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Go is a programming language that comes with a rich standard library containing many useful packages and modules. In this, I provide an overview of the standard library modules in Go.
#golang #library
1️⃣. fmt - This package provides formatted I/O with functions like Println, Printf, and Scanf.
#golang #println
2️⃣. net - This package provides a set of network-related functions like dialing a network address, establishing a connection, and listening to a network port.
#network #http #port #golang
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@ePatientDave @janoldenburg @MightyCasey @HealthPrivacy Been stewing on this actually @ePatientDave .
It's the same problem @claudiawilliams and @HITpolicywonk raised.
In sum, a state can require certain behavior of a #licensed #professional that may be inconsistent with #HIPAA right of #access, or #CLIA rules, or (1/several)
@ePatientDave @janoldenburg @MightyCasey @HealthPrivacy @claudiawilliams @HITpolicywonk Or even @ONC_HealthIT. The issue is which rules win?
The first principle is that accessing your own health info is a privacy right.
There's a clear rule about state laws that give fewer rights, like making it cost more than #HIPAA says it should. Those are preempted 2/
@ePatientDave @janoldenburg @MightyCasey @HealthPrivacy @claudiawilliams @HITpolicywonk @ONC_HealthIT The second principle is that legislatures dictate license terms to keep patients "safe."
So here, some states are adding physician requirements about labs to keep patients safe. It's a theoretically different line of law entirely, but it's crashing into the first principle 3/
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@GeorgeSelgin @lawrencehwhite1 @jp_koning In the context I gave, the answers to the 2 questions play a critical role: they define the market. Prof. White added another: #anonymous #bearer_instruments.

Forgery, issuing, loaning, & taxing have been concerns from the earliest days of State control. Laws have to adapt >

@GeorgeSelgin @lawrencehwhite1 @jp_koning - to technology changes, which can radically alter the landscape of the #system.

Long before the specific formal appearance in the Literature¹ʻ², conflicts between open & closed markets were apparent & dealt with. The dilemma didn't go away, they relied on the difficulty >

@GeorgeSelgin @lawrencehwhite1 @jp_koning - of producing & transporting the object of redemption: gold. This clearing was done in separate, closed markets between banks &/or #nationstates.

Removing that standard shifted the dilemma for them, but we're concerned w/the citizen markets of nations. Suffice it to say, >

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🚀 We are live! Here is the correct streaming link for all of today's discussions and performances, starting with a panel on complex time with David Krakauer, James Gleick, Ted Chiang, and David Wolpert in a few moments (measured linearly...):

"One of the ideas we had with #InterPlanetary was, 'What would it take to make science hedonistic? And instead of telling people to do it, you'd have to tell people to STOP doing it?"

- SFI President David Krakauer sets the tone for this weekend's celebrations
#IPFest Image
David Krakauer: "Do you have a favorite model or metaphor for #time?"

@JamesGleick: "You've already mentioned a river; that's everybody's favorite. Borges said time is a tiger. People talk about it as a thread. We ONLY talk about time in metaphors." Image
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I continually see research papers and presentations given on how #childhood #trauma relates to likelihood of #chronicpain.

While I do not dismiss this may be a factor, I am very frustrated at the lack of introspection by many #physicians where #medicaltrauma due to care that 1/
was dismissive, shaming, manipulative and lacked transparency does a great deal of harm leading to PTSD & I would postulate the worsening of #pain & or #disease. It’s as if the model, is backwards. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely believe #trauma can have long lasting impacts 2/
impacts that impact multiple areas. What I don’t understand is how many physicians don’t understand how care for children & youth w #rare or #complex #health issues or/and ones that include #pain can lead to #MH issues (not always be the cause). Why is it difficult for some 3/
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"Most of us really 'know' what is right for us, though we may be frightened or intimidated to know what we already know." ~James Hollis, Ph.D., Jungian analyst, The Broken Mirror, p. 174 (1/4)
"As Jung put it, 'Most of my patients knew the deeper truth, but did not live it. And why did they not live it? Because of that bias which makes us all live from the ego, a bias which comes from overvaluation of the conscious mind. [CW 16, par. 108]'" ~James Hollis, Ph.D. (2/4)
"And by 'conscious mind,' generally Jung means the mind that is so frequently occupied by the #complex triggered in that moment. So, seldom are we 'in our right mind.'" ~James Hollis, Ph.D., Jungian analyst, The Broken Mirror, p. 174 (3/4)
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#Trading is not #Tough, human mind make it #Complex

