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今天Twitter改LOGO,引起 #doge 不小骚动(由于身体原因,写了两天)。




讲到这个,就要讲到我16年ICO的经历,当时我ICO过一个项目叫 是一个构建于比特币区块链之上的一个去中心化内容出版协议。核心功能是内容代币化,时间戳来实现版权所有权问题。发币即15倍,峰值距离ICO 高达50多倍,#POE 还上过币安,后面结局是归零了。
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不容错过的潜在大毛--Lens Protocol完整交互教程
#Airdrop #Lens

@LensProtocol 是社交应用程序的去中心化社交图谱协议,它统一了你在所有支持 Lens 的应用程序上的个人资料、受众和内容,可以理解为WEB3的twitter和ENS,并且用户的个人资料可以在市场上进行交易; Image
Lens Protocol的真实用户已经突破10万+,该项目领投方是 FTX,其他VC尚未公布,未来可能还会有新的融资

由于该协议有向 DAO 的过渡以及未来启用协议费用的计划,而且账号白名单申请已经关闭,之前官方也无意发布过要空投的推文,随后删除了
因此 $LENS 代币空投是有可能的,提前交互布局是有必要的 Image
1⃣获取Lens 配置文件


去年还是四五十U的价格,目前已经200多U的底价了,如果白名单申请关闭了,那未来空投权重很可能就是以基础账号为主了 ImageImage
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Facebook, Instagram and TikTok will be dead in 10 years

Influencers are gaining power, and they’re tired of unequal economics and the constant threat of censorship

They’ll soon lead a “great migration” to decentralized platforms like @LensProtocol

Here’s why and how


🧵 Image

#LensProtocol is a decentralized “social graph” that allows users to own their online relationships and content (we’ll explain what this means below)

It has not yet released a token, but over 100K lens #NFTs trade on OpenSea with an average floor price of $108

This thread we will cover:

• What’s a social graph?
• The problem with social media
• How #Lens solves this problem
• How it works
• The Lens ecosystem
• How big is the market for Lens?
• Key competitors
• What is Lens’ moat?
• What’s its long-term potential?
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现在全网撸毛攻略满天飞,有 #Scroll#Lens#Sui#Starknet#Zksync 这些都是好项目,我就不重复了!

讲讲新东西, #Base。前不久Coinbase 利用OP模块化做了自己的L2,虽然官方说不会发币,美其名曰符合美国法律。但利益面前,谁不逐利?而且目前Coinbase还跟美国监管闹的不愉快! Image
上周末跟加密圈伙伴交流,让我深受启发, #DYDX ,当时官方说不发空投。朋友跟我说:越是官方说不空投,我越要撸它。最后这单撸了不菲收益。

利用这个思路,我早上开会,思考了一下 #BASE 。把它定到了布置日程中!

一旦Coinbase利用新主体,转移到海外,其实发币已经不需要SEC说了算了! Image
OK,现在来讲讲撸 #Base 的方法。

1.首先肯定得注册一个 #Coinbase 钱包。自家人自家门,权重肯定会高一些。里面有一个用户名,后期可以用户名转账(记得防女巫)!

链接: ImageImage
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$LENS Airdrop Strategy 🌿
#arbitrum has finally announced $ARB airdrop. So don't miss #LENS Airdrop
• What is Lens
• How to get a Lens Profile
• Possible Criteria for Airdrop ⚡️
Read Blog-…

🧵 Image

✅ $LENS info

$LENS is a decentralized social media platform where your content is an NFT. It's designed to be composable, meaning you can import your content and profile anywhere without losing anything. Your data is secured on a decentralized storage server.

Getting Started:

To start, you'll need a profile. You can either get one by being part of the community or buying one on OpenSea. Profiles are in the format of something.lens and cost around $100-$130. Hurry, there's been a surge in demand due to the potential airdrop.
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#NFT 交易之后,盘点 #NFT借贷 细分领域的潜在变化。
2⃣️#BAYC 及其直系NFT开启挖矿( $APE )功能;

当前NFT以 #PFP 类为主,缺乏借NFT的需求,导致NFT借贷行为只发生在单边,即抵押 #NFT 借 $ETH 等币种,没有抵押ETH等币种借NFT的。

NFT借贷分为 #点对点#点对池 两种模式,两种模式的代表项目及其优缺点如下
#BendDAO #ParaSpace #NFTfi #X2Y2 #JPEG'd Image
其中点对池模式的效率要高于点对点模式,从币币借贷龙头 #AAVE 发展也可以看出,其借贷模式从早期的(ETHLend)点对点转变为现在的点对池模式。

因NFT具有的唯一性,似乎点对点模式更适合,但从当前各方面(#借贷规模#用户#TVL)数据来看,点对池模式逐渐占优。 ImageImageImage
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关于 #lens,我觉得有必要写个线程:


官方红名天天在说:no token、airdrop、snapshot。
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䷐ UFO subscription #NFT

“If you following @ufo__club on @LensProtocol then claim your subscription NFT this NFTs have utility like token airdrop and more”

Full detail :…
There is 4 NFT to claim first 1k, 3k, 5k or 15k subscriber on #lens and another will drop as soon as they reach 30K

Follow to qualify for the UFO 30K Lens NFT :
Drop your #lens handle so we can follow each other 👇

mine :
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䷐ Airdrop Season is Start ?

