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@Futureworldxxl @WirtschaftDE @frazionetoskana @tbgstephen @crypt_ghost @ThomasGBauer @Thomas190163 @m_aus_s @Patriotenfrank @webaxvita @ReneTruninger @jaegermeisterl @SamanthaMller16 @sabine_m_b 1. On the #Gauland-interview: It's the role of the press to ask difficult questions (which #BerlinDirekt does with other candidates as well).

It is not the fault of the #ZDF when the #AfD still has NOT determined clear (or any) policies on #pensions & other social issues!
@Futureworldxxl @WirtschaftDE @frazionetoskana @tbgstephen @crypt_ghost @ThomasGBauer @Thomas190163 @m_aus_s @Patriotenfrank @webaxvita @ReneTruninger @jaegermeisterl @SamanthaMller16 @sabine_m_b 2. As I stated before: The #AfD can not win on the medium or long term with just #MerkelMussWeg & #RefugeesOut. Security and Law & Order (with anti-#EU) may be the main driver of growth, but the AfD needs to find answers to other issues as well! It had 5 years to do so!
@Futureworldxxl @WirtschaftDE @frazionetoskana @tbgstephen @crypt_ghost @ThomasGBauer @Thomas190163 @m_aus_s @Patriotenfrank @webaxvita @ReneTruninger @jaegermeisterl @SamanthaMller16 @sabine_m_b 3. It is also clear to me that the #AfD tries to avoid these topics. Why? Because #Gauland, #VonStorch & Co know that it could divide the #AfD - Von Storch & #Meuthen sound like a right #FDP (on social issues): This will not please blue collar voters & many protest voters!
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He’s traded with #ISIS; acquired land expropriated from displaced civilians; and become super rich out of #Syria’s conflict & destruction.

- Meet #Assad’s latest moneyman & likely route around international sanctions - Samer Foz.…
Make no mistake, Samer Foz is an asset of #Assad's regime; empowered & facilitated by current & ‘retired’ security officials to get around tight foreign sanctions.

Foz has bankrolled militias in #Latakia & he stands accused of ordering the assassination of a rival in #Turkey.
#pts: Samer Foz also - allegedly - runs a quiet PR effort, both in the #EU & the U.S., which plays up one line over & over:

- 'Sanctions only hit innocent civilians & create terrorism… International investment is the key to saving #Syria, recreating jobs & bring back refugees.’
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"Ernteausfälle, Stürme & Sahara-Sommer: Erklärt werden die Extreme alle mit dem #Klimawandel. Doch dieser wird allzu oft instrumentalisiert, um irrationale politische Entscheidungen durchzusetzen. Eine Partei profitiert davon ganz besonders."#ClimateChange…
2. Und die #Chinesen? 2017 betrug ihr Anteil an den weltweiten CO2-Emissionen 26 Prozent. Die EU stoß 9,1 Prozent und die USA 14 Prozent aus – Tendenz sinkend.
Zur Zeit werden in China 368 neue Kohlekraftwerke errichtet und 803 weitere befinden sich in Planung.
3. Aber für "mutige" #Umweltaktivisten sind demokratische Staaten eine viel leichtere Beute als selbstbewusste Autokratien.

Oder wann sah man Claudia #Roth bei einer Umweltdemo in #China?
Reminder: CO2-Emissionen von #China is fast 3 mal größer als die der #EU!
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#Turkey cancelled passports of hundreds of thousands of #Turkish nationals mainly #journalists, teachers, #judges, and academics.
As #Erdogan sent a flood of requests to #InterPol, Interpol not only removed the cases from its database but also suspended the authorization of the #Turkish Interpol section to enter new filings in the system. 😂
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US officials say sanctions on #Iran that have been waived for the past 2½ years will officially be snapped back tomorrow. More extensive sanctions on #oil expected in November.
#Iran will be prohibited from tomorrow from using US$.
Ultimate aim is to seek a new #nuclear agreement, according to US officials.
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It's a criminal offence to falsifying a legal instrument. But if the #MetPolice / #LBRUT do it, then there is not even an investigation. 12 years of silence. Evidence to prove it -

#skynews #lbc #theresamay #uk #bbcnews #coverup #c4news #worldnews #ukgov
Welcome to the #Metpolice who also changed & falsified my arrest details. Have a look at the evidence here as it's all easy to prove & that's why it's never addressed

#R4today #corruption #coverup #leadership #values #corevalues #bbcnews #skynews #itvnews
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1st- So we can actually say the home office is not fit for its purpose!

