republic is 4 times the size of Wales. Westminster rule doesn’t work – independence does. #indyWales
Water – 243 billion litres of water is annually exported from Wales to England, but our communities see no benefit. Severn Trent Water, who own many reservoirs in mid Wales, sell Welsh water and make a £1bn a year profit. None of this profit returns to Wales. #indyWales
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Hi Welsh Conservatives,
Just as a note, when my Son's consultant Neurologist is paying to run the visual telemetry suite in a major teaching hospital, just so his patients can progress to brain op, because you don't fund the NHS correctly, or when the new scanner is out of>>
>>mothballs in the basement because the hospital can afford to buy but not run the damned piece of equipment.... When my son after 4 years of this dicking around thanks to you lot, can finally have his brain op so he can lead a normal life... Then you can bitch about #IndyWales
Feel free to let @AngelaBurnsAM know she's welcome to come visit & hear all about the shambles that is the Welsh NHS, run by your red tory mates in @WelshLabour with the funding cuts put in place from your paymasters in St. Steffan.
You think we'll be worse off Indy! Aye ok🤦‍♀️🙄
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Good reception for our @YesCymru flag waving in Crickhowell. Image
People stopping to get their photo with the T-Rex, honking of horns and one driver even handed me his phone asking for a snap saying his son loves the #indywales movement.
We also bumped into Vince Cable and a few local Lib Dem’s, who were happy to talk, but didn’t want a photo with the flags.
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