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More chalked comments seen in a Northern city. Has the #GraffitiGranny of #Wakefield inspired Chalksy of Lancaster?

"Let's bin Brexit"

#Chalksy #LancasterChalksy #RebelAlliance #JustMakeItStop
2) Spotted tonight on my way home:

"Brexit is building walls not bridges"

#LancasterChalksy #StopTheCoup
#MoreInCommon #HeartsNotHate
3) Another message seen on some steps near the river:

"Brexit is wrong on so many levels"

#LancasterChalksy #StopBrexit JustMakeItStop #BrexitShambles
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@CBItweets said earlier that no deal planning is worthwhile because "When you see a storm coming, you still put out sandbags. We'll definitely lose the kitchen but might be able to save the bedroom"

I worked in the insurance industry during 2005. Lets unpick that analogy.
When a month's worth of rain fell in 24 hours in January 2005 it resulted the worst flooding the city of Carlisle experienced in over 200 years. 3 people died in Carlisle & around 3000 were made homeless. 2/…
In the immediate aftermath the Emergency Planning Unit of Cumbria County Council called a multi agency response and established a district control centre to coordinate the efforts of emergency services, voluntary organisation, media and insurance industry adjusters. 3/
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I have done little else over the past 2+years but try to talk to Brexiters and make them realise the damage they are doing to us all.
Some of them listen, but many don't believe me.
It took me a while to understand why, because
a) I have facts
b) No seriously, I have facts #MyUK
I've watched the unfolding horror of BrexitReality in #MyUK & shared by #BrexitConcerns, but they can't see it.
Look, I say, Brexit was supposed to help our NHS, & make things better but all the NHS unions say it will make things worse #NHSvBrexit
"Unions are paid by the EU" 🤦‍♀️
"Look, here's Channel 4 exposing how our data was manipulated to target people with misleading propaganda to make them vote against their best interests. Here's proof the people who want to leave are cheats & liars."
"Channel 4 are paid by the EU" they say, brandishing "proof"
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For a glimpse of why we were outclassed & out-negotiated by a transparent EU27, Storyville’s Brexit: Behind Closed Doors is a bird’s eye look into how Britain had its “head in the f***ing clouds”. The mortifying incompetence & arrogance of #GlobalBritain.…
Mark Rutte, Dutch PM, privately talks about a meeting he had with PM May. British press reported he would plead for more flexibility which wasn’t true.

“The British press..should not always listen to the spin coming out of Downing St.”

Think how much time we’d have saved.
It feels almost creepy to watch May’s early Brexit speeches. It was all so transparent, so much was predictable - & predicted.

So much of our media (but not all) obsessed/es over the personalities of Brexit, not the predictable & painful complexities of Brexit.

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We go into another week of total uncertainty, less than 3 weeks left, Tory MPs plot premierships, Lab leadership still playing games. No one knows where they stand. People’s lives on hold.

I can’t understand the normality, the lack of protest, the alright on the night mentality.
I can’t understand the absolute derogation of public duty by so many in positions of power.

Nor their willingness to let political ideology, on both extremes, wreak havoc with people’s futures, leaving Brits & EU citizens with no idea what their rights will be in 19 days. /2
I cannot understand how so much of the National narrative has been dictated by a handful of extremists, and why every single day, the reality of what lies ahead is not being asked and asked and asked of our so-called leaders. /3
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A roundup of what some of our members were up to today.
We had a small group in Ellesmere Port near the Asda. There was a brief moment of excitement as our Emma thought she had spotted some unicorns. Unfortunately she just had the wrong glasses on at first. 😉
It was a tough day on the stall getting better as the day went on. The overwhelming feeling from the passers-by was brexit fatigue. There were fed up of it and they just want it all to stop.
We were told by one worried person that a local pharmaceutical firm is moving some jobs to Berlin thanks to the uncertainty of Brexit. I think we can safely assume this has no connection to a drop in diesel sales in Europe. 🤔
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We are being held to ransom by a Prime Minister aggressively determined to have her way at any cost.

We are being failed by the so-called Leader of the Opposition who wants to blink & ignore the cold wind of Brexit reality.

Brave MPs must stand together & call to revoke #Art50.
It was never enough to shrug & say the people willed it.

