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1/24 🧵#CDNpoli #Elxn44

Since Zelda went into hiding over violent protests that terrorized hospitals & Liberal campaign stops, participants scurried to find new places to organize & a 🇨🇦 companion to Parler has emerged

This #thread is RE partisan #violence & how it's paid for
2/24 🧵#CDNpoli #Violence #Elxn44

There's been much ado trying to insulate Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole from the vulgar & violent uprising surrounding right-wing causes during the election

But on #Aug23 the CPC posted propaganda that specifically invoked violence as a motto
3/24 🧵#CDNpoli #Violence #Elxn44

The full Conservative ad shows a boxer punching forward & that was uncivilized enough

For those who use dark theme, xray, or colour inversion display (for style or visual disability), the violence was quite amplified
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1/26 🧵#CDNpoli #CDNmedia

You've heard me address the 4th Estate & its importance to a functioning democracy. You've seen destruction stateside when that strength becomes a liability via #FakeNews

This #thread is RE the collapse of Canada's parliamentary press gallery & #Elxn44
2/26 🧵#CDNpoli #CDNmedia #Elxn44

I've spent the past 3 elections working nonstop to correct #disinformation & it's so out-of-control that one person, or one team, is incapable of processing all the lies in our popular press anymore

I just didn't expect to become its target
3/26 🧵#CDNpoli #CDNmedia #Elxn44

I won't make excuses for anyone or search for a less antagonistic description to avoid the words 'lie, lying, or liar'

Dancing around what's happening in the parliamentary press gallery would be to enable it & I will play no role in propaganda
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1/10 🧵#CDNpoli #Bolton #Elxn44

While you were sleeping, a number of serious developments have occurred surrounding the intimidation & violence that shutdown Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau's campaign events in Ontario

Please see what follows for details #DevelopingStory Image
2/10 🧵#CDNpoli #Elxn44

Conservative campaigners were implicated in #Bolton, heckling obscenities & intimidating @JustinTrudeau as well as Liberal Party supporters. For security reasons the event had to be cancelled & these partisan provocateurs were caught on CPAC video Image
3/10 🧵#CDNpoli #Bolton #Elxn44

Conservative candidate Kyle Seeback has taken responsibility for his rogue staff, apologized, & fired them

But additional details have come to light since this mea culpa was provided Image
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1/ SRO #covidvaccines Bolton experience of the young and the #covidvaccine. Thread
2/ As I have moved between our somewhat quieter vaccine sites recently and speak to staff including #volunteers they often look a little forlorn these days and ask ‘why do you think young people aren’t as keen to get the #covidvaccine?’
3/ we are infact doing relatively well in #bolton with higher than average uptake rates in our 18-24s. The day over 25s became eligible we were optimistic to see over a million vaccines booked in 24 hours in England. I’ve seen thousands of keen young people take the #vaccine
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1/#pregnancy and #covidvaccine: SRO Bolton view-thread. I gave the very first #Bolton #covidvaccine in Dec 2020. I was nervous. It felt like a monumental moment for us all. We were telling people then that over 40,000 people had had the #vaccine at this point.
2/ we were also telling people they couldn’t have it if they were pregnant or planning a pregnancy. We had no reason to think it was unsafe but we had no evidence that it wasn’t. Thousands of women heard the ‘don’t have if planning pregnancy’ and believed it caused infertility.
3/ we spent weeks/ months trying to bust the infertility myth as young carers and health carers declined in the hope of a pregnancy. Pretty soon suspicion became reality that 1. Pregnant women could get really sick with Covid 2. Vaccinated pregnant women were doing just fine
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1/ SRO vaccine Bolton - experience of #VaccineHesitancy thread. #WHO defines vaccine hesitancy as a “delay in acceptance or refusal of safe vaccines despite availability of vaccine services’’ As lead for vaccines in UK #covid hotspot #bolton this is of interest to people I meet
2/#WHO specifies complacency, convenience, confidence, and sociodemographic contexts as factors. #bolton is a diverse town with over 10 years life expectancy variance between rich and poor areas and hugely different healthy life expectancy #inequalities
3/ Feb 21 -data started to emerge that poorer parts town had lower uptake. People worried that misinformation, digital poverty, cultural beliefs etc meant people didn’t want the #vaccine in these areas. Other parts of town consistently hitting >95% uptake in eligible cohorts.
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Saturday's #Coronavirus megathread starts here.

Thanks so much for everyone who contributed yesterday, if you have no idea what I'm on about here's another sneaky link to my crowdfunder!

It's a quite start today following the flurry of news last night..…
So a lot of data and a couple of new stories came in during the last hour or so of Friday, including South America data.

You can catch up on #Argentina #Brazil #Colombia #Bulgaria #Norway stats, and some #OlympicGames news by clicking and scrolling ⬇️

Now more very concerning news from #Bahrain, one of the most vaccinated territories on the planet.

