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#Switzerland #EU #Bern #Referendum

The right-wing populist Swiss People's Party is again launching an initiative to limit immigration. With a referendum she wants to get out of an agreement concluded in 1999.
According to this, EU citizens can live and work freely in Switzerland. The Swiss are speaking in a referendum this Sunday on a whole range of issues ranging from a reform of the hunting law to paid paternity leave.
An initiative by the right-wing populist Swiss People's Party (@SVPch) could have serious effects on the relationship with the EU: It provides for the country to withdraw from the principle of free movement for EU citizens.
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#EU #Brussels #Coronavirus #Aid

Several EU countries are blocking a decision that is important for the start of the European Corona economic stimulus program. According to diplomats,
around a third of the member states made it clear in Brussels that they would not support the decision on future EU funding for the time being. This capital adequacy decision regulates where the money should come from.
First there must be clarity about the overall budget for the next seven years, it said.
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#EU @Europol #Coronavirus #Raid

In a European police operation against product pirates, the Italian police confiscated around 27 million counterfeit and non-standard medical face protection masks.
A total of 28 million counterfeit products were seized in the "Aphrodite" operation, the European police authority Europol announced on Friday in The Hague.
This would include around 800,000 counterfeit items of clothing, as well as shoes, toys and equipment for television reception on the Internet. Ten suspects were arrested in Greece in the operation coordinated by Europol and involving 21 countries.
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#EU #Brussels #Coronavirus #RLY

According to the EU Council Secretariat, the participants at the EU summit next week do not have to show a negative corona test. "According to Belgian safety regulations, it is not necessary to present a negative test before entering the country,"
a spokeswoman said on request. This differs from the German regulation, according to which participants from risk areas at EU meetings in Germany - including ministers and commissioners - have to present a negative test.
However, delegation members with symptoms will not be allowed entry, says the spokeswoman. In addition, the size of the delegations of the 27 EU governments is limited, the hygiene regulations such as distance and masks would apply in the EU Council building.
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🔥Today, @Europarl_EN's Committee on Constitutional Affairs (#AFCO) will discuss #transnationallists. Here is why they may not be the good idea we think they are. A thread 👇 1/25
@EPInstitutional @Antonio_Tajani @guyverhofstadt @sandrogozi @d_boeselager @daniel_freund @inside_ep
Many have endorsed TNLs as the way to make our elections more #European, from pro-#EU groups (@federalists, @EMInternational), to politicians (@EmmanuelMacron, @vonderleyen) & advocates (@jonworth, @alemannoEU, @AndrewDuffEU). They argue TNLs will bring a European dimension. 2/25
To be clear, the point of this thread is *not* to argue that TNLs will make our common election less European, simply that they will not remedy the election's core deficiency (that national parties are in control) and that, therefore, they are not the right way forward. 3/25
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1/ Governments are largely not making #ClimateChange action central to their COVID-19 recovery packages, despite some signs of good intentions - our new briefing for #CWNY, released today
2/ We've analysed the post-#COVID_19 #recovery packages of 5 countries: #China, #EU27, #India, #SouthKorea and the #USA. Only two lean towards using the pandemic recovery to address the global #climate crisis: the EU27, and South Korea. First, we looked at overarching packages.
3/ We assessed 106 domestic measures across the 5 countries, differentiating between overarching packages & individual interventions, and rated them. The picture is not the most encouraging.
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#EU #Brussels #Asylum #Refugees #Coronavirus

According to media reports, the number of asylum seekers in the European Union has fallen sharply this year due to the Corona crisis.
In the first six months, 196,620 people applied for asylum in one of the 27 EU countries for the first time, as the newspapers of the Funke media group report, citing figures from the EU statistical office Eurostat.
That is a decrease of 34 percent compared to the same period last year. The reason for this is obviously the Corona crisis, the numbers only collapsed massively with the beginning of the first lockdown in March.
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Europäischer Gerichtshof winkt Bau am Subventionstropf durch #Euratom-Privileg ebnet Weg für #HinkleyPoint, das teuerste #Kraftwerk seit es Elektronen gibt. [1/5] #FürEinEuropaOhneAtomkraft
Die Hintergründe zum heutigen Atom-Subventions-Urteil haben die EWS in einem Video leicht verständlich erklärt. [2/5] #FürEinEuropaOhneAtomkraft

80 Säcke voller Beschwerdebriefe haben weder EU-Kommission noch #EU-Gerichte beeindruckt. Mit Hilfe von #Euratom reicht es aus , dass ein #Kraftwerk #Atomstrom produziert, um gegenüber allen anderen Stromproduktionsformen privilegiert zu werden. [3/5]…
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#EU #Brussels #Coronavirus

