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Manchester City 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 e Inter 🇮🇹 definirán en unas horas al campeón de la #UEFAChampionsLeague 2023. En este hilo no nos detendremos en el City futbol total de Guardiola ni en el Inter que no pierde finales con Inzaghi. Hubo alguna vez otro City y también otro Inter. Allá Vamos. 👇 Image
Manchester City cumplirá en noviembre próximo 143 años de historia. Bajo este nombre desde 1894. Por ende, aunque a veces no parezca, su vida no comenzó en 2008 con la llegada de los inversores árabes ni con Guardiola en 2016. No obstante, sin dudas están viviendo su mejor época. Image
Desde 2008 el "boom City" vino acompañado de 7 #PremierLeague 3 #FACup 6 Copa de la Liga 3 #communitySheald e incluso una final de #UEFAChampionsLeague que perdieron con Chelsea. Pero antes de esto los ciudadanos habían ganado un par de títulos y vamos a recordar uno especial. Image
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who was a member of Final Fantasy XIV’s English localization team back before Square Enix completely revamped it into a good game—said that despite “being acutely aware of the issues,” widely cited at the troubled #AcrossTheSpiderVerse #FACupFinal #FACup… MMORPG’s launch, he and his fellow QA team members did the best they could to make the game better by “punching up the English dialogue” and “[imbuing] it with some additional personality.”… For me it helped to compartmentalize—I wasn’t the game’s director, so I couldn’t claim ownership over the game’s state,” he said. “I was proud of the work we did in loc QA. Some funny dialogue, clean text, etc. Also the camaraderie of being together
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Como siempre se está reduciendo todo a un jugador. Vamos a echarle la culpa a uno de todo lo malo que pasó hoy.
De Gea tuvo culpabilidad en el 2do gol y su distribución fue pobre (de nuevo), pero lo que me preocupa realmente es el sistema.#MUFC Image
No digo que sea culpa de Ten Hag, la plantilla era limitada, pero la ausencia de referencias por afuera para mantener la estructura del equipo dejó al #MUFC sin su mejor chance de retener ⚽️ arriba.

Lo sacrificó para poblar el medio, y realmente no funcionó. Ni soga ni cabra. 🤷‍♂️
Sin Antony, ni Garnacho/Rashford para jugar por fuera, definitivamente el plan A del DT para ganar este partido, se descartó antes del 0'.

El plan B iba a requerir potencia y despliegue, algo que Eriksen no puede presumir ahora. Pero su salida y ⚽️ quieta lo mantenían en cancha. Image
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📋 Introducing our line-up for today's #FACup quarter-final 👊

ถ้วย แห่งตำนาน
.... แจกัน นะจ๊ะ ✌️✌️✌️
นับ 1 ทีมเยือน บุกนำ

0-1 ⚽️
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CULTURAL DRESS DAY IS HERE! featuring a very special guest on the stage … the FA CUP!!! 🏆 the whole community is very excited to celebrate #blackhistorymonth and all our other cultures together ImageImage
Hosts Ibtissam and Khaalida are doing a great job of keeping the crowd engaged between acts @Capital__6 Image
Huge appreciation from the crowd for Lesley and Camilla @Capital__6 🎤
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#CLRJames' deceptively benign question: “what do they know of cricket, who only cricket know?”, was a challenge to the public to re-consider the game in England’s elitist orthodoxy.
Given James failed in this task, what is the story of #cricket from a people’s perspective? 1/14
Although no #history is ever ‘definitive’, cricket has always been particular about whose voices are heard.
Like James, the game has had other maverick historians of course. But the likes of Bowen, Birley and #Marqusee all suffered at the hands of the game’s establishment. 2/14
Given Birley recognised “cricket lovers do not like to be told new things”, #cricket in England is still defined by 'gentlemanly amateurism'.
But rather than a handful of gentlemen associated with the #MCC, the game’s growth owes everything to the efforts of ordinary people. 3/14
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بداية اللقاء:

