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On Fox News Sunday, @SteveScalise dismisses the testimony of witnesses who have direct knowledge of Trump's abuse of power by insisting that administration officials who have testified, including a Pence aide, are merely "Schiff's witnesses."
LOL! Pressed on how Republican candidate Eddie Rispone's defeat in the #LAGOV race just days after Trump rallied for him looks bad for the president, @SteveScalise claims that Rispone "made up about a 22 point disadvantage because of President Trump's involvement." 😂
Trump, who misspelled Scalise's name, is mad because Chris Wallace had the temerity to push back on Scalise's flimsy MAGA talking points
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Last tweets of the night after the show with @Gingrich_of_PA to answer this great DM question.

How is Louisiana so red on the presidential level and elects Democrats on the gubernatorial level?

Simple version...
@Gingrich_of_PA Ed Rispone put on a good show. But John Bel Edwards is a popular incumbent and rather conservative. It clearly helped him in Southern Catholic region and even to some extent the Northern Protestant area. On the presidential level, Democrats are nowhere near that conservative.
@Gingrich_of_PA That said, the early vote for John Bel Edwards was not at all impressive. But he did two things.

1. He hit targets where it counted (Orleans, East Baton, etc)
2. He did better than expected in the Election Day vote, which is not something the president should take lightly.
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1. Well, this doesn't happen very often. But I pretty much agree with this #LAGov analysis on CNN.

Republicans have a built-in advantage and actually did far better with Indies down ballot than other races. But at the top, they didn't do as well.…
2. Republicans tend to drop off in runoff elections in LA, albeit by a few points. But when you have a popular incumbent like Bel Edwards, it's not a few points you can afford.

Personally, I thought Abraham was the stronger GOP candidates vs. Bel Edwards.

It'll be close...
3. It'll be close but 1) D gubernatorial candidates perform strongly statewide in LA, historically a long track of just that. But 2) if Rispone does pull it out, it'll be because of that last rally.
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Meet Eddie Rispone Louisiana Pro Trump Republican Candidate for Governor

Guided by faith, family, and God in his life.
Pro Trump, pro-life, pro-family, and pro-Second Amendment
Non-politician. Businessman. Proven job creator.

ISC Group. Award winning construction company founded by Eddie and his brother.
Eddie Responds to Impeachment Hoax - Democrats are Lunatics!
"We stand with Trump folks."
"We're gonna continue to stand with President Trump."
@EddieRispone @realDonaldTrump #lagov
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Thread on the cost of Louisiana's death penalty: Government budgets - especially at the state level - are about choices and tradeoffs. There is never enough cash to fund every priority. Health care, education, public safety - all these things cost money. #lalege #lagov
2/Louisiana has had the death penalty on its books since 1977. But until very recently we never knew what it cost the state. A few years ago @JPMorrell put together a commission to answer this question. I was on it. We bogged down in politics and never finished our work
3/So Loyola law professor Bill Quigley and retired judge Calvin Johnson did the job themselves. Their report - released earlier this month - confirms what we suspected: The death penalty is very expensive. It costs the state $15.6 million per year.…
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THREAD: On the same week that @LeeZurik & @NOLAnews are out with this incredible series about the failures of @BobbyJindal's reforms & the waste of taxpayer dollars:

Pt 1:…

Pt 2:…

Pt 3:…

#lagov #lalege
And this one: Bobby Jindal promised children a way out of bad public schools. Then steered thousands of students to D and F grade private campuses.…
Bobby Jindal is soliciting money for his political committee, America Next, to tout his next plan to "improve our schools." No joke - he spent years stealing money away from K-12 education and demonizing teachers, and now he wants to take that circus national. #lagov #lalege
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Let's not talk about 2020 yet. Let's talk about 2019.

There are some important elections coming up next year: #KYGov, #LAGov, #MSGov, and the state legislatures of VA and NJ.
#MSGov is almost certainly going to favor Republicans, but don't count Democrats out.

The seat is open, and we have a potential candidate, AG Jim Hood, who has already won statewide office there.
#LAGov will be a challenge. We won that seat in 2015 because Republicans nominated basically the most unpopular politician in the state.

They won't make that mistake again. Bel Edwards is in for a fight.
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LA's top export partner is China w/ $7.9 Billion & its second highest export good is agricultural is $15.8B. Soybeans comprises >$12B. Will our GOP Reps defend us? @BillCassidy @SenJohnKennedy @SteveScalise @RepClayHiggins @RepAbraham @RepMikeJohnson @RepGarretGraves
Data from the US Commerce Dept showing China is La's top export partner. Will our GOP reps defend us against Trump??…
Data from US Census showing that Soybeans comprise $12.4 Billion in LA exports. Will our GOP reps defend us from Trump in his trade war from China ?…
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