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#TBTWebinar is back ‼️
🥼 @MPishvaian @BreastCancerMD1 @Latinamd @BenWestphalen

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Supported by AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals & Daiichi Sankyo, Inc…
#TumorBoardTuesday HER2 #TBTWebinar 🔑

➡️HER2 activity requires receptor dimerization

➡️HER2 is frequently overexpressed in multiple cancers
✅Protein⬆️due to gene🧬 amplification
✅Constitutive activation due to activating🧬mutation Slide 3 of #TBTWebinar
#TumorBoardTuesday HER2 #TBTWebinar 🔑

➡️HER2 (ERBB2) alterations occur in multiple cancer types
✅Breast Ca 25%
✅Gastric Ca 22%
✅GE jxn Ca 32%
✅CRC 5%
✅Lung Ca 6 to 30%
✅Biliary Ca 5 to 20%

🤔There is some disease specificity re: overexpression vs activating🧬mutation Slide 4 of #TBTwebinar
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1/8 #TumorBoardTuesday
➡️This week's Thurs Case🎀 is here!

🔬We discussed locally advanced #PancreaticCancer--& sig of germline muts (ATM). @SirohiBhawna takes us on her pt’s treatment journey.

🗝️insights 🤔on locally advanced #PANCAN below!
#PancreaticCancerAwarenessMonth Image
1.5/8 #TumorBoardTuesday

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Here’s the post-test 🔗:

ALL CME 🔗: Now...on to the case!
2/8 #TumorBoardTuesday
Thurs Case🎀

✅Upfront tx depends on pt- mFFX vs gem/nab-pac
✅Test all #PDAC for germline mut regardless of FH!‼️
✅Screen w annual MRI/EUS in gATM
✅Emerging 💊combos tx ATM-mut
#PANCAN req multi-D- role for palliative SBRT, ?IRE
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1/12 #TumorBoardTuesday
Thurs 10/12/21 Case🎀
@ShaalanBeg @CancerCommons present a case of #PancreaticCancer that challenges us to🤔about cell signaling & mol bio➡️better outcomes.

📚We captured as much of the chat as we could:…
#PanCan #KRAS #OncTwitter
2/12 #TumorBoardTuesday
Thurs Case🎀

We discussed #PancreaticCancer & specific #KRAS mut
✅All KRAS muts aren’t ≠
✅KRAS G12R➡️⬆️autophagy
✅Autophagy= tumor can♻️cell components ➡️resistance
✅MEKi + autophagy inhib= strat for G12R
✅Repeat NGS on prog is🗝️!
Thursday Case🎀

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💥Wow - this week was TOO much‼️

A🗣️on TMB-high #PancreaticCancer & #Immunotherapy by @DrBonillaOnc

AND our 1st pt-directed🗣️led by @HPolymenis and @StephenVLiu

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Here's the postest🔗 Image
Thursday Case🎀
(Case from 06/01 and 06/02/21)

We discussed #PancreaticCancer and:
✅The importance of multi-D care
✅1st line Tx

We captured as much as we could in this moment:…
Thursday Case🎀
(Case from 06/01 and 06/02/21)

And also this moment:…
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#PancChat #TumorBoardTuesday

💥A truly unique TBT w/ a hybrid🗣️on BRCA-mut Panc Ca with @letswinpc @drallysonocean & @TumorBoardTues

➡️Here is this week's Thursday Case🎀

👉👉And pick up your🆓#CME credit by answering 2 quick❓

Here is the post-test🔗
#PancChat #TumorBoardTuesday
Thursday Case🎀
(Case from 04/20/21)

We🗣️a lot about #PancreaticCancer including:
✅Delays to Dx
✅Choosing NOT to have chemo
✅BRCA mut & PARP inh

We captured as much as we could in these two moments:…
#PancChat #TumorBoardTuesday
Thursday Case🎀
(Case from 04/20/21)

And this moment too:…
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