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Senate Judiciary A is meeting to discuss Rep. @FirmentGabe’s HB648, which would ban gender affirming healthcare for trans youth. No Democrats are present. #lalege #lagov Image
The bill was initially killed in Health and Welfare, but it was discharged to Judiciary A last night. Here's some background on this unusual move: #lalege #lagov…
Also notably absent are the usual crowd of LGBTQ+-rights advocates. I'm told some advocates were concerned about their physical safety. It's unclear if anybody is here to testify in opposition. #lalege #lagov
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The committee is now taking up Rep. Dodie Horton’s HB466, which prohibits discussion of gender identity and sexual orientation in public schools. Referred to by critics as a “don’t say gay bill” #lalege #lagov
“The sexualization and indoctrination of children without permission of parents should be a non controversial issue. Parents are concerned that their children's are being exposed to dangerous innocence destroying topics,” Horton said #lalege #lagov
“Many of us had teachers that we can find and may have literally saved our lives… This bill actually takes the humanity out of the classroom,” @M1Flournoy said #lalege #lagov
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Senate Education taking up two anti-LGBTQ+ bills. First up is Rep. @raymondcrewsla’s HB81, which forbids use of trans youth’s name and pronouns without parental permission #lalege #lagov Image
Yet again, Slidell pastor John Raymond, who has been charged with juvenile cruelty, is here to speak in support of the bill #lalege #lagov…
Proponents of the bill are framing this as a parental rights bill, but even if a parent consents to a teacher using the correct name and pronouns, teachers can still refuse if they have religious/ moral objections. #lalege #lagov
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In House education, Rep. Ken Brass asks @RepHodges64 to define CRT. “People teaching that one race is superior or inferior to another or that some people are advantaged because of the color of their skin,” Hodges said. #lalege #lagov
Hodges falsely claims that there’s a critical race theory department at LSU #lalege #lagov #laed
Hodges is presenting a resolution asking K-12 schools and higher ed institutions to report on DEI initiatives, CRT programs and use of social emotional learning… #lalege #lagov
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Rep. Larry Frieman has proposed an amendment to Sen. Fred Mills’ bill to create a pharmacy benefit managers quality incentive program that prohibits participants from engaging in gender affirming care. Another retribution amendment #lalege #lagov Image
Rep. Joe Stagni challenges the germaneness of the amendment. Stagni, a Republican, opposes the ban on gender affirming care that was killed last week. (There are still attempts to revive the bill) #lalege #lagov
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Louisiana is what happens when a state has lost its values, or dare I say, had it stolen.

Private interests, corporations and, commodities rein supreme over the Louisiana people… 🧵
#lagov #lalege
When bills that help the well-being of people get presented as “costs”, with no regard to the value it creates, and bills that help private interests get presented as “investments” with no regard to the costs on society, something is very wrong…
We better not forgot why we have an economy and a government to begin with. It’s for us. All of us.

Let’s take it back.
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Throwback to that time we helped keep Oleg Deripaska's lobbyist from Mercury Public Affairs, David Vitter, out of the Governor's Mansion.

#Vote @wilsonforla, Louisiana.

#LAGov #LALege…
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Joe Biden is targeting retirement benefits to pursue radical #ESG agenda. I'm fighting back in a lawsuit with @UtahAG and @TXAG!
Biden's @USDOL rule would undermine key protections for retirement savings of 158 million American workers. It would allow 401(k) managers to direct their clients’ money to ESG investments - running contrary to the laws outlined in ERISA.
Investments should be made using sound economic principles, not woke policies. These firms have a responsibility to invest with their clients’ best financial interests in mind, rather than Biden’s disastrous agenda. #lagov
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Louisiana, Missouri Release Full #Fauci Deposition Transcript -
Fauci’s recent deposition only confirmed what we already knew: federal bureaucrats in collusion with social media companies want to control not only what you think, but especially what you say. #lagov
During COVID-19 crisis: social engineering tactics were used against the American public - not to limit your exposure to a virus, but to limit your exposure to information that did not fit within a government sanctioned narrative. #FauciDeposition
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THREAD 🧵 The Louisiana Legislature is in direct defiance of a federal court order by ending the special redistricting session without adopting a congressional map with two majority-minority districts. #LaLege #LaGov (1/5)
Unfortunately, this comes as no surprise because it was clear there was no real intent to comply with the Judge's order. Today continues a sad and awful legacy whereby justice for Black people must come only as a result of federal intervention. (2/5)
On the verge of Juneteenth, we had the opportunity and the responsibility to do better; but the majority of our State’s legislators have once again chosen to be on the wrong side of the law, and the wrong side of history. (3/5)
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News: A federal judge has ruled Louisiana's Republican-led Legislature must redraw the proposed Congressional map to include an additional majority-minority district. Appeals expected. #lalege #lagov
Republican legislative leaders believe the 5th circuit will step in quickly to stay the opinion.

