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#VillainDinosaur from Jurassic Park III, the #Spinosaurus, Was a River Monster: New Study…

- by @kun5k

(Artwork: Davide Bonadonna/Nature)

#JurassicPark Image
🦖A team of researchers from the University of Portsmouth recently collected some fossilised remains from the site of an ancient river bed in Morocco.
🦖Post analysis, the fossils were identified as the teeth of the #Spinosaurusaegyptiacus—the very same dinosaur that played the main villain in the movie @JurassicPark III.

Yes, you heard that right!
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New Paper: 1st dinosaur from #IsleofEigg! We describe a limb bone, & attribute it to a Middle #Jurassic stegosaur! Thread👇 [1/7] #StEiggosaurus #Fossils #Scotland #dinosaurs #FossilFriday
I discovered the bone on @NatGeo funded #fieldwork in 2017. #IsleofEigg is known for #Jurassic marine reptiles & fish #fossils (found by Hugh Miller & others). It was collected by a team frm @GeosciencesEd & Staffin Dinosaur Museum. #StEiggosaurus [2/7]
The bone was badly eroded, but @MrIchthyosaurus carefully prepared it for the team to study. We combined our expertise in #Mesozoic reptile #anatomy and bone microstructure (#histology), to narrow down the identification. #StEiggosaurus #fossils [3/7]
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If you’re interested in the history of #dinosaurs, you’ll know the #GideonMantell story, since it’s covered in every single book on dinosaurs. But some new data has just come to light on key events, follow me for a thread… [art by Diego Barletta].
Supposedly, Mantell – a medical doctor and amateur palaeontologist – obtained some fossil teeth while visiting a patient in Cuckfield, East Sussex. He realised they were from a giant reptile, and named the beast #Iguanodon in 1825… #dinosaurs #fossils
The conventional version of the story is that these initial teeth were found by Gideon’s wife, Mary Ann Mantell, while she was accompanying him on a visit to a patient. The #fossils were observed in gravel piled up for road building...
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At this point, I've reconstructed about a million fossil birds (and other vertebrates) and it pains me that this stuff is sitting in my files, UNPUBLISHED. It's because I >>can't<< make time to finish my textbook, not yet anyway. Let's talk about Paleogene birds. So.... (thread)
How do you reconstruct Paleogene #birds? The good news is that some of the relevant taxa - eg, those from Messel - are known from articulated skeletons, sometimes with plumage preserved and even feather patterns and melanosomes revealing colour... [pic Gerald Mayr/Volker Wilde]
Based on the skeleton, you take a load of measurements and get a skeleton scaled about right. My drawings at this point are really sketchy and look pretty goofy... This is the tiny Gracilitarsus, a hummingbird-sized relative of hoopoes.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/20/2020-2…

Peter Turchin The Science behind My Forecast for 2020 - Peter Turchin…

#science #forecast2020
Physical link between RNA processing and epigenetic silencing discovered…

#epi #rna
Lancet-gate in the COVID-19 pandemic era: is it alright for science to be wrong?…

#wrong #pandemic #science
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#Zuniceratops (11. 5 feet long, 250-400 pounds) #VS #Unicorn (700-1000 pounds)
#Debate #Thread #Battle #Dinosaurs #Fantasy
Unicorns would have a serious size advantage, with a horn longer than both of Zuniceratops' combined. Dinosaurs pound for pound would be generally stronger than modern mammals, but this wouldn't be enough to make up for the unicorn's greater girth. One might mistakenly think
the unicorn's horn would potentially snap on a Zuniceratop's frill if these two locked horns. However, unlike the frill of a Triceratops, Zuniceratops frills has holes in them, where skin would only be found while the animals were still alive.
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Just out of the oven, our latest #research: a review about the scientific utility of #sauropod skeletal mounts through the years. If you can't access it, DM me.… #thread I'll try to summarize it in a quick #thread Here we go! 1/n
As @Bhmllr will tell you much better than I could (in his highly recommended blog), skeletal mounts have been a slightly divisive subject among scientists ever since the first mounts were erected: do they hold scientific value? The answer, is not a simple yes or no 2/n
The first skeletal mounts of which we have historical record, such as Bru's Megatherium (still mounted @MNCNcomunica in Madrid) or Peale's Mastodon, were assembled with different purposes: scientific research and show business. Both, however, tried their best at accuracy 3/n
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I've just received the most extraordinary new book on #dinosaurs, a real treat for those interested in #palaeoart and for dinosaurs in pop-culture. It's in Korean! But follow this thread for images (a short video coming later too). #dinosaurbooks
Ok, I said that there would be a thread on this book. I've finally had time to look at it properly, so here we go. It's called The Cartoon Guide to the #Dinosaurs, and is by Do-Yoon Kim (and published by Hanbit Biz). My copy is signed!! So, why is it so FUN and brilliant? Well..
Kim is our guide, and the hero of this work. He's a professional comic artist, evidently has scientific training, and is obviously a big fan of natural history, science, and the history of science. The book includes numerous very amusing and informative self-portraits...
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#TetZooCon 2019: a thread. We've over the half-way mark as goes filling up the venue, and it's only early September. TetZooCon is being held at University of London's THE VENUE, Malet St, #London, Oct 19th & 20th. Around 18 talks, an art exhibition, 3 discussions, stalls, merch..
Book places here (we don't send paper tickets)... this is also where you book for the conference meal and the (separate) #palaeoart workshop (which currently runs in parallel to part of the main event, alas):
#TetZooCon 2019 includes a special session on natural history film-making, with a talk from Amber Eames (on her #swans film) and an on-stage discussion and Q&A with Paul Stewart, Nick Lyon and Zoe Cousins...
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In June 2018, I tweeted a list of #JurassicParkTrivia (timed to celebrate the 25th birthday of #JurassicPark). Today I need that stuff archived, and because I'm an idiot I didn't thread the tweets. Soooo -- I'm going to tweet them all AGAIN, and this time THREAD THEM...
When checking out the sick Triceratops, Sattler puts her hand inside its mouth to touch its tongue. I know it’s not a real dinosaur. But this never seemed like a smart thing to do… #JurassicParkTrivia
I never quite understood the giant dung pile in the Triceratops enclosure. Does this mean that the #dinosaurs poop neatly in the same place? (that’s ok, some animals do). Or has it been shovelled together by the staff? Something to think about. #JurassicParkTrivia
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1...#QCHistoryEngages On why I chose an MA in Library Science and History - My love of History was not sparked from a single visit to a museum, but rather continuous interactions with educational institutions.
2...My first memory of such a place was a visit to the @FloridaMuseum in Gainesville. The two exhibits I recall from the trip were displays on #bats and #dinosaurs, two things many 8 year olds enjoy. Still have the bat book from the trip.
3...My parents would always encourage visits to the #library as I had an interest for reading from a young age (not sure how they inspired that from the beginning - gladtheydid). This turned into an opportunity for me to discover new topics such as astronomy and other sciences.
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At the 2014 #TetZooCon - that's the first one ever - I spoke about Speculative Zoology, or Speculative Evolution, or whatever. And here I'm going to tweet some of what I said... The cover slide shows awesome #Squamozoic art by @alaskanime plus a Night stalker and a .. a.. well..
Evolution is real and animals have a past; therefore they also have a future, something we can take seriously. And many authors have... #TetZooCon
There's already a whole genre of 'alternative history' fiction, variously called AH, allohistory or Uchronia. Ideas about alternative or parallel timelines. And the idea is in mainstream fiction... #TetZooCon
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