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🇬🇧 Global Britain 🌍🌎🌏

So much happened in March!

Yes we finally saw the #CPTPP agreement on the last day of the month, but did you catch all the other things that happened, the deals that were signed, #Globalbritain in action, on the other 30 days?

Quick rundown thread 🧵
March 1st

The UK signed a defence agreement with Saudi Arabia, related to partnership on the Future Combat Air System.

The agreement was a "Declaration of Intent", with the next steps being a feasibility study into the partnership.…
March 2nd

The annual Soft Power rankings were revealed at a conference in London - where the UK retained its spot at the top of the global rankings, 2nd only to the USA.…
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@EuropeanPowell It was #IoWBobSeely that asked the questions about Chandler, but he wasn’t alone: more detail here, including Chandler’s Malta passport; , & a link to Trump I hadn’t seen before in thread, too.
@EuropeanPowell And here he is in Commons , bemoaning 1) the lack of investment in #IsleofWight
#StrangleHoldRipOffFerries #NoFixedLink - After 13 Years of Tory Council Budget Cuts
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And just like that, #GlobalBritain becomes the next Brexit catchphrase to bite the dust. This news that the UK formally is to downgrade its longstanding commitment to human rights for close diplomatic ties is a real blow. Soft power has always mattered.…
Hoping for a strong and principled response from opposition parties on the govt’s reported foreign policy intention to drop the UK’s long-standing commitment to human rights for close diplomatic ties.

@DavidLammy @LaylaMoran @AlynSmith @CarolineLucas
Pragmatism has always been a bedrock of foreign policy. But my own experience of British diplomacy around the world has been that the values, language & culture of human rights often have been played an important role, even if not always as central as human rights advocates wish.
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As heralded, #UK, #Italy, and #Japan have merged their #Tempest and F-X future fighter projects into the Global Combat Air Programme (#GCAP). With a @JanesINTEL story inbound, a short thread of some key points... 1/7
While the UK led Tempest and Japan drove F-X, the GCAP will have no lead nation or company. Programme will be a 'partnership of equals', with @BAESystemsAir heading up development on behalf of the UK, @Leonardo_live for Italy, and @MHI_Group for Japan. 2/7
For the UK, #FCAS will continue to address future requirements that include a manned fighter, and other capabilities in air domain. The manned fighter to be developed under GCAP will continue to be named #Tempest, while Japan has not said if its F-X will still become the F-3. 3/7
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Finally! #GlobalBritain IS #WorldBeating at something: fraud. 😬🇬🇧

Criminals scammed UK banking customers out of £1.3BILLION in 2021: fraud accounted for 39% of all crime in 2020-21 (ONS). Globally, the UK now has the worst overall problem with online fraud relative to its size.
The average loss per victim of investment fraud last year was more than £14,000.

£77MILLION was lost to scammers posing as employees from utility companies, #HMRC, the #NHS or other official bodies using the threat of fictitious fines or outstanding debts to extract payments.
UK Finance warns that criminals research their targets, using information gathered from social media profiles, data breaches & previous scams - fake text messages urging us to register for energy help schemes, money off our shopping or pay for missed parcel deliveries etc
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Just caught up with the full Rwanda announcement. Full of ill-thought through contradictions, no workable detail and so unethical, never mind very vulnerable to legal challenge, the latter may well be the point. Blame the foreigners, blame lawyers, blame the law, leave the ECHR…
Incredibly depressing, if now predictable, to see the govt cynically treating law & lawyers upholding the law, (domestic & international) & the rights of vulnerable people, as fair political game, again.

A deliberate unravelling of confidence in those that hold them to account.
Imagine if Johnson had described this country’s “formidable army of lawyers” as a credit to the country he boasts is world-leading, essential to its strong rule of law traditions, acting in their client’s best interests before a confident, independent judiciary…imagine that.
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"most Ukrainians will want to stay in Ukraine, but if they leave they’ll want to be as close to their home country as possible in order to be able to come back in the future."
what a pile of cynical nonsense from @DominicRaab…
1 - the EU is 4,422,773 km2, the distance between Kyiv and London is 2400 km, Kyiv to Madrid is 3700km
2- has @DominicRaab heard about Easyjet, Wizz, Ryanair? It is faster and cheaper to travel to London than many cities in neighbouring countries by train/car
3- if I was working in the UK and my elderly parents were in Ukraine now, all I would want is for them to join me in the safety of my home, NOT for them to stay in a refugee camp alone somewhere near the border of Ukraine
#RefugeesWelcome #UkraineUnderAttack #PritiPatel
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Scared of being ambushed by a cake? Getting slightly bored with pre-Gray-gate? Join us to discuss the UK's economic future - and what Global Britain could mean UK exporters - at 9.30am!… Image
Starting now - our discussion on the UK's trade pivot towards the Indo-Pacific region with @hale_shale @TorstenBell @Annaisaac @JohnAlty1 & @SallyJJonesEY Watch here… Image
@hale_shale @TorstenBell @Annaisaac @JohnAlty1 @SallyJJonesEY Kicking off our event @hale_shale notes that the US-focused Global Britain is paused, and the new focus is the Indo-Pacific region (and particularly India) Image
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Back to work for a crucial year for UK Science, Research & Innovation & my core Missions:

