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Since I’ve experienced it 1st hand more than once— I’m going to tell you what it’s like when you have a loved one & immediate family member who’s serving in a combat zone away from you, or is suddenly deployed with less than 24 hours notice to a war zone…

Before they leave, you scramble to make sure everything’s in order:
—Last minute checks for next of kin notifications…just in case

Time always comes too fast—You wait til the last second watching their plane & your heart depart.
And you feel gutted & terrified.
You spend hours, days & sometimes, weeks waiting to hear from them.
And when you don’t, even though you swore you wouldn’t, you finally give in—terrified of what you may find & check the news anyway—to look for stories of air strikes or hostile activity in their part of the world
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1. Thoughts on Trump's Iran address.

You want NATO more involved in the Middle East? Maybe you shouldn't badger our allies for upholding a deal you unilaterally pulled out of.

Also maybe you shouldn't have spent your whole first term bashing NATO. Just sayin' 🤷‍♀️

2. When, exactly, did the United States become entirely energy independent?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Except actually we don't because that bizarro claim was entirely made up. Even for someone who lies every time he opens his mouth, just... really?

3. I see what you did there, bringing up al-Qaeda and ISIS and going on quite a bit before declaring that they're natural enemies of Iran.

While this speech was framed to make our government seem reluctant to start a war with Iran, remember that Pompeo wants nothing more.
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Shit, it's starting. "As long as I am president of the United States, Iran will never be allowed to have a nuclear weapon."

So that's why you destabilized things by pulling out of President Obama's Iran deal? Sure, dude 🙃

#NoWarWithlran #NoWarOnIran
Trump says Iran appears to be standing down and "this is a good thing," but then goes on at length to "justify" the assassination of Soleimani.

Announcing new "punishing sanctions," which is not great, but better than jumping straight to war.

Trump blames the Obama administration for funding Iran's purchase of the missiles used in yesterday's attack? Uh...
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Trump & Pompeo want war with Iran
Iran doesn't want war with USA

Trump fired first. One strike
Iran retaliated, attacked 2 US bases

What next?
USA attacks Iran 1x, says we are even, lets talk?
USA attacks 2x (tit for tat)
USA attacks 3x
USA attacks 52x

Or stop?

Thread of Iran Escallation 1/24

I will extend my Tweet into thread on 'next move' escallation. When I wrote this thread, Trump had launched unprovoked military strike killing an Iranian General. It is an act of war. Illegal. Iran responded by striking 2 US bases
Iran Escallation Thread 2/24

First. The Iranian response. It was MEASURED. It was sending a message to USA, it was designed NOT TO INFLICT large military casualties on USA (at this stage). But it is particularly notable, that they struck TWO air bases instead of just one.
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1. 15 total missiles. 10 hit one base (Al-Assad), 1 near Erbil and the rest were duds. The missiles that hit sound like they were largely inconsequential.

Iran has the capability to hit us in Iraq with precision... but they didn’t.con’t
#WarWithIran #NoWarWithlran #IranAttacks
2. `They could have targeted another base in Iraq that’s closer and has more US troops (Balad), but they didn’t. As of now it looks like a face saving symbolic attack.

It’s surprising as it’s a radical change from their usual doctrine... #NoWarWithIran #WarWithIran #Iran
3. They never use their regular military and rely on proxy. This might say more on the psychological effect the death of Soleimani has had inside Iran. The regime is acting out of weakness. The opposition within Iran and Iraq feel strengthened. Cont #NoWarWithlran #Iran
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