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Owned by #kings, dukes & sultans, worn by Marie Antoinette, used to pay off a royal debt – and said to carry an ancient curse. It would have to be a #diamond. But not just any diamond. It’s the Hope Diamond, and it's from Guntur in #AndhraPradesh. 1/12 Image
The Hope Diamond is the world’s largest and most legendary blue gemstone. And equally remarkable is its tale, which begins in the famed Golconda Mines in Guntur. But it began life under a different name. 2/12
#gems #minerals
The diamond was discovered by an extraordinary #French adventurer and gems merchant, Jean Baptiste Tavernier, who visited #India in the mid-17th century. It was 112 carats, the size of a grown man’s fist, and it was called Tavernier’s Blue. 3/12 Image
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#DidYouKnow that the Nassak #Diamond, one of the 20 greatest diamonds in the world, is named after the city of Nashik in Maharashtra? Emerging from the famed Golconda mines, it adorned the crown of Lord Shiva in the Trimbakeshwar #Temple near Nashik. 1/4
#jewellery #minerals
As with most of the world’s most valuable #gems, the Nassak too has a dramatic story. It was originally with the #Mughals, who acquired it during their conquest of Golconda in the 17th century. Then they surrendered it as war booty to the #Marathas. 2/4
The Nassak was probably donated to the Trimbakeshwar temple by the Peshwas. In 1817, it was removed by Peshwa Bajirao II, who kept it in his personal treasure. Bajirao II surrendered it to the #British, who seized it when they defeated the Marathas a year later. 3/4
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1. $RIDE will change the GAME !

@Audi is part of #Holoride origin, and a seed investor

@Porsche is also the partner for their very first location-based VR experience.

Schell Games is the largest full-service education and entertainment game development company

@holoride ImageImage
2. holoride gives you a fun and connected experience with every ride.
$RIDE takes everyday journeys and transforms them into hyper-immersive experiences by combining navigational real-time physical feedback of the vehicle and car data with XR.

3. $RIDE is creating a first-of-its-kind media platform for immersive XR content that is made for moving vehicles it Launches Elastic Software Development Kit on Unity’s Real-Time 3D Platform

holoride $RIDE token and the ecosystem
will be implemented using @ElrondNetwork Image
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Indian wild #Truffles being sold in street-market. These #Rugra #Putu #Katarua #Phutphut grow around #Sal_trees & erupt in rains.Closely related to other truffles of d world& expensive #delicacy.

#Wildlife #Nature
Also called "Black #Diamond" cost Rs 1000/ kg in early &late season. This flavourful #Natures_bounty is worth savouring.Some #delicious_dishes- Masala-Rugra, Rugra-Chicken, Rugra-Mutton, Rugra-Biryani. 4 types of wild #truffles r eaten in Central india.
#wildlife #Nature #forest
Ever wondered why #Truffles grow near #Sal_trees? #Truffles grow from spores that live underground in a #symbioticRelationship with Sal #Trees..#Fungus helps d #tree extract nutrients frm ground& d tree gives #truffleFungus carbohydrates, to grow.
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Read & Publish/transformative agreements =
#Hybrid2.0 bc subscriptions are combined with APCs +
#BigDeal2.0 bc universities are locked into a contract with a publisher that involves a bundle of journals at prices divorced from actual costs. (a thread...)
Read & Publish/transformative agreements =
worse than previous #Hybrid & #BigDeals bc they ADD a BARRIER: pay to publish AND pay to read. Publishers "promise" they will flip all journals to 100% OA eventually…
Goal of original #Hybrid was to flip all journals to 100% OA. Remember what happened with that? Publishers made much more money off of hybrid & didn't flip. Good for business, bad for academia & the public
See Bernhard Mittermaier:…
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Good Morning!

Continuing our #Dialogue on #Gems and #GemTherapy, today we shall dwell on the next two #GemStones.

#YellowSapphire and #Diamond. (1/13)

2-Yellow Sapphire is D highest quality Gemstone used 4 #Jupiter.

Substitute Gemstones for Yellow Sapphire are Yellow Tourmaline, #Citrine, Yellow #Zircon and #Topaz.

In my view, I have seen that Yellow Sapphire is one of the most widely prescribed Gemstone. (2/13)

3-Being related to #Jupiter it is bound to activate within you – the #Energy of the #Universal #Guru.

Out of the four #Vedic #Purusharthas, of #Dharma, #Artha, #Kama and #Moksha, Yellow Sapphire well and truly stands for #Dharma.


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‘I Will Leave Nigeria If DJ Cuppy Does Not Marry Me’ – Nollywood Actor

Controversial Nollywood actor, Uche Maduagwu has declared that if popular Disc Jockey, DJ Cuppy does not marry him, he would leave the country.
He wrote:

@cuppymusic If you want to smell a sweet #marriage, forget going for bbnaija, that will only cripple your music career.
��Dear #Cuppy, whoever is advising you to go for #bbnaija is either wishing you badluck in #music, �
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🔸Gitanjali Gems: ₹5492 Cr

🔸REI Agro: ₹4314 Cr

🔸Winsome Diamonds: ₹4076 Cr

🔸Rotomac: ₹2850 Cr

🔸Kudos Chemie: ₹2326 Cr

🔸Ruchi Soya: ₹2212 Cr

🔸Zoom Developers: ₹2102 Cr

🔸Forever Jewellery: ₹1962 Cr

🔸Kingfisher Airlines: ₹1943 Cr

🔸Gili India: ₹1447 Cr

🔸Nakshatra: ₹1109 Cr


A total of ₹68,000 crore worth of #loans of top 50 defaulters have been written off by #banks.

6 of the 50 #defaulters are from the #diamond market.
The Govt had refused to reply to the question about the total willful defaults written off by banks.

RBI finally disclosed the details after an RTI request was filed by @SaketGokhale

Known names: Mehul Choksi, Vijay Mallya, Kothari Group, Sandip Jhujhunwala, Jatin Mehta
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#SupplyChains #India needs to work indipendently with #USA and #China to separate the supply chains headed in the two directions and try to shift as much of them as possible to India
3/n #SupplyChains This is the final opportunity for making India a manufacturing hub, & bring manufacture jobs to India. It would be tragic if we miss this opportunity. I suggest that the new Govt appoint a #MOS(Supply Chains)in @PMOIndia to attract Global supply chains to India.
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