تشيلسي - بلايموث
ويست هام يونايتد - كيدرمينستر هاريرز

نهاية الشوط الأول:

تشيلسي 1 - 1 بلايموث
ويست هام يونايتد 0 - 1 كيدرمينستر هاريرز

نهاية الشوط الثاني:

تشيلسي 1 - 1 بلايموث
ويست هام يونايتد 1 - 1 كيدرمينستر هاريرز

إلى الأشواط الإضافية

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AFTER EXTRA TIME: Man Utd 1-1 Middlesbrough

🚨 We're going to penalties! 🚨

Follow ⤵️ #bbcfootball #facup #MUNMID
McNair SCORES for Middlesbrough!

Man Utd:
Boro: ✅

#bbcfootball #facup #MUNMID
Mata SCORES for Man Utd!

Man Utd: ✅
Boro: ✅

#bbcfootball #facup #MUNMID
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تحت هذه التغريدة سننقل لكم أبرز ما جاء في مؤتمر السيد "يورغن كلوب" قبل مواجهة كارديف سيتي في كأس الاتحاد الإنجليزي 🔽

- كأس أمم أفريقيا؟

🎙 كلوب: "انجاز رائع لماني وصلاح أن يصلا للنهائي. نابي قدم بطولة مميزة كذلك. حتى هذه اللحظة فهي بطولة ناجحة لهما وسيكون نهائي مثير."
- رحيل اللاعبين بنظام الإعارة؟

🎙 كلوب: "أمر جيد لـ نيكو ويليامز ونات فيليبس خصوصًا، لأنها استحقا ذلك. كنا نرغب بالإبقاء عليهما، لأنهما قدما أداء لا يصدق معنا."
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Did you know that on December 5th 1921, the English Football Association (FA) passed a resolution BANNING women's football matches from being played in their stadiums?

I didn't! 🤯⚽️…
To mark the 100th anniversary, the delayed Women's #FACup Final is taking place at Wembley Stadium TODAY, as part of a day celebrating the women's game that their organization stymied for 50 years.

Women's football was incredibly popular prior to the ban.
At the time of the ban in 1921, women's football in England was thriving, in no small part due to the all-conquering Preston-based team 'Dick, Kerr Ladies FC', who played matches raising money for charitable causes, & frequently drew five-figure crowds.…
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Anyone else having a 50 years on #Arsenal #facup final 1971 watching party?

I've got the beers in and the DVD all lined up ready to press play at 3pm.

Of course, when I was 7 I had to watch it without the beer 🍻 which wasn't good for the nerves 😁
And they're off!

Wonder if you can still enter the ITV competition to name the 3 best players. There's a £20 prize.
Two minutes and #Arsenal have already conceeded four free kicks 😂
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🧵 Pre-match press conference thread Double Gameweek 24 [Friday]

🔫 Arsenal

📢 Mikel Arteta on Kieran Tierney: "We have to see how the knee reacts when he starts to get a bit more load. He hasn’t done much yet. We will see in the..."

#fpl #dgw24 #CHpressers #afc #gw24 #arslee
📢 Arteta on Tierney: " few days, the moment he starts to train with the team."

On Thomas Partey: "He felt something during the [Aston Villa] game. We didn’t think it was too bad but after the scan, looked a little bit worse..."

#fpl #dgw24 #CHpressers #afc #gw24 #arslee
📢 Arteta on Partey: "...he won’t be available to play against Leeds and we will see how it evolves in the next two days but it is a muscular issue."

On Gabriel Martinelli: "He came back and did really well but then he picked up..."

#fpl #dgw24 #CHpressers #afc #gw24 #arslee
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🧵 Quotes thread Double Gameweek 24 [Thurs, post-#FACup]

🇦🇹 Southampton

📢 Ralph Hasenhuttl on clean sheet vs Wolves: "Important. We had a few players back and [Mo] Salisu did a good job today. Fraser [Forster] too, our keeper for the cup..."

