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7 things you must absolutely avoid as a data analyst when creating a report for your boss or clients.

#DataFam #DataAnalytics #AllAboutTheData
1. Data confusion

There's nothing worse than looking at a dashboard or report and being confused:

• Where did the data come from?
• When was it last updated?
• Any additional context?

These questions will come up so include the answers directly in your analysis.
2. Not telling a story

Your analysis has to have a point.

Otherwise, it's a waste of time and money.

Instead, spell out exactly why your audience should care about the work you've done.

Don't make the mistake of "letting the work stand on its own". Nobody's got time for that!
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Become a master in SQL with these YouTube videos 📈

A thread 🧵👇🏻
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Top resources to become better at #DataAnalytics in 2022:

1 SQLBolt: level up your SQL skills
2 TableauPublic: create & publish data viz
3 AutomateExcel: finally learn Excel
4 LearnPython: Python practice for every level
5 StartWritingOnline: improve your writing in 7 days
1. SQL Bolt:

SQLBolt is a series of interactive lessons and exercises designed to help you quickly learn SQL right in your browser.

It's great for beginners! 👇
2. Tableau Public:

Tableau Public is a free version of Tableau that allows you to visualize data on the web or on your computer and upload it to a public Tableau profile.

It's a great way to get practice with Tableau! 👇
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More REMOTE internships in #DataAnalytics , #DataScience and #MachineLearning

It's better to start with internships.
You have higher chance of getting the job and your interview won't be as difficult.

Good luck!

@WELLcertified : Data and Analytics intern (remote)

Salary: $20/hr…

@EideBaillyLLP : Data Analytics intern (remote)…

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The #1 way to get noticed during the hiring process, is to have an awesome #DataAnalytics portfolio.

Unfortunately, most aspiring analysts don't know where to start.

Here are 10 data analytics portfolios that will inspire you to take the first step: ⤵
#DataFam #AllAboutTheData
1) Ger Inberg – Data Science Developer

Ger's portfolio showcases data viz, machine learning, and web dev projects. Each project includes a brief overview and link for details.

2) James Le

James's portfolio focuses on data analyst projects, using Jupyter and R notebooks. Definitely check this out if you want to showcase your coding skills.

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Want to become an expert in Excel? 📈

Take these courses 📔

A thread 🧵👇🏻
1. Microsoft Excel - Excel from Beginner to Advanced…
2. Excel Skills for Business Specialization…
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Hello Data Analyst,

Let’s talk about our tools.

The best tool for data analysis is your brain. Develop it.

Different firms use different tools. Having the data analysis skills is material so you can apply them to any BI tool.

The tools listed here are not endorsements.
1. Database Systems. For creating, extracting & maintaining data from databases.
E.g. Microsoft Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle, Teradata etc.
2. Standard Reporting: Used to manipulate or show data in a consistent, repeated manner.
E.g. Microsoft Excel, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle OBIEE, Cognos, MicroStrategy etc.
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In #DataAnalytics, it's impossible to memorize everything you need to know about #Tableau.

Fortunately, there are amazing cheat sheets so that you don't have to memorize the basics.

Here are 7 Tableau Cheatsheets for you to download now:⤵
#DataFam #AllAboutTheData
1) DataCamp

In this Tableau Cheat Sheet, you'll learn how to create your first visualization, top visualizations in Tableau, creating dashboards, stories, and more.

Download now:
2) Intellipaat

This cheat sheet will provide you with all the basics of the Tableau desktop that you need to know to get started with Tableau

Download now:
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Available Entry-level roles in #DataAnalytics and #DataAnalysis (REMOTE)

Possible required skills (Not c know all):
- Power BI/ Tableau/ Excel
- SQL, Relational databases
- Programming: Python / R
- Statistics and reports
- Basic maths and regression

Good luck!

@redpandadata : Entry-level Data Analytics Engineer (Remote)…

@GDIT : Entry-level Data Analyst - Python or R (Remote)…

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Want to become a good Data Analyst or a Data Scientist?

Learn Statistics 📈

Here's how you could do it!

A thread 🧵👇🏻
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I'll be documenting the available #DataScience #DataAnalytics and #MachineLearning / AI roles (Internships; Entry-level, Junior, mid-senior and Senior roles) in this thread (which will be pinned on my profile).

Note: Late applications nullify availability.

- Good luck
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Interested in becoming Data Visualisation expert? 📊

Here are the top 5 Data Viz tools 📈

A thread 🧵👇🏻
1. Tableau
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The American Dream Academy in partnership with #Coursera is making 12 tech career cert free, you don't need to apply for financial aid to access them.