Here is one #Setup that is working from decades and Even an #Amateur trader can trade it #Efficiently
First Look into this Self Explanatory Chart to create a #Mental_Model, how this pattern #Bull_Flag looks exactly.
So Lets Talk About Different Stages and What you need to keep in Mind while looking into this #Bull_Flag Setup.
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Great Map by @XX_1133_1221_11

I noticed I have seen Heng Swee Keat somewhere in my research mindmap before👀

A deep research thread to show #Singapore is a leader in the global #4IR #DLT #Technology #Race🌎

#MAS #Fintech #Research #DeepDive #Innovation #Complex #Ubin🧠
1. 2018 #NTP - Transformational platform - A one-stop interface that will enable traders to interact with all business stakeholders and regulators on trade-related TXNs

"Our vision is to be a truly global network, with efficient data flow to work together to facilitate trade"
2. These #NTP are ecosystems of the future building a regulated digital ecosystem in Singapore

#Ripple, #Tradeflow, #Xinfin, #Wadzpay as examples…
#XDC #WeAreXDC #tradeflow #ICC
#Digitalization #TradeFinance #Platforms #DLT #Data #fintech #Innovation
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Well... a bit over hyped for what it is:

Someone at #YC woke up and felt inspired to share the obvious (but in 10 points - so its feels special). Jokes aside, what's NOT there is much more important than what is. Bare with me... 🧵👇
1/ Dear friends who pushed (pre) seed to a cap of $30-$50m with no DD till a month ago, reality is happy to have you joined.
What still strikes weird - is the whole thing is still 99% only about fund raising and valuations and how to manage both...
2/ what it's not about is the only thing that will matter. #CreateValue. In a world with 6-10% inflation, with public markets melting away and money becoming expensive - customers become much much #smarter spenders.
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Can computational methods assess the #sentiment of complex texts? In an article with my fabulous colleagues from the @WZB_Berlin, @unipotsdam @LMU_Muenchen @JungeAkademie, we answer this question by applying #dictionary and #scaling methods on a sample of #literature reviews🧵
The article is also a practical #guide to help researchers select an appropriate #method and degree of preprocessing for their own data. Our #corpus consisted of 6.041 summaries of reviews of contemporary German #literature acquired from @perlentaucher00 (2/9)
The linguistic #complexity of #literature reviews differ from other texts with regard to their #language-- ambiguity, irony, metaphors, etc.-- are comparatively difficult to capture with #computational approaches. So how did our different methods fare? (3/9)
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Risk Management is not just about producing tons of reports that nobody wants to read in the office.
I am very angry to note that most of the #ERM/Risk Desks just produce day-end reports, which end up in the dustbin.
Risk Dept. should not be a tick the box function.
what is the point of preparing #VaR Reports, when the fund manager does not understand basic probability?
There is no point in hiring a world-class hard science PhD to do risk management work at financial institutions or elsewhere, if the board members have zero numeracy and data science skillsets, the staff in front and back offices have poor technical and academic backgrounds, etc
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17. Hi, this is @akgungor_c again. Let’s come back to where we had left: Post-disaster controversies… These are indeed closely associated with how we individually and socially (re)construct the #catastrophe.
18. A disaster is the outcome(s) of a physical occurrence as well as how we perceive and process them. Like any “event”, for every disaster, there are as many accounts as the number of people who’ve been exposed to it.
19. Individual #narratives of a disaster are the expression of how we position ourselves vis-a-vis the catastrophe and its effects on us, in a sense, fabricating our own #reality.
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Stroke outcome #prognostication

☝️#Stroke clinicians are routinely asked by patients and families regarding prognosis.
🧠The cognitive process underlying prognostication is #complex, poorly understood, and sometime #biased by personal experiences Image

#Fact: Clinicians, even those with expertise in stroke, perform poorly in predicting clinical outcomes
In this case-based study, overall accuracy for predicting death or disability at discharge was <20%😩
#JURaSSIC… Image

☝️Several prognostic #models have been developed to aid prognostication after ischemic stroke
These models #outperform clinician #judgment in predicting stroke outcomes
@GeorgeNtaios Image
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I formally submit 5 mathematical axioms (constant) to live my life by ...

i (the complex ... number)
The abstractional concept of "nothing"
The abstractional concept of "away || apart from mothing"
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't Is hoog tijd dat we eens omkijken en #Reflecteren.
Wat heeft het #COVID-#Beleid van dit #NeoLiberale Kabinet in feite nagestreefd.🤔

En hoe kwamen we zo in de tang van die paar #BioTech #Industrieel #Complex #Miljardairs achter #Pentagon Agency #DARPA & 2001 "#Dark_Winter" 😳
Was de #Anthrax in de poederbrieven aanval in 2001 "#Weapons_Grade" (uit een militair #Biolab zoals Fort Detrick) of uit een andere bron ?