#fpl #dgw24 #CHpressers #saintsfc
📢 Hasenhuttl on clean sheet vs Wolves: " general, our reverse gear was much better today.

"Nathan Tella was immediately fighting with [Adama] Traore. We deserved it today.

"We went strong, they didn't today - but for us it was..."

#facup #fpl #dgw24 #CHpressers #saintsfc
📢 Hasenhuttl: "...always clear that when we are in a better position, we would go for the cup.

"We have taken the risk - this may be a disadvantage for the weekend but it was important to get a win and it feels good."

#facup #fpl #dgw24 #CHpressers #saintsfc #souwol #fantasypl
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🧵 Quotes thread Double Gameweek 24 [#FACup, Wednesday]

💠 Spurs

📢 Jose Mourinho on Harry Kane: "He's the kind of player that you want to play every minute of every match, so for him to be on the bench is because of our conversation..."

#fpl #dgw24 #CHpressers #thfc #EVETOT
📢 Mourinho on Kane: "...he's an experienced guy. He knows his body better than anyone.

"He wanted to be involved because he knows we have to try everything to get to the quarter-finals, but not well enough to start a second game within..."

#fpl #dgw24 #CHpressers #thfc #EVETOT
📢 Mourinho on Kane: "...a couple of days."

On Bale's absence: "I wouldn't say an injury, not at all, just some feelings he wasn't happy with. It was better to stay back, work with the sports science guys."

#FACup #fpl #dgw24 #CHpressers #thfc #EVETOT
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🧵 Pre-match press conference thread Double Gameweek 24 [#FACup, Wednesday]

🌉 Chelsea

📢 Thomas Tuchel on Ziyech: "Hopefully tomorrow [vs Barnsley] we will see the best of him. We count on Hakim like everyone else. We took some..."

#fpl #dgw24 #CHpressers #cfc #chenew
📢 Tuchel on Ziyech: "...we took some decisions on other players - he will get to show the same quality tomorrow that he shows in training."

On other selection decisions: "There is a high possibility we will make a lot of changes..."

#facup #fpl #dgw24 #CHpressers #cfc #chenew
📢 Tuchel: "...everybody who deserves to be on the pitch hasn't been on the pitch so far.

"So it's a moment to have fresh legs and fresh minds on the pitch."

On Thiago Silva: "He's out. He feels no better..."

#facup #fpl #dgw24 #CHpressers #cfc #chenew
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🧵 Pre-match press conference embargo thread Double Gameweek 24 [#FACup, Tuesday]

💠 Man City

📢 Pep Guardiola on Kevin De Bruyne: "He is getting well. He is already training - not with the team but alone and he is feeling well..."

#fpl #dgw24 #CHpressers #gw24 #mcfc #KDB
📢 Guardiola on De Bruyne: "’s good, really good. I cannot say [if he will be available for #UCL first leg on February 24, before #DGW26].

"What’s important is, day by day, he is feeling very good."

#fpl #dgw24 #CHpressers #gw24 #mcfc #KDB
📢 Guardiola on Phil Foden: "For me, no [it’s not a challenge], it will be for him. He has to be calm, to understand the tough periods will come.

"It depends on his humility and love for the game. The expectations are there..."

#facup #fpl #dgw24 #CHpressers #gw24 #mcfc
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🧵 Quotes thread Double Gameweek 24 [#FACup, Tuesday]

🔨 West Ham

🗯️ David Moyes asked if Michail Antonio is a doubt for Sheffield United: "He is a concern as he didn't play tonight. We will see how he gets on in the next few days..."

#fpl #dgw24 #CHpressers #gw24 #whufc
🗯️ Moyes on Antonio: "...I don't think he is too bad but I will have to wait and see.

"We have had four games in ten days, and three in six days where we played Mick. If you'd have said we'll get that out of him a month or so ago..."

#fpl #dgw24 #CHpressers #gw24 #whufc
🗯️ Moyes on Antonio: "...we'd have been thrilled about it, so we are being careful with him."