Qualifying for the congressional elections is July 30th, but the primary election is technically not till November because of Louisiana's unique election system. #lalege #lagov
Here's the ruling from Shelly Dick ordering them to draw another majority-Black seat. Plaintiffs argue Black voters' influence is being diluted because they're packed into CD2 (Carter's seat). And they say Louisiana's unusually late election date gives time for a new map #lalege
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The House is resuming its work, after some jockeying over whether they were going to allow bills to be heard after the 82nd day (requires a 2/3 vote). Republicans garner enough votes to overpower Democrats on a vaccine bill, allowing it to be heard 76-23. #lalege #lagov
And Republicans appear to retaliate against Dems for opposing Frieman's bill. Seabaugh asks Tammy Phelps how she voted on the Frieman motion, before Republicans kill the motion to hear her bill on a 37-65 vote. #lalege #lagov
Republicans seem to be only letting Democrat bills heard if the member voted in favor of letting Republican bills get heard in the Senate. Seems like they're retaliating against any Dem that opposed the Republican vaccine bill #lalege #lagov
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Louisiana lawmakers are holding the first hearing of a committee tasked with exploring legalizing recreational marijuana. You can watch it here:… #lalege #lagov
We're hearing testimony warning legalization will lead to a bunch of negative effects, like increased traffic fatalities, etc. Here's some fact-checking I did on this earlier this year… #lalege #lagov
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In the Lake Charles area, Jeremy Stine held State Senate District 27 for Rs -- he improved on Trump's margin by a few points. There are a few swingy precincts west of the city, but this is a pretty polarized seat. In 2019, JBE made the red areas look less red. #lagov #lalege Image
As @WinWithJMC says, Calcasieu Parish used to be a no-man's land for Rs 20-30 years ago.
This is pretty noisy (given the much lower turnout tonight) but Stine = red, Trump = blue. Stine clearly did better in Lake Charles proper. Image
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Well this day is going great. My car battery died TODAY.

Nevertheless, now I'm at @LouisianaGov's press conference about Hurricane Ida.
.@LouisianaGov says there are significant storm surge impacts around Port Fourchon and in Plaquemines Parish. #lalege #lagov
.@LouisianaGov repeatedly says that no one should be out on the roads or out of their house during the storm and in the immediate aftermath of the storm. #lalege #lagov
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.@LouisianaGov has started his afternoon update on Hurricane Ida. You can watch it live here: #lalege #lagov
"This is a very strong storm." - @LouisianaGov.

He says winds will be at 140 mph when Hurricane Ida makes landfall.

Almost the entire state is under some type of warning or watch. #lalege #lagov
Once again, @LouisianaGov is saying we could be seeing 110 mph winds in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, New Orleans and River parishes. #lalege #lagov
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When Ida meets delta....I've put together a list of the ways Louisiana's delta surge complicates the current hurricane prep and response.… #COVID19 #lawx #lalege #lagov
How hurricane response is different because of the #COVID19 delta surge:

➡️Evacuating hospitals is "impossible"
➡️State shelters have fewer beds
➡️Nursing homes can't send fragile patients to hospitals… #lalege #lagov
Hospitals are full in and around Louisiana so there's nowhere to transfer patients if a hospital was damaged/lost water because of Hurricane Ida.

