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"Whistleblower" is a C_A op planned & ordered by BHO, as revealed in 45's tweets posted 2 Oct 19. #SerialBrain2 collect the puzzle pieces & assembles at the end. #QAnon
First 2 tweets celebrate US victory @WTO and an intro to an old fashioned breakfast called the One Eyed Jack:
Next, with #JoeBiden example, President Trump - "the Maestro" reveals how socialism and its byproducts have been creeping surreptitiously into the corridors of power and the hearts of the Swamp:
Here is how #Socialism operates at the state level, globally, who benefits and how it’s promoted. #WalkAway #Blexit #WWG1WGA #QAnon
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Sadly I just lost a friend of 25 year’s. She called me a ‘nigga’ in anger and said I was ‘stupid’ for supporting 45 and the Right Wingers again. This is a highly intelligent woman, who admits Donald Trump allowed her to live in one of his apartment buildings during her divorce.
Let me get this straight. Prominent and Regular Black People respected and admired the private citizen and billionaire Donald Trump for year’s and now that he’s 45, he ain’t shit? He hates Black People? Even when he helped their Black Asses for year’s?
Listen, I ain’t NEVER been on that Frat shit, that Group Psyche shit, that Herd shit or that Zeitgeist shit. I have ALWAYS been a Free Thinker and on that Me Phi Me shit. So I’m baffled that so many Black Dems think I really give a f*ck about what they think, because I NEVER did.
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Rapper Kanye West once again defended his support of President Trump, arguing that it's "mental slavery" to make decisions or vote based on skin color.…
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Watch live: Trump speaks at Young Black Leadership conference…
worst racist ever

President Trump embraces a woman he invited on stage to pray as Vice President Mike Pence looks on during an event for the Young Black Leadership Summit in the East Room of the White House October 04, 2019
President Trump kisses Kearyn Bolin, President of the Turning Points USA chapter at Texas State University, during an even for the Young Black Leadership Summit in the East Room of the White House October 04, 2019
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How to use the Q Clock Map and Introduction to the Q Clock Video:…
Q 클럭 맵 사용법 및 Q 클럭 비디오 소개 Korean Subtitles…
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#MAGACHALLENGE inspired by @SuriusVsVodka Thread Part 2.

Ill continue adding submissions here. Old thread is too long

Here's @SuriusVsVodka on the original. Just get the full track from the next reply and upload using hashtag #MAGACHALLENGE.

Reminder you can get the soundtrack here to lay down your own freestyle.

Upload it using the #MAGACHALLENGE hashtag.

#MAGACHALLENGE thread - Part 1 is here. Lots of good videos added so far.

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In the event you missed the MAGA Mullet show on @PatriotsSoapbox YT channel last night with me, @maga_swaga @_crystalmaga we interviewed @SuriusVsVodka & he rocks!

Check it out 👇

#WalkAway #Blexit #GreatAwakening #WWG1WGA

@PatriotsSoapbox @maga_swaga @_crystalmaga @SuriusVsVodka This is where you can buy your very own Giant Foam Maga Hat

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Waking up to #CuccinelliResign trending, because someone dared revise the text of #TheNewColossus.

It cracks me up when libs lose their minds over this poem, acting like it's settled law. Then their next move it to play the "America is a nation of immigrants" card.
What they fail to acknowledge is that even though we are, their hollow attempts to point out hypocrisy from those of us who had ancestors who came through Ellis Island and other ports of entry had family who...

Over time, our immigration laws have changed. Just as you needed to come through Ellis Island 100+ years ago, we have a new process.

It's this process that the "migrant caravans" (i.e. criminal aliens aka invading foreign nationals) choose to ignore.
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"Federal Reserve is pegged to the Wall Street Economy.
President Trump’s policies are pegged to the Main Street Economy.
There is a disconnect; a new dimension in U.S. economics;
and very few people understand what happens in this space between them."
When monetary policy became controlled by multinationals (Wall Street influencers purchasing politicians), capital investment moved to generate purely higher profits. Businesses, specifically manufacturing, went abroad. As a consequence the determination of prices, ie
‘inflation’, was no longer influenced by the Fed because the actual economic activity was/is outside the U.S. borders.

We see this today.

President Trump’s middle-class policy, through tariffs, is intended to bring manufacturing back to the U.S. China and the EU are trying to
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The Left is Following Communism's Playbook for Revolution…

"We Americans are currently in a civilizational state historians William Strauss & Neil Howe would call the “Third Turning”: an unraveling. The so-called Left is making it happen, too, with
conservatives enabling it by conserving yesterday’s liberalism & being those nice guys who finish last.

In Marxist circles, this stage would be called “destabilization”—the second of a four-part process to subvert a society & seize control. The first, third & fourth stages are,
respectively, “demoralization,” “crisis” and “normalization.”

"This destabilization of the American mind and moral compass now has begotten, as it must, societal destabilization. This is reflected in, most obviously, the flooding of our nation with unassimilable foreigners via
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@realDonaldTrump 1/5 Mr. @realDonaldTrump campaigned on American Exceptionalism. From Day 1 he was slandered & libeled. For 15+ yrs @SpeakerPelosi ‘s party has fomented hate via #IdentityPolitics.