With a view to the increasing corona numbers in Europe, the European Union is continuing to build up common reserves of medical protective masks. After Germany and Romania, Denmark, Greece,
Hungary and Sweden have now also agreed to set up depots on behalf of all EU countries, said EU Commissioner Janez Lenarcic. The construction of the joint reserve began in the spring when many countries had far too little protective equipment for doctors and nurses.
From this reserve 520,000 medical FFP2 and FFP3 masks have now been distributed to the EU states Italy, Spain, Croatia and Lithuania as well as to the neighbors North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia, said Lenarcic. The stocks are financed from the EU's Community budget.
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#GlobalChange is the most pressing challenge to ecosystems & economies. We ask @EU_Commission @vonderleyen to cont investing in #science & fund #EuropeanReferenceGenomeAtlas projects to study the book of life in the #EU. Join us! #ERGA @EU_FP9 @EBPgenome
#DYK 23% EU species are at extinction risk, e.g. Canary Island Dragon Tree, Montseny brook newt, & Macedonian grayling? We need #ERGA for sustainable pan-EU biodiv conservation! We are 39+ EU institutions & partners e.g., @B10K_project @bat1kgenomes @darwintreelife @Arthropod_i5K
Nerdier details @ the proposed #ERGA? It aligns w/EU Commission's #GreenDeal for #HorizonEurope to restore biodiversity (threatened, endemic + keystone species), resurrect #EcosystemServices, implement sustainable agricultural actions @GIGA_COS @euronext
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#EU #Belarus #Brussels #Cyprus #sanctions #failed #Turkey

In light of the human rights violations in Belarus, the EU continues to argue about sanctions against the regime in Minsk.
It is true that the foreign ministers of the member states had already decided in principle punitive measures against those responsible. There is now a list of 40 people who are to be blocked from entering the country and blocked from their accounts.
But EU member Cyprus is blocking the unanimous decision needed to put the sanctions into effect. "Our reaction to violations of our core values ​​and principles cannot be à la carte, it has to be consistent,"
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#EU #Sanctions #Libya #Turkey #Kazakhstan #Jordan

In view of repeated violations of the UN arms embargo against Libya, the European Union has adopted new punitive measures. The foreign ministers of the member states unanimously passed a corresponding decision.
The punitive measures are therefore directed against companies and individuals who have provided ships, aircraft or other logistics for the transport of war material. Specifically, according to information from EU circles,
it is about three companies from Turkey, Jordan and Kazakhstan as well as two people from Libya. Possible accounts of companies in the EU will be blocked by the sanctions. In addition, European companies are no longer allowed to maintain business relationships with them.
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#Israel FM @Gabi_Ashkenazi: I would like to thank the US for its dedicated action, led by President Trump and Secretary Pompeo, at the #UN #SecurityCouncil, in preventing the lifting of #Iran's arms embargo. >>
.@Gabi_Ashkenazi: ...I call upon all countries to stand alongside the US, to refrain from sale if weapons to #Iran and enforcing the sanctions in their entirety. >>
.@Gabi_Ashkenazi: ... I call on our friends, the E3 countries – France, Britain, and Germany – to pullback their opposition and work towards a rigorous implemention of the sanctions regime on #Iran, both on state level, as well as on the #EU level and within the #UN bodies.
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#US @SecPompeo is mounting an aggressive campaign, on behalf f #Israel, to force the #EU to consider #Hezbollah a terrorist org & cut all ties w/ the group that represents over a third of the Lebanese population & is present at the parliament & the cabinet
For @SecPompeo , all means, including lying, is a daily bread of the #US administration to achieve the objective. This time (the second), the US is breaking its teeth at the doors of some European countries in relation to #Hezbollah.

Europe stood against the #US at the @UN to impose further sanctions on #Iran. There is no doubt that Europe consider the US as a strategic partner. However, there is no total submission in some issues. This US admin is forcing Europe to look for alternatives on the long run.
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#EU #Brussels #Coronavirus

The EU countries are making progress in efforts to better coordinate travel restrictions. As can be seen from a progress report of the current German EU Council Presidency,
there is great support for the proposal to commission the EU health agency ECDC with the development of a common database on the occurrence of infections. In addition, the public should be warned at least 24 hours before new measures come into force. However,
common criteria for the introduction of travel restrictions are still in sight, as are uniform rules for travel to risk areas. The discussions about a joint risk assessment and possible joint measures are sensitive, according to the report,
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#EU #Brussels #Coronavirus