2nd-Well v hav been saying this since a long time now!
Time to do something actually about it!
Why is everyone lying & misleading everyone!
HM #Inspectorate of #prisons -
found immigrants were being restrained for up to 17 hours.

#HostileEnvironment doesn't stop! Why can't we stop all this!
#Immigrants are #human too.…
Around 20 #NHS staff in a letter told - Theresa May of their “great sorrow and shame” that “hostile environment” immigration policies which she initiated are leading to needless suffering and early death.…
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2 #Dutch researchers were detained, subjected to humiliation & abuse, then deported by #Israel earlier this month

Their experience is part of #Israel’s policy to isolate #Palestinians from the outside world & obstruct the work of human rights defenders…
#Israeli forces detained @LydiadeLeeuw for questioning immediately after arrival at #BenGurion airport on 20 July
Over four hours, de Leeuw was strip searched, deprived of her phone & other property & denied access to the #Dutch embassy or legal assistance before her deportation
@LydiaDeLeeuw's #Dutch colleague Pauline Overeem experienced much severe treatment.
#Israeli forces detained her for 24 hours during which she was “handcuffed & subjected to verbal abuse, including threats that the #Israeli authorities would use force against her”
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In Granite City, #Illinois, @POTUS says "we're here today to celebrate a great victory...pouring new American steel into the spine of our country.
"U.S. Steel is back," declares @POTUS.
Now @IvankaTrump on stage: "This president and this administration is fighting for each and every one of you."
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We’re underway. @POTUS @JunckerEU
“We had a big launch a new phase...of strong trade relations,” says @POTUS.
We agreed today to work to zero tariffs, announces @POTUS.
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We’ve all been summoned here for — something.
Media told to set up for an announcement in the Rose Garden
Looks like it’ll be a US-EU joint announcement with both flags and two podiums.
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Right now in the Oval Office @POTUS and @JunckerEU are meeting.
Both express hope for a resolution of trade differences.
In the Oval Office meeting @POTUS says "we want to have a fair trade deal."
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Every senator who voted against confirmation of @DeptVetAffairs nominee Robert Wilkie are "super lefts" who will run against him for president in 2020, @POTUS says to VFW national convention in KC.
"We're ready to make a real deal" with Iran, declares @POTUS.
"We appreciate that," says @POTUS, noting new satellite images showing dismantling of #DPRK "missile site."
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If can't work out something Wednesday with #EU, then US will have to do something about "the millions of cars they send in every year," says @POTUS at "Made in America" product showcase.
"We've started to do much better lately in winning cases" at the @wto, according to @POTUS. "America's fighting back and we're winning again."
"We were being dumped on. You know what that means," adds @POTUS.
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@patel4witham Lying arrogant Patel, either thinks we are all gullible or this waffling right winger is also on Ambien

What democracy?#Leave lied, cheated, committed electoral fraud, had dodgy Russian money...You lot are a bunch of shameless scamming opportunists

Who the flock buys your crap?
@patel4witham "Leading Brexiteer Gisela Stuart has described the #EU referendum an "ABUSE OF DEMOCRATIC PROCESS" .... #brexit #stopbrexit #FBPE #LeaveLies #VoteLeaveBrokeTheLaw #PeoplesVote
@patel4witham "The #Leave Campaign for what it was - at the heart of the vote to leave the European Union is an entanglement of lies and propagandist sensationalism".

This is NOT Democracy.