🌏 ScienceSuperpower🧑🏽‍🔬
💥Innovation Nation👷🏼

Here are some of the Priorities in the NewYear in-tray:

1. Horizon: continue to push for UK association, alongside a bold GlobalBritain PlanB
2. Research Ecosystem: implementing the Nurse, Grant & Tickell Reviews of the UK Research landscape to
- improve career paths
- reduce bureaucracy
- accelerate decision-making
- boost UK global strengths in attracting top talent in
science🧬 & innovation💥
3. Oversee establishment of the new UK Advanced Research & Innovation Agency (ARIA) as the UK’s “Science Satellite” to ensure the UK stays on the frontline of exploring new ways of doing new science:
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Into November and already massive committments at #COP26 lead by #GlobalBritain. UK services up, manufacturing up, output up, new investments, new factories, new trade. Look out for 🇦🇺FTA 🇸🇬DEPA and updates on 🇮🇳🇨🇦🇲🇽🇧🇦🇲🇪🇻🇳, GCC & CPTPP. #BrexitReality…
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Utter chaos at security for COP26. It's not as if they couldn't plan for this is it? Image
It's an international embarrassment. All nationalities in this queue. #globalbritain
Thank god it ain't raining. But it's nippy.
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There are many layers to the #Covid19UK human catastrophe but IMO it’s all DELIBERATE @mrjamesob

Not even @BorisJohnson is so ignorant that he can’t understand the seriousness of what is currently unfolding.

The crux is - HE WANTS IT TO HAPPEN!

@sajidjavid @JonAshworth
If you were looking for the perfect foil for the #BrexitShambles & #NHSPrivatisation in one fell swoop AND you wanted to divert attention from the cronyism & corruption being uncovered every single day….you’d create as much chaos, fear & desperation as possible….
….carefully positioning your scapegoats (the EU/drs/nurses/teachers/refugees….

You’d allow #COVIDDisinformation to run riot, including from the @UKHSA (& conveniently replace #PHE), whilst churning out a #COVIDisOver narrative through a compliant media.
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I’m excited to launch @ABPI_UK's new report into the UK’s clinical research landscape (and my first as Head of Research Policy @ABPI_UK!) Here are my 6 takeaways 🧵...
1⃣ The UK has gone above and beyond when it comes to COVID-19 research with 6⃣8⃣ studies delivered in 2020 – the highest in Europe! 🔬🧪
2⃣When it comes to #GlobalBritain, only 🇺🇸 & 🇧🇷 started more C-19 trials in 2020. More broadly, the UK also punches above its weight in early phase research, maintaining its European lead in Phase I trials 🏆
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A consolidation of #GlobalBritain and #Brexit (lack of) success stories.

Take back control of roaming charges on holiday

Shutting the British Council (supporting British Business) all over Europe.


Flouting UN Convention on Human Rights. Good old banana republic failed state stuff.


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1/12: Will the UK #integratedreview of security & #foreignpolicy really make a difference? It was billed as a radical reset after #Brexit & does contain important innovations. But there are many areas of continuity. A thread, now we’ve had time to digest..
2/12: #GlobalBritain hyperbole was inevitable. A “science superpower”, a “#softpower superpower”, “an independent country free to tread our own path”. But to be fair, beneath the froth lies serious thought to frame international & domestic priorities.
3/12: The #geopolitical analysis is sober. A tougher, more competitive world where China looms large & old certainties no longer apply. Yet the core prescription is familiar. British foreign policy with global reach, defending liberal democratic values, rule of law & trade.
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The Government’s Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy is modernising Defence to counter future threats and promote UK interests and values in a more competitive age. For the @RoyalNavy, this means change. #ThreadTweet
We will grow in size, strength and reach. We will achieve this change through investment, some tough choices and by continuing to transform how we operate. #ThreadTweet
We will invest in the nuclear deterrent, through the new Dreadnought class SSBN and the warhead. We will keep our operational advantage underwater, with a new lightweight torpedo and a new ships to protect the nation’s vital underwater cables. #ThreadTweet
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On @BBCNewsnight, @maitlis asked @JamesCleverly if it is British govt policy to seek trade deals with countries that violate intn’l standards on human rights, as a leaked tape with @DominicRaab seen by @HuffPost reveals.