“We don’t have any place to bring those patients — not in state, not out of state.” - @LouisianaGov… #lalege
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.@LouisianaGov is starting his press conference on Hurricane Ida (and COVID...and whatever other disaster we are currently having.) #lalege #lagov
Today is the one year anniversary of Hurricane Laura and Louisiana is facing another CATEGORY 4 hurricane. #lalege #lagov
Hurricane Ida is supposed to make landfall between St. Mary's and Terrebonne parishes. @LouisianaGov says people need to be where they are going to be for the storm by nightfall tomorrow night. #lalege #lagov
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It's Friday! Ahead of the storm, here's some non-storm news.....

@remroc15 talked to school districts about the challenges of trying to run school lunchtime (when people can't wear masks) during #COVID19.… #lalege #lagov
Some of the individuals schools in the UL system shared their student body COVID-19 vaccination rates. (The % of students who have had at least one shot.) Some of this info is based on self-reporting from students. From @JC_Canicosa… #lalege #laed
Here the COVID-19 vaccination rates (at least one shot) of UL system school student bodies that were shared with us. (Some of it is based on self-reported surveys.)

Grambling (40%)
Nicholls (50%)
Southeastern (47%)
UL Monroe (68%)
UNO (58%) #lalege…
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Today, @LADeptHealth confirms the death of a child under the age of 1– the first of the fourth surge of COVID-19 in Louisiana. Today, we report 110 deaths from COVID, including this child, bringing the total of COVID deaths in the state to 12,226. 📄 #lagov
Each COVID-19 death in Louisiana has been heart-wrenching, but the loss of such a young child, who could not be vaccinated yet, is tragic and a reminder of the difficult circumstance we are in throughout Louisiana. Right now, we are seeing younger people hospitalized. #lagov
They are getting sicker than in the previous surge and, unfortunately, some of them may die. Already, this week, we have confirmed 6,146 COVID cases in children and last week there were 63 pediatric cases of COVID admitted to the hospital. #lagov
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"We don't have much good news today," @LouisianaGov says kicking off his press conference. "There's nothing in the data today to suggest we are at or near the peak of this surge, which is very, very concerning." #lagov
Janet Mann, the winner of Louisiana's $1M vaccine lottery grand prize, is a retired elementary special education teacher from Bossier Parish. She snagged that big Shot At A Million check and got out of here! Full list of today's winners below…
NEW VAX INCENTIVE: Louisiana will give away $100 Visa cards to the first 75K college students who get vaccinated at participating colleges and universities beginning Monday. This age group is driving a lot of the COVID infections in Louisiana, Edwards notes
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. @LouisianaGov getting started with a full court of white coats for today’s press conference
.@LouisianaGov says that tomorrow's numbers from @LADeptHealth will show the highest level of hospitalizations from COVID since the pandemic began. "There are no signs on the horizon that cases will flatten."
Gov. John Bel Edwards reissues a statewide mask mandate covering all indoor public settings, including K-12 schools, churches, universities, businesses, etc. "It has become clear that our current recommendations on their own are not strong enough to deal with our fourth surge"
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.@LouisianaGov kicks off his press conference congratulating this week's winners of the Shot At A Million campaign, who each won $100K prizes for getting vaccinated against COVID-19. Registration for the $1M jackpot ends soon. #lagov…
. @LouisianaGov: "Quite simply the delta variant is an absolute gamechanger, superimposed as it is on a state like Louisiana that is not sufficiently vaccinated." #lagov
A total of 21,543 people tested positive for the coronavirus for the first time over the past seven days, amounting to almost 580 more confirmed cases than during the worst week of the third wave in January. That includes 4,230 new confirmed cases reported on Friday.
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FWIW: Some women lawmakers told me that they may see more urgency to fire someone at LSU than @LouisianaGov because they are receiving lots of messages from students/former students who haven't gone public about their bad experiences with certain LSU officials. #lalege
When I asked @LouisianaGov why he and the women lawmakers had different opinions on whether more people should be fired at LSU, he essentially said the women lawmakers should name the people they want fired publicly. #lalege
.@LouisianaGov is right. The women lawmakers have called for more people to be fired at LSU over this scandal, but they haven't used specific names publicly

Three people come up over and over again in private conversations though: Ausberry, Segar and Jonathan Sanders. #lalege
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