#brexit #leavelies #stopbrexit #FBPE #VoteLeaveBrokeTheLaw #PeoplesVote
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#Mueller’s key problem: “Collusion” was laundered thru other intermediary orgs that were solidly in Trumputin’s camp+ had field campaign/media capabilities of their own— like the #NRA.…
#Mueller #NextSteps That weird stacked @BBC panel yesterday got me thinking. #UK elites may be preparing for 1.#HardBrexit 2. #ShittyofLondon needing all the #MoscowMoney it can get; 3.#Trumputin surviving Mueller; 4. RU interventions in the upcoming US+(espec) #EU Parl elections
This means that pro-dem forces (including “many” Ds, Rs, Greens, Labor, SPDs, DSs, etc) in the US,UK/EU need to prepare for #MuellerFail, not by being fired, but by closing down the #collusioncharge, ala #BCCI. Prob not b4 11/18, since that wld be #ComeyII.
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Let me give you a #TruthSummary for every corporate media story for the last week and for the next 2 weeks bar some new unforseen crisis:
1. There are no such thing as #TrumpTariffs
Art 1 sec 2 cl 3 delegates that power to Congress
Trump Tariffs are a fiction created by illegal legislation and false policies
Media, pundits, & politicians need to shut up about Trump Tariffs & start talkg about #CongressionalTariffs
2. #Kavanaugh will not be the "death of womens rights" no matter what @SenFeinstein says. Kavanaugh will not be king and for goodness sakes, supports #Obamacare!!
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"More people who have discouraged and sitting on the sidelines are now throwing their hat back into ring and deciding to look for jobs," says @IvankaTrump.
Cabinet meeting presentation being made by @IvankaTrump who announces tomorrow that the National Council for the American Worker will be unveiled.
During Cabinet meeting @POTUS called on @IvankaTrump sitting behind him to make a presentation. He asked press pool whether they wanted to stay or leave and allowed them to remain in the room.
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1) There is a segment of America that is whip smart & God wise to the ways of man & this realm. We didn't catch Germany in time in 1936. In fact, there's evidence we helped arm that mess. Never again. #NWO #NATO #EU #Socialism is going down. We're setting sail in a new direction
2) Our Constitution will not only survive, it will thrive & be the Genesis for many Nations yet to be born across the Earth.
3) The secret of the success of the American Constitution is

- We're never a Generation away from setting a stable path forward for our rights as passed to our progeny.

- We live with the knowledge that we are never a Generation away from loss of the very same rights.
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“May has left our fingers in the EU mangle but there is a way to get free”; highly dillusional article by ⁦@DavidDavisMP⁩. 1/…
Take this for example, ditch #EU regulation and replace it in order to reach a trade deal with the US. They will have us for breakfast, forcing further deregulation and acceptance of harmful agri-products. Industry don’t necessarily want it and in services they will squeeze us./2
This; how, what and when? @DavidDavisMP has been Secretary of State for 2 years and hasn’t come up with any substantial and viable proposals, as the technology doesn’t exist. Neither has he strongly engaged with the #EU27 to work this out due to lack of internal HMG agreement. /3
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At Chequers @theresa_may, alongside @POTUS, says she thanked him for expelling 60 intelligence officers from #Russia following Salisbury nerve agent incident.
Will pursue a US-UK free trade agreement following #Brexit, adds @theresa_may.
US and UK in agreement on how to deal with #DPRK and #Iran and need for increased @NATO defense spending, declares @theresa_may.
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Miracle in Judeosta
Some people believe in miracles & think world's condemnations & denunciations will save #Palestinian village of Khan Al-Ahmar & its ecological school from jaws of #Israel’s bulldozers-Can such a miracle happen in Judeostan in #WestBank?…
The #EU’s reliance on “peace” & “two states” is evidence of negligence, flaccidity or self-deception. Neither “peace” (with the #Palestinians) nor “two states” are in the #Israeli dictionary currently in use. It’s doubtful that they were ever in it
The official proud #Israeli dictionary is made up of definitions that #Europe invented in 15th century & later refined to suit the developing variations of settler colonialism, which expels & murders native populations by the new incoming colonial settlers
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1) #TheresaMay has revealed herself to be an open borders corporatist and an #EU fifth columnist. She regards #Brexit as a problem to be neutralised, not a promise to be delivered.
2) For two years #TheresaMay has stalled us and watered down what we voted for until there is virtually nothing left of it. She has been deliberately deceitful and she has insulted the intelligence of millions of people.
3) Many people who voted to remain want #Brexit to happen because they’re fair-minded enough to respect the result of a democratic vote. They can see that for the government to renege on the result would be like punching a hole in the bottom of a boat.
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Russian directive 4 #EU: dismantle, separate UK, the weaken Germany while increasing presence from West 2 East #US directive: dismantle NATO, weaken US relationships around globe & especially with Canada while strategizing 2 move north 2 retake Alaska & northern Canada
Trump has been so enamored w/ the power of Putin he doesn’t realize this trade war with China is exactly what Putin wanted. In 2016 US made deal with China 2B their #1 provider of #NaturalGas & #Oil but now with tariffs & trade war all that surplus will be devoured by tariffs
Did he really think Putin would B ok with the U.S. backdooring him? No! While we’re busy with #CivilUnrest Putin will manipulate the #MidEast & #EU & then when he’s got it all in place & we think they’re our BFF’s they’re going 2 turn on an isolated America 1st & all alone
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