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Bookmark this tweet for an amazing run of #GIJoe Art - Artist Profiles, both Fans & Pros, already on its way and ready to explode in 2023!🔥…
#GIJoeArt #GIJoeNation #Cobra @GIJoeOfficial @Hasbro ImageImageImageImage
G.I. Joe Art - Jen Broomall…
Check out ALL the #GIJoe Art by @JenBroomallArt in this profile! 🔥

#GIJoeNation #GIJoeArt #Cobra Image
G.I. Joe Art - John Giang…
Check out ALL the #GIJoe Art by @johngiang_art in this profile! 🔥 Image
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Before this place goes under, I just want to express how incredible it's been to see the creative community come together time after time to celebrate themselves and uplift each other each #PortfolioDay.
It's no secret that much of the noise on this site can be negative, but that never seemed to permeate #PortfolioDay. There is strength in kindness and power in creativity. Remember that 💛
If you'd like to keep up with what we are doing, please sign up for our newsletter! No spam, scout's honor:…
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UI/UX design portfolio inspiration from a few designers who work at google.

#uiuxdesign #PortfolioDay
1) Leecy Li -
2) Rachel Inman -
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Allez, c'est le moment du #PortfolioDay, alors voici quelques travaux publiés avec la team @LM_enCartes pour le journal @lemondefr 🌎🌍🌏🗺️📰
Et quelques autres encore...
Et je ne peux que vous recommander de faire un tour chez le talentueux @Victor_Simonnet 🌟
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Apparently today is #PortfolioDay. I don't normally use this Twitter handle for my art but today I figure "hey, why not?" So, here's a🧵

Sometimes I do fanart... 1/


#art #WangXian #mdzsfanart #MDZS #artistsontwitter #digitalpainting #procreateart Black and white painting of...
Sometimes I do other digital art (the first was a study based on a photo, the web source for which has since been taken down)... 2/


#PortfolioDay #artistsontwitter #artistsoftwitter #digitalpainting #digitalartwork #procreateart Color digital painting of a...A sketch of a human left ar...
Sometimes I do vector illustration, often as a part of my graphic design work to create promotional pieces. This was used on the poster for a theatre production... 3/


#PortfolioDay #artistsontwitter #artistsoftwitter #digitalpainting #digitalartwork Vector illustration that lo...Image of a poster attached ...
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I recently saw some artist’s resumes that looked nice yet they lacked so much information that they stop artists from being considered for a position. I want to share how to make a good resume that could apply to any artist + I made some visuals!
#PortfolioDay #artjobs 🧵
First and most important thing: resist the urge to over design your resume. Resumes get filtered by software & it must be clean and simple for the software to read it. If your resume can't be read by software you will get put in the reject pile before a human even looks at you.
This means just go down in a linear fashion. Create your resume in a word processor, not Photoshop. This way you can easily export as a .docx or .pdf and easily edit it later, which you will need to. It needs to be easy to read, easy to print, easy for software to read
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Although the aesthetics and payouts may not be on level #PortfolioDay with the rest of the collection, it is nonetheless deserving of your attention because it created the mechanics that we all adore #MotherlandFortSalem.…
Its position at the top of the list is also due to the fact that it is the cleanest example of this genre of game. You have a wild, a treasure chest, and scatters that start a round of unrestricted.…

free spins with sticky wilds.
Classic entertainment with a little higher RTP. a few statistics and facts: Five reels and twenty-five paylines. Bet Minimum Maximum: 0.25/50. Maximum prize: 25,000. @PercentBerg…

96.3 percent RTP.
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“A good portfolio can make the difference between months of radio silence, or winning that client.”

Having viewed hundreds of portfolios, @michalmalewicz has plenty of tips to improve yours. So this #PortfolioDay, we’re handing him the mic 🎤

1⃣ Include at least 3 projects ✅

“Aim to include at least three projects in your portfolio, but ideally around five to show some variety in your work.

But don’t go too far! Adding too many examples of your work might be a little overwhelming for recruiters.” 😓

2⃣ Show some variety ⚡️

“It’s a good idea to include a mix of different projects. I’d suggest a couple of app designs, one or two websites, and then something a little bit unusual that will make you stand out.” 🙌

(3/7) Image
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Hey it's #PortfolioDay apparently.

