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Facebook, Instagram and TikTok will be dead in 10 years

Influencers are gaining power, and they’re tired of unequal economics and the constant threat of censorship

They’ll soon lead a “great migration” to decentralized platforms like @LensProtocol

Here’s why and how


🧵 Image

#LensProtocol is a decentralized “social graph” that allows users to own their online relationships and content (we’ll explain what this means below)

It has not yet released a token, but over 100K lens #NFTs trade on OpenSea with an average floor price of $108

This thread we will cover:

• What’s a social graph?
• The problem with social media
• How #Lens solves this problem
• How it works
• The Lens ecosystem
• How big is the market for Lens?
• Key competitors
• What is Lens’ moat?
• What’s its long-term potential?
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今天是我入圈 #Web3 一周年。过去一年,我被rug过,也被很多前辈提点过。从一个年级第一保研北大的学院派“乖乖女”,到现在能接受裂痕,理解去中心化的本质,有自己的思想,我走了很多弯路,也学到了很多实战经验。今天试图分享话题「#普通人如何快速进入Web3」,欢迎大家补充!(持续更新中…)
首推北大肖臻老师 2018 年的《区块链技术与应用》,是中文领域看过最好的区块链教学之一,从底层的密码学原理讲到上层基于智能合约的应用,而且全程使用板书教学。 在 bilibili 和 youtube 上均有视频。
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Coinbase跟OP Stack合作开发自己的链上平台BASE,这是一个里程碑的发展。从Coinbase单点逻辑—Coinbase交易所,钱包,再到现在一个平台BASE,把各方L1,L2链接起来,串联成一个线一个面,创建起宏伟的目标——10亿人的开放金融系统。

1.贷款:加密货币当中,DEFI十分繁荣。而下一次1000倍的DEFI繁荣,需要一个强大的引擎——信用贷款。我们深知信贷是现代经济繁荣的基石,它打开了潘多拉宝盒,让世界经济在供需再平衡之间,创造了巨大需求。而目前加密货币的传统抵押贷款,以 $AAVE,$COMP为例,
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Royalties for Art for HODL’ng vs Royalties (or lack thereof) for more tradeable PFPs via aligned incentives.

Maybe it's not either:or?

Hear me out on why all this can still be a net positive as the space matures. An attempt at a 🧵🧵 on the subject...
Royalties for Art: I personally believe artists deserve to sell their art, and a perk of NFTs from the moment I joined the space was the tech’s ability to monetize ongoing income thanks to appreciation and/or their art changing hands. (2/13)
(R4A Cont'd) With lower supply collections and especially 1/1 art @SuperRare has shown its continued prowess. Can something similar remain? Via any/all marketplaces where its set up as such? I feel many agree as to where a collection or #NFT asset belongs categorically (3/13)
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¿Alguna vez has soñado construir un nuevo mundo?

Un lugar donde no existen barreras, ni límites

Una isla donde tú eres el protagonista y donde puedes vivir infinitas aventuras y monetizarlas

Hilo (1/6) 🧵
COCOBAY es donde tú propones experiencias y norma

Donde puedas ser quien quieras ser:
· Sin presión social
· Sin limitaciones
· Donde puedes fluir
· Donde soltar la imaginación

🥥🤝 Image
¿Qué pasaría si te dijera que esa posibilidad ya existe y es tan real como cualquier red social?

Estos mundos son posibles y estamos más cerca de lo que imaginas

Un lugar donde crear, COCOnstruir y compartir con gente como tú 🥥 Image
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n/1 一直玩NFT的朋友可能发现最近 #Blur 上又可以交易那些新发行的NFT了。包括之前无法交易的 #SewerPass 。之前无法交易是因为Opensea出台的新政策让项目方从合约层面把Blur限制了。但最近Blur想出了骚操作规避了这个限制。下面来看看Blur的鬼才操作。 Image
n/2 由于#Opensea的排他协议,导致大多数新发行的NFT项目方都ban掉了Blur,所以在之前的一段时间里Blur上只能交易那些老的NFT。但现在Blur通过骚操作,在平台上搭建了两套交易系统。老的NFT们在老系统上交易。新的限制了Blur的那些NFT在新系统上交易。
n/3 新系统的交易基于#Seaport,因为Blur自己的交易合约被限制了,所以Blur索性不用自己的交易合约,直接用Seaport的合约来进行交易。下面的图分别是Blur上#SewerPass和#Otherdeed的交易记录,但是你会发现SewerPass使用的是Seaport合约,而没有被限制的Otherdeed则沿用原本的 Image
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(1) DEFI
(3) NFTS


#Binance10M #BUSD #Airdrop $BTC
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Join us as we dive into the ultimate #Metaverse #Blockchain...


This project review as well as other reviews & free crypto guides can be read more clearly on my website: 🔽

1/ 🧵👇
2- @Klaytn_Official is a hybrid open-source blockchain that launched in 2019, with a mission to shake the #gamefi and #metaverse space. The creators of #Klaytn are behind South Korea's largest internet company, #Kakao!
3- The #Klaytn #blockchain works differently from other major networks like #BNBChain, #Polygon or #Ethereum as they generally use one main consensus mechanism such as Proof-of-Work (PoW) or Proof-of-Stake (PoS).
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25 jours pour apprendre à développer des Smart Contracts en #Solidity 🔥

Jour 13 / 25 :

Création #ERC721 : Comment gérer les métadonnées ? Est-ce que les métadonnées sont immuables ? Développons ça !