📅Sign up before Oct 1
For those still having challenges applying for FA and can't wait for the 15days application wait. Now is your chance, just signup and get access to the courses.🙌

Google Data Analytics
Google Digital Marketing & E-Commerce
IBM Cybersecurity Analyst
Google IT Support
Google Project Management
Google UX Design
Salesforce Sales Development Rep
Salesforce Sales Ops
Meta FB Social Media Marketing
Meta Front-end Developer
Meta Back-end Developer…
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Power BI is an important tool for a Data Analyst 📊

Become a Power BI expert with these resources 📈

A thread 🧵👇🏻
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Want to become a Data Analyst? 📈

Here are the top courses which you could take!

A thread 🧵👇🏻
1. The Data Analyst Course: Complete Data Analyst Bootcamp 2022…
2. Jumpstart Your Career With Our Data Analyst Bootcamp…
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Data Nerds!

Have you been looking for datasets to practise, work with or even explore? But, you do not know where to find them?

We gat you.

Datasets and where to find them, a thread:

Remember to share and save.
#data #datasets #womenindata #DataScience #DataAnalytics
1. Kaggle:
Type of Data: Miscellaneous

Type of Data: Miscellaneous

3. Quandi:
Type of Data: Economic and Financial
4. Socrata:
Type of Data: Government, Business and Education

5. FiveThirtyEight:
Type of Data: Miscellaneous

6. Google Dataset Search:
Type of Data: Miscellaneous
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Knowing #Excel is absolutely critical for anyone that works with data on a regular basis.

Fortunately, there are places online where you can learn these essential skills – without paying a penny.

Use these 7 websites to sharpen your Excel skills today.👇
#DataFam #DataAnalytics Collage showing screenshots of 7 free websites to learn Exce
1) SFiddle
The goal of SSFiddle is to make working with spreadsheets as fast and convenient as possible, similar to CodePen and DBFiddle.

Learn more: Screenshot of
2) FormulaBoost

Format and analyze Excel formulas to check for errors, validate results, and more.

Learn more: Screenshot of Online Excel Formula Beautifi
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Tableau is an important tool for a Data Analyst 📊

Become a Tableau expert with these resources 📈

A thread 🧵👇🏻
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When you're just starting with #DataAnalytics, it's impossible to remember everything you need to know about #SQL.

Fortunately, there are amazing #cheatsheets so that you don't have to memorize the basic syntax and commands

Here are 7 SQL cheatsheets for handy reference:👇
1) SQL Cheatsheet by @swapnakpanda

This cheat sheet covers the basics like querying and joins, but also includes some data modeling and data definition commands as well.

Definitely worth checking out: SQL Cheatsheet by @swapnakp...
2) MySQL JOIN Types by @SqlEmt

Trying to keep all of the different JOINs in mind, is pretty challenging. Especially after the coffee wears off for the day! ☕

Use Steve Stedman's MySQL JOIN Types cheat sheet to save time and avoid confusion on your next #MySQL project: Trying to keep all of the d...
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Want to be a Data Analyst? 📈

Here are the top Youtube channels you need to follow ✅

A thread 🧵👇🏻
1. Alex the Analyst…
2. Anthony B. Smoak
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Everyone feels stuck in a rut at some point, and data analysts are no exception.

Hiring a #data coach is a low-risk way to get unstuck.

In this thread, I'll share 7 specific ways that a #DataAnalytics coach can help you: 🧵⥵
Sneak preview:

1. Solve a tech headache
2. Improve your soft skills
3. Give specific career advice
4. Bridge any knowledge gaps
5. Help you meet your goals
6. Offer unbiased insights
7. Hold you accountable
🧠 1) Solve a tech headache:

A recent coaching client of mine, Jenn, was stuck on a specific Tableau formatting issue.

Sure, she could have messed around with Tableau for 2 hours trying to figure it out on her own.

Instead, we got on Zoom session and worked the issue out.
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Excel is one of the most important skills for your career ✅

Become an expert in Excel with these courses 📈

A thread 🧵👇🏻
1. Excel Skills for Business Specialisation…
2. Excel for Everyone Professional Certificate…
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Looking for good Blogs, Roadmaps, Resources, Interviews in Analytics? 📈

Here's a solution ✅

A thread 🧵 👇🏻
Launching "The Deep Convolution"…
It would be bi-weekly newsletter covering various information you need to have a successful career in analytics.
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