All Roads Lead to 👇👇 #Dark_Winter:

👉…👈via @YoureAllDunces
Concerns Amid #Coronavirus Outbreak:

#Pentagon #Agency #DARPA’s decision to classify its controversial #Genetic #Extinction #Research and the technology’s use as a #Biological #Weapon of #War:… via @YoureAllDunces
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/21/2021…
Reverse Engineering the source code of the BioNTech/Pfizer SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine - Articles…

#RNA #dna #virus #vaccine #COVID19 #mRNA
Rogue antibodies could be driving severe COVID-19…

#rogue #antibodies
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1/4 Some positive news to kick off the week - we're hiring @CDEIUK! There are roles available across both our #policy and #strategy teams. If you're ambitious, articulate and curious about #AI and #datadriventechnology, please check out the roles in this thread and apply!
2/4 Are you interested in the risks and opportunities posed by #AI and #datadriventechnology? Do you have strong verbal and written communication skills? If so, one of our Policy Advisor roles might be right for you! Find out more here:
3/4 We’re looking for 3x Senior Policy Advisors to join teams across @CDEIUK. Are you capable of analysing #complex issues to reach clear and balanced conclusions? Do you have excellent #projectmanagement skills? Find out how to apply here:
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#AI folks,
Here are my take away notes from a selection of the amazing speakers at the @globalaisummit.

I summarized them in 38 tweets, 1 for each speaker, so you don't have to spend hours catching up with what is happening or who is who in the world of AI.

You are welcome.
. @LexGreensill CEO of Greensill

Use #AI powered #fintech to help people access their salary as they earn it. Check out what he is doing at with earnd. @globalaisummit
Dr. Qi Tian, Chief Scientist in AI @Huawei

The AI community should build standardized general and inclusive AI benchmark to address tasks to enable quick verification and evaluation of #AI models.@globalaisummit
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/14/2020…
Low-cost measurement of facemask efficacy for filtering expelled droplets during speech | Science Advances…

A step towards personalized cancer vaccines…

#vaccines #cancer #personalized
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Years have fallen
Swept away
From her eyes

Creases #bear
Pain of tears
Never wailed

Tides of green
Have tsunami of
Stories veiled

Dreams stacked
As secrets in lashes
In a blink

Of life revealed
In ebb of her eyes
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1. Overgewicht is je eigen schuld. Gewoon minder #eten en meer #bewegen.

Het meest gehoorde #vooroordeel over #obesitas en grondslag voor een enorme ‘afval’ industrie.

Mensen met #obesitas moeten namelijk gewoon een schop onder hun kont hebben.


Voor de duidelijkheid gaat het hier niet om mensen die 2-3 #kilo kwijt moeten. Het gaat over mensen met klasse 2 en 3 #obesitas. Dat is namelijk een wezenlijk ander probleem!

Ik zal proberen ‘betaalmuren’ te omzeilen en #openaccess wetenschap te gebruiken. 2/11 Image
Obesitas wordt veroorzaakt door een complex systeem van #genetische, #epigenetische en #sociaaleconomische factoren, niet enkel door te veel of verkeerd #eten.
Dit stuk in @nature van vooraanstaande artsen en wetenschappers vat het goed samen: 3/11 Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 7/08/2020-2…

The radical technologies to keep offices clear of coronavirus | Free to read | Financial Times…

#technologies #offices #radical #coronavirus
Evictions likely to skyrocket this summer as jobs remain scarce. Black renters will be hardest hit. - The Washington Post… 

#jobs #renters #summer
The Metaverse Is Coming And It’s A Very Big Deal… 

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Thread by @isabelrodbar: Are SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence estimates biased?…

The Great Stagnation—or Decline and Fall? - Intercollegiate Studies Institute: Think. Live Free.…

#civilization #fall #decline
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 5/31/2020-2…

The Privacy Dial - Render-from-betaworks…
Investigation of a COVID-19 outbreak in Germany resulting from a single travel-associated primary case: a case series - The Lancet Infectious Diseases…

#coronavirus #investigation #outbreak #Germany
Because Culture Matters, There Is No One-Size-Fits-All Exit Strategy from Covid-19 Lockdowns | naked capitalism…

#capitalism #lockdown #strategy #culture
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