It’s now the party of #OpenBorders & #SanctuaryCities

@IlhanMN says ‘white nationalism’? Wrong....
@realDonaldTrump @SpeakerPelosi @IlhanMN 2/5 No. There are many black, brown, yellow & red Americans who oppose illegal immigration.

This is abt law & why we’re great.

Last century my family came here legally. Housed in slums. Names changed. Spat on in NYC. They learned English and assimilated. They flew OUR flag....
@realDonaldTrump @SpeakerPelosi @IlhanMN 3/5 I’m darker than @AOC or @RashidaTlaib. The nerve of calling people like me white nationalists is infuriating.

It’s reprehensible for elected officials to use emotionally charged labels like racist, bigot, sexist w/o proof. I’ll never vote Democrat again.

#WalkAway #Blexit
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This is an important reminder that disinformation and online manipulation come in a lot of forms and from a lot of different sources.

Attributing everything to “Russian bots” oversimplifies a complex problem and overlooks the very important human dynamics at work here. 1/
Twitter bots are simply accounts that are automated to perform certain functions on Twitter. They’re programmed by humans, often to amplify a narrative that was crafted by humans, in an effort to manipulate humans by skewing perceptions of public opinion/support/opposition. 2/
Bots didn’t create the narrative about the Kamala Harris — humans did. You can literally watch it taking shape over a span of many months.

Have bots amplified the narrative? Statistically speaking, it’s highly likely. But don’t let bots distract you from the human elements. 3/
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What a weird coincidence that a group of accounts, starting with Ali, decided to tweet the exact same thing (verbatim) about Kamala Harris within minutes of each other tonight. #DemDebate2
Watch for this narrative about Kamala Harris to get folded into the astroturfed #BLEXIT movement. That’s where this is headed.

Efforts to attack Kamala Harris’ race have been around for a while, but a huge volume of tweets pushing this manufactured narrative appeared tonight right after Kamala pointed out that she was the only Black woman on stage. #DemDebate2

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"As a Black American I've never seen a President do so much for our community as this President. He is delivering on his promises & he's unifying the Country." - Mike, a Trump supporter

#KAG #Blexit #QAnon #TrumpRallyOrlando

"What resonated with me was his message to the African American community. I THINK IT WAS OVERWHELMINGLY POWERFUL!"

#BLEXIT #WalkAway
#QAnon #TrumpRallyOrlando

#BLEXIT #WalkAway
#QAnon #TrumpRallyOrlando
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Where was Hollywood and Obama officials lobbying for Alice Johnson’s release? It took President Trump, the man they call a racist, to do what the first black president would not do. Prison Reform & to free Ms. Johnson. Many years ago another Republican freed the slaves.
Lincoln a Republican President freed blacks from the Liberal sin of slavery. While Democrats set up Jim Crow laws to continue their oppression. #BLEXIT
Obama was busy partying with Hollywood and telling us jobs weren’t coming back.
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*** THREAD ***
The DEMOCRATS singlehandedly enslaved black people, they denied them the rights to equality (13thA), citizenship (14thA) and voting (15thA), they lynched, they segregated, they enforced racist Jim Crow laws, they created the KKK, they murdered, tortured and (1)
raped blacks, they resisted all the major civil rights acts, THEY OWENED ALL THE 4 MILLION SLAVES IN 1980S, they began the civil war to not let go of blacks from their plantations, they used ‘war on drugs’ to imprison large number of black people, they lied about the southern (2)
strategy, they supported the MURDER OF 60 MILLION CHILDREN in the womb so far, they destroyed the traditional family, they messed up women in the name of feminism, they emasculated men, they crippled the black community with welfare benefits and food stamps, they lied and (3)
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This is disturbing & unacceptable. Democrats he is representing you, is this how you want him to use his position in govt? If not then please #WalkAway #Blexit #Jexodus

#GreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #PartyOfCrime
If you live in/near the Philly area you should join the rally & tell Sims how you feel

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Last month we broke the news on twitter that @_PaperMoonSS had booked a show with Roger Stone. Since then, people have called for it to be cancelled and national media has covered the event.

W/ the event a few days away, I want to emphasize safety concerns w/ this event.(1/24)🧜🏻‍♀️
Shortly after my initial post last month someone reminded me of Roger Stones connections to the violent far-right neo-fascist group known as the Proud Boys.

Similar to @TheNationalRVA hosting #BLEXIT, @_PaperMoonSS hosting Roger Stone has serious safety concerns. (2/24)🧜🏻‍♀️
After being reminded of the RS-PB connection, I had an online convo with @BlackCat_Events. We discussed some of the concerns I have about the event. His stance was pretty clear: free speech. (3/24)🧜🏻‍♀️
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This is why we need Term Limits, because of politicians like this one and his extremely racist remarks. Let’s reverse this, if a white man was doing this, there would be more than hell to pay

By the way, Democrats control the Bank Industry a$$hole

#MAGA2020 #MAGAphobia
Take a second and follow me, I do follow back.
Take a second and follow me, I do follow back.
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