Blur, lens and Frenemies....🪂👇
#Lens hint something 🪂👀 then delete their post

⎘ "but some OG screenshot this🤝"


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🔎Analyze your #Lens Protocol & #Lenster #Airdrops Possibility

Data Query to understand your impact, publication, Every word, photo, video,and follower can have an impact.


How many followers/Post/collects mirror/comments should you Have potentially Lens #Airdrop?)💰

Lenster is a decentralized, and permissionless social media app built with Lens Protocol @SixdegreeLab

The number of decentralized applications built on Lens Protocol and the usage rate of these applications is increasing day by day. With its built-in and customizable decentralized governance model, it gives a new impetus to the social DAO concept
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For some good reasons I haven't been posting my DevOps journey here.

My Azure DevOps AZ 400 exam, also putting some crafts on Cloud native using AWS and KodeKloud has been taking my time.
Meanwhile, I have covered few DevOps tools in the past few weeks.
#K8s components (deployment, Services, Ingress, Secret, volume and much more...)
#Docker deep dive
#Bash scripting
#Selenium (looking for alternative)
#Helm Charts
And more...
@PearsonVUE decided to disrupt my exam without consideration, I'm hoping that @MicrosoftLearn will resolve this asap.

The journey has been awesome tho.

I'll share my experience very soon.

#DevOps Engineer
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Hey anon, still excited about this crazy crypto space?

Have some spare time during Christmas holidays?

Read on for the latest #GameFi related alpha, qualify for potential #airdrops 🪂 and potentially also a #LENS 🌿 handle (for those still missing out)
Intro artwork 🐸Pepe In Christmas Festival🎅 sold already, atm no other choice then right click save 😜

Check out more from @FolkNft art on @foundation - some dope💉 art pieces are still available 👉
#GameFi / web3 gaming seems to become the next meta, and it has not really been affected by the recent events that caught even some of the #smartMoney investors by surprise...
VC investments seem to have been significantly reduced lately, but not for GameFi (on our observations)
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䷐ We Early on @AllsparkFinance

⎘ "The First Omniliquidity Aggregation Protocol for NFTs"

Confirm Airdrop 🪂

#Allspark Image
🗒 From Docs :

What is Allspark?

Allspark is the first NFT omniliquidity aggregation protocol. Traders can purchase NFTs from all chains in one. There is no need to prepare new wallets and gas token. 🧐
It shows the possibility of omniliquidity for NFTs on the omnichain, and there will be no barriers of the public chain to hinder the trading opportunities for NFTs.
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🎊 @Tide_web3: Early Pirates NFT Campaign 🎊

To celebrate the launch of our Discord, we started a #web3 campaign powered by Tide Protocol 🌊 :

Complete & claim an Early Pirates Access #NFT 🏴‍☠️:…

Probably useful to have it 👀
Here is why 🧵

⏰: Dec 22 Image
1⃣ What is Tide Protocol?

Tide is a #web3 marketing protocol empowering projects to launch campaigns to acquire, engage and reward users.

In other words, it enables project to connect with the right users thanks to bot protection 🤖. Image
2⃣ How to claim an Early Pirates NFT?

1. Connect (Polygon):…
2. Complete tasks & claim
3. Get roles:
4. Join Discord:
5. Done ✅

You can check it on @opensea, collection 🤓:… ImageImage
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🌿 Lens Protocol × Guild 🏰

@LensProtocol has added a number of Discord roles via @guildxyz

- Verified
- Follow Lens on Twitter
- Early Bloomer
- Follow Stani
- Lens Fam
- Follow Lens the Team
- Developers
- Aavegotchi Fam


🧵 1/
- Verified:
Need Lens Profile

- Follow Lens protocol on Twitter:
Follow @LensProtocol + have at least 10 followers

- Early Bloomer:
12292 eligible addresses that have signed the original open letter before launch (finished already, check whitelisted addresses on #Guild)

- Follow Stani:

- Lens Fam:
add .lens to your Twitter username + have at least 10 followers

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#GR15 has already begun, the biggest funding event in #web3, GR15 runs until Sept 22
We support the projects we love and help to build and shape web3/if you haven't been following here is PART1

🧵🕵️⚡️ Image

#JediSwap is a fully composable and #permissionless #AMM that enables users to #swap assets and earn #yields on their assets instantly in a #gasless manner.

JediSwap is built on #StarkNet and is an entirely community-driven project. Image

ENS.Vision is a page, where you can bulk search and bulk register ENS #domain names. Our page provides a free, simple-to-use interface to find domains.