It is not enough now to shrug & pretend we have to comply with an instruction which was devoid of all detail.

It is a catastrophic error to pretend that we have no choices.

Take back control, Britain. #JustMakeItStop
There is not a single aspect of public life in Britain today that appears improved in any way - substantive or superficial - by the Brexit process.

Shrunken in the eyes of the world, our democracy looking threadbare & our national gaze looking ever inwards, parochial & mean.
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John Bercow calling Peter Bone a delicate flower is a thing of joy, and Joanna Cherry ensuring Donald Tusk's words are registered in Hansard tops it all off beautifully

Solid British humour ftw, even in the face of the Unbearable Shiteness of Brexit

#MakeItStop #JustMakeItStop
Very pleased that Donald Tusk's heartfelt reaction to the Unbearable Shiteness of Brexit is now recorded in Hansard for posterity 🤣

Well done to all of those continuing to speak plain truths
#StandUp2Brexit #MakeItStop…
I know everyone's gone straight to fighty biting about @eucopresident's fervent hope that those *responsible* for Brexitshambles will be rewarded with suitable punishment (#NotAllLeaveVoters)

but think it's important to read the full extent of his remarks…
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That regular reminder of a world watching, aghast not only at Britain’s politicians trashing its stability, economy & prosperity, tossing reputation & common sense aside, but also at the shrugging of shoulders by so many at such grotesque game-playing.

Absurd doesn’t cover this.
Another trait to throw into this unstable Brexit mix is a total lack of empathy or compassion.

This incomprehensible carefree attitude to the rights of Brits in the EU & those who made their lives on our island. The #ImmigrationBill is a disgrace.

This is all such a disgrace.
There are people panicking at the impact on their futures, and their children’s futures, for their rights, for business reasons. And medical reasons. And fear of the unleashing of xenophobia whilst Britain just shrugs.

This is a disgrace.
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Welcome to your new hell. A quick look at the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 1/7
So this the definition of emergency for which the CCA becomes activated. Anyone want to seriously suggest no deal Brexit doesn’t satisfy this? 2/7
An Order in Council is the primary mechanism - this would involve consent of certain members of opposition parties - unless there is serious delay (enough said). So, the PM and senior ministers may make emergency regulations (note, they would decide if there would be delay) 3/7
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*deep breath*
On Monday I am (probably) in national press & on TV talking about how, despite being stable, capable & mostly happy for 15 yrs after spending my 20s in psychiatric care, the unbearable shiteness of Brexit made my suicidal thoughts re-emerge.

#MakeItStop #FinalSay
I'm a lot better this year but last year was particularly difficult.
There were a couple of incidents that could've gone badly but thankfully didn't.

I'm really struggling to see why we are just letting this be done in our name when it will only make things worse for most of us
I'm hoping people will agree that it's not me that's crazy, simply that #BrexitIsBonkers.
Hoping that people just don't see how damaging this path will be to anyone who isn't tax-dodging profiteer.
That they haven't seen the impact Brexit is already having on us & our neighbours.
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My great-uncle fought in Normandy and was captured by the Allies. He was a prisoner of war in Kentucky. His name was Karl. He was a farmer. He distilled his own schnapps and made me laugh.
My grandad fought Nazis in North Africa. His name was Bill. He was a grumpy sod and loved making wicker work. He made me a chair and table when I was a toddler.
My great-grandad Charlie fought in the trenches. Family legend said he was invalided out after a gas attack. Later we learned he had been dishonourably discharged for looting bodies.
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10 years ago on this day I, a German, arrived in the UK keen to commit my life to this country and make it my forever home. Not only am I now forced to apply to stay, I also have to listen to a British MP, Mark Francois, and his reprehensible Germanophobia on live TV. 1/
Have to see that it is not challenged. So instead of celebrating a decade in the UK, I am looking at that development today. And then I think of all the problems with #SettledStatus and the fact that I will have to apply to stay; apply to lose rights; apply to get a special 2/
ID number; apply to be put on a special register only for 'foreigners' like me. I listen to the hate that is constantly stirred against EU citizens even now, 945 days after the EU referendum. And I listen to the hate directed at my country of birth and Germans more generally. 3/
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