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@rlefraim wrote, "WHAT IS SECRET IN CONGRESS....???

Nancy Pelosi assigned Ilan Omar to a seat on the Foreign Affairs Committee in Congress." 1) #USSecrets #Pelosi #IlhanOmar #ForeignAffairsCommittee #DemocraticParty #JEXODUS #JEXIT
Meaning that Rep #Omar, who brushes off the importance of the deaths of 3000 Americans on 9/11, as meaningless, who has repeatedly made #AntiSemitic comments, & who supports #Hamas & the destruction of #Israel. (and the #genocide of Jews there, which is what that amounts to), 2)
has access to US Intelligence, to Top Secret materials, that might affect foreign nations.

The President has hinted that countries using #Huawei equipment might be risking their security & that of the USA, if the USA shares intelligence with them. 3) #TopSecret #USIntelligence
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We literally have "conservatives" falling all over themselves for

a tiny % that is the Jewish vote!
a tiny % of the Gay vote! and
a tiny% of the Black vote!

Really? Really? Really? WHY!?!?!??!?!
So, "Conservative" media & politicians are BEGGING, PLEADING & SHAMING Americans into supporting "Israel".


Because that's where THEIR money comes from. Not ours, America. The politicians and media get their funding from ZIONIST JEWS.

Americans get jack shit!
I know @POTUS / @GOP wants to cut off the Far Right and replace our votes with "New Republicans". Maybe they can replace our 16-20% with #Jexit, #Blaxit and #Gayshit.

They better hope so! Because until @POTUS and @GOP start REPRESENTING WHITE PEOPLE, we'd rather go to WAR.
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@rlefraim wrote, "Donald Trump, before he decided to run for President, was praised by Civil Rights Organizations routinely.

But he dared to run for President, and suddenly he became a racist ?

That’s what the left wants you to believe. 1) #Democrats #LeftWingAgenda #racism
And now, they would also have you believe that anyone who opposes a Left-wing agenda must be a racist.

Reminds me of Stalin accusing anyone who objected to his policies as “counter-revolutionary and deserving of the Gulag or worse. 2) #deplatforming #racist
If you don’t conform, the left will make false accusations, harass you, threaten you, & even threaten to injure or kill you, & some of them try.

Look at the crowd outside Senator McConnell's home this past weekend, with yelling threatening his life. 3) #TheLeft #McConnell
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By Lynne Lechter
Jews used to be considered smart, and having a Yiddshe kopf was a compliment.
No more. There's a new type of Jew on the loose in America: the 'Yidiot." 1)
#AmericanJews #Yidiot #JewHate #Antisemitism #JEXODUS #JEXIT
A Yidiot accepts anti-Semitic, riot-inciting Al Sharpton’s attendance at a New York City memorial rally for the Jews killed in Pittsburgh but is offended at President Trump’s appearance in Pittsburgh to honor them. 2) #Sharpton #Pittsburgh #Trump
A Yidiot is silent when Farrakhan trashes Jews as “termites,” rants "Death 2 America, Death 2 Israel from Iran," is feted in public w/past presidents Clinton & Obama, & is sought after for advice from 17 members of the Congressional Black Caucus, but believes POTUS is antisemitic
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@POTUS you stole Bill Clinton’s lines!…
“All Americans, not only in the States most heavily affected but in every place in this country, are rightly disturbed by the large numbers of illegal aliens entering our country.”

#SOTU 1995
“The jobs they hold might otherwise be held by citizens or legal immigrants. The public service they use impose burdens on our taxpayers.”
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#mustread #Jewish #Democrats #WakeUp The 24 Presidential candidates running hate you & support every #AntiSemitic statement & every #AntiIsrael initiative raised. #NeverForget #JewHate #AntiZionism
The Sludge Sisters: "A Muddy Mixture" by @JoanSwirsky…
The Sludge Sisters
"A Muddy Mixture"
By Joan Swirsky —— Throughout the ages, Jews have been the targets of genocidal forces both large and small, educated and ignorant, liberal and conservative, pagan and religious. 2)
Other small sects and religions have never inspired the particular psychotic animus that Jews have because they never threatened the larger populace as Jews have with blazing green-eyed jealousy—the most powerful emotion of the human species.
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A draft resolution set to be debated this weekend at the California Democratic Party State Convention, obtained by Fox News, accuses the Israeli government of willfully "aligning with the virulent Islamophobia" of white supremacist groups in the U.S. (2 #Israel #Iamicists #terror
-- and links Israel indirectly to the Oct. 2018 massacre of 11 congregants at a Pittsburgh synagogue.
3) #InverseReality #slander #Antisemitism #JewHate #Israel #FightingTerrorism #PittsburgMassacre #IslamicTerrorism
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Like what she and her friends did about Benghazi (2
#Pelosi #Benghazi
Like What they have done to hide Hillary Clinton's illegal server and obstruction of justice by destroying evidence. 2) #HillaryClinton
#ObstructionOfJustice #illegalserver #bleachbit #destructionofevidence
Like how Obama colluded with Russia by promising he would be more flexible after reelected - in exchange for what, we can only guess. #Obama #Russia #flexibility
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1) It’s time for the #JEXIT thread. This was sent to me and now it’s your time to read it and wake up. If all you do is just read it, and it makes you question your ideological stance, it will have served its purpose. We are closer now to reliving our past than ever before.
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Why did the former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, call Channing Dungey, then president of ABC, about Roseanne Barr’s tweet about Valerie Jarrett? And WHY are the Obamas and Dungey together now at Netflix? @therealroseanne
Did ABC bow to anti-Trump, anti-Jew, pro Muslim Brotherhood forces to erase @therealroseanne from the airwaves because she called out Valerie Jarrett for authoring the Iran Nuclear deal which led to a spike in the BDS (anti-Jew) movement?
Is this why Roseanne says she was fired bc of anti-Semitism? Could it also be true that @ABCNetwork “didn’t want to humanize @realDonaldTrump” as reports have mentioned? Does ABC think so lowly of Trump supporters that they removed one of his biggest supporters from the airwaves?
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