Their next goal is to create an exclusive #marketplace for #ENS
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BOP Spotlight | ✨ Yetunde Ayeni-Babaeko was born in Enugu, Eastern Nigeria to a Nigerian father and a German mother. She moved to Germany as a child and completed her high school diploma (Abitur) before embarking on a photography apprenticeship ImageImageImageImage
majoring in advertising photography at Studio Be in Greven, Germany. On completing her apprenticeship in 2003, she returned to Nigeria and joined Ess-Ay Studio for a 12 month photography program, facilitated by Invent, Germany.
This experience spurred her to deepen her photographic skills by enrolling at Macromedia, a school for art anddesign in Osnabrueck, Germany.
Ayeni-Babaeko returned to Nigeria in 2005 and worked as free-lance photographer, before opening her own studio in 2007
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Chi per il centrocampo del #Milan 🔴⚫️?

8 nome tra voci di #mercato e idee.

✍️ [THREAD] Image
Renato Sanches e #Chukwuemeka sembrano ormai sfumati, ma pare che il Milan possa comunque acquistare un centrocampista centrale. Se i rossoneri erano davvero interessati a quei due profili, è allora probabile che non si stia cercando un giocatore necessariamente simile a #Kessie.
Si tratta infatti di due centrali non così adatti a giocare in una coppia di mediani, ed è comunque possibile che #Pioli possa variare e provare soluzioni con un vertice basso e due mezzali.
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According to Russia 🇷🇺 "The unexpected reveal of "innocent patients" with assault rifles showcased how the Ukrainian military uses ambulances." 🚨

Their proof? A video of 21 sec.

What do we see? Investigate! 👇 1/...

#Verification 🎥
#GeoLocation 🌍
The investigation on this tweet from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia is a team effort together with @Techjournalisto, @ArchitMeta and @akhmxt.

(Follow them if you like these kind of #OSINT-investigations.)

The short video is viewed more than 110K times. 2/...
Armed men emerge from a van bearing the logo of the Red Cross.

The International Red Cross (ICRC) has a neutral status, also in the war in #Ukraine.

Do we see a recent war crime by the Ukrainian army in this clip? 3/...
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ஊடகங்களே,"எளியவர்களும் இந்த பிரபஞ்சத்தின் ஒரு ஓரத்தில் இயங்கிக்கொண்டுதான் இருக்கிறோம்.உங்கள் கண்களை கொஞ்சம் விரித்து பாருங்கள்"

சினிமா எனும் பெரும் முதலாளித்துவ பிரபஞ்சத்தின், எளிய பால்வீதி பிரதேசம் தற்சார்பு திரைவெளி.

A thread on

#Tamilindependentfilmspace Image
#Tolet 🏠

"சின்னதோ பெருசோ,
சொந்தமா ஒரு வீடு" பல நகர்ப்புற நடுத்தர குடும்பங்களோட வாழ்நாள் உழைப்பின் உயர்விழைவு இதுதான்

எப்படி ஒரு வீடு சமூகத்தின் ஒரு பிரிவு மக்களுக்கு வாழ்நாள் ஏக்கமாகவே தொடருது, இன்னொரு பிரிவுக்கு அதிகாரத்தின் வடிவங்களாக இருக்கென்ற ஆழமான வாழ்வியல்.

@Rchezhi ImageImageImageImage
#Madhubanakadai 🥃

இரவுக்கோப்பையின் இன்ப உலா.
இரவின் நிழலில் இயங்கும் சமரசமில்லா குடிமக்கள் காவியம்.

காதலுக்கு,வேலையில்லா இளைஞனுக்கு, குடும்ப பொறுப்பற்ற ஆண்களுக்கு, தினமும் உடலுழைப்பை மட்டுமே நம்பி வாழ்கையில ஓடுகிற மக்களுக்குனு முழு சமூகச் சூழலின் கண்ணாடி பிம்பம் ஒயின்ஷாப். Film by Kamalakkannan  இரவி...ImageImageImage
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2 grandi Milanisti,#Shevchenko e #Ancelotti.
2 vecchi cuori,2 campioni,in campo e fuori.
Che hanno entrambi lasciato un segno indelebile e incancellabile nella nostra carne.
Ma tra loro invece?
Il rapporto?
Parliamone, sarà un thread molto lungo.
Perché non fu sempre rose e fiori Image
Carlo arriva al Milan nell autunno 2001,sostituisce #Terim.
Andriy era qua dall estate 1999.
Stagione 2001 2002 quindi,sheva viene colpito da un improvvisa astinenza da gol,nelle ultime 13 partite di campionato va a segno solo contro il #Lecce.. il 5 maggio (si,quel 5 maggio).
Gioca sempre ma c'è un ombra.
Parte la nuova stagione,2002 2003 e #sheva si fa male subito nel preliminare di #Champions contro il liberec ad agosto,rottura del menisco.
Rientra 40 gg dopo ma era il #Milan di #Inzaghi.
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‘The Trojan Horse Scandal and the Problem of Equalities in Britain Today’.

The event examined the scandal from a broad range of perspectives, engaging with debates on #equalities, #liberalism, and #Britishness.…
It also provided an opportunity to discuss and generate a dialogue about the significance of the 'Trojan Horse’ scandal and the duty placed on schools after the scandal to promote Fundamental British Values (FBV) in the promotion of #democracy.
Speakers analysed how both are reproducing narratives of racial discrimination & inequalities in a context that is informed by minoritising communities, #problematising specific religious #values, & essentialising the signification of social, religious, & cultural identities.
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