On other injuries: "[Angelo] Ogbonna has an ankle injury and [Andriy] Yarmolenko has opened up his knee ligaments a little bit so we will..."

#fpl #dgw24 #CHpressers #gw24 #whufc
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Oxford City vs Northampton

Siapapun yg menang akan bertemu dengan Shrewsbury Town di ronde kedua #FACup.

Tim asuhan mantan bek Bolton, Sam Ricketts, itu sebelumnya menghalahkan Cambridge United dua gol tanpa balas pada ronde pertama.


• Oxford City:

🙋🏻‍♂️: Zac McEachran

📝: Penyerang jebolan akademi Jamie Vardy yang juga merupakan saudara dari Josh & George.

• Northampton:

🙋🏻‍♂️: Sam Hoskins

📝: Ex-Southampton menjadi ikon Northampton sejak datang ke klub pada 2015 dan dia masih 27 tahun.
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Nicholas David Pope , más conocido como Nick Pope, y cómo estar jugando en la 10° categoría del fútbol inglés, ser cedido ¡6 veces!, debutar en la Premier League y viajar al Mundial de Rusia con la Selección de los Tres Leones. @Popey1992
Pope inició su carrera en los equipos juveniles del Ipswich Town, pero a los 16 años le rescindieron el contrato y tuvo que buscar suerte en el Bury Town FC, un equipo de la séptima categoría de Inglaterra.
"Trabajé como lechero desde las cuatro de la mañana, en un pueblo cerca de Soham, y en una tienda de ropa. Pero salir del Ipswich me permitió jugar 150 partidos en tres años, algo que en el fútbol juvenil me habría sido imposible", dijo en una nota con el Telegraph.
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Solskjaer on De Gea: "Obviously, everyone has to perform. Everyone has a chance to stake a claim in the team when they play. David knows he should have saved the second goal, that's over now and we have to look forward to Weds." #FACup #MUFC
Solskjaer on Bailly's injury: "Eric is in hospital. They are going through the routine checks and protocols, I don't know and I haven't heard but of course it had a big big impact on the game." #MUFC #FACup
Solskjaer on top four: "It is between us, Chelsea and Leicester for those last two positions, the more help we get from others the better, of course, but we know we must do our job on Weds." #MUFC #FACup
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FT: Chelsea 3-1 Man United

Wonderful win from Chelsea. Lampard's changes make them solid enough to stop the defensive problems against an in-form attack. Giroud rightly awarded MOTM w/ dominant striking play. De Gea poor but #CFC earned that luck.
Chelsea will play Arsenal in the #FACup final on 1 August at Wembley Stadium behind-closed-doors. #CFC
Lampard's substitutes made a really good impact late on Hudson-Odoi had the space to play, Abraham energetic and Loftus-Cheek impactful. #CFC #FACup
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Giroud scores his seventh goal in nine games from an Azpi cross. He loves this competition #CFC #FACup #MUFC
Assistpilicueta - his eighth assist of the season. Second on the charts for Chelsea running from right centre back. #CFC #MUFC #FACup
Olivier Giroud in the FA Cup:
- 29 games
- 16 goals
- 8 assists
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Gareth Southgate is here. Good chance to look at Reece James on the big stage. #CFC #MUFC #FACup
Decent effort from Zouma. Diving header after Mount's cross. Sadly, appears he and Bailly clashed heads in the duel. #CFC #MUFC #FACup
Bailly has just clashed heads with Maguire now. Nasty. #CFC #MUFC #FACup
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Bruno Fernandes took a Azpi boot to the testicles. Clearly accidental but prompts a water break while he gets a breather. #CFC #MUFC #FACup
Maguire pulling down Giroud. Chelsea asking for a yellow card, he gets away without one I would say...

Giroud has been outstanding so far. #CFC #MUFC #FACup
Bruno Fernandes free-kick saved.

Willian played a free-kick consultant role there with the building of the wall after Kovacic gave it away for a foul on Fred
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