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#LongCovid is fundamentally important to the #CostofLivingCrisis in two ways.
1. 1 in 10 infections lead to long term care #LongCovid. If you can’t work you can’t pay the bills. Many have become homeless who have long covid.
2. Long covid is causing high levels of staff …
shortages, which is causing inflation to spiral as employers are forced to raise wages to try to find staff.
This government are playing down the importance of these shortages from long covid. 1 in 10 infections are leading to long covid. This situation will continue to deteriorate until they start to address covid infections. #Denial
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Announcement: After a successful #CostOfLivingCrisis support period, Rebuilding Heritage has now drawn to a close.
❤️Thank you to our funder, @HeritageFundUK, our partners @Heritage_NGOs @Heritage @CreativeUtdUK, @CIOFtweets, @CloreLeadership, @Media_Trust and many other contributors for making the #RebuildingHeritage programme such a resounding success.
Our final resource sets offer insight into what the programme accomplished during its final phase (Nov 22 - April 23) and what we learned.
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We are facing climate crisis, cost of living crisis and a crisis of inequality.

We can't keep tweaking the same failing systems, we must make a world where people & planet come first.

Join us & @WarOnWant online this Tuesday 9 May.

#ClimateEmergency #CostOfLivingCrisis Promotion for the We Make T...
@WarOnWant We will be joined by...

Our host @RozFoyer — a Scottish trade unionist who has served as the General Secretary of the Scottish Trades Union Congress since 2020. 2/10 Image
Chris Smalls — president and founder of the
@amazonlabor union, known for his role in leading Amazon worker organisation in Staten Island, New York. 3/10 Image
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Jeremy Hunt & Suella Braverman are among five cabinet ministers & 68 Tory MPs - nearly one in five - who are currently landlords, bringing in at least £10,000 a year renting out housing during the #CostOfLivingCrisis.…
The @38degrees study counted 87 MP landlords – more than 13% of the Commons – of whom 53 claimed rental income from one home and 34 from two or more properties.

By contrast, only 4% of the UK population declare income from renting property. Image
On the Labour frontbench, David Lammy, Emily Thornberry and Lucy Powell are all landlords.

Overall, MPs could be earning as much as £2.2 MILLION a year from renting out homes. Image
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The Who Funds You? project initially ran from 2012-19. @openDemocracy relaunched the project with a series of new audits.

Organisations are rated on a scale from A to E. A is the most transparent. Organisations given an E grade are the least transparent about funding. Image
I agree with @openDemocracy that debates about important issues that affect us all should be as transparent as possible.

That means we need to know who is being paid what, and by whom, to influence public policy.

#TuftonStreet Image
In the UK – and many other countries – there are organisations that describe themselves as ‘think tanks’ & expressly set out to explore ideas & influence public policy. They usually produce research reports & promote them through the media and in policy circles.
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UK households are missing out on £19 BILLION/year in unclaimed welfare benefits.

The complexity of the benefits system, lack of public awareness, & fear of being perceived as “benefit scroungers” all contribute to the high level of unclaimed or underclaimed benefits. ImageImage
Maximising income through the take up of benefits is essential to support households during the #costoflivingcrisis & prevent further financial crises.

Universal credit makes up 41% of the UK's £19 BILLION in unpaid benefits.… Image
£7.5 billion of Universal Credit goes unclaimed by 1.2 million eligible households.

Caseload take up varies between 70% & 90% for national means tested benefits.

