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🌿 Don't miss AIRDROP by Lens Protocol

@LensProtocol is the Social Layer of Web3

💲 Raised: $15M (today)

💰 Rewards: potential airdrop

Here's an ultimate checklist on how to get a potential airdrop from LENS 👇🏻

#SocialFi #Lens #lensprotocol Image
Lens hinted at Airdrop by posting the tweet below and deleting it shortly after

A Lens page was also published on Coinbase's website but was deleted later ImageImage
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今天Twitter改LOGO,引起 #doge 不小骚动(由于身体原因,写了两天)。




讲到这个,就要讲到我16年ICO的经历,当时我ICO过一个项目叫 是一个构建于比特币区块链之上的一个去中心化内容出版协议。核心功能是内容代币化,时间戳来实现版权所有权问题。发币即15倍,峰值距离ICO 高达50多倍,#POE 还上过币安,后面结局是归零了。
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Facebook, Instagram and TikTok will be dead in 10 years

Influencers are gaining power, and they’re tired of unequal economics and the constant threat of censorship

They’ll soon lead a “great migration” to decentralized platforms like @LensProtocol

Here’s why and how


🧵 Image

#LensProtocol is a decentralized “social graph” that allows users to own their online relationships and content (we’ll explain what this means below)

It has not yet released a token, but over 100K lens #NFTs trade on OpenSea with an average floor price of $108

This thread we will cover:

• What’s a social graph?
• The problem with social media
• How #Lens solves this problem
• How it works
• The Lens ecosystem
• How big is the market for Lens?
• Key competitors
• What is Lens’ moat?
• What’s its long-term potential?
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$LENS Airdrop Strategy 🌿
#arbitrum has finally announced $ARB airdrop. So don't miss #LENS Airdrop
• What is Lens
• How to get a Lens Profile
• Possible Criteria for Airdrop ⚡️
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🧵 Image

✅ $LENS info

$LENS is a decentralized social media platform where your content is an NFT. It's designed to be composable, meaning you can import your content and profile anywhere without losing anything. Your data is secured on a decentralized storage server.

Getting Started:

To start, you'll need a profile. You can either get one by being part of the community or buying one on OpenSea. Profiles are in the format of something.lens and cost around $100-$130. Hurry, there's been a surge in demand due to the potential airdrop.
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🔎Analyze your #Lens Protocol & #Lenster #Airdrops Possibility

Data Query to understand your impact, publication, Every word, photo, video,and follower can have an impact.


How many followers/Post/collects mirror/comments should you Have potentially Lens #Airdrop?)💰

Lenster is a decentralized, and permissionless social media app built with Lens Protocol @SixdegreeLab

The number of decentralized applications built on Lens Protocol and the usage rate of these applications is increasing day by day. With its built-in and customizable decentralized governance model, it gives a new impetus to the social DAO concept
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September 1, 2022: Whales are Accumulating?🐋🐳
Why Unusual On-Chain Activity May be Institutions Stashing $CRV…
Lately @0xroborosCap and @DefiMoon have noted unusual activity.

Whale wallets accumulating large amounts of $CRV in what is speculated to be institutional hoarding.

What exactly is going on?

Specifically, at least a dozen wallets follow this same pattern:

Over the course of hours, sometimes days, a rapid succession of 5 figure withdrawals of $CRV from Coinbase to a previously empty wallet.

Once the wallet hits high 6 to low 7 figures, it sits idle. Image
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Un mélange de communauté, de gouvernance et de #NFTs ? Le tout saupoudré d'un peu de #DeFi ?

#LensProtocol, la vraie définition du web 3.0 🌳🌿⬇️🧵
Aujourd'hui on s'attaque au futur mastodonte (et je pèse mes mots ) de l'écosystème !

Développé par l'équipe derrière #AAVE, #LensProtocol a le potentiel pour devenir l'alpha et l'oméga de nos relations digitals (eh oui rien que ça 😌)
À l'instar de la révolution de la finance, avec la finance décentralisée, #LensProtocol se veut révolutionner les réseaux sociaux, avec les réseaux sociaux décentralisées 😏🌐

Ce qui veut donc dire une chose :
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