#Covid19 cases are still rising there - more worrying is the real increase in deaths too.
Second highest daily number of new cases & deaths in the latest update
graph @Worldometers Image
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Finally, here is Friday's #Coronavirus megathread

🚦review imminent, I'm getting a lot of questions.
I reply to everyone but it's so time consuming
I'm now working on 7-day rates for EVERY Greek island.

No obligation but if my efforts are worth £1, thx…
I'll continue to post free advice and data, so nothing will be hidden from anyone, so please don't be angry or upset! And yes you can still ask questions!

So the big news in UK today is that the single shot Jansen (J&J) #Covid19 vaccine has been approved…
The big #Covid19 data news overnight is that #Argentina smashed its own record again, topping 40,000 cases in a day for the first time.

41,080 new cases to be precise, up around 15% on last week's total.
Another 547 new deaths
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1/12 How anyone who claims to care about children can read this thread & look at these figures, & still think “Oh yes, this was a good time to remove 😷s from secondary schools!”

What madness is it that has lead to pupils, staff & families being so unprotected from #COVID19?
2/ #Bolton is just 1 town, every day this week more places have found ⬆️cases of the #IndianVariant.

A local school has an outbreak, a whole yr group’s been sent home. A min of 10 children have tested +ve, so assuming they all have a mild infection, ONE could get #LongCovid.
3/ Has the #PrimeMinister decided that this is acceptable COLLATERAL DAMAGE?

Is this what the #antimask anti-scientific groups like #UsForThem, #HartGroup & the #CRG want for the children of this country?
1000s of innocent children w/ long term symptoms we don’t yet understand? Image
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Mounting evidence suggests that vaccines might not end this pandemic. In fact they might be making it worse. Much worse. Image
"Countries with the world’s highest vaccination rates ... are fighting to contain coronavirus outbreaks that are, on a per-capita basis, higher than the surge devastating India"…
Bolton #UK: "rocketing Covid-19 infection rates [linked] with an increase in cases among the borough's young people. The number of new cases per 100,000 people is nearly twice as high in those aged between 10-19 compared to the rest of the population"

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Nady Ghali
One in three of all working-age households in Red Wall constituencies across the #north of England, West #Midlands and #Wales are set to lose out, with the proportion rising to almost two-thirds in #Blackpool South, and more than two-fifths in Great #Grimsby, #Bolton
North-East, West #Bromwich West and #Dudley North, said the Resolution Foundation. By comparison, just one-quarter of families in southeast England will lose out.
“This policy is bad politics, bad economics and bad for living standards too. The chancellor should act swiftly
to extend the boost to universal credit and tax credits beyond next spring.” “The govt must do all it can to strengthen the safety net to prevent families and individuals from sliding further into hardship not cut it during this crisis.”…
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#Knight's comments offered an amazing sword to #Bolton to challenge USGOVT misconduct but ONLY had he filed lawsuit challenging delay. It is not a shield to defend Bolton against his clear failure to abide by contractual obligations.

He missed his chance. Unfortunately.
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#Bolton Reponse from @WHNSC Spokesman John Ullyot: “...we disagree strongly with Ms. Knight’s assertion that additional review of the Bolton manuscript was somehow politically motivated” + “ the Director of the National Security Agency, who is a four-star general in the United
States Army, stated under penalty of perjury that disclosure of information in the manuscript “could be expected to result in exceptionally grave damage to the national security of the United States” + the Director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center...
“characterized information in the manuscript, again under penalty of perjury, as ‘precisely what foreign adversaries’ intel services seek to target and collect.” @WHNSC “acted to protect exceptionally sensitive classified information that Ms. Knight simply missed” @CBSNews
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#Bolton In the ongoing legal battle over John Bolton’s book, “The Room Where It Happened,” the lawyer for Ellen Knight filed a document in support of Bolton’s move to dismiss the lawsuit. Knight is the former Senior Director for Records Access + Information Security Management
at the NSC + with the assistance of her staff, conducted the pre-publication review of Ambassador Bolton’s book. In the document, Knight says the WH improperly intervened in her review + alleges the intervention with the NSC legal team was “unprecedented in her experience. She
had never previously been asked to take the above described measures, and she has never heard that predecessors in her position ever received such instructions in the course of their prepublication reviews.” @CBSNews @ClareHymes22
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1/Extraordinary letter re: insight into NSC prepub process re: #Bolton's book. Ms. Knight (& her experienced counsel) are to be applauded for taking action. Displays professionalism.

What ramifications does it have? Let's explore some key points.
2/#Bolton is being sued civilly by USGOVT for failing to comply w/contractual obligation that he abide by prepub review & receive final approval. USGOVT has pursued this path fewer than 10x in history.…
3/Court did not agree w/USGOVT that book could be blocked but said “Defendant Bolton has gambled with the national security of the United States. He has exposed his country to harm and himself to civil (and potentially criminal) liability."