Council Tax Support is the most underclaimed, with 2.7 million people missing out on £2.8 billion of support. Image
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Looking forward to what should be a very interesting @APPGwater "In Conversation" event with @Ofwat's @OfwatChiefExec David Black #APPGWater Image
First @LizTwistMP opens by saying that this event is happening at a challenging moment for the #Water sector. @OfwatChiefExec agrees, then gives a potted overview of Ofwat & says Ofwat has a "positive role" to play in meeting these challenges #APPGWater
On Storm Overflows, Black notes that, while this is challenging, it is not unique to England - gives examples from Scotland & further afield including Canada #APPGWater
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Incredibly, the 2022 stress tests for the UK banks also did not include testing for substantial hikes in interest rates. The list of failures, policy mistakes, & uncovered crimes, of UK governments & their bankers, grows by the day. #TimeForAChange
Instead of this reckoning, we should be focused on #NetZero now, the #CostOfLivingCrisis and the coronation. We must move on from the rotten Tory system to survive. #GeneralElectionNow
The gutter press supporting the Tory right are on a mission to distract the people so that they overlook the destruction of the country’s infrastructure, society, and economy by the last 5 destructive if not actually corrupt Tory governments.
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The problem with western central banks is their obsession with the outdated Taylor Rule. They don’t know what else to do, but by slavishly following the rule that can make serious misjudgements in the timing, speed and extent of interest rises.
Another problem for western, inflation-obsessed central banks, is that they tend to focus on one instrument of policy, when a mix is much better, including fiscal and regulatory policies, especially for #NetZero
The crucial aim for policy today is to protect the vulnerable from the #CostOfLivingCrisis , by strong fiscal stimulus focused on deprived areas, promoting the #GreenNewDeal supported by monetary policies of low interest rates for green investments.
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#Budget2023 and #NetZero a thread. The UK is lagging behind in its commitment to achieving a drastic reduction in GHG emissions & protecting us against climate change.
#Budget2023 has an industrial strategy. However, it is clear that it will be insufficient to meet the requirements of #NetZero in the right place, in a timely manner in order to reach the target by 2040, not 2050. We are in war-time crises of an unprecedented kind.
Russia has been waging a cyber war against the West for at least 10, if not 15, years. Now due to #Brexit, #COVID19 , & #WarInUkraine, prices, especially energy & food, are spiking, but the Tory govt is either inadequate or absent in response.
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Invasion of Kenyatta's Northlands, by Kikuyus (majority from Kiambu), should ring a warning bell, a time bomb. It's POLITICAL & ILLEGAL. But underlying this CRIMINAL act is a deep community grievance. I once read Mau Mau's Mzee Gítú Kahengeri notes on Northlands transaction.
Holoi poloi, proletariat, peasants in Kiambu, indeed most Kikuyus, community, have no sympathies on Kenyattas on the Land Question. Resentment is deepest in Ichaweri. Unfortunately, Uhuru never used his presidency to mend. Evicting urban poor Ruai, Kariobangi, aggravated it.
We successfully lobbied President Kibaki on Nyeri squatter problem. It was partly solved, with tacit compassionate help of First Lady Lucy. Unfortunately, as in Mau Mau settlement, it's public dormain over 50% of Solio ranch was grabbed by greedy elites and politically connected.
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🧯 Two Just Stop Oil supporters have been arrested after spraying Barclays Bank on Albion Street with orange paint, demanding an end to fossil fuel lending by banks. Barclays is Europe’s largest fossil fuel financier, providing……
💬 Lucy Timmin (44, Leeds) said:

“Barclays continues to fund new oil and gas projects when other major UK banks have refused to. The corporation is knowingly and willingly funding the genocide of millions of people in the Global South who will be killed over the next decade by……
🚷 Sign up for a slow march at

🌡 Attend a welcome talk at

💸 Support us at

#CivilResistance #A22Network #JustStopOil #NoNewOil #NoNewCoal #EnoughIsEnough #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange…
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While the Govt & press focus almost exclusively on asylum seekers, UK inflation has unexpectedly jumped to 10.4%.

Food & non-alcoholic drink inflation jumped to a 45-year high of 18.2% in the year to February 2023, up from 16.8% in January.

#CostOfLivingCrisis #SunlitUplands💩
More than 2M people have been contacted by bailiffs during the #CostOfLivingCrisis. The majority who came into contact with a debt collector reported feeling harassed or intimidated.

Bailiffs added £250M in fees to people’s debts in the past 18 months.…
The cost of detaining & accommodating people under the UK Govt’s barbaric immigration plans could amount to more than £9bn in the first three years.

More than 250K people, including up to 45K children, could have their asylum claims deemed inadmissible.…
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After a Budget where beer was mentioned more than housing, what will the next year look like for renters already struggling with rocketing rents and the lack of affordable homes?

We explore - a #Budget2023 thread. Graphic in red and black which says 'Spring Budget: what doe
Firstly, the government missed the crucial chance to unfreeze local housing allowance.

LHA determines the amount of housing benefit or universal credit housing allowance that private renters can receive and has been frozen since 2020. In that time, rents have rocketed.
Unfreezing housing benefit would help people cope with rising rents and prevent more families becoming homeless this year.

We already know that over HALF of renters receiving housing benefit have a shortfall, on average a whopping £151 per month.
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This is so important in understanding the poor quality of UK homes, the stagnation of the UK economy over the last 12 years of low interest rates, and the failures of policy leading to the #Brexit disaster for national psyche.
Such a period 2010-2023 of near-zero interest rates clearly leads to over-investment in *monetary/financial assets” such as second-hand housing, and new forms of money, such as crypto. Real investment in the meantime languishes because of poor expectations of real growth.
And expectations of real growth in UK GDP, well-being, welfare, what you like, health, & education, all weaken. #NetZero policies & measures were too weak, badly planned, or abandoned.
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To all my followers. I’m preparing my presentation for the @CTNTE Conference to be held next Wed. In short, the UK can learn many valuable lessons from the Mexican experience in addressing the inflation problems caused by the knock-on effects of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
I have tweeted before about the Mexican policy solution to the #CostofLivingCrisis , and will retrieve the tweets if I have time. Russia is using oil & gas prices as a war weapon against the West. We need to respond in kind with fresh anti-inflation policies. In summary we need:
1. a new basic-needs inflation index; 2. negotiated links of wage-rate increases to inflation using this index; 3. govt-led food policy in which the large food companies work together to achieve economies of scale in producing basic goods and services;
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@RishiSunak, here's the real-life impact of the #CostOfLivingCrisis.