Dans le thread précédent, nous avons appréhendé le système d'Arbre de Merkle, c'est un gros sujet quand on parle de cryptomonnaie.

Le deuxième gros sujet, plus spécifique aux NFTs, ce sont les métadonnées... mais qu'est-ce que c'est ?
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1/ Daily Report:
Despite endless media appearances, #SBF unlikely to testify on 13th.
Over 15.4 million ETH is locked in #Ethereum's staking contract.
3. SBF Concedes Alameda Enjoyed Special Privileges With #FTX.
2/ Daily Report:
SBF: Alameda Has The Highest FTX Borrowing Limits.
Uzbekistan Approves Rules for Issuance and Circulation of #Crypto Assets.
#Uniswap's On-Chain Vote on Fee Switch Proposal to Go Live in 14 Days.
3/ Daily Report:
Return of the #CEX : Binance Trade Volume Market Share Surges.
#Opera Crypto Browser to unlock instant #NFT publishing with Alteon LaunchPad.
#ENS price surges due to this metric, however there was a decline in…
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(1/9) #NFTs have swept the market and consumers off their feet due to significant growth in their popularity. Let’s shine the spotlight on #NFTs once and for all! 🖼️✨🧵
Learn More 👇…
(2/9) ✨What are NFTs?✨
#NFTs are Non-fungible-tokens. These #tokens are unalterable, and cannot be replicated in any shape or form. They are a form of digital art that can be tokenized against real-time assets such as real estate. 🌐
(3/9) Exchanges that deal in #NFTs usually incorporate the use of #SOL, #Polygon and #ETH. #SOL is a blockchain platform that supports #dApps, and it has proved to be a fast-growing ecosystem. Let’s talk about trading #NFTs. 🟡💸
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Monday,November 7th

Uncovering Defi fundamentals: decentralized Exchanges — #binace-reseach

(1).Decentralized exchanges (“DEXes”) are a cornerstone of decentralized finance (“DeFi”) and are one of the most widely used decentralized applications (“dApps”) today.
DEXes facilitate trading of crypto assets without the need for an intermediary by employing smart contracts to settle transactions. Using Ethereum gas consumption as a gauge of transaction activity, DEXes account for the largest share of gas consumed on the Ethereum blockchain in
the first half of 2022.

(2)DEXes recorded slightly over US$714B in trading volume year-to-date as of end-July 2022. Monthly trading volume has generally been on a downtrend since the start of the year as crypto market activity fell.
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Flagowy projekt #NFT od @ZooEcosystem tj. #ZooGenes jest już dostępny na #opensea.

Stało się to możliwe, dzięki uruchomieniu pierwszego zdecentralizowanego mostu przeznaczonego do przenoszenia tokenów #NFT. Most ten został uruchomiony przez zespół @wanchain_org.

Bezpośredni link do kolekcji #ZooGenes na #Opensea znajdziecie tutaj:…
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Thread 1/15

Making this thread about @gigaswapfinance, to share my own thoughts and opinions about this sleeping giant.

There is a lot, so I’ve chosen a few of the many features, benefits and solutions that will come to $GIGA over time and why I think it’s so genius 🧠 Image

Bullet points

🤝0,3% trading fee to perform a trade

🤝90% goes to stakers and only 10% to the team.

🤝For the #NFT perspective of trading, it’s more lucrative on trading fees compared to #opensea that takes 2,5%, $LOOKS 2% and #Sudoswap 0,5% on trading fees.

🤝NFT fractional trading (F-NFT) this feature isn’t something you find on any of the big trading platforms for #NFTs. This function is really cool and will allow NFT holders to sell fractions of their NFT.

🤝fractional trades ( tokens ) 🤝…
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🔺 AVAX cheat sheet part 2 🧵

👀 I'll link part 1 at the bottom

👇We still have these to cover
🧑‍🤝‍🧑People to follow
🛠️ Technical docs

#AVAX #Avalanche #opensea #nft #cryptocurrency #Web3 #ETH
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Notion document containing people you need to follow and brief descriptions of why I find them beneficial to the space 👍…
🛠️ Technical docs

Most important whitepapers regarding AVAX

Here you'll find
🔺 Aims and features of AVAX
🔺 How the consensus works behind the scenes
🔺 Tokenomics of AVAX
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🔺 AVAX cheat sheet 🧵

👀Essential resources included:

💰 Marketplaces
📊 Analytics sites
🖼️ NFT collections to check out
🧑‍🤝‍🧑People to follow
🛠️ Technical docs

@opensea is about to integrate AVAX so you better start reading

#AVAX #Avalanche #opensea #nft #cryptocurrency #Web3

⭐️ Joepegs - @joepegsnft

👉 My favourite marketplace due to ease of use, high quality projects on the launchpad and new features every month.
👉 Owned by @traderjoe_xyz - the biggest DEX on AVAX
👉 Engaging Twitter Spaces, great success rate with NFT projects
👍 Kalao - @GetKalao

▶️ Many similarities with joepegs, they've been around for longer so their overall volume traded is higher.