Not good.…
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I have been looking at the MSOA data for cases to 6 September 2020 at… . There are some places with very high case numbers.
#Sunderland - Houghton West (Houghton-le-Spring) has 45 cases in the week to 6 September. Which is an incidence of *560* cases per 100,000 (assuming a MSOA population of 8000) Image
#Bradford - Shearbridge and University has 37 cases in the week to 6 September. Which is an incidence of *460* cases per 100,000 (assuming a MSOA population of 8,000) @UniofBradford Image
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UK #Coronavirus updates:

It is critical that everybody observes the following key behaviours:

Hands - Face - Space

HANDS - Wash your hands regularly and for 20 seconds.
FACE - Wear a face covering in indoor settings where social distancing may be difficult, and where you will come into contact with people you do not normally meet.
SPACE - Stay 2 metres apart from people you do not live with where possible, or 1 metre with extra precautions in place (such as wearing face coverings or increasing ventilation indoors).
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General Kellogg, national security advisor to Mike Pence, says John #Bolton was an "architect of failure" & "fabricated information" to start a war w/ #Iran.

No doubt Bolton wanted war, but so has #Pompeo. Trump is to blame for surrounding himself w/ warmongering advisors. Image
Source for the interview with General Kellogg. He also says #Bolton "single-handedly destroy Afghan negotiations a year after we thought we had the Afghan negotiations on track"…
I wonder what the fabricated information Kellogg is talking about was. That the drone was in international airspace? Or that a US strike wouldn't result in many Iranian casualties or a retaliation?
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Quick scan of #buildingsafetybill announcement

Stand by my earlier statement to @itvlondon on #Hackitt review

“It’s a bastardised wish list which may prove cost prohibative to implement”

Will be interesting to see the detail on Monday but THREAD with headline comments.
Many in the sector have known about the fire safety & building standards issues & have raised formally via professional bodies, academic & practice based outputs + petitions to @GOVUK or regional

Fig 1 major fire loss incidents

So why’s it taken @govuk decades to respond!
Immediate steps were too little too late despite warnings of #Garnockcourt #lakanal + many other fires around the globe.

Reviews occurred in @ScotGovBldgStds of primary legislation in 2003

Concept of fire and building safety life cycle isn’t a new one see paper circa 2007/8
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@realDonaldTrump (DOJ)
@AmbJohnBolton was the National Security Advisor.
He signed a non-disclosure agreement NOT to divulge any classified or top-secret information.

Sept 2019 ~ @POTUS relieves Bolton of his duties.
By Dec 2019 #Bolton has a book deal
@AmbJohnBolton and ANY person who leaves a position that involves National Security
and then releases a book that discusses that position,
"Must" send a copy first to the National Security Council for approval. ImageImageImageImage
The approval is to guarantee that the material does Not contain "Classified, Top Secret, Above Top Secret" information that could risk national security.

@AmbJohnBolton began the process and made the edits that were he was advised to make. ImageImageImageImage
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Attention au biais anti-#Trump...oui, le juge Lamberth n'ordonne pas le retrait de publication pour le livre de #Bolton mais il estime que l'ex-conseiller a fauté lourdement vis-à-vis de la sécurité nationale. Sauf que le mal est fait (livre diffusé),donc pas lieu à statuer.
La conclusion du juge Lamberth est cinglante (et lourde de menace) pour #Bolton. Mais ce n'était pas la question qu'il avait à juger. 1 injonction de retrait immédiat de la publication pouvait-elle diminuer le mal fait à l'administration #Trump? Non. Donc elle ne sert à rien. Image
3) Et la réaction- exagérée- de #Trump n'est pas fausse en droit US. Le jugement d'aujourd'hui est pour #Bolton 1 victoire à la Pyrrhus, il risque très gros dans son avenir judiciaire.
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What will #Bolton's respond to the injunction motion be? I'm no expert, but I'd bet:
1) mootness - he's already given the book to the publisher and it's already been distributed, so no injunction targeting him alone would be effective
2) failure to name a necessary party -
Due to point 1,the *real* target of the request for injunctive relief is the publisher and bookstores, who weren't named, on the government's "you can bind third parties" argument. But this isn't incidental, it's the whole point. They need to be named.
3} 1st Amendment...
The government argues it doesn't need to worry about the 1st Amendment cases on prior restraint because #Bolton signed an NDA. But none of the third parties they're *really* trying to enjoin did.
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Quanto sono pesanti e gravi le rivelazioni di #Bolton e quanto possono nuocere a Trump? Risposta breve: molto, se è vero che sta facendo di tutto per impedirne l'uscita (thread)/1 Image
La prima rivelazione riguarda la Cina: secondo Bolton, Trump ha chiesto a Xi di comprare soia e grano americani per aiutare gli agricolotori, che in alcuni Stati sono cruciali per la sua rielezione./2
Per blandire Xi Trump ha ascoltato il presidente cinese parlare di campi di prigionia per gli uiguri e concordato che i campi fossero la cosa giusta da fare - ed evitato di menzionare Hong Kong./2
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