I'm Tyler, I'm a amateur photographer and astrophotographer.

In astrophotography, this is my 2nd full year of practice, and I've been able to capture some wonderful images.

(CW from Top L: Flame, Tadpole/Spider/Fly, Veil, Heart Nebulas)

In photography, i've been doing my thing for about 20 years now, and it's one of my truly favourite hobbies.

Sahara Desert - Tokyo Skytree
Peregrine Falcon - Lighting in Vancouver

I wish I could do more sports photography!

Sahara Desert - Xavier Henry
Sumo in Fukuoka - Kobe Bryant

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It’s #PortfolioDay!!
My name is Dhir Jakharia, an 18 year old wildlife photographer based in Kenya.
Here’s my story… Image
As a child I had always dreamt of becoming a footballer. (Soccer) My passion for football was CRAZY; I spent hours and hours everyday playing around the house. I even used to dream about playing for a professional club one day.
As I turned 16, it was time to decide. I did have an option to ‘try’ playing at a football school in the UK. However, after a lot of thinking, I decided not to do it.
It’s not like I ‘gave up’ on my dream, but I just realized that I was simply a very passionate football fan.
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Since it's #PortfolioDay lets talk about how to build a portfolio if you want to become a professional illustrator.

1. Tailor your portfolio to the client.
You need to have some direction to you portfolio. Just having a collection of well rendered heads very rarely gets you hired. If you have a goal to work for X client you need to create work that emulates work X client already produces.
2. Fan art is ok!
Fan art has become a driving force of engagement online. Creating fan art of your dream client may help you get noticed by them. I've gotten work this way MULTIPLE times now. The only caveat is it usually needs to fit your dream client's style as well.
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Hi I like traveling to remote locations and photographing grain elevators and community halls #PortfolioDay ImageImageImageImage
Some photos I shot on a trip through the western US ImageImageImageImage
The school building at Wayside, Nebraska ImageImageImageImage
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This was one of the last animations that I created personally. Nowadays I manage a large team of artists. We're one of the biggest and best Spine studios in the world! Shoot me a DM if you need some high quality 2D animation in your games!
#PortfolioDay #MadeWithSpine
My team actually animated over 300 characters for Indivisible! We did almost all the NPCs as well as some playable characters and bosses. The folks at LabZero were GREAT to work with. I wish them the best as they move on at Future Club.
#PortfolioDay #MadeWithSpine
We also do full traditional hand drawn animation! This is an enemy character from our own original game, Neko Samurai 😼🔪

Get the game here (it's free!):…

Animation by @RewindzeVII

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The final #PortfolioDay of 2020 is here. We asked a few hiring managers what they want product designers to know re: portfolios.

Here's what they said. 🧵
#PortfolioDay tips from @ngelalam:

–Make it load fast
–Make it easy to hop from project-to-project
–Consider a single-story page
#PortfolioDay tips from @DougSeidman:

–Focus on 3–5 projects
–Give project previews on the homepage
–Explain strengths, roles and responsibilities, and XFN partners
–Show not only the final product but also what you had envisioned
–Let your work shine on its own
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Hey I’m Kiana, a freelance concept artist available for work. I love mythology, monsters, and badass ladies 🏳️‍🌈


#PortfolioDay #conceptart #gameart #characterdesign #VisibleWomen
A few more examples of my work! My main focus is concept art for video games, but I would love to branch out into other fields too.

#conceptart #illustration #gameart #gamedev #fantasyart
And if you like Instagram, I’ve got that too!
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going through 150+ portfolios from last week's @StudioYotta applications. since it's apparently #portfolioday , i figured i'd take some time to write down some advice on my mind for people who want to work in animation. (really long thread within)
first off, there are some great applicants this time around. i remember when there was a time way back where i used to complain about the fact that i could hardly ever accept people from our recruitment callouts. we've come a long way, and i'm equal parts grateful and proud.
usually though, the majority of applicants in our recruitment waves fall short of what we need. yes, we are a very picky studio — but when it comes to our more entry-level roles, we are not looking for God-tier animators. we are looking for skills that every animator should know.
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