We commissioned a @Survation poll to break down the consequences of the cost of living crisis for people across the country's 631 constituencies.

The results are nothing short of devastating.
FIRST, let's look at the shocking national #CostOfLiving picture:

🏚️ 20% of people have missed rent payments in the last six months
❄️ 35% haven't been able to afford to turn the heating on
🥫 30% fear they may have to use a foodbank
Scroll to find the LOCAL picture in 631 constituencies across the country.

We've tagged every MP who is on Twitter - or a local newspaper - to show them just how heavily the #CostOfLivingCrisis is hitting their constituency and why they must push the Govt to act.
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The #HostileEnvironment made worse by Home Office cruelty - tens of thousands of refugees and migrants are being denied work and benefits they are due.

So the Home Office is being sued.
Allegedly "the Home Office is frustrating the purpose of the law by depriving people of the rights their status is meant to protect."

Some are being made destitute because of the way the HO is treating them.
If this is part of the #HostileEnvironment policies to deter asylum-seekers and migrants, it is cruel, abusive, and unethical,
PLUS given the economic crisis, for the Home Office to
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Oooh boy...this #15minutecity conspiracy theory goes deep. @peterwalker99 @carlafrancome @jonburkeUK @carltonreid
My letter I wrote to him for context.
Quoting @Jacob_Rees_Mogg "our own Lib Dem Council(@bathnes), who seem to delight in making life as difficult for motorists as possible".

Bath has 481 designed Liveable Neighbourhoods, 18 retrofitted, and there are TWO new trial ones in the pipeline.…
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On February 1st, thousands of workers are taking strike action against the Tories’ Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Bill, & against the destruction of education & health as well as for a wage that protects from the #CostOfLivingCrisis.
This is the first time since the 2011 N30 pensions strike that so many unions have taken action together.

In #Leicester, the March and rally appears to be taking the same form that it took in 2011. A march through the town centre, & a rally at the Athena Events Venue. I was at that march & rally, and filmed it.

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During yesterday's trial, Stephanie Aylett, 28, from St Albans, was charged with contempt of court by Judge Reid for disobeying his ruling against referring to the climate crisis, insulation or fuel poverty during her defence.
#InsulateBritain #FuelPoverty #CostOfLivingCrisis
“I'm deeply disappointed that the court system is complicit in criminalising peaceful protest. It horrified me that Judge Reid deliberately stripped away all our legal defences and told us that we would be in contempt of court if we spoke about our motivations, strategy or aims.
He prevented us from mentioning climate change or talking about any scientific evidence.

“It's likely I will now go to prison, because I spoke the truth to our jury. It is incredibly difficult to explain the actions we took without mention to why we did such a bizarre thing.
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While inflation & changes in the power of unions have played a part, a steady increase in personal debt is strongly associated with a steep decline in strikes, strike participation, & days lost to strikes in the vast majority of OECD economies.…
The current wave of strikes is the largest in more than a decade, but it's nowhere near the heights reached in the UK during the 1970s. September 1979 saw more than 11 million working days lost due to strike action. The latest figures for November 2022 show 467,000 days lost.
A rapid increase in personal debt has been a major factor suppressing industrial action over the last four decades. The decline of social housing & deregulation of the financial system in most OECD countries has encouraged workers to borrow heavily.…
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The tax-avoiding Tory-supporting billionaire-owned Mail ALWAYS blames the poor.

While the top 10% of earners pay 53% of all INCOME tax (£208bn of £393bn), the HMRC collected £714.8bn in taxes in 2021/22, & the UK's top 10% own 43% of ALL wealth, the bottom 50% just 9%.
A better way to 'get tough on welfare spending' would be to get tough on the CAUSES of welfare spending. 75% of working-age benefits are spent on: income top-ups for low-paid workers; benefits to help pay rent; & disability, sickness & incapacity benefits.
You wouldn't know it from the billionaire-owned "news" media, but the UK Govt spends significantly LESS than the EU average on economic affairs, education, general public services, recreation facilities, & public protection.

The UK is now one of THE most unequal OECD societies.
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