We’ll take that as a “Yes”, James!
In the recording, @DominicRaab says: “I squarely believe we ought to be trading liberally around the world. IF we restrict it to countries with ECHR-level standards of human rights, we’re not going to do many trade deals with growth markets of the future.’
So are these the “growth markets” for #GlobalBritain?

This apparent willingness to sacrifice human rights at the altar of trade fits a depressing pattern

Any trade that arises from or contributes to human rights violations can never be truly sustainable.…
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Welcome to DAY 2⃣ of the #DiCEConference on #Brexit!

Like yesterday, we are highlighting all the best bits online here⤵️

Our moderator Christopher Lord welcomes four panelists: @BrigidLaffan, @HusseinHKassim, Vivien A. Schmidt, and @FabianZuleeg


#InDivEU @EU3Dh2020 @IdeaEu
Our first speaker in @HusseinHKassim from the University of East Anglia


#InDivEU @EU3Dh2020 @IdeaEu
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1/9: The #UK government will soon publish its #IntegratedReview of defence, security, development & #ForeignPolicy. This is an important inflection point: we need a comprehensive, credible vision of the #GlobalBritain agenda after #Brexit. What to expect?.. a thread..
2/9: The #IntegratedReview will set principles to guide individual policies, advocating agile, global British reach in support of democratic values. Johnson’s strap-line is “#UK as a force for good”. But lofty principles will only be credible if hard, practical choices are made.
3/9: Much will be orthodox: supporting effective #multilateralism, rule of law, open #trade. I expect strong commitment to the #US relationship (whatever some say, #Biden is a godsend for Johnson) & lots about the fashionable but nebulous concept of an “#IndoPacific tilt”.
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[THREAD] At yesterday's @MunSecConf, #UK Prime Minister @BorisJohnson gave the best foreign speech of any European leader. What were his key points?… [1/6]
1. That the #UK is back. #GlobalBritain will play a leading role in upholding the defence of #Europe and deterring threats to global security. This includes overcoming the #Covid19 pandemic, which the UK is fighting with #COVAX and the revolutionary @AstraZeneca vaccine... [2/6]
2. That #EuroAtlantic democracies need to push back against declinism and gloom. That means ending babble about ‘#Westlessness’ (🙄) and ‘strategic autonomy’ and a more active defence of liberal democracy around the world... [3/6]
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“It was pretty clear we had to be complicit in the fallacy that these things could just work, or risk losing any influence we might have.”

This line, from a CEO, sums up the last 4+ years of May & Johnson’s Brexit.

This brilliant #longread undoes it all.
Imagine any CEO or company board reaction to news that financial analysis had not been carried out for fear of what it might reveal.

Then transpose to a govt, acting against the economic interests of its own people to maintain the fiction that if we just believe hard enough...
Johnson led Brexit, he chose its parameters, he defined them by the obsessive ideology of sovereignty over all else, and he chose not to extend time to at least try to improve on the inevitable terms dictated by his choices.

The cries of freedom will ring very hollow.
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As Britain celebrates #Brexit victory and a new #GlobalBritain

Over in the real Global World, the #EU and #China sign a very significant new investment treaty that was hardly noticed in the UK.
The key question for 2021 will be what a 'new' #GlobalBritain really means, remembering that we haven't yet signed a single trade deal we didn't previously enjoy through the EU.
Who will our new #GlobalBritain trade relationships be with? How do we navigate this whilst remaining 'closely aligned' with the EU? When will the first dispute and threat of tariffs from the EU emerge, if we drift too far apart?
These are the new challenges, as yet unclear
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Dreadful, incomprehensible scenes at Dover. These poor lorry drivers left stranded, probably unable to get home for Xmas, without basics like enough loos, washing facilities & food, & insult to injury added by the lack of translators to explain what’s happening. It’s indecent.
Yes, this has occurred after a Covid emergency, but we are days from potentially a No Deal Brexit, so therefore similar border difficulties predictable. The govt has not only claimed it’s been preparing for months, but has had days to endure basic welfare for stranded drivers.
Meanwhile, here is the German Ambassador ensuring basic welfare of stranded drivers.

How is the British govt so unprepared, incapable or unwilling to engage with the human misery caused by the situation? Shouldn’t be put up to charity to fix or feed. But thank you @Khalsa_Aid.
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