From the point of view of the EU Commission, corona tests should not take longer than 24 hours from the first request to the result so that contacts can be meaningfully tracked.
The Brussels authority presented its recommendations for a joint test strategy to the EU states. Germany would also have to speed up. According to the commission, up to 36 hours pass between the test and the announcement of the result.
The commission emphasizes that the population should have easy access to test sites. It must be a priority to test all cases of Covid-19-like symptoms. If possible, the coronavirus, flu and other respiratory infections should be checked at the same time.
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Препоручује се ЕУ бирократији, јер овде неће моћи овако још дуго. Тако Чумићка месецима вртела мантру о генералу Младићу, па се ућутала чим је удомила сина на неко фино место у ЕУ.
Za pljuvanje Srba, nagrada od #EU: Čumićkino čedo, #MarkoČumić, kao korisnik #Chevening stipendije britanske vlade "postao je master javne uprave" (šta god to značilo). #NoviLider…
I was a member of the Belgrade school which is run by the Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence. I was in the generation 2015/16. I must say we had a chance to listen to and engage in dialogue with some fantastic people from the #Balkan region.… Image
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#EU #Brussels #Coronavirus

The EU Commission has signed a second contract for the purchase of a future corona vaccine, this time with the manufacturers Sanofi and GSK for the delivery of up to 300 million units.
In view of the increasing number of infections, an effective vaccine is more important than ever, said Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides. The new treaty increases the chances that people in the EU and around the world will gradually be able to return to their everyday lives.
The EU had already signed a contract with the manufacturer AstraZeneca and is planning more with other companies with promising vaccine candidates. However, none of these vaccines has yet been approved.
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As a part of its anti-racism program, the European Union will start to offer regular unconscious bias training for its employees. Gee whiz. @ConceptualJames #CynicalTheories #EU #rasismi #intersektionaalisuus… Image
Unconscious bias training to remedy the ills of racism is basically the modern version of using leeches to cure disease.

Not only does it not work, but if you happen to be an employee of the European Union, I can assure you that there's a 99.9% chance that you're not racist.
Furthermore, the HR staff will be subject to mandatory unconscious bias training. Image
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Hats off for #blacklivesMatter protesters demanding equality for all in Europe.They created a political force that lead to an #EUActionPlan to address structural racism.

We at ENAR are eager to support in strengthening it and be key stakeholders in the implementation. #SOTEU2020 Image
ENAR welcomes the fact that for the first time, the #EU explicitly acknowledges the existence of structural, institutional & historical dimensions of #racism in #Europe and the need to address them through wide-ranging, proactive policies.

Read our PR:… Image
“This is a groundbreaking moment for racial equality & #justice, & has significant potential to achieve positive change for racialised people in #Europe”, said @KMTaylorBerlin.

“The open boxes now need to be filled:…

#EUActionPlan #SOTEU2020 #BLMprotest Image
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Uz veliku pomoć i pritisak bratske Rusije, srpska diplomatija izdejstvovala kod carigradskog patrijarha da postavi Srbe za episkope u Prizrenu 1896, i Skoplju 1897, što je od 1897. omogućilo i otvaranje srpskih škola u Bitoljskom i Solunskom vilajetu.…
Krajem XIX veka, srpski kulturni, etnički i istorijski prostor Južne i Stare Srbije, pod otomanskom okupacijom, bio je izložen nasilnom verskom preumljavanju od strane bugarske Egzarhije.
#BugarskaCrkva je od svog osnivanja i dobijanja fermana od sultana Abdul Azisa 27. februara 1870 godine, činila sve kako bi sprečila Srpsku Pravoslavnu Crkvu u njenom funkcionisanju
na prostoru Južne i Stare Srbije.
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#EU #Italy #Brussel #Coronavirus #Subvention

Italy is allowed to support its corporations, which have come under pressure in the corona crisis, with a total of 44 billion euros. The EU Commission gave the green light for possible financial injections on Thursday.
The program set up by the government in Rome strengthens companies' capital and makes it easier for them to access finance "in these difficult times", said EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager.
Together with other measures, this will strengthen the Italian economy and the labor market, she stressed.
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#EU #Brussels #Coronavirus

The German EU Presidency has called for more speed in the negotiations on the next seven-year budget and the European Union's Corona rescue package.
The talks with the European Parliament are "picking up speed far too slowly," said German EU Ambassador Michael Clauss on Thursday. Clauss leads the negotiations.
Originally, an agreement between the EU states and parliament on the budget and aid package totaling 1.8 billion euros was supposed to be in place by (tomorrow) Friday. Clauss now spoke of the beginning of October at the latest.
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