▶️ Native token staking for revenue share

▶️ V2 launched recently
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1/ : NFT交易市场数据分析,支持 #Etherum #PolygonMatic #Ronin #BSC #Solana 等公链
2/ :跟踪 #opensea 小时销售情况
1/ : 热门NFT地板价查询
2/ :另一个地板价查询
1/ :获取最新NFT项目
1/ : 最大的NFT数据分析平台
2/ :一站式NFT持仓分析工具
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☀️This is the #JustinSunNFT @justinsuntron that my brother and I have been creating for 1.5 years! 😱

I am a painter, I have been doing digital painting for about 3 years, and regular painting for more than 12 years, but then I was just starting my journey in digital art. [1/22]
My brother is into #crypto and in March 2021 he told me about the @trondao, #NFT and #cryptocurrencies in general. It got me hooked, I began to study the ecosystem of #TRON and its creator, who, frankly, seemed to me very cute and photogenic - ideal for a portrait. [2/22] Image
🔥And in order to draw Justin, I began to study the technique of realism. Thus began the #JustinSunNFT project. A few days later I showed the portrait to my brother @ambrazhevich3 and he offered ideas for improvement. [3/22] Image
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【📣8/31 12:30~ spaces開催📣】
NOT A HOTEL CEO @shinji_hamauzu
メルカリNFT @smcpglf
8月に販売された最初の販売分約3億円が約1時間で売り切れるなど、業界大注目のNOT A HOTEL NFTについてインタビューしていきます!…
【NOT A HOTELインタビュー①】
◆コロナ禍での起業からNOT A HOTELのミントまで
#notahotel #NFTmu #NFT
【NOT A HOTELインタビュー②】
◆起業からNOT A HOTELのミントまで
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With #x2y2 reducing royalty to 0%, what shall we do to support the #NFT creators? Well, blacklisting a specific platform/exchange doesn't seems like a scalable solution, which could be easily overturned. Thus, developer of #Azuki introduced a purely centralized solution, it...
2/ It basically says: "force the #NFT to be listed on @opensea only, and forbid all other exchanges". What an irony! If this is what #Web3 looks like in the future, I would rather go and work in Burger King (as you can tell from my pfp).
3/ I have been a #Bitcoin Maxi for almost my entire career, not because it makes me richer, but because it's fair. I hate authorities that censor content, forbid free speech, or rank people based on their birth. But sadly I've seen more and more centralizations in #Web3 nowadays,
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Token approvals are one of the most important concepts to understand in #crypto yet it feels one of the most overlooked

Whether thats the default unlimited er20 approval your giving #uniswap

Or the 'set approval for all' your giving to #Opensea to sell your #nft . . . .
Giving these approvals to something malicious can cost you every token you've given approval for in that wallet

this is why its important to:
1. check and revoke your approvals regularly with sites like…
youd be surprised what you many have approved

for example if you do a swap on 1inch you do a sign and a approval in the same transactions and it will set an unlimited allowance for that token without giving you the option to change it before hand
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1/ 关于 #BendDAO 清算,我们到底该不该恐慌?网上各种蹭流量的自媒体声音并不统一,所以我花了一点时间整理了我的想法。先说结论:最大的风险就是未来的24小时 #BAYC 能够挺过难关。过了明天,风险化解的一大半。之后的8月30日又会有新的危机。以下详述:
2/ 截止今天,#BendDAO 只接受7款蓝筹JPG的抵押借贷,分别是:#bayc#punk#mayc#doodles#spacedoodle#clonex 以及 #azuki。项目已经跑了4个月了。本以为,Azuki价格腰斩只是个例,没想到流动性枯竭,现在谁也跑不了。
3/ 如果NFT资不抵债,极有可能造成类似 #Luna/#UST 的连环清算。然而目前看来,BendDAO的运行依然是健康的。根据目前的清算规则,出价必须高于地板价的95%,以及必须足够偿还全部债务。平台发不承担资金风险。
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Everything you need to know about creating an $NFT with exclusive membership as a utility 🤘

NFT memberships can segment fans bye their willingness to pay. For example, secondary collections can bring in new fans unwilling to pay for the primary collection (think #BAYC & #MAYC). 🦧

🧵2/5 Image
Creators earn more by limiting the middleman. The team keep most of the revenue they earn from the initial mint and also make additional revenue from royalties. #opensea only takes 2.5% ✅

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How I single-handedly bypassed #OpenSea's backend security model for profit. 🧵 👇

tl;dr code at…
For some background, I've been trying to code the upper hand on #NFT marketplaces for a couple of years now:……

These are some projects that made it, but there's a mountain of failed attempts that lay hidden behind the scenes.
I would scrape OpenSea's webpages and extract meaningful content from them.

Since most of the content is lazy-loaded via infinite scrolling, I'd use #puppeteer to scroll through the pages for me.…
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