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After months of hard work, we're proud to release our 2021 Annual report on the state of the #criminal courts here in #NewOrleans. You can read it here:…

A thread on some of our findings:
As others have reported, #crime decreased in 2021, but violent crime was on the rise.
When compared to 2020 and 2022, many stakeholder budgets, including that of @orleansparishda, were low.
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Ironing out kinks in the viz but here are #Chiefs vs #Cardinals receiving stats to tide you over.

Juju looks promsing, MVS isn't a thing but playing over Hardman in 2 WR sets, don't worry about Skyy.

Hollywood will be fine, Ertz part time coming off injury, idk about Dortch.
#Steelers @ @Bengals

Diontae will be fine, really strong Pat F showing, meh from Claypool and Pickens.

Chase is a star, prob don't care about Boyd even with Tee sidelined, even pre-Higgins injury it was firmly the Chase show.
Air yards data looking a bit suspect for a few teams, going to pause for now
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1a) Welcome to one of our favorite events on the @academiccme #accredited #tweetorial feeds: a takeover of our programming from @GoggleDocs! The focus of this tweetorial is data from #ADA2022 on #SGLT2i beyond cardiac disease. Our expert author is @GoggleDocs' @drpatrickholmes. Image
1b) Check out our other #ADA2022 recap #tweetorial by new @GoggleDocs family member @Ines_VFonseca who focused on the cardiac data presented:
2) This program is #accredited for CE/#CME #physicians #physicianassociates #nurses #pharmacists #nursepractitioners & is supported by an educational grant from the Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc and Eli Lilly Company. It is intended for healthcare professionals.
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#NewOrleans this past weekend
Footage from a different angle

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If this isn't newsworthy, we don't know what is. WHY WON'T THE #MSM WARN US that frequent #WetBulb & #HeatDome events will cause mass deaths in the #PXNW, #Phoenix, #NewOrleans, #Ozarks & poor nations in the #GlobalSouth.…
Take a look at the impacts that #ClimateChange will have on all of the United States, then ask the #MSM #newsmedia why they're not warning you about it.…
What's the deal, #FoxNews? You love scaring your viewers. Why not tell them the truth about this? Why not tell them that their property will be uninsurable unless we halt #climatechange? #MarchToTheMedia…
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Government’s decision to allow homes to be built to low standards of #energyefficiency cost owners of new build homes £234m last year
#LibDems analysis shows scrapped #zerocarbon standard would have saved owners £200 a year… #ToriesOut #ToriesDoNotCare
/2 #energyefficiency #housingcrisis
Mold, leaks, rot: how Brad Pitt’s post-Katrina housing project went horribly wrong… #GreenHomes #housingstandards #InsulateBritain
/3 The project seemed cutting-edge, if not utopian..which incorporated next-gen features like solar panel roofs, energy-efficient heating and cooling, and sustainable materials.Each house would be sold well below cost: $150,000. #HousingCrisis #NewOrleans
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/27/2022…
We are Black and Indigenous front line workers. Our own parents died of COVID-19 in Canada’s inequitable health system | The Star…

#CanadianHealthCareSystem, #BlackAndIndigenousPopulations, #FrontLineWorkers, #COVIDDeath, #TreatmentInequality
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#OTD 2006 – Jack Palance, (b. Volodymyr Palahniuk), 87, US actor (b. 1919)

One of six children of Ukrainian immigrants, he worked in coal mines in his youth, before becoming a professional boxer in the late 1930s. After serving in WW2, he eventually pursued a career in acting. Image
#OTD 2006 – Jack Palance, 87, US actor (b. 1919)

His big break was as Marlon Brando's understudy in A Streetcar Named Desire, eventually replacing Brando on stage as Stanley Kowalski. He made his film debut in
Elia Kazan's Panic in the Streets (1950) who had directed Streetcar. ImageImageImage
#OTD 2006 – Jack Palance, 87, US actor (b. 1919)

Panic in the Streets (1950) * Halls of Montezuma * Sudden Fear (OscarNom) * Shane (OscarNom) * Second Chance * Man in the Attic * The Sign of Pagan * The Big Knife * Attack * The Man Inside * Ten Seconds to Hell * The Barbarians ImageImage
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O furacão #Ida deve atingir o continente como um grande furacão de categoria 4 no domingo. Todos os voos do Aeroporto Internacional Louis Armstrong, em New Orleans, estado da #Louisiana foram cancelados. (WDSU)

Furacão #Ida: Aeroporto de #NewOrleans passou o sábado lotado de passageiros buscando fugir do estado. O furacão deve atingir o estado da #Louisiana como categoria 4.

Furacão #Ida: Movimento nas rodovias do estados da #Louisiana é extremamente intenso; motoristas saem do estado faltando poucas horas para a chegada do furacão.

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starting the weekend thread to force my sober self to embrace the CLIT
WEEKEND thread on challenge mode
BIDEN screwed up so much this week that it brought Mister Metokur back from the dead Image
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Hurricane #Ida forms, with tropical storm conditions in #Cuba | Aug 27
- According to the latest NHC update, Tropical Storm Ida is 75 miles southeast of the Isle of Youth with maximum sustained winds of 65 mph. The system is moving northwest at 15 mph.…
#NewOrleans evacuates as Hurricane #Ida expected to strengthen to Category 4 with 140 mph winds | 5h ago
- The center of Ida was located over western Cuba around 8 p.m. ET on Friday. Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, and western Cuba will face heavy rains,…
Tropical Storm #Nora expected to become hurricane along Mexican coast | Aug 27
- the National Hurricane Center said the eye of the storm was located about 215 miles south-southwest of Manzanillo, #Mexico, and 570 miles southeast of Cabo San Lucas.
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We are officially back to getting crushed by #COVID, and for #pediatricians this wave feels *worse* in many ways. And as a pediatric hospitalist who has been a front-line COVID doctor for the entire pandemic, I’m going to share what I’ve seen the last 8 days on service. 1/
After many months of zero or few pediatric COVID cases, we are seeing infants, children, and teens with COVID pouring back into the hospital, more and more each day. These patients ranged in age from 2 weeks old to 17 years.
COVID admissions in our medical center are up 500% and currently 80% of cases in our hospital are due to the highly contagious Delta variant. I worry that the Delta variant, in addition to being more contagious, *may* also be more virulent in children.
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#watchwithTwitty #UnitedShades New Orleans was the largest market for enslaved Africans and African Americans from 1830-1865. Every few minutes for 30 years multiple Black people on average were sold.
#watchwithTwitty New Orleans was the tail end of the Domestic slave trade...the largest forced movement of humans in American history. #UnitedShades
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And?? Even if you think this is BS conspiracy (paranoia) etc...

Your cell-phone CAMERA remotely
activated- 🔥They can watch

Live in #NewOrleans

Carbyne, directly tied to a disaster!
Who ok'd this?

[Ehud Barak, Peter Thiel, J. Epstein, NSO] Barak used Epsteins harems
Carbyne (*From the Israeli spooks of NSO) Now HQ and coming Live
in NEW YORK CITY via its 911 system...
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For any guests/visitors visiting New Orleans, here's some important info you might miss while out sightseeing....

#NewOrleans #TropicalStorm #TSCristobal #NOLA Image
Info on potential Storm Surge estimates.

#NewOrleans #TropicalStorm #TSCristobal #NOLA Image
And estimates of the expected flooding rainfall.

#NewOrleans #TropicalStorm #TSCristobal #NOLA Image
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Please @NYGovCuomo @realDonaldTrump @EsperDoD , Rethink the #ComfortShip . Keep part of capability to do #trauma , and take the remaining crew to work on shore hospital. used the ship in #Katrina. The 1000 Sailors will not be able to separate themselves from the #Covid_19
From where they treat patients and where they sleep . @NYGovCuomo this is a case of giving you what you need not what you want .This could turn into a shit show ,because of the close quarters, use the crew on shore please. Crew can sleep in hotels , @USNorthernCmd @fema @FoxNews
Please I know the @USNavy want to execute your orders, but please understand the risk of have a hundred #Sailors with #COVID , please put the crew in shore hospitals. You may need the #ComfortShip In Miami or #NewOrleans @TeamCavuto @AliVelshi @DavidBegnaud see risk assessment
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⚠️#COVID19 deaths in #NYC are more than DOUBLING every 2 days, faster than *anywhere* else globally.

#Michigan (#Detroit) and NJ are also #coronavirus hot zones, followed #NewOrleans (LA).

As I've warned, the next 4-6 weeks will be hell.

🚨#COVID19 cases in the US are exploding *exponentially*, now at >20,000 new cases per day and RISING.

Until at least ~2-3 weeks after we #FlattenTheCurve of new #coronavirus cases, the number of **daily deaths will continue to surge**.

PLEASE #StayHome.🙏🏼

⚠️@realDonaldTrump FAILED to #lockdown nationwide, and @GOP governors FAILED to #lockdown some states, helping this deadly #coronavirus to spread EXPONENTIALLY.

More Americans will DIE because of their INACTION.🤬

#COVID19 #CoronavirusPandemic
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@mayorcantrell⁩ You are on the BIG news channels blaming the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT for NOT canceling Mardi Gras and showboating, THIS IS HAPPENING IN THE CITY OF #NewOrleans TODAY ⁦@FoxNews⁩ ⁦@FOX8NOLA⁩ I want to go back to work, DAMNIT!!!…
I want to go back to work and can’t but this is ALLOWED!!!! #CoronavirusOutbreak #COVID19 #SaturdayVibes #disgusted #untilltomorrow #CommonSense
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THREAD: 1/n. I have a self-quarantined central #Ohio client who was on the #CarnivalValor cruise with this man. I believe that our #Columbus community needs to know of her experience with #Carnival and @OHdeptofhealth.

I will be updating this thread as I find out more.
2/ My client is female, between 45-50 years old. Before I continue, people should know that she has been in public places in central #Ohio for days. She found out from a friend this morning who had seen this morning's @ColumbusHealth #COVID19 announcement. Places she's been:
3/ Sunday March 9th: @Costco at #Polaris; #Costco in #PlainCity; #Aldi in #Delaware.

Wed. March 12th, after work: @TommysPizzaOhio but not yet sure which location.
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First stop in New Orleans, @MothersNOLA for their Famous Ferdi special: A ham and debris po' boy. Debris being "the roast beef that falls into the au jus gravy in the pan while roasting in the oven"
Tons of pictures of military members on the wall @mothersnola @VisitNewOrleans #MothersNOLA
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#Thread The list is long on the “things” #MayorPete didn’t know while mayor of #SouthBend. It would be an #SNL skit IF he wasn’t a front runner for POTUS
2/ This is some of wat I knw: From the time I was a kindergarten student in #SBCSC— the district was & still is under a desegregation order 🤦🏾‍♂️
3/ And, for the ppl in the back, segregation doesn’t happen in schools, it happens in neighborhoods. #MayorPete is the mayor of every (segregated) neighborhood in #SouthBend
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We're very excited to partner with @annaliviabrand from UC Berkeley and @JoshGeog from Pennsylvania State University to make our Claiborne Mapping Project a reality. Here's a preview of some of the material we'll be mapping:
1) Several decades of #NewOrleans data from the "Negro Motorist Green Books" and the "Simms' blue book and national Negro business and professional directory." Also, complete street address data from 1935-1979. (photo: 1961 Southern Bell Street Address Directory)
2) Historical information on our first batch of target properties, with images, biographies, cultural significance, and social connections for individuals and families from the 1820s until the 1970s. (photo: Clabon Theater opening 1938)
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So, Papi has a surprise for me and the kiddos after school tomorrow 🤷🏻‍♀️ He finally told ME but I can’t tell the kiddos and its killing me 🤣😬
#hintisNewOrleans #canNOTwaittoseetheirfaces
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It wasn’t an Act of God. It was an Act of Chevron. An Act of Exxon. An Act of Big Oil.… #NewOrleans #Louisiana #HurricaneKatrina #Barry #BigOil #Pollution #Environment #ClimateChange
Take a look at these numbers dug out of #Louisiana state records:

Conoco 3.3 million acres
Exxon Mobil 2.1 million acres
Chevron 2.7 million acres
Shell 1.3 million acres

These are the total acres of wetlands removed by just four oil companies over two decades.
#NewOrleans used be to a long, swampy way from the Gulf of Mexico. #Hurricanes & storm surges had to cross a protective mangrove forest nearly a 100 miles thick. Then Standard Oil, Exxon’s prior alias, began channeling pipelines & tanker routes thu